500cc High Profile or Should I Go with Moderate???

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I am 45 yo, 5'4", 130lbs. 34A, Moderately active...

I am 45 yo, 5'4", 130lbs. 34A, Moderately active and healthy. (I am an archer) I have no kids and I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. I will post before pics shortly but wanted to get anyone's take on what direction they think I should go. I measured 13.2 and started with 350cc's silicone but went back because I wasn't feeling those were big enough. I tried on everything up to 500cc hp. When I tried the 475 hp ( they said the 500 hp would end up looking like the 475) I think I was in love. I am just uncertain if I should stick with the high profile. I really want them to look natural but also make it so I don't regret not going big enough... I wanted to get others opinions since I have time to go back and try other sizes etc on. I am excited but nervous until I really nail down the size I want. I can't wait to hear back!!!

Clock is ticking now!!

My date got moved up to Nov. 2nd so now I have to decide!! now I could go with 397 moderate profile or stick with the 500 cc high profile...

Before pics

I measured my rib she at 30.5 as well...

I can't decide!!!!

I am so undecided on the size!!! My PA said I could go up to a 500 cc hp silicone and it would look like the 475 sizer I tried on and loved... But I just dont know if they will be too big lol! I like the "go big or go home" saying but I also want to enjoy my life as it is right now but with bigger boobs :) I am reletively thin but have broad shoulders and a bubble butt ( I was a gymnast!) so I feel like this would visually balance me out. This is such a huge decision and I am nervous, but yet I am soooooo excited!!! Less then 2 weeks!! Help!!! :)


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