37 Years Old , 3 Kids , 5'3 133lbs Ready to Get my Body Back - Rochester, NY

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I weigh 145lbs currently . I'm hoping to be 130 as...

I weigh 145lbs currently . I'm hoping to be 130 as I go in for surgery on August 1st, 2016. I'll be getting silicone implants 500ccs. Full tummy tuck and lipo to give me an hour glass figure . I selected Dr.Koenig at the quatela center to do my surgery because he was very warm and put me at ease. He's also been highly recommended by anyone I've mentioned his name to . I'm really excited and nervous.

Made practice sizers 500ccs

These are 500 cc practice Sizers I made to try at home and practice . I used rice and panty hose .

Hoping to lose my pooch

Hate my momma pooch . Can't wait until it's gone

Down to 143lbs and one month until my surgery

I'm nervous, scared and excited.

Final preop appointment

Tried on more implants and confirmed size . I'm getting the 520 high profile implants . Im down to 143 lbs which is 6 lbs less then my initial consult. My dr thinks with the tummy tuck , lipo and implants I'm going to have amazing results . I've got 18 days to go so I'm hoping to drop 5 more pounds before surgery .

Getting more toned 12 days to surgery

I've been at gym every day and eating healthy . Toning up my body as much as I can before surgery .

Toning up and trimming down 6 days to my surgery

I've been at the gym everyday . Strengthening my muscles, toning up and getting ready for surgery . I'm nervous and anxious . Purchased new bras in hopes I'm a 34DD. I'm a 34c now . I'm getting the 525 high profile implants .

Boobs before my surgery 5 days to go

I breast fed so I lost a lot of volume from that and I've recently dropped 25 lbs so I think that changed my boobs too. Currently a 34c . Getting 525 high profile under muscle implants . Not sure what size I will be after

Less then 5 days to go to my mommy makeover

Excited my umbilical hernia is getting fixed and I'll be able to wear a bikini again . I've been stress eating so I've gained 2 lbs which is only making me feel worse . Ugh

I bought bras before surgery

Hoping these all fit . I bought 34-36 D . VS had their sale and I got excited . I think I'm going to be much larger then a D though . I don't really know the difference between D, DD and DDD. I bought 40 bras ! Lol

My boob cake

Perfect way to say goodbye to my old boobs and welcome the new ???? my friend made it for me ????

Less then 12 hours to my surgery

I'm so excited ,nervous , scared and overwhelmed . I can't believe it's happening . I'm worried about the pain . I'm worried it's going to be a longer recovery then I anticipated . I'm worried something will go wrong , worried I picked the wrong size . My mind is racing . I haven't had a good nights sleep in 3 days .

Done deal ! I did it !

Sore. Boobs hurt worse then tuck but I have a pain pump .

My new boobs naturelle srf 520 , u was previously 36C

Super high and tight

Jumbo Boob cupcakes from my favorite cupcake spot

More boob pics

Sore and tired

I'm normally a side sleeper so sleeping on my back was rough . My Percocet was making me sick and I think my pain pump is clogged . I have an appointment this morning so hopefully my dr can fix everything .

Hello flat belly

Holy crap

Getting flatter

Excuses my crazy outfit

Little sore today

I've been resting today . My abs and lipo areas are hurting now but nothing too bad.

Recheck with my PS this morning

He said everything was healing great , I can shower Saturday .yay! They removed my pain pump . My stitches and drains will come out next week . He said you swell most on day 4 which is tomorrow so I'm not looking forward to that . My belly is super flat even with the swelling so I can't wait to see how little I'm going to be !

Healing nicely !

Everything looks great . My pain is minimal . I'm feeling great. I get to shower tomorrow! I absolutely love my breasts ! The size and shape is perfect . I literally want to cry every time I see them! My dr said my swelling will peak today so I'm nervous for that . I've also had my period the entire recovery time so that stinks . I've been sticking with eating healthy and portion control since I can't work out . I can't wait to see my final results !

First shower and new binder

I was finally able to shower today . That made me feel better but I was dizzy when I took binder off . I couldn't really wash things bc I had to. Be careful of sutures. I got a new binder that is like high waisted underwear . I feel better but just showering took my energy . I also switched to a genie bra so I could wash the one the dr gave me .

My new waist and tummy

You can see the definition already. Can't wait to heal and get rid of my drains .

One week since my mommy makeover

Feeling better . Trying to be more active and mobile . Took my binder off for a while bc I hate it .

Healing nicely , can't believe this is my body

My drains were removed today , sutures under breasts and my lipo sutures. My dr said everything looks great and that next week my tummy tuck sutures will come out . My breasts are still swollen and high . So they should come down some in a few weeks and also shrink a little . So glad I'm over the hard stuff. Sutures didn't hurt coming out either . I also got the ok to buy some of my own compression wear . So hopefully I can find some stuff online .

Ten days post op

Belly button looking better, boobs getting softer , bruises going away , my drain holes are healing and I'm feeling much better every day .

12 days post op

Boobs dropping a little more , officially size 4. I've lost 7 lbs since surgery despite not being able to hit the gym. I'm super happy with my results and it's only been 12 days so I know it's only getting better . If you're on the fence about this procedure don't hesitate . It's completely worth every penny . I feel so much more confident .

15 days post op

Feeling great. Minor reaction to the steri strips so applying cortisone cream and ice to help with the itching . Had check up with Dr.Koenig. He said everything is healing beautifully . I don't have to go back again until 6 weeks post op. My sutures in my abdomen are dissolvable so there's no removable needed. Once the irritation settles I can use the scar sheets and scar creams :) my belly button is almost 100% healed . Bruising from lipo is almost gone . I absolutely love my new body . I got the clear to return to the gym to do light cardio just no using my core muscles . Also can spray tan which makes me happy girl .

Returned to gym 15 days post op

I did light cardio, treadmill and walking track . Felt ok. Can't wait to get back to lifting weights and working on my core : )

19 days since my surgery

I'm down to 138 lbs , my belly button is almost 100% healed, my boobs are getting softer and dropping into place . My bruising is gone from lipo. I got a rash from the steri strip glue so my PS prescribed cortisone cream to help with the irritation. My tummy tuck incision is still healing so once that's healed I'll start using scar strips. I can't even believe how amazing my results are .

I've got abs !

So excited ! Didn't know those guys were hiding under there :)

First bikini purchase

VS bikini 36DD , small bottom . My scar is still irritated from steri strips. Slowly getting better . I haven't worn a bikini since 2012 . I love the way I look except my scar is a bit high so hopefully next summer it will be healed and faded more .

Officially a size 4ish

Ordered new pants in a size 4 and they fit but they're a little big . Yay! I went to the gym. Feeling great and everything healing nicely .

Almost one month post op

Boobs are much softer and dropping . 2 more weeks of wearing a compression garment , yay! My husband thinks my boobs are huge but I don't think they seem big . I kinda wish I went to 600cc but I'm prob just crazy . I've been using silicone strips on my incision to reduce scarring . I love my new body so much .

Healing nicely and feeling great

My breasts have softened and dropped, my rash is almost gone from steri strips. I've been using the scar away strips on my breasts and abdomen . I massage my breasts every night w an oil my dr makes. Still wearing my binder but it's my last week I'll have to wear which makes me happy and I'll be back to weight lifting next week :)

6 weeks check up! No restrictions, no more binder! I'm free!

My doctor said I'm recovering beautifully and that I'm free to use my core again and I don't have any weight restrictions . I don't have to wear the binder anymore either ! Yay ! Now my focus is just scar therapy to fade and soften . I'm so happy and thrilled with my results ! I hit the gym this morning!

6 week update photos

For some reason my pics didn't load

6 week post op photos

Happy with my breast size and they seem to be falling into place . Debating on getting my nipples pierced .

Ordered new bikinis and scar progress

Ordered new bikinis from VS bc they were on sale and my old ones don't fit . My scar is fading . I've been using scar strips , special scar balm my dr makes and a breast massage oil my dr makes to soften my boobs. Everything looks great and I feel good . Started back to my normal gym routine this week. Officially a size 2. I'm so happy with my new body . Dr.Koenig is amazing !

Back at the gym building my strength again.

Not much has changed . Bought more bikinis. Working on fading my scars . I think that's what is bugging me the most . I've been using silicone strips and the balm my dr gave me . I guess I'll just have to wait and give it time . I'm down to 135 since surgery .

2 months post op

Happy with my results , love my boobs , I have no pooch . Scars under my boobs are pretty much faded. My tummy tuck scar is still pretty prevalent . I'm using my scar strips and scar balm. I think my boobs fit my body perfectly .

Still a work in progress

Reached my goal weight . I've been working on toning and scar therapy . Love my new body so much.

3 months post op

Working on healing my scars and toning . My surgery exceeded my expectations . My belly button is perfect , breasts are perfect size and symmetrical . My tummy is flat and I've lost more weight. My dr said I still have some swelling so this isn't my final result so my waist will get smaller . I can still feel some sutures from my tt . My dr said they'll either pop thru or dissolve . I'm anxious for my scars to heal.

Almost 4 months post op

My boobs have dropped and fluffed completely . My scars are fading . I've been spending a lot of time at the gym. I hired a trainer to get me to the next level of my fitness. This surgery was the best thing I've done by far. My clothes look better and I feel better . I'm not ashamed of my body anymore . It feels so good to not have to hide my muffin top anymore .

6 months post op

I survived the holidays but gained some weight . Haven't been hitting the gym as much bc it's cold and I hate taking my toddlers out during the really cold weather . I started weightlifting with my trainer which I'm excited about . I did boudoir photos for my hubby for Valentine's Day which I never thought I would have the confidence to do until my weightloss and mommy makeover . It was fantastic . My hubby loved it . If you've never done one I highly rec it . It's so liberating ! I love my new body a little more each day . So thankful I went thru the procedure and can't believe I waited so long .
Dr. William Koenig

Wonderful dr. He made me feel comfortable . Always took time to answer my questions. On day of surgery he eased my mind and made me feel better . He did a wonderful job . I highly recommend him.

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