A-flat to B-eauti-full! (300cc HP Mentor MemoryGel) - Little Rock, AR

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I've never properly fit into a bra. If a 33AA...

I've never properly fit into a bra. If a 33AA existed, that'd be my size. I have a very boyish figure and this lack of curve makes me look and feel like a little girl. I just want to look like a woman and feel more confident about my appearance. I hate the idea of surgically enhancing my body for aesthetic reasons, but I finally realized it's my body, I'm the one who has to deal with it (well, and my man). I think for most of us on here, there are more reasons than just for appearances. So, here it goes... I'm 2 weeks pre-op, excited, anxious, ready?

After many emails and phone consults (wasn't comfortable with the local surgeons), I decided to go with a friend's recommendation for a PS in Little Rock. I met him October 3rd and am happy with my decision. I am hoping for at least a full B, but wouldn't be offended if I spilled into a C a little bit. He told me he thought around 300-350cc would be good on me and give me what I want. When I tried on the 300cc's they seemed bit much for me, but the 275cc's were about right. I'm hoping he'll put in 300's, but I don't think I would be happy with 350's. Most people say 25cc's isn't a big difference, but on my 5'3 115lb slender frame, it seems like a lot. I'm going to trust him though to go with what looks best on me. After the consult, my boyfriend feels more confident with my decision and surgeon. He loves my small but symmetrical boobs and has been totally happy with them for 5 years, so he has been worried that I will end up with something I (we) don't like.

Maybe this is silly, but my biggest concern with sizing is that I don't want it to be too noticeable. I've been stuffing my bra the last couple months so that it's not such a drastic change in my appearance. I don't really mind if my friends know, but I have a very judgmental religious family that won't approve. My boyfriend is very supportive and says not to care what they think, but I'm just so close with my family... it's a tough spot. I'm sure other ladies out there have had similar concerns. How did you handle it?

anxiously waiting for my boobs!

At the consult I decided on the silicone Mentor MemoryGel implants. I just loved the feel of them, so soft. I originally thought I wanted moderate or mod plus profiles, but my PS recommended high profile because of my small build. He said the moderates would give me too much width, so I would have armpit boob or worse uniboob (he didn't say that but that's where my brain went) so I wouldn't be able to achieve the size I'm looking for. Anyone with a 32/34 A/AA that ended up with a full B want to share your implant cc volume? After looking around on here I'm finding beautiful results that are smaller than what I was originally looking at, so I'm really worried about my size. Maybe this is an odd question, but what bra size or volume do you need to achieve a little cleavage? Haha never had that before and looking forward to it!

In exactly one week I will be sitting in a hotel room post-op with big ole bandaged boobs!

Ready? Not really.

My man and I went on a great roadtrip this weekend to see a couple concerts. Other than changing clothes and adjusting my bra padding constantly, I hardly thought about my upcoming surgery. Now, we're on our way back and it hits me... in 36 hours I will be checking in for my surgery. All of those YouTube videos of the surgeon violently digging around to make an implant pocket and popping sizers in and out are coming back to me in flashes. Everytime I imagine a nurse coming at me with an IV my heart starts racing. I have never had surgery before, so I'm getting myself a little freaked out. I feel very confident about my surgeon and his staff, especially after he told me his very low re-op rates. I guess this is sort of like "cold-feet". Freaking out, just a bit.

Side note: thank you to the fellow boob-ers for your suggestions in size! I'm feeling much more confident in my decision to tell my surgeon 300cc is my max! Plus, I stole some of your before and afters to show him. Anytime I look at 350's I just think that's too much boob for me to handle! I guess people do it all the time, but isn't it harder to go jogging or exercise in general with a full C or D? That makes my mind wander a bit into, when will I be able to do yoga and jog again? Also, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wants to conceal the new boobies a little. No one has seemed to notice my breasts "growing" with the padding I've added, so I should be in the clear with my family!

I think I calmed my nerves a bit thinking about lingerie and clothes shopping afterward. My college sports team is the Arkansas Razorbacks. My boyfriend picked out an adorable Razorback t-shirt for me that I wouldn't even consider wearing as a flatty. T-shirts make me look like a boy. No good.

Anyone have any really odd or unfortunate things happen just before your surgery?

I just found a dead family of mice in my suitcase. Yes, mice. I left my luggage bags for storage in a friend's garage and when I opened it up to get packed for the trip I found 7 dead mice and the lining was chewed to bits. A pregnant mouse must have climbed in, gave birth, and died, leaving her babies to die too. Greusome. I immediately started freaking out- now thinking, "Do dead mice mean I'm going to die under anesthesia tomorrow?" My car just broke down last week and is sooo not worth the repair cost but I had no choice. Just a week before that I watched my boyfriend writhing in pain for 12 hrs while he passed a kidney stone. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Has anyone else had weird things like this happen just before surgery and make you cancel or seriously consider it?

Counting down the hours!

My surgery is tomorrow at 10:30am. I am supposed to arrive by 9am to get checked-in. I've spread my vitamins and prescriptions out on the side table at the hotel. I have a bunch of healthy snacks in the fridge. I have "get regular" and "relax" teas. I'm going to make a smoothie to bring along because I know I'll be starving afterward. I have plenty of pillows. I plan to bring a jacket, pillow, and a bucket for comfort in the car. Right now I'm taking a hot soothing bath, washinb with dial soap, and will take a shower in the morning too. In about an hour, I will start my surgery fasting, no food or drink or gum after midnight. I have a supportive boyfriend comfortably enjoying cable tv (we usually don't have a tv- crazy hippies) who will get me anything I need. I'm finally starting to feel ready. Still very nervous and oddly a little tired (maybe I'll be able to sleep?). Thanks for all the supportive and encouraging comments!

I took a few more "before" photos. Goodbye itty bitties!

I have boobs! Now it's time to heal.

I could not stop smiling this morning. I was still nervous but was too excited to care! I arrived at the Baptist Health outpatient surgical center about 20min early because I couldn't tolerate waiting any longer. I still had to wait around when I got there though of course. I filled out the paperwork and answered a lot of questions (the same ones 4x). When they called me back, my boyfriend wasn't allowed with me yet. They took a urine sample then left me in a room to undress. The nurse didn't seem to know whether or not I could leave my panties on and I didn't care anyway, so I only wore the robe. She checked my blood pressure, heart rate, etc. They put an awesome heating blanket on me that was heated by hot air blowing into it. I want one! This was really comfirting for me and helped me get through the IV insertion (ugh!). The IV was tough for me going in but just felt kinda pinchy afterward, not as bad as I thought.

I met 2 nurses and the anesthesiologist. Everyone was soo friendly and acted like this was no big deal, so routine.

My boyfriend was allowed to come in for the discussion with my surgeon. He drew circles for his footprint/pocket and discussed sizing with me. He said the potential range because of my preferrences and the pocket size would be 275-325cc, but that he would probably give me 300's! I was so glad to hear that because I was set on 300's by the time I went in. He was so nice and confident. I felt so safe and comfy in my warm blanket with a confident surgeon who seemed almost as excited as me!

The nurse put one of those nausea stikers behind my ear (good for 3 days), gave me an antibiotic, and something else (probably for pain). That's where my memory gets kind of patchy. I don't remember saying goodbye to my boyfriend, but I do remember being moved onto a different bed, talking to someone in the OR, and then I woke up. I think I was only out from 10:45am-12:15pm. The nurses almost immediately opened up my surgical bra to take a look so I got a little glimpse too :) and they said they "look good" and "similar". I would have preferred the word "symmetrical" over "similar" haha.

My boyfriend came in about 5 minutes after I woke up. I was so happy to see him and so happy to be done! I got some pain pills even though my pain was only about 3-4 out of 10. I mostly felt pressure instead of pain. After about an hour I was fairly lucid and just kinda tired. My boyfriend helped me get dressed and encouraged me to use the bathroom even though I declined a few times. It was a little tough to relax to pee and it was a little tough to pull my pants back up. A nurse wheeled me to the front where my boyfriend drove the car around.

No nausea yet, but man have I been thirsty! The only real pain I'm experiencing so far us when I try to get out of bed. I can actually move my arms more than expected but somehow sitting up from a reclined position is nearly impossible without help. I have plenty of pain pills though, just in case, my prescriptions are Percocet, Celebrex, Keflex, and Diflucan (I tend to have problems with yeast after antibiotics). I am suppised to wear my surgical bra at least until my follow up for stitches removal on Monday. I was told not to ice them and was given permission to shower tomorrow (should I do that?)

itchy and not much sleep

Did anyone else feel like their entire body itched after surgery? My throat is pretty scratchy too. My boyfriend said maybe I'm reacting to one of my pills (oxycodone?).

Even though the nurses said to leave my bra and gauze on, can I take a look? :-P

I'm still not really in pain as long as I sit still, but I have been taking one pain pill every 4-6 hours. It basically feels like I pulled the muscles on my chest (which is sort of what happens if you get implants under the muscle). I'm also starting to feel soreness just below my breasts

I didn't sleep much last night. I had pillows behind me so that I was in a slight reclining position, and a pillow on either side to keep me from trying to roll over. I usually sleep in the fetal position.

When did everyone else take their first shower?

Day 2 Post-Op

I don't really have any numbness and didn't lose nipple sensitivity. I can feel everything. My nipples have always been sensitive, and unfortunately right now they are tingling a little and pretty perky haha. I guess because I can feel every part of my breasts it already feels like these boobs are mine already. I woke up with a little tightness at 7am, took a Percocet, got up about 30 min. ago and feel great! It's definitely the Percocet that makes me kind of itchy, so I might start using Tylenol only tomorrow. I'm definitely impressed by the surgical staff because my pain never went above a 4 out of 10. I feel more discomfort than pain actually. I haven't noticed any bruising or bleeding either. My left side is slightly more swollen than the right. I haven't had any real regrets or post-op depression, although yesterday I had the thought, "This was silly. Why did I feel the need to do this?" No disappointment in the actual breasts though. I really do feel like I picked the right size and can't wait to see them settle!

I'm going to take a shower today, so I'll finally get a good look at them and take some pictures for you ladies!


Here's what they look like on day 2. The lines and rupples on them are from the gauze. I think they're looking pretty healthy! They're so heavy without the bra on. I felt weak trying to hold them up. I turned away from my boyfriend while he washed my hair. I don't want him to see them yet because this phase isn't very attractive! I think I'll have pretty good results when they d&f. I like how they look under clothing right now but naked feels a bit too big.

Backing off the pain meds

I woke up this morning with a little soreness and tightness, but no pain. I was able to roll myself out of bed without my boyfriend's help. I can hold my shoulders back a little easier. I'm feeling pretty good so I'm tempted to go to the farmer's market and maybe see a movid tonight. We went out to eat last night and I noticed that the car isn't a fun experience right now. They kind of jiggle when we hit bumps. I also got tired pretty easily yesterday. I feel like I have enough energy to do a little more today though. I just have to try not to overdo it. I may just take one Percocet for my adventurous day, but I probably won't take any more than that. I'm tired of feeling itchy.

Lotion? Cleansing?

Went out and about today and am really impressed with how fast my healing has been. I have to move slowly, but I'm pretty much independent now, opening and closing most doors, buckling my seatbelt, dressing myself (except over the head stuff), etc. I'm feeling pretty good.

My breasts felt itchy today though. I don'tknow if this was ok, but I put a little cocoa butter lotion on them (avoided the incision) and that helped the itching a lot. I also removed the gauze that was between the bra and my breasts. I haven't had any bleeding so the gauze seemed like unneccesary itchiness. What did you ladies do for the itchy boobs? After having the stitches removed, how did you clean the incision area?

Like most of ya'll on here, I haven't really had a normal bowel movement since before surgery, so I'm going to drink one of those senna teas tonight. I was also thinking with all of the various drugs I've taken to get my new tatas, I should probably do a cleanse/detox too. Has anyone else done this? How long after surgery did you wait before cleaning up your system?

Day 4 is easier

I have more range of movement today. I can roll myself out of bed easier and without pain. Haven't taken any pain meds, but now I'm wondering if I should just to keep inflammation down. Very bloated and not exactly constipated but not hungry (and haven't eaten today) because I haven't had a proper bowel movement. Arrgh! I drank 2 senna teas and a bottle of magnesium citrate. Nothing. I don't want to take anything too powerful though and end up hurting myself.

1st Follow Up

Last night we decided to do a double feature... 2 really long movies and staying up late.. I don't know what I was thinking. I just wanted to treat my man since he's been so supportive and cooped up in a hotel with me for 5 days. My boobs were feeling kind of tight during the first movie so I loosened my bra and forgot about it until I went to bed. This morning they felt really sore. I was in a decent amount of pain after a shower too. I've read in some reviews that the PS didn't make them wear a bra, so this is normal that I didn't do any damage by loosening my bra and going braless for a couple showers?

I guess they are A-OK. I had my 1st follow up this morning. He said they are healing well, looking good, and actually gave me the all-clear to wear whatever bra I want because they have already "dropped" into place. I didn't expect that so soon! I'm going to give them a bit longer anyway. I have a girl's day planned for Saturday, so we'll do some bra shopping then. He also said that I don't need to do massage. He said since it's under the muscle, when I use my pec muscles I'm basically giving them a massage. Since I already bought ScarAway strips, I'll use them, but he said just paper tape would work by applying pressure to flatten when you put it on the scar.

He said I should continue to wear a bra at night, but I didn't think to ask for how long. A sports bra will keep the implants from trying to settle toward the sides of my ribcage. I'm glad that he listened to my concerns about that. I don't want them to be in my way when I jog.

I'm really glad that my follow up was so easy and he didn't find any problems! I'll take some more photos tonight for you ladies!

day 5 photo update

I was so excited to be home that I may have over done it a bit today. Dishes, laundry, playing with my dog, cuddling with my boyfriend. Now they're kinda red, sore, and veiny- uck! My bad. Plus, the lighting at home is better than in the hotel. I can see everything! The little blemishes all over my chest are annoying. I know my PS said they've already "dropped" but I hope they're going to have a more natural slope in a few weeks. They're doing the whole perma-push-up torpedo thing that I was worried about with the high profiles. He said that going under the muscle will give it a more natural slope. *patience, my dear, patience* :-)

excruciating pain!!

So, last night I had myself propped up in a half-attempt to be at an incline. I must have tried to lift my arm over my head in my sleep when suddenly a sharp pain shot through my right breast, just above my nipple. It felt like I ripped the muscle off my implant. Is that possible?! Afterward my nipples were throbbing for a while and this morning my right breast is really sore and red. I probably did hurt it, but surely it wouldn't cause major problems. Haven't decided if I want to call my PS yet. Has anyone else done that?

Side note:
BethH suggested that I give some tips to others who are recovering in a hotel post-op. Hotel recovery is kind of nice because you don't have to clean up after yourself and you can be in comfy clothes and in bed all day! I still recommend having someone with you because getting out of bed, showering, cutting up your own food, etc. is hard. I'll think of more. :)

Feeling better.

Yesterday I had my first post-op freak out. I realized later that what I felt was my first big nerve twinge and because it happened in the middle of the night, I wasn't lucid enough to be rational haha. The PS's nurse assured me that normal every day activity won't displace my implants and that it's very rare to even have that happen. I'd have to be body building this early or something equally strenuous. I'm feeling much better today anyway. My nipples are really sensitive, annoyingly so, but I was able to shower without feeling like my breasts were huge weights on my chest. Also, I switched bras today to a kind of spandexy support bra I found at Dillards. It doesn't squeeze on them so much like the post-surgical bra did. Relief.

My incisions are looking pretty good. I never really had any bruising. My right breast incision is a little longer than lefty and looks/feels like it will take longer to heal.

My boyfriend saw me taking photos and said, "This is not fair. New boobs walking around naked all the time and I don't get to do nothin!" (Poor grammar and all) haha

I need to update, so sorry!

So, I went to a charity 5k run/walk (I walked of course) and just got back tonight. I feel so bad that I haven't posted. I have a lot to say and update you ladies on. Basically, I'm really starting to love my new girls and they have improved so much in the last couple days! I'll give you a good update in the morning. :)

Shopping and New Developments

I went shopping for a new bra a couple days ago. I wanted to find a comfortable support bra that I could wear at night. I found 2 bras and... I did NOT have someone measure me. Since everyone else on here seems to end up with 32DD measurements when they were going for a B or C, I chose to just try on a few bras and see what fits. These are sports bras though, not VS fancy stuff. I'm a 32C/34B! Right where I want to be! I think after my upper pole kind of smoothes out and my breast do a little more "fluff" I will probably still be the same size. I think, I hope.

I thought the high support bra would be good at night, but it's too stiff and shaped. It's just not really comfortable at night, so I'm still puting my post-surgery bra on at night. Also, it has a seem right down the middle and that mark is on my breasts afterward too. Annoying. I may try the Nike bra out tonight and see how it does. I've discovered it's more comfortable to change bras often anyway. I guess one bra squeezes in different places than another, so there's a great feeling of relief every time I put a different one on.

For about 5 days now, I've hard really sensitive nipples. The last couple of days though the pain has gone down, so even though they are constantly perky and hard, they don't hurt very much. I think my arnica oil has helped with that. Same with my skin. Still pretty sensitive, but not really painful or itchy anymore (yay!). Also,... and this is the most exciting... my breast are softer and squishier!!! When I took a shower yesterday I noticed I was able to actually squeeze my breasts a little bit. They aren't rock hard anymore, and actually have a little give to them like a natural breast, kinda. Yay! :-)

R vs. L: righty is still winning the race. She's softer, smaller, lower, and less sensitive. She was actually more sensitive probably days 6-8 with some tingling and soreness.

The cold SUCKS! It's starting to cool off a little in Arkansas and my ladies don't like it. My muscles clinch, nipples harden, and I'm totally covered in goosebumps anytime they are exposed (as you can see in the photos).

Very excited about recent developments! I decided I'm going to do my "after" photos at the 2wk mark.

Secret Arsenal

Decided to finally post this info. I didn't really know what all to get before my surgery. Everyone has their own idea of what they want to make them comfy after their surgery. I am no different. I started with:
Tylenol Extra Strength
Triple Leaf Herbal Laxative
Solaray Vital C 500mg
Deva Vegan Multivitamin Tiny (small doses so you can use it 2x a day)
Jarrow Biotin 5000mg (good for skin, hair, nails)
Udo's Super8 High Potency Probiotics (for after antibiotics)
Dark Chocolate!
Gluten/Dairy Free and low sugar snacks!

(I've had a gluten/dairy sensitivity for years and they have been shown to cause inflammation and be more difficult for the body to process anyway. I recommend it for anyone post-surgery. Sugar and caffeine really not good for anyone, especially when you're trying to recover from surgery. Give your adrenals a break, help your immune system, and avoid post-antibiotic infections by avoiding these foods.)

After surgery, these are the things I added:
Benedryl (helps me stay asleep at night)
Paper tape (put it directly on my incisions until they close up)
Arnica oil (soothes painful muscles and skin)
Badger moisture balm (all natural oils, they make many varieties but this one is supposed to help with inflammation and shea for stretch marks!)

Healing Notes:
--1-3 days really difficult/painful puting arms straight up, pulling shirts over-head, and getting out of bed! take your pain meds and leave nausea sticker on the whole time
--Days 3-8 lots of feeling great one minute and sore/pain the next, need help with almost everything, tired easily, naps are awesome, occasional need for something stronger than Tylenol, driving is possible but I don't recommend it (Day 7, I had to take a Percocet and cry a bit after driving around town shopping for 30 min), still can't reach the top shelf
--After 10 days, driving is still tiresome/sore, still sleeping on my back, still a bit tough openning bottles, morning boob is starting to ease up, haven't taken a Percocet since day 8

Has anyone gotten rid of their post-op chest acne?

I'm still having issues with clogged pores and blemishes on my post-op. They're just between my breasts and above them. I don't know if it's because the skin is stretching, I'm covering them in oils to help them stretch without stretchies, or if it's because I like touching them (can't help it.. I'm sort of still in shock that they're there!). Just curious if any of you ladies found a remedy. Thanks!

Drove all day, no pain! Yes!

I'm an independent woman. I prefer to drive where I want when I want instead of making others chauffer me around. Saturday, when I was driving back from the 5k, my breasts got pretty sore from driving, almost painful enough for drugs but I toughed it out. Today, I drove all over the place to go shopping, out to eat, and I tried on clothes, bras, shoes, etc.,... NO PAIN! :-)

2 Week Post-Op Update

So, it ended up being 15 days instead of 14, but I started my period yesterday and was not in the mood to play boobie dress up. At 2 weeks, things are going great! I'm now cleared for light cardio work-outs and brist walking. My breasts are getting much softer and looking better every day. Today, my boyfriend pointed out that there's a bit more of a difference between them today though, in size, softness, and nipple direction. The skin is tighter and more sore in the cleavage area of them. My nipples have still been pretty sensitive and hard pretty much constantly right now.

more photos @ 2 weeks

more photos @ 2 weeks -- slow internet upload

@ 2 weeks

Some of you actually got to see my face. :-P Whoops! Uploaded yhe uncropped pic.


My breasts are continuing to get softer every day, but the degree of softness varies throughout the day. This morning my left breast looked like it had finally dropped a little so the difference isn't as bad anymore. I have my 3 week post-op tomorrow so I will update after that! :)

3 weeks- Update!

Since l went out of town for my surgery, scheduling doesn't work out for me to have a 6 week follow up. My surgeon and his staff have been very accommodating though. So, I had a 3 week follow up and can make another appointment if needed, but should hopefully not need one until 6 months post-op. So, I saw my surgeon yesterday and it was a quick and simple "lookin ' good" and out, basically. When I told him my concerns about lefty still being a little high and swollen (although it dropped considerably the day before) he just shook his head and said "they look nearly perfect." Sometimes his confidence and lack of worry put me at ease, but sometimes l leave the office thinking I didn't get enough information. Although, I'm sure I've been over thinking it. lt's hard for me not to worry right now because I feel like I'm getting so attached to them and don't want anything to go wrong. I think I'll be able to relax a lot more at the 6 week mark when it seems like risks of complications decrease significantly and they settle in a lot more. I've been babying them probably too much and will continue to do so until at least 6 weeks post-op. Then, I will be able to begin really exercising (minus pec workouts until at least week 8 to be safe) and I can stop wearing a bra to bed every night. :-)

I'm still having some tenderness, soreness and swelling, especially after a fairly active day. I've found myself sleeping on my side a little the last few nights and it doesn't really hurt as long as I don't put my arm under my breast, but it causes a lot of soreness and swelling. I just slept on my right side last night so my right breast is a little swollen in the photos. For the 1st 2 weeks sleeping on my back really wasn't too hard or uncomfortable, but this last week l've had so much trouble sleeping. Benadryl helps, but it makes me a bit groggy in the morning, so I don't want to do that every night. Ugh! I can't wait to snuggle.

My nipples have still been pretty sensitive, but they aren't as hard all the time. Tonight, maybe because of the swelling, my right nipple feels slightly numb and soft. My incisions have flattened out quite a bit. I've seen just a little bruising around them the last 2 days, mostly on lefty and I think that's because of all its recent movement. Some itchy skin around the incisions and bra line, but lotion or oil helps. Still having a little chest acne. My breasts' skin is softening and isn't so tender to the touch. I'm still restricting my aerobic exercise to just walking, but I did start doing some lunges and squats a few days ago. I have a really busy weekend and am already worried about over doing it, so I'm not going to do more than that just yet.

Under clothes, they don't look very big at all, especially now that they aren't as swollen on the upper pole. No one can tell, except my boyfriend who likes to point out that theres's something to see down my shirt now haha. l wore a heavily padded 32B for a couple months prior to surgery and no one seemed to notice that either. I'm actually really relieved about that. I really wanted them to be like a natural part of me to go with my natural way of life. I was kinda trying not to be too excited about them, as silly as that sounds, because I'm kind of scared of losing them, but I feel like my results have been so good though that I can't help it... l love them! :-) I think I just need to continue to be careful and sleep on my back a bit longer and l'll be able to keep them.

Side Note

I have to mention that I have a very supportive boyfriend who has helped me and been selfless every step of the way. It's important that you have someone with you throughout the recovery process, at least for the first week. Trust me, you need them. He's been wonderful!

Traveling with new boobs

I finally started wearing tank tops and various low cut shirts. I love how I look and have noticed men staring my breasts. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

Anyway, traveling at 24 days post-op: not too tough. We had 3 different flights and a very long day traveling. I never had an extra check after the xray and they didn't question my percocet. I was concerned that I would have to awkwardly tell TSA about my implants, but they didn't seem to notice. My boyfriend lifted my rolling suitcase in and out the overhead compartment for each flight. I had a small backpack, maybe 10-15 lbs, as my 2nd carry on and had no trouble with it. If I was traveling alone, I would have checked my large bag instead. Pulling the 40 lb rolling bag around airports wasn't a problem. My shoulders and upper part of my chest were a bit sore at the end of the day. I was sure that I would be swollen and sore today, but I wasn't. Plus, my breasts and nipples are almost symmetrical now :). I think I've reached a turning point!

Getting back in shape with my new boobies!

First of all, we look much better in our workout clothes with new boobs, right ladies? Haha. Even though I was cleared for moderate exercise without working out my pecs at 3 wks post-op, I was still too worried about hurting myself. I finally started exercising yesterday. I'm walking fast, hiking, and just started some strength and toning exercises yesterday. I had a lot of trouble finding lower body workouts that didn't involve using my arms for balance or extra core work. So, I modified a few pretty good ones from 3 different p90x videos and thought I'd share. There are also many standing yoga poses you can do- just leave your arms at your side, crossed, or clasped behind you. Enjoy!

My modified exercises for BA gals:

Don't use weights. I just do as many repetitions as I can right now until I feel tired. Try not to get your heart rate up too high early on (listen to your PS's recommendations) and if it doesn't feel good, don't do it. I alternated abs and legs exercises in this list. Just need a mat or carpet and maybe a wall or chair.

-banana rolls- lay on your back, legs lifted off the ground about 2 ft, roll onto left side leaving legs up, center, right, center, etc. but don't roll onto your stomach, keep arms crossed instead of above your head so you don't end up using your pecs

-lunges- regular lunges, no weights

-steam engine- standing, keep arms crossed below breasts,lift each leg up as high as you can across your body trying to meet your opposite elbows

-bridge w/ leg lifts- lay flat on back, knees bent, feet flat on floor, lift butt off floor and hold, repeat, for more resistance alternate lifting each leg

-side lunges and step back lunges

-boat- butt on the floor, make a V with your legs and upper body, keep arms at your side, hold, slowly drop flat to the floor, bring yourself back up leaving arms at your side, hold, repeat

-low lateral skaters- very low wide squat, touch fingertips to the floor, moving slowly and staying low move to one side, stretching opposite leg straight, then move to the other, etc., for more resistance lift the opposite leg off the ground as much as you can

-in and outs- butt on the floor, legs and upper body create a V, keep arms at your side or crossed, bend your knees when you bring your legs in

-chair pose or wall squats- with arms at the side

-80/20 speed squats- squats with most of your weight on one side

-scissors- lay on your back, one leg straight up, other leg about 1/2 ft above floor, switch legs

-calf raises- normal, toes out, and toes in

-balance lunges- if you're feeling pretty strong one day haha, balance one foot behind you on a chair, the other foot in front far enough that when you bend your knee it doesn't extend beyond your toes, just 10 of these do the trick for me right now

When did you start sleeping on your side?

I'm taking a poll on side sleeping. I'm at 4 wks post-op and still can't really sleep on my sides. A little on the right some nights, but my left side feels too sore just below my breast. It's a little painful if I squeeze my breasts together so I have to keep my arms above my head if I attempt side sleeping.

Fluffing! (5wks po)

I'm beginning to understand what the "fluff" is about. Since competitive righty is always a step ahead of lefty, I can see the subtle differences and changes better. 2 days ago, I kinda freaked out when I looked in the mirror and saw that righty had dropped a little and now hangs just a little below my incision (just barely, but at the time it was "omg there's a huge difference!"). I felt around, asked my boyfriend about it, stared at them some more, worried about bottoming out for a whole 24 hrs, then realized righty had just settled in and kind of fluffed a little too. She's a bit sore from all her moving around, but the weird feeling she had just left of my nipple (really annoying, unable to scrub with a rag, ugh) has gone away! It feels good to let my boyfriend touch my breasts now... tmi? She widened a bit and is really soft now! Lefty is still a bit harder and has more projection instead of width. So glad my surgeon gave me high profile implants because of how they are widening on their own anyway. I hope by week 6 lefty will fluff a bit more like righty.

Also hoping br-acne will stop! I think it is finally time for a full on detox. Working out every day for the last week has helped too.

side note

My boyfriend is making fun of me for my last post because the differences are so subtle. So, I'll clarify- I'm excited about the subtle changes because righty actually feels like a real breast now. :-)

Accomplishments! and things that need to improve

I'm taking this idea from other reviewers as it's very helpful.

-Finally sleeping on my sides! I have to switch sides often and stay on my back occassionally, but with my bottom arm under my pillow and the top arm anywhere but resting on my breasts, it works. Some tenderness in the mornings still.
-I avoid arms/chest/etc exercises, but for most other exercises, I can do it. I just move cautiously when I move my arms into position.
-They're pretty soft now, squeezable. :-) A little more bouncy too, and that's still weird for me.
-My nipples are finally not perky all the friggin time! I think they may have ended up losing a tiny bit of sensation, which is great because they've always been overly sensitive!
-Not too happy with my incisions though. A bit lumpy still, thick red line. They have improved a lot since my last photo though so I guess I need to post another one on my 6 weeks po post (Thursday!) I only wear the scaraway strips at night and neosporin during the day. They kind of hurt too, like if I'm in a weird position it'll feel like the skin around my incisions are being pulled.
-They are settling and the swelling has gone down a lot, but with that I've noticed that my 34B bras aren't fitting as well anymore. My breasts fit great, but the band is too wide for me. I noticed that when I was a small A, but I thought with bigger boobs I could pull off a 34. I think I'm a 32C really, which is tough to find. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally happy!
-Other than being a little weaker and out of shape, I'm able to do basically everything as far as normal daily activities.
-Newly stretched skin burns easy! We went to the beach for a little vacation. I burned my boobs just a little along the edges of my bikini. It was fun walking around in my bikini though!
-Only a few more days that I have to wear a bra at night, but since the side sleeping is so new and they get kinda sore, I think I should continue wearing a support bra for at least an extra week.
-I still get some occasional sorenes and twinging, I think from their movement/settling in. They are a little veiny and swollen sometimes after I notice the pain. I took Tylenol couple nights ago for the pain, but that's the first time in weeks.

6 weeks (+ a couple days)

Has anyone else ever noticed the post op time info on RS is a little off sometimes? My last post says "2 months post" right next to the date and that was at about 5 weeks. Anyway....

So, they are still kind of similar to where they were at 5 weeks. Mild differences and I'm still concerned about right dropping a little below the incision, but I've noticed a lot of women have had that happen and then the other breast moves too eventually and all is good. Hoping for that. I emailed my PS pics just to give him a 6 wk update (I was supposed to have a 6 wk post-op but long story) and ask him about the disparity. I also asked if I can start jogging again. I have that runner's itch! Ready to feel the burn again! :-)

Finally, ready to run!

I finally got an email back from my PS's assistant. I forgot that she usually reserves Wednesdays for responding to emails. Waiting was killing me! Not literally. She said, "I showed [your photos] to Dr. Talbert and he said everything looked good. I would continue to wear a bra during the day but it is ok to go without one at night if you’d like. It is ok to proceed with jogging and cardio but always wear your best sports bra when exercising." I went on a jog immediately, wearing a sports bra and a little bandini-like spandexy strapless thing (not sure what it is). It felt gooood, but also a little odd. I found myself pushing my chest out most of time, which sort of kept them from bouncing as much. I only went about a mile, which is probably as far as I'll go for at least the first week. It freaks me out a little being able to feel them bounce, even though there's very little bouncing they can do with my double bras. Yay!

I'll post new photos if/when there's a change in their appearance. Incision area is still a little itchy. I'm able to sleep on either side as much as I want, rarely feeling discomfort. My right breast still has a bit of general soreness about it and feels so loose when I bend over or do any movement that has them hanging differently.

not much has changed (9 wks po)

Got a bit lazy for the holidays, of course. Not much has changed though. Righty is still lower than lefty, although the difference doesn't seem as much lately. I finally felt comfortable enough to purposely flex my pecs 2 nights ago... my right one is harder to flex and doesn't move up as high, so I am still concerned that my right one has slightly bottomed out, even though my ps says they look fine. I'm going to wait a while longer before going to see him just to give lefty some more time to change. May be just me being paranoid, and maybe it's still that lefty is behind. Although, righty is the one that always feels weird (loose, random mild pains, soreness). Either way, I have been trying to keep myself from obsessing on the internet in general lately and trying to enjoy life with my new pretty additions. I still like them a lot, even though I'm concerned they may require a little extra trip to the surgical center (please don't be the case!). I haven't marked "worth it" yet though maybe becauseI'm scared if I do, it'll jinx them and things will go wrong. Haha! Anyway, I hope evryone is enjoying their new boobies!

3 months + 1 week

Finally pretty soft and looking more natural. I love having boobs! As you can see though, the right one is still lower and wider. My left one feels just a bit tight though, so I wonder if it's more capsular contracture of the left than bottoming out on the right. I really hope that's the case. I've been trying not to worry about it. Besides the minor soreness, tingling, and occasional sharp pain (mostly in the right breast), I have nearly forgotten that they aren't real. It feels like they are supposed to be there. I still haven't bought a truly cutesy bra with a wire because my incisions still itch and I don't like something rubbing on them. I wear a pretty supportive bra every day, but I haven't been wearing one at night. If I go braless for a few hours during the day, they get kinda achy. I can lay on my belly for a while without pain now, which is great for my yoga practice. I still haven't completely regained my physical strength, but I was never that strong to begin with haha.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I haven't really seen many changes to note and life got kinda busy. My boyfriend has had some pretty major medical stuff lately. That's just how it goes.

I have an appointment with my PS in mid February. I want to wait until after my birthday and Valentine's day before hearing any potential bad news or having surgery. I'll update you ladies as soon as I talk to my PS.

more photos

another attempt at photos

7 months of boobs :)

First of all, I have to apologize for how long it has been since I have updated. Since my last update, my boyfriend and I moved across the country for work, so I've been pretty busy.

Dropping? My right implant definitely dropped a little bit back around week 5 PO, but I don't think it has moved since then. I think lefty settled in a little more and evened things out a bit. To me it looks worse in photos than when I'm just looking in the mirror. Minor asymmetry aside, I love them! If some asymmetry is the only problem, I'm happy.

Pain? I haven't noticed any pain from them in at least 2 months, except minor discomfort from bras or overworking the muscles.

Exercise? Haven't done much lately, but... The first couple of sports bras I bought stopped fitting properly around month 3, so I bought some tight compression high support bras (on sale at Target for about $10!) that are grrreat! Running in a good sport bra, no problem. Push ups, no problem. I can't do pull ups though. I don't know if anyone else has had trouble in this area, but it seems like any exercise where my chest muscles are extended (other than stretching) is difficult. I was never good at pull ups anyway, but I tried a couple times and it was almost scary how uncomfortable it was. I'm sticking with tension bands instead. I haven't had any problems with yoga, but I don't do any of the advanced upside down balancing stuff.

Scars? I was originally using the ScarAway strips. They were great for covering up my scars early on, but I don't think they helped reduce my scars. About 2 months ago I started using BioOil and vitamin E oil and I've seen a lot of improvement. I think they're looking pretty good now.

Happy with size? Yes! I can see how some women would have been uphappy. They don't look "big" in clothes or create big cleavage. I don't have BOOBS but I have boobs :). I just wanted to have some feminine curve, but nothing too obvious and 300cc is just the right size for me. I'm glad my PS talked me into high profiles because I think the moderates would have been too wide for me, even though the high profiles have a little less of the natural slope I was looking for. I'm a 34B or 32C depending on the bra. I found that Aerie bras with low to zero padding fit really well for me. They seem to have a wider curve along the wire. Very comfy.

I love having boobs now. I'm still not sure about the "worth it" part, especially since there's still the occasional worry that pops into my mind: what if righty drops more and I have to have surgery again. But I definitely feel more like a woman, look more feminine, feel more attractive, and enjoy clothes shopping a lot more. It's odd though how it's like.. not a big deal now. It's been a fun experience and I don't regret it. I'm glad I did it. If I could go back in time, would I do it again? Probably.

Let me know if you have any questions or there's an update topic you'd like me to cover.

Thanks for all your support ladies!


Made a collage... wow, what a difference! :-P... almost doesn't look like the same woman.

the REAL before and after from surgical office photos

Wow.. about 2 1/2 years with boobs!

So, I apologize, folks. I have not been on here in a looong time. I meant to update sooner, but life happens.
Update: I still have scarring, which is annoying, but it's minimal. Some folks just scar up
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research first and was recommended by a friend who is 7 years happy. I was very unimpressed with the other surgeons I spoke with and Dr. Talbert's staff was so helpful and had a lot of faith in him. Dr.Talbert is board certified for about 20 years, very knowledgeable, confident, and has many years of training and experience. He is big on nutrition, natural-looking breasts, and has very very low re-operation and infection rates. His main plastics interest is in breast augmentation and does over 120 of them each year. He's been working with many of the same nurses and the same outpatient surgical center for about 10 years. He is also an artist, so he loves to work with his hands and sees your breasts as something for him to sculpt. He isn't the kind of person who will baby you or tell you what you want to hear, so if you need that he may not be for you. He was very honest with me, treated me like an adult, and made me feel comfortable with leaving my boobs in his hands! He let me know what would or would not work for me and told me that when he got in there he would select the size from our discussed range (275-325cc) that looked the best on me. He was completely confident that he could give me exactly the look and size I wanted, and he did! He also has the various implant sizes in storage so he doesn't have to order your size, which is very handy if you're indecisive and so that he can give you the size that really fits. The consultation and follow-up appointments are included in the cost, which is a big relief because the silicone implants are not cheap. His goal is to make this procedure as comfortable as he can, so plenty of pain and nausea meds are available to you. He uses the Keller Funnel for silicone implants for a smaller incision and lower infection rates. I never felt sick, hardly had any pain, and absolutely love my results so far. I would definitely recommend him in a heartbeat! (My only complaint is that my PS didn't talk to me right after surgery and no one from his office or the surgical center called to check on me. No complications, but seems like that should be standard.)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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