22 Years Old, No Kids. 40H - Rochester, NY

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I'm 22 years old, started wearing a bra in like...

I'm 22 years old, started wearing a bra in like 5th grade. (Was one of the first in my class to wear one) and naturally, they kept growing and growing. I was a DDD for a long time, and then out of nowhere I was an H cup.... Enough became enough for me.
Of course I had the back pain and the shoulder grooves that were inches deep, I work at a group home with all hands on assistance and it became too much for me. I could barely load a dishwasher anymore. And sweeping? Forget about it. And let's not forget that I had to pick up grown men from their wheelchairs and place them into bed.
But mostly I hated the fact that I couldn't wear cute things.... Everyone got the cute dresses and I had to struggle to find one, and if I did, it had to be a t-shirt dress or something. Nothing looked flattering on me and bra prices are out of this world. Even when I went to Layne Bryant I still had to order online because they didn't carry anything in my size.
I wanted to feel beautiful and be sexy and wear cute clothes and have nice bra and panty sets....
So finally I was like forget this, I decided to do it even though I was TERRIFIED. Most people are scared about the after effects and how they'll look and their healing process, and pain, but not me. I was scared about anesthesia. I've never had surgery before so I was scared I would have an insane experience. But thankfully that didn't happen.
Once I got to the hospital I didn't even have time to be scared, everything was happening so fast.... They knew all my concerns and they were so reassuring and before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room. I'm not sure if they warned me about going to sleep or not lol, but when I woke up I had to pee so bad.
My surgery took 5 hours and she removed over TEN POUNDS. I couldn't believe it.
I'm 3 days out now. I haven't seen the end results yet, they look small as hell tho. I wanted to be a D or DD. I'm not sure what they'll be... Hopefully I'll get a good idea when I go to my follow-up appointment on Tuesday.

The things I wasn't really prepared for were, I didn't expect how much I would sleep. I've been dosing on and off non stop since I got home.
And the bloating. My whole body was so swollen I couldn't believe it. I looked like an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. My stomach was the size of a basket ball, my feet barely fit into my shoes. But now it's deff going down a lot thankfully.
The tightness in my chest is kinda tough but the ITCHING. Oh god do I itch. I just wann rip these bandages off and scratch them.

I'm feeling real good tho. The worst parts are not being able to shower and having to sleep on my back. I'm a side sleeper.
But overall I'm excited. I wanna buy all the new things and be cute and work out to get this stomach under control.

Day 6 post OP

So exhausted. So itchy. I just had my follow up appointment today, amazingly I didn't have any stitches. Just dissolvable stitches and tape, so my appointment went way faster than expected. I'll know my actual size on Thursday, but I'm guessing I'm a C cup or D cup.
She gave me a surgical bra, and I come back in two weeks to get the rest of the tape off. And I'm allowed to drive now.
She touched my nipples to see if I had sensation, and so far I only have sensation in one nipple. But I'm not too worried about it.
Then she sent me home and said I could SHOWER. It felt amazing. I needed one so bad.
It's weird seeing my stomach so much tho, I hate it. I need to lose some weight. I'm a little nervous my chest is too small, but it is what it is. Better than the constant pain. I'm gonna hit the gym as soon as I can.
But over all I'm excited and happy, can't wait to wear a real bra ! Matching panty sets here I come!

Day 8 post op

I Went BRA SHOPPING today ! (I went to a special store that specializes in measuring after a reduction and finding everything my doctor recommends) I finally got measured and everything, and I'm a 38 DD or D depending on the style. I got some cute ones and then some to sleep in. But I have a feeling that I'll be wearing those most of the time haha.
She said I could be smaller in a few months do to swelling. But hopefully not. I feel so small.... But maybe I'm just not use to swing a D cup instead of an H cup. Oh well, I feel happy.
I spend 80 dollars on 4 (so 20 a piece) and anyone reading this knows that could never happen having big sized breasts.
Feeling relieved I know the size tho.
Still exhausted all the time. But feeling good. Not too much pain. Still can't sleep on my sides, so I'm still downstairs on the couch. But maybe within the next few days.
Dr. Kimberly D'Amore

She was wonderful and patient.

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