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Went for my first surgery consult today with Dr....

Went for my first surgery consult today with Dr. Sloan. From the moment I walked in the staff was amazing. They let me try on different implants, answered all my questions, and left me feeling well prepared for surgery. I'm currently MAYBE a 32A. We decided on 350cc high profile silicone implants. I came home and by the time I got home I decided to call Monday and schedule my appointment for November.

Further Update (With Pictures)

Now that I'm finally not on my phone I can make a real update/review. I will also be adding pictures of what I am hoping for in results and what I am currently. The reason I wanted implants to begin with is I'm as flat chested as a kid. I want to feel feminine. I'm naturally thin so curves just aren't going to happen by some miracle. The implant surgery seemed like my best option. I finally got my dream job (with the salary) that allows me to get this surgery. Currently I'm 5'8" and 115 lbs. I do take depression medication so that is the only concern they had due to platelet count possibly being low but they said the risk wasn't great. They also said I was a great candidate for the surgery because I'm very even on both sides and my skin is great apparently. Who knew. Either way it made me feel good they thought my results would be to my expectations. Saline was decided against due to my frame and thin skin due to rippling. I tried on silicone from 300cc-400cc. The 350cc was the best. We are going with high profile due to my narrow chest others would have the armpit boobs effect.

My cost breakdown goes like this:
Fees from the practice-$2,525
Facility fee-$800
Implants themselves-$1,000
Anesthesia Fee-$550.
For a grand total of $5,875 plus a $500 discount so $5,375 plus medications afterwards.

I find this very reasonable for our area. I am calling on Monday to try and schedule it for either October 18 or November 15 on a Friday since I am off work on Fridays anyways. How long did it take for other people to go back to work? I plan on going back Monday since I work from my desk and do administration type work. My other curiosity what size sports/bralette do I need to buy? I am estimated to be a full 32C. Anyone? I'll update when I know my surgery date and when I do my pre-op. I love this site and everyones reviews have really helped me in this.

Surgey Date

Called to schedule my pre-op and surgery. My pre-op is this Friday October 11 and surgery is Friday October 18. I'm so glad I took the earlier date that way I can't stress myself out over it. I'm so excited though. Finally doing something for myself feels good. Now just to prepare next week by cleaning house, grocery shopping and all that before hand. The only part I'm nervous about is anesthesia because I've never had surgery before. My boyfriend tells me surgery will be over so quick it won't seem like an hour. Also I have to function at work that next Monday but at least I just sit at a desk and do administration type work. No physical effort except going to my desk. Thank god I don't have to speak at any meetings that week on pain meds!

Pre-OP Day

Went for pre-op today. It went really well. They answered all my questions very extensively. They even let me try on sizers again to make sure I chose the correct size. I paid for my boobies in full also today which was kinda painful in itself. The prescriptions they gave me were Celebrex to reduce inflammation, Valium as a muscle relaxer, and an anti-biotic. They reassured me on anthesthia since that is the part that worried me. They even have a lounge for my bf to wait on me to get out of surgery. I am highly impressed with them. T-6 days until surgery!!

Getting More Excited

I'm getting more and more excited for surgery. Just have to get through four days of work before surgery. I filled all my prescriptions, cleaned the house, and groceries. So excited!!


I better not be getting sick. I started taking vitamins and eating a lot of healthy stuff trying to beat it. It feels like the beginning of bronchitis which I figure is because the 20 degree drop in weather here lately due to a cold front. I hope I can get over it. I've been staying active and getting enough sleep. So hopefully I'll be 100% by tomorrow I just sound like a man today because of all the coughing.


Surgery tomorrow. I'm starting to get super anxious. To keep my mind off of it I'm making a playlist for the drive there and back. I am also cleaning house. Took my corgi for short run around the neighborhood. And cleaned the entire house including laundry. I even went grocery shopping. I'm afraid if I sit down and do nothing I'm just going to worry myself sick. 5:15am to get up for surgery. Leaving at 6:30. Check in at 8:00. Surgery at night. Wish me luck

Out Of Surgery

Got out of surgery today. I would have posted earlier but I was do out of it. I don't even remember the drive home and it's a long drive. I slept for about three hours when I got home. Then sat up with ice pack on the swollen parts and heating pad on my back. I'm fixing to take a Valium and sleep. I'll do a more update tomorrow when I'm more sane.

Day 3 Post Op

I'm on my computer so I can a longer update now. The day of surgery I was so nervous I felt like I was going to throw up. The nurse took me and my bf back to preop. She got my IV set up saline and an anti-nausea medication. Then the anesthesiologist came in an explained the process to me which I was very thankful for. Then Dr. Sloan came in and marked me up and gave me the final run down of the surgery. My bf left and they gave me the "crazy juice" as they called it. I remember nothing else. I don't even remember getting the actual anesthesia. Next thing I know I woke up in recovery dry heaving. I didn't have a bad reaction really I just was nervous at first it upset my stomach even more. I remember kind of the nurse helping me get dressed then in my valium induced state my bf drove me home. I don't remember the drive home and slept for three hours when I got home. I wasn't hurting to much just super tight. I also can't get myself out of bed on my own if I am fulling lying down. I ate a good meal.

On to Day 2. I took the dog for a walk with the bf. I also went shopping for a bra for work on Monday. I found one at Jcpenney's that I love by flirtattitude for $7. It is a bralette. The lace is on the bottom on the incision so it doesn't hurt. It also has little pads around the nipple area because mine are at full attention 24/7 right now. I couldn't feel them on day 2 or most of my boob for that matter. I have been putting ice on them to help back to finish

Post Op Day 3 Continues

So on Day Three I woke up in a lot of pain. I didn't have feeling in my nipples or really my boobs even but today I got that back and I had shooting nerve pain where they are healing. I got through it without pain meds. I just iced them some and it helped. I've been super tired today but I really think that is just part of the healing process. I have been taking Celebrex three times a day for inflammation, anti biotics three times a day, and Valium twice at night spin can sleep. My incision is starting to itch also. I think I'm doing pretty well on recovery so far.

So Much For Work

Decided not to go to work today. I woke up in a lot of pain like the sharp pains I know it's nerve healing and all that but where I work is so safety orientated they told me not to come in. So I'm going to take the day to rest and get my strength back. And thanks everyone for the comments I love my new girls.

Back to Work

Went back to work today. I lasted all day. I just could barley stay awake. My boobs are softening up and my nipples aren't as crazy looking. My incisions have started to itch. I made it through last night with only one Valium so I'm proud of myself. I can also get out of bed on my own. I think I'm doing pretty well for this far out. Now if I could only get good sleep on my back.

Will it be a full C?

I'm worried they aren't going to be a full C but I can't tell. I'm worried when the swelling goes down they will be smaller. :(

Post Op Day 6

My supervisor sent me home today and said not to come in Friday. I woke up crying in pain this morning with muscles spasms and stomach cramps. I think the stomach was from not having gone #2 since surgery (tmi sorry ladies). And the spasms I tried not to take a muscle relaxer last night because they were making me fall asleep at work. I should have taken it anyways. My supervisor saw how much pain I was in at work and said she would deal with everything to go home. I have no appetite but finally at some mashed potatoes, biscuit, and cole slaw. I just feel awful today. I think the reason also is I kept trying to do as much as normal two days post op and set myself back.

I did go to my post op appt. He said I look even and everything looks good. He took off the steri strips. My incisions don't look as bad as I figured. He also said my muscles seem to be holding into the implants for dear life because of my skin type and how little breast tissue I have. So he said three months at least before they relax.

Day 14

I've not updated in a long time. Last Friday I started breaking out in hives by Sunday I had to call my PS at home because it was getting so much worse they were making me nauseous. He said stop taking the Celebrex because I may be allergic to it. I did. It didn't help. I went to work that Monday and they sent me home yet again because I had hives everywhere even on my face. I had to go to an urgent care to get a steroid shot and now have an epi pen because I couldn't breathe. I've been sick since. From what my PS thinks it's the stress on my body. I have a bad immune system as is from my history with eating disorders. The hives are gone now and now I just have a cough and my eyes are watery.

My boobs are doing good I think. My right has loosened up a lot instead of being like a rock. My left hasn't. I figure it is because I am right handed. I have been sleeping on my sides now also. I took the photos of me down because of privacy reasons. I don't know I got paranoid. I'm just down because I'm tired of feeling sick.
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