51, 3 C-sections, Been Wanting to Do This for 25+ Years

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Had a consult last week with Dr Koenig. He was...

Had a consult last week with Dr Koenig. He was super nice and explained in detail what to expect. I'm getting the full TT with muscle repair and lipo. I have no idea what I weigh, as I don't have a scale, but I wear a size 4 or 6.

I'm sick of having to hide the fat and skin that hangs over my c-section scar and all the stretch marks. I can't wait to be flat again!

This site has been invaluable to my research for a Dr and knowledge of what to hopefully expect.

Before pics


Pre-op yesterday

Had my pre-op yesterday. It's all paid for now! Now it's just a waiting game. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I was a little concerned with my BP, it was a little high. I'm hoping it was just nerves.

Now to go shopping for supplies ...

Tomorrow's the day

I'm so nervous but excited! I think I have all my supplies. All the cleaning is done. Grocery shopping complete. Just need to exercise for the last time (for now) and relax. It's going to be a long day.

Day after

I slept really well last night. Only got up once. Pain is tolerable. Getting up out of my recliner is the most pain I feel. Not too bad either. Sitting here I don't feel much pain at all.

I just got back from my first post-op appt. I got to see my incision. Dr Koenig and the entire staff at the Lindsey house are so nice!!

2 days post-op

Just checking in. I'm feeling ok. Pain is tolerable but the gas has started. I'm thinking that's a good sign, even though it is uncomfortable. Hoping a bowel movement is coming soon ????. Left side drains a lot more than the right side.

Kinda getting bored with just walking and sitting. I bought some "adult" coloring books with swear words ???? Maybe I'll color for a while.

Happy to be on the flat side ..

1 week post

I'm still very swollen and I can't stand up fully yet. I'm hoping the drains come out tomorrow as my fluid levels are under 20 ccs.

I've been able to take a couple of wonderful showers ????.

Swelling is starting to go down

3+ weeks

Super happy with my results so far. At my 3 week post-op I had a stitch poking up in my belly button, that's why it's a bit red because there was a very small infection. My doctor took care of that and the redness is going away. Only really one bruise left.

The swelling to s really only noticeable at night now.

1 month post

Getting better every day. I've been walking 4 miles 4-5 times a week. I even did some Zumba, although it was a modified version so not to put too much stress on my incision.

Oh and I tried on a bathing suit. I cannot wait til summer now ????.
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