Straight but Debilitated - Rochester, NY

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The consequences of Invisalign have been...

The consequences of Invisalign have been horrifying. My teeth are almost perfectly straight and look beautiful, but the amount of debris left on the teeth is enormous, the surface blemishes are innumerable, and the forfeiture of natural tooth enamel has proven detrimental. My teeth were left incredibly weak and I am paying over a thousand dollars to fix damage resulting from their weakened state.

If you require buttons/bumps to be put on, they will hideously stain immediately. Even after their removal, you will have to whiten your teeth - which will expose the amount of bonding material that, even still, remains on the teeth. This material does not whiten. I have had 2 different doctors work to remove this stuff, and my bottom teeth are still covered. My top teeth are full of pot marks from all the grinding to remove everything. Some of my natural tooth was ground down to allow room for movement, leaving one tooth in particular rather gangly. I cannot get that part of the tooth back.

After the bottom trays were completed, the teeth were not completely straight. My top teeth still had 4 trays to go, so more trays were ordered for the bottom in the mean time. This considerably lengthening the overall procedure and in hindsight, I should not have sought to get my money's worth. After the top trays were completed, a wire was bonded to the back of my 6 front teeth. Each tooth is individually bonded, making flossing terribly awkward. Once the bottom teeth where finally finished, a wire was bonded from canine to canine, which makes flossing much more accessible but has also allowed the teeth to move. My bottom teeth are not straight. By the time they had moved, I was so over it. Simultaneously, no one can tell me how long these bonding wires will remain in my mouth.

Which brings me to the terrible condition my teeth are in now. My gum line has receded along my bottom teeth from wearing the tray for so long. In some places, the roots are exposed! I have immense sensitivity to temperatures and air and now have to brush with expensive toothpaste packing copious amounts of toxic fluoride. My dentist says I have the teeth of an 70 year old. Sure, they are straight, but they are defective. My poor, poor teeth.

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