Silicone mod+ 507cc, overs 27 year old, no kids, 5'8" 165lbs, bwd 13.5 & 14cm.

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I am getting a breast augmentation and I want to...

I am getting a breast augmentation and I want to make sure everything I was suggested is correct for my situation. Ultimately I would like a doughnut lift with implants but was told there's a possibility I wouldn't be able to breast feed after. It is important to me that when I decide to have children I can breast feed them. With this said I have decided to just go with breast implants and wait until after I children to get a lift ( in about 10+ years) I want to go quite a bit larger with the implant, right now I am a deflated 34D, about a year ago I was a full 32DDD. I haven't lost weight but my breast tissue has dissapeared, I'm not sure why. I am 5'8" 165lbs my bwd is 13.5 & 14 my left breast is slightly larger and lower, which doesn't bother me and I know will still be the same after surgery. I believe I was told my one nipple is 1 cm above the crease and my other one is at the crease. I have included pictures to help show what I currently have to work with. My board certified PS said I should go with mentor silicone moderate plus textured implants, placed over the muscle, inframammary crease incision. I chose 492cc to get me to my desired look and size. I understand why he wants to do over the muscle (so I don't have my implant and then my real breast hanging off the implant/ double bubble) but will this cause any problems in decrease blood flow to my nipples going submammory? I have to be able to breast feed one day and I would like a lift after I'm done having children. Would it be possible to go under the muscle and still have a normal looking breast since my implants are so large at 492cc? Or would dual plane work? I am also worried about doing over the muscle because there isn't as much support as you get from the muscles in the under the muscle technique and I don't want to decrease blood supply to my nipples for reasons of wanting a lift later on in life and breast feeding. I have gone to multiple board certified plastic surgeons and they all said something different. Im looking for suggestions in the best technique for my situation. Thank you for your responses in advance.

Wish pics

My PS suggested I don't go larger than 492cc mod+. I hope that is big enough, I was thinking the 533cc mod+ would be more what I was looking for since I am 5'8" 165lbs. What's everyone's opinion on this?

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Wish pic

507cc textured mod+ profile subglandular

So I had my surgery 5/7/15. This is my second post op day. Everything went extremely well the day of surgery. I ended up getting 507cc textured moderate plus profile subglandular placement (over the muscle). I am 5'8" 160lbs, bwd is 13.5 & 14. Before my BA, naturally I was a 32DD to a 32DDD in Victoria Secret depending what time of the month it was. I know that sounds big but it was probably equivalent to about a 34D bra. I feel as though 507cc is a good size for someone who wants to have a change but not so crazy everyone will immediately be able to tell you had a BA. I wouldn't have minded even going up to the next size 547cc because I know once the swelling goes down and they settle they will appear smaller but I am definitely happy with what I have. My left boob was naturally bigger than my right one and has been way more painful than the right breast so far. I noticed last night what seems to feel and look like there's some fluid accumulation in the bottom of my left breast. Nothing appears to be infected or discolored so I'm going to wait until my post op consultation this Wednesday with my ps if the issue is still there.

Sorry I haven't posted in months.

I found a few more before pictures, I plan on posting all the pictures I have.

Post Op days 1-4

The first month of recovery I was having mini panic attacks because my breasts looked very strange shaped especially my left breast. The skin on the top of my left breast was uncomfortable and very tight. They didn't look as weird the first couple days but then they changed and were very odd shaped. My breast tissue literally hung off off the implants, it felt so weird and looked horrendous. My BA was May 7 2015, 507cc textured round over the muscle.

Post op days 5-8

My left breast was causing me a lot of pain. It was naturally bigger and saggier to begin with. After surgery the top of the breast the skin was extremely tight and the bottom half was completely numb and hung off the implant. The incision was also a lot worse looking on the left side. My right breast barely hurt.

Post op day 15-34

I stopped taking pictures of my breasts for a few days because they were so gross looking I didn't want to look at them until they setteled a little bit. My PS said everything was normal and it was just a matter of time before they dropped and settled and to stop stressing. It took about 20 days for my breasts to not look crazy anymore. The picture I took at day 23 was when I finally realized they were going to look Ok after all. They still dropped more after this picture. I can still squeeze into my 32DDD bras I was wearing prior to my surgery so I didnt purchase any new bras the first month post op. I desperately needed new strapless bras bc I couldn't squeeze into my old strapless bras even though they were the same 32DDD I was wearing in bras with straps. Post op day 34 I went strapless bra shopping and got fitted, I found out that I'm now a 32G which I had assumed I was now since my old 32DDD bras were just a little to tight. Nordstrom carries my size.

Month 2-4 post op pics

Everything is going well. The bottom half of my left breast is still numb from the bottom of my areola down and my right breast has only lost a little sensation from the bottom of the areola down. My incisions look pretty good they are flat and fading more and more.
Todd B. Koch, MD

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