33 Yrs Old, 13 yr old saline implants under the muscle

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Hey everyone! So I have to thank all of yall who...

Hey everyone! So I have to thank all of yall who shared your journeys on here because I would have never removed my implants because of my fear of how bad I would look if I did. I thought I was stuck with them forever, I was researching getting them replaced until I found this site and saw that I can actually be free of them forever! I was 20 when I had my BA and very insecure about my body, had a flat chest but a big butt so I wanted to be proportionate, I had my BA and was actually pretty happy with my results but after 10 yrs they just became so annoying and I'm pretty active so they just got in the way. They also made me look 10 pounds heavier. I was a stomach sleeper before my BA but haven't been able to sleep on my stomach ever since.

After I found this site 2 months ago I decided to just get them removed, I had my surgery on April 8, (2 days ago) under local anesthesia, I didn't feel anything at all during the surgery and it lasted maybe 30 min. I had no pain until I went to bed the first night but it wasn't that bad, I just took a Tylenol. Yesterday was a little worse but still not even half as bad as when I had my BA, the dr gave me hydrocodone but I haven't had to take any of it. So today I'm 2 days post and don't really have any pain, it's maybe a 1 out of 10. I took my bra off yesterday for the first time and they looked worse than I expected, flat, almost empty and squishy, but I have faith they will fill up a little and not be as saggy, I have to remember that they were filled up to a D cup for 13 yrs so of course it's gonna take a while to go back to normal, I was a 34 a/b before my BA. I have to say I have absolutely no regrets and I finally feel free of these weird foreign objects that don't belong inside me. I also have a lot more confidence than I did 13 yrs ago, and don't really care what people think of how I look anymore.
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