Scared to Death of LASIK Pre-Op - Elated Post-Op - Rochester, NY

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My LASIK procedure is scheduled for 9/3/13 - and I...

My LASIK procedure is scheduled for 9/3/13 - and I am scared senseless after reading the material that was given to me. I am 26 and have been in glasses for 8 years. My prescription has been stable for 5 years (currently -1.50 in the right eye and -1.75 in the left). I read through the risks of surgery and have been to many websites diminishing the procedure. I am terribly worried about dry eye, the issues around lights (halos, glares, starbursts), and/or that the surgery just won't work.

I have spent the last several months since I scheduled my procedure finding real-life people who have had the surgery. I have talked to 10 people in person who all had positive results with no side effects.

I need to start my pre-surgery eye drops on Saturday for my procedure on Tuesday at 12:15. I will update my post after my procedure.

Microkeratome vs Bladeless

I have been wishing I had chosen a LASIK place that used a bladeless procedure to create the flap, but it's too late. I've heard it's better for healing, discomfort, etc. I am worried about the microkeratome procedure ....

Post Op Success

Well my procedure came and went and it went very well. I arrived at 12PM and met with the Refractive Coordinator to hand in paperwork and watch a video on Presbyopia. I was brought into an exam room where I waited - not sure how long I waited. They gave me a valium prior to the procedure to relax me - I'm still not quite sure if it worked for that purpose. I hopped on the table and they gave me a little lamb to hold on to. I did find this comforting. They did the set of eye drops and placed the suction over my eyes - the only discomforting part of the procedure was the creating of the flap via the microkeratome - I could feel the vibrating of the device as it cut the flap. I did not find it difficult to concentrate on the blinking red light as I have heard other people say was difficult - I did not find myself sensitive to any of the lights during the procedure. After the flap was cut, I could smell a slight burning as the laser reshaped my cornea.

Pause and prep for second eye - repeat.

They brought me into an exam room immediately after to check on my flap - it all went well. I closed my eyes and put on the sunglasses provided, not wanting to open them because of the gritty, stinging sensation I had post op. When I tried to open my eyes even the slightest bit, there was continuous liquid pouring out (tears? eye drops?). I was done and on my way home by 1:30.

I went immediately to bed, though I did find it difficult to rest with the safety goggles they provided me. I did manage to sleep until about 5. When I awoke, my eyes felt fine. No grittiness, no stinging. I did my round of eye drops and tried to lay back down, but sleep was hopeless, so I downloaded an audiobook on my phone (with much difficulty, due to my sensitivity to light). I rested for a few more hours.

I have not experienced much discomfort in the days post surgery. I use my artificial tear drops every half hour because I am supposed to, and use my anti inflammatory and antiobiotic drops ever 4 hours. The only time I notice discomfort is close to 8 or 9, if my eyes have been consistently open and not rested - then I just lay in bed and listen to my audiobook. I took the rest of the week off of work which helped.

I am back today and do have some slight discomfort from staring at the computer screen, but using the drops and sunglasses is helping.

I have my next follow up on Wednesday. Though technically, it's been 5 days and my flap "should be healed", I still plan on wearing my goggles to bed and my sunglasses during the day until I hear from my Dr on Wednesday the flap is intact.

I have not noticed any of the aberrations they explain can happen, so I find myself lucky. I also have noticed my eyes have watered on two separate occassions, which I find this to be a good sign.


I forgot to mention my check-up the day after the procedure - I am 20/15! They gave me the DMV slip to send in to have the restriction removed from my license - but I will hang on to that until the last possible second because I still have a year and a half until I need to renew.

Post Op Redness


So I drove for the first time at night last weekend and I DO have the aberrations (glares, halos and starbursts). I don't find it annoying or problematic. I don't find it inhibits my driving capabilities.

Nearly 2 Months

I am nearly 2 months post op. I still have moderate dry eye and aberrations around lights at night time. The dry eye now I find is more so if I have my heat, staring at my computer screen for too long, or if it is windy out. All in all, still happy with my experience. I have my 3 month post op checkup on December 4th
Rochester Ophthalmologist

Dr. Hanuch is a leading LASIK surgeon in my area and proved it with my procedure. I also found out last night that he had done my husband's grandfather's cataract surgery. A great eye care professional.

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