Tummy Tuck with muscle tightening/ lipo to back Rochester, NY

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Very nervous.... But excited at the same time! I'm...

Very nervous.... But excited at the same time! I'm having so much anxiety. Everyone keeps telling me I'm just going to be fine. I have three children with one c section and I truly want this disgusting stomach gone. Lol I am 5'1 and 146lbs right now. I'm also getting lipo to the iliac. I just never went under so that's why I'm so scared also the recovery is a long slow process.. Just hope everything goes well for e.

Still nervous

Today i have 5 days before my big tt.. I went and picked up some vit c for now and after surgrey. I also got scar away patches,maderma cream for my scar for when the strips fall off. also zinc,multi vit,coco butter lotion and tomorrow I'm going to try and find aloe plant because I heard that if u break the leaf itself and massage it on ur scar it will help. Cough drops also because the way your throat hurts after surgrey from tub in throat. Some fuzzy warm loose pants and a couple loose sweatpants too. Baby whips,aquaphore,heating pad and ice packs. Pure lemon juice for my water that I'm going to over dose on to stay well hydrated too. I think I'm almost ready just a few more things to grab. I'm going to post some pic rgt now of me so you can see before and after.

Pix of me now.

I hate to even look at myself. I had three kids two natural and one c section. I hate stretch marks and my huge stomach I really hope my doc can work wonders lol cause I sure need it also like I said before I am getting lip to the lower sides and above my butt...

Can't sleep to much on my mind.

I am really excited about getting my tummy tuck.. Can't wait for it to be over. Lol I know I got the best plastic surgeon in rochester ny and I'm in great hands that's why I chose him.

More shopping!! Three days and counting!!

Today I went and picked up a free things that I needed like a new robe,Aquafina lip balm amazing!!a funnel for when I have to pee because the garment i have to wear for a week straight. They recommended to get that so I don't pee all over lol


Some pics of some of the things I picked up.

Nervous RECK...

Hey ladies today is TGIF.. So that means I have two days left I'm so terrified right now. I've been freaking out in my head because I don't want anyone else to know. I don't want my kids to freak out. But I've been spending all my time with them because I think what if I don't make it out of this? That is my biggest fear. My son keep bothering me about it. Like saying why r u doing that. It's so stupid ect... Making me feel so guilty. Mind u he is 18. I feel bad that I spent all that money on myself.. Is that wrong of me. And on the other side of me I feel like I do everything for my kids since I was a young mother. An I think now that two of my kids are in there teenage life why not give my self a treat., i don't know I'm crazy. Lol I'm just having mix emotions but at the same time I wanna be so excited because I wanted this for such a long time. I've worked my butt off to make this happened. Well ladies please say a prayer for me that all goes well and thank you for following my journey!!:)

Didn't sleep...

Ok ladies one more day to go... OMG I can't believe it is really almost here. Well I didn't sleep at all last night. I had to wrk this morning till 3p and tom the same.. And of course yesterday I woke up with my menstral ugh so now I got to deal with that. But other then that I'm excited excited!!!

Freakin out!!!!

Ok ladies less then 24 hrs... Now I'm really scared... So I'm at work this morning and I get a call from my doc office telling me they needed to change location of my surgry due to their generater not working. Well I'm glade they found out and it didn't go while I was getting it done lol. Anyways I'm trying to stay busy like doin some last min cleaning trying to keep my mind clear please pray for me that I will be ok and my recovery will be good ty


So I woke up with a banging headache. And I can't take anything because my surgrey is an hour away yaaa..


Omg I think it's my nerves but I feel sick to my stomach had to use the bathroom twice and I feel like just throwing up. :(


So Far ok I just empty my drains got light headed an sweaty wasn't nice kinda of scary.. I will wright back tom tired.

1 day post

Hey ladie I want to thank all the wonderful women for your support it really got me through this:) yesterday was he'll not because of the pain just because of the nausea and dizziness was really bad at night I thought I was going to pass out a couple times. Then I pissed my pants lol. Other then that I am standing almost all the way.. I seen my doc today he said everything poked great. I have a pain pump in my muscles which helps a lot.

Feeling much better:)

Ok day three feeling so much better. Eating and drinking better. I'm really excited about everything so far. I can't wait to see my results.

Day three

Well I started my day off great. But about 1p I started to feel crapy again. I have a lot of gas. Not a good feeling. Still very very swallon I feel like a big balloon. My appetite is not very good.not sleeping good. Can't wait for this all to pass. Praying that I have a good recovery..


Today is day 4. I'm on my way to my doc office to get my pain pump out. I'm feeling ok rgt know. I tell ya when they say take your pain meds. Listen because that's the only thing getting me through this. Thanks again to everyone on here. I will update in a little while:)


Went to get my pain pump out and everything looked great. Except my belly button. Here's a pic still very very swallon and sore!

Pic 4days

Four days post.


anyone else board out there mind? Five days and I'm starting to go crazy lol. My progress seems very very slow. I hope everything is ok! My incision is starting to burn! Is this normal someone let me know. I can't wait to be able to take a shower.






Does anyone ever experience there blood pressure running low after a tummy tuck? Mines been running 101/64

Day 5

I might say I feel a lot better today then any other day. I only took 2 Tylenol all day. But I am having a very hard time pooping. Just took some milk of mag I hope it works. Also I am still very swallon. And I get nausea here and there.


Plz I'm having they worst time trying to poop. It's been since Monday. I got a lot of gas that is really painful. I took milk of mag today zero results yet. This is awful..


Ok ladies I don't mean to be talking about my poop problem. But I know I'm not the only one. The milk of mag did help. So I highly recommend that.

Day 6

Well I woke up at 1a very uncomfortable. I was very swallon. Wen t back to sleep woke bake up this morning and still swallon. I can't wait to just feel normal again.

Belly butt

Idk but my bb don't look rgt.



Drains out YAAA!!

This morning I went and seen dr Koenig. He took my drains out and stitches. I tell ya he is one of the nicest dr I've ever met. I'm feeling a lil better today. He told me I can take Advil so hopefully that will help my back.everything is looking great he said. I'm happy ;))

Bent over

Hey does anyone know if it is normal for a tugging feelin in your stomach. I didn't really have it until yesterday. And I still can't stand or walk very long. And I still have a lot of swelling. I'm 8 days post and I feel like I'm not progressing.

Day 8

Feeling blue because I don't feel like I'm not getting any better physically.


Well today is day 10 I think. And I must say I woke up with the swelling down tremendous. I have swelling still but nothing like it was. My doc told me tues I can start taking advil to see if it helps. Idk if it's the advil or just my body healing. Y blood pressur is still running low and still am having some dizzy spells. But other then that healing slowly;)

Day 11

Feeling better every day. Walkin around the house as much as I can to get stronger. Drinking lots of water and taking all kinds of vitamins. Just started to use mederma on my BB today. ;)))

Day 11 pic



Hi ladies! Today makes 13 days post. I'm feeling a lil better got in the shower. Taking a shower is ruff because I can't stand up lond due to my back hurting. I'm still swelling in my stomach and lower back. I am loving my new body tho. I can't wait to see my final results. I hope every one is doing well:)

Day 15

Yelp back to work I go!! Yaaaa! I couldn't wait to go back. I went and seen Dr Koenig today. He said everything is looking good and I can go back today. But I'm going back tom. I'm feeling so much better. Every day I think my swelling in my back is approving.

Day 16

Well today was a better day. Very productive. Went back to work tonight. I work night shift. So after a few hour of being at wrk I started to get more swelling. Nothing that bothers me but noticeable. Still feeling ok tho. Hoping each day gets better.

Day 15



I DNT know why my pics are getting cut off.


So so much swelling in my lower back today from lipo. Just when I thought It was getting better with the swelling.

Everyday is getting a little better!

Tom will make three weeks. And I might say everyday is getting a little better! I'm having anxiety about what I'm not even sure! Lol.. Maybe cause the holidays are coming. But I still can't fit in my cloths and I'm still swell hell I like that someone on here named that. And that's exactly what it is! But it has gotten better! I am experiencing knowing from lipo anyone else know about that. Still swelled in the lower belly and hard. I'm also up all night long like till 4 in the morning then want to sleep till 12/1p Hopefully I can snap out of that. I do see a difference a big difference and I can't wait to see the final results. For some reason it looks like my bb is closing up and becoming an outty BB? Hmm I go to my PS tues and will ask! Other then that I'm still waiting for the steri strips to fall so I can start my scar treatment. Also I need to get a smaller CG I'm looking for one that u can change sizes in one anyone have any suggestions? Well I hope everyone is doing great. Here are a few pics.




I just want to thank my husband and children for being there and helping me tremendously. Cause if ig wasn't for them the first couple weeks I don't know what I would of done. They have me bed baths whipped my butt and ect!! Also ty to all the wonderful ladies on here for being so supportive!

Aloe plant

Well I decided to try a real aloe leaf that I found at my local grocery store. It's suppose to be good for your scar.

Four weeks post

4 weeks today. Still feel the same as last week. Nothing really change except my scar. Which is healing slowly. But every day is different. One day I feel great the next I feel nausea.i never know what the day is going to bring. I will post pic when some more of swelling goes down.

Oh no..

I feel more swelling then last week ugh. I feel like I got to this point and it's not getting better. I've been literally the same for two weeks. I'm still sore in my back from lipo and swelling in my back and stomach. The CG is really getting on my nerves most the time it's falling down. But today it felt like it was digging in my upper side of my back. So rgt now that sucker is off! I still feel like sponge bob! Lol.. But anyways enough of my crying.. Hope everyone is doing good and have a great thankgiving..

Black Friday!!

Today I went out shopping all morning and it actually wasn't bad. Hoping I don't pay for it tom! Also I really want to get my butt done. Since my surgrey and loosing weight I lost the lil bit I had. And I'm flat as a board in the back. So that might be my next move. But not till prob aug 14. I'm still reviving from tt..


I still feel puffy.. And square shape. Anyone else at almost 5weeks?i really want to get my but done. Nothing crazy just some fullness!


My scar after treating it with aloe plant. And I just started two days ago using scar away silicon sheets. I cut them in half. And I'm in love I notice a huge difference after one day..




I picked up another aloe. I love this stuff. I've been using this since day one and just started the scar away. I like using a lot of natural things.




So I have like two tiny tiny pimples on my scar line and they hurt like hell anyone experience this they have been there for about a week or more?


Hey today I seen my PS. FYIthe pimples are my dissolvable stitches trying to pop through totally normal. Took my after pic. I'm really feeling great. Can't wait for the summer to show off my new bod.. :)) will post pic soon


I am very happy how my results are becoming. My doctor is amazing!



Hey woke up this morning feeling FABOULOUS.. I'm loving my new curves. I'm really seeing definition. Yes it is a slow progress very slow but it's all well worth it.. Now I want my boobs done:) happy healing ladies!!

Flat side

I might say that the last time I ever really felt this comfortable about my stomach was when I was a teenager. I wanna go show it off and were a half shirt lol. But I won't because everyone will be jealous lmbo.. Anyways I still have numbness from belly button down. And of course the swelling comes and goes. It comes more then goes but I think I'm getting used to it. I can sleep on my sides. I still get sore on my back were lipo was done but nothing like it was. I also get nerve pain back there. I also have muscle discomfort sometimes. Yes and I love that I can say that because I never had stomach muscles at least we're I can feel them. And sometimes I still feel myself hunched over. But I am truly happy with my results and it's only 6 weeks.


I can't tell you how I thought I would never feel this way. I really am feeling good and I'm liking my results more and more. My self confidence is high. I can actually put on a pair of jeans and be happy.. I haven't wore a pair of jeans in yrs because I was so uncomfortable in them. They never fit rgt because of my stomach. I lived in black stretchy pants. And I always wore black. I'm so excited for the warm weather to hurry up and come. Which is going to be awhile because I live in NY. But can't wait so I can show off.lol.. Here are a few pic I just took. Now I am a lil swell because I've been running errands all day. But still love it. ;) and my bb is still healing. I love my new bb. Anything is better then my old.. I also have been exercising just started.

X MAS...



New pic


Fooling around!!


Pic with cloths on


Trying to shrink my waist more.. But I'm very inpatient and not consitant.



More pic

Playing dress up!!

10 weeks

10 weeks never looked and felt so good.. The more I try my cloths on the more I love it.. DNT get me wrong ladies yes I still get swelling but nothing like the beginning and nothing anyone can see but me..


Night out with ladies!!

4 months

Hello ladies It s been awhile. I've been so busy but I wanted to do an update. I love my results. I feel 100% myself. I just started the gym. I'm so happy that I did this. I love the way my jeans fit and my other cloths. I do want to go to the DR to get my hips and fat injections to ny butt which is called brazilian butt lift. I'm really looking towards dr walkiris robles. I know 4 people that have gotten work done from her and look geeat. I did do my research to on her. Well ladies happy healing and I hope everyone is doing great.




I wanted to take a pic of my stomach. I will be 6 months at the end of april. I can say I am about % 90 happy. U can't see in the pic because I have my underwear Over it but I have extra skin that's loose that I absolutely hate.. Also my scar around my belly button is still really notice able. I don't feel comfortable in a bikini but that's OK I'll were a full piece. Other then that I'm satisfied. I sure feel way Bett error about my self now then ever.

Round two for me BBL and Breast Aug by DR MIAMI...

Hi it's been almost two years since my TT.. I'm trying to gain some weight for my BBL.

BBL in December with dr Miami

Nervous but can't wait!!! I'm very SQUARE!!????????????
Rochester Plastic Surgeon

Dr Koenig is the best out there. He is the sweetest man. He took his time and did a great job. He made me feel so comfortable because I was so nervous. I will deffently go back. He gave me his cell number and told me to call any time day or night.Also I can't leave out his wonderful staff he has a great team! Michelle is wonderful and all his assistants I can't keep up with names.

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