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I've been wanting boobs since I can remember. I...

I've been wanting boobs since I can remember. I wish I would have tried to get them sooner but I was always waiting for a more financially appropriate time.
I've generally run between a 36a or 36b, 36a being the most recent.
I've lost weight and gotten into better shape over the last few years and am pretty happy with the result so far (still a work in progress). Between losing weight and breast feeding my breasts look small and deflated.
I can rarely fill out a bra and there's always a gap. Im looking to even out the rest of my body with an augmentation and finally fill out some of my tops.
I think I might be interested in a C cup and silicone but we will see!! Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I am planning to call for a consultation in the next week at the Quatela Surgery Center/ Dr. Koenig.

Finally scheduled a consultation!

I've been planning this forever but I think my main delay in scheduling a consult was I wanted to be ready for the actual BA.

It took me so long to feel I was financially comfortable and not feel so incredibly guilty about spending this kind of money on myself.

I left s message at Dr. Koenig's office the other weekend. After some phone tag I spoke the patient consultant the following Wednesday. She couldn't get me in for a few weeks unless I wanted to come in the next morning since there was a cancellation. "I'll be there!"

Dr. Koenig and staff are so incredible. I was completely at ease. He answered all my questions. He gave me the pros and cons. He also went into why he does what he does.

I had already settled on silicone implants from being on RS. I also knew Dr. Koenig generally goes under the muscle and goes in above the crease. I was ultimately hoping for a moderate profile implant however my BWD is 13 and the largest implant for that size seemed too small when I tried it on. After trying the mod profile Dr. Koenig suggested I start with the largest high profile implant for my BWD (500cc) and work my way down.

The 500cc seemed so large, I quickly moved down from that one. But Dr. Koenig seemed to think it was s really good size for me. I then tried the 450cc. That seemed a little larger than I wanted but after hearing about so much boob greed on here I thought that would be best- go with something a little larger than I was comfortable with.

I ultimate scheduled my surgery before I left. I paid my down payment and scheduled surgery for 8/17/16.

Sooo excited!

Rice sizers.

I was so quick to try on the implants at the doctors office that I never thought of taking pictures. I went alone and no I started wondering if the size I was picking was the best choice.

I read a couple of posts by some fellow RS-ers and decided to make some rice sizers. These ones are approx 485cc (2cups of rice). I'm feeling good about this size which I guess means I should maybe move up to the 500cc after all since I will lose some volume behind the muscle.

These aren't the best pics but let me know your thoughts.

Oh, my stats are:
134 lbs
BWD 13

I think a D is where I want to fall.

Issues with uploading. Pics w/ rice sizer test.

My pics wouldn't all load properly on the last post.

A couple more rice sizer pics and wish boobs

I'm liking the size.

Getting SOOO excited!

I'm a few weeks away from surgery and can't wait. My pre-op is this week and I'll pay up my balance and then just play the waiting game.
I'm pretty sure now that I'm going to go with the 500cc Natrelle high profile. I'm a little nervous about the high profile but I'm limited with the mod. But ultimately I really trust my doctor.
I bought a few thin stretchy bras I thought might be good for sleeping in after my recovery time is up. I scored a great deal but you know what they say, you pay for what you get. Ha. I'm not sure these are going to accommodate my chest after surgery but we will see. They are pretty stretch and seem pretty comfy. They are from Maidenform and at $6 a pop (Brads Deals), I wasn't worried.

Prepping for post-surgery.

Surgery is less than a week and a half away. I've picked up a few things so far:
-My prescriptions are Percocet for pain, Zofran for nausea and Keflex, an antibiotic.
-Wedge pillow (and a body pillow) to join my regular pillows.
-Front-close bras.
-Silicone nipple covers. My PS said I'll either be wearing a bra out of surgery or not. Whichever one it is I need to stay that way for the next 3 weeks so preparing for both.
-Stool softener, canned peaches and Holy Crap cereal for constipation (all products recommend by RS ladies).
-Bendy straws (seems to be highly recommended).
-Arnicare (homeopathic medicine for pain, bruising and swelling).
-Bio-Oil (hoping to prevent and possible stretch marks). My PS also gave me a bottle of his own oil that's organic and also helps with pain (not shown).
-Baby wipes (for the limited shower days).
I'll also plan on stocking some soup, ginger ale, front-close shirts, Chapstick and ice packs/frozen vegetables.

Less than 24 hours to go...

I just got the call. I must be the first one in tomorrow. I have to be there at 6:30am and surgery will be at 7:30am. Eeeeeee!

I packed up all my stuff last night and this morning before I went to work. I'm staying at a friend's place for the first night or two since it's closer and just overall more convenient for everyone/everything.

I'm still obsessing over size. I know it's not much, but may go 475 in lieu of 500. I guess the 400s just seem less drastic in my brain. But we will see...game time decision ladies!

They're heeeerrreee!

Everything went well during surgery this morning. Surgery prep took 1-1.5 hours but seemed shorter: changing, paperwork, IV, mark-up, meeting the nurses and anesthesiologist. Surgery was about 1 hour and then 30 min in recovery.

I had a little more pain and pressure I anticipated when I got back to my friend's house. It wasn't bad but I just think of myself as a badass when it comes to pain sometimes and didn't think I'd need something ASAP. lol. I took the prescribed Percocet and was perfectly fine just sleepy.

The rest of today as consisted on a lot of mini naps in a chair and walking around chatting. Lunch (soup) didn't taste good nor was I hungry so I only had a few bites (abnormal for my usual versions appetite). My friend made me an early dinner and it seemed difficult to get down at first but I took my time and ended up feeling good about finishing my plate. Seemed like my stomach just needed a little time to get used to it. I've drank a ton of water and had no issues urinating. I've not had a BM yet but also no bloat (yet). My friend picked me up fresh beet juice from a juice bar close to the doctor's and I'm trying to sip that in hopes I won't be constipated.

I went with the 500cc and so glad I did. I have a wide chest cavity and the 500s look a lot smaller on me than the average girl my size (5'3", 130ish). I'm also impressed with how they look out of surgery. I knew I'd have alien-like boobs but they're more Snoopy-like. Haha

My chest is pretty tight and since that has me slightly hunched forward, it's making my back a little sore...may need a sitting back rub of some sorts. I haven't tried laying in the bed yet, even with my wedge and million other pillows. It seems kind of daunting. I'm guessing I will sleep in the lounge chair tonight and try the bed tomorrow.

The surgical staff was amazing. I'm super pleased so far.

Hope this finds you ladies well. I'll update more tomorrow. Good night!

Post op day 5 updates, thoughts...

Feeling pretty damn good today. Not that the other days have been bad but I guess more adjusted with the new boobs.

I stopped taking the Percocet about 48 hrs after surgery except at bedtime. I probably could go without it then too but I find it difficult to get comfortable at night so I've taken one the past couple nights. Tylenol during the day and it's been just fine. I'm still on the antibiotic and the nausea med I only used once, right after I settled in at the house the day of surgery.

I had the white steri-strips over my incisions. All seemed to be well until the weekend. The felt itchy and after looking at them I noticed it was pretty red and rash-like around my right incision and a tad around my left too. I opted not to try the on-call Doctor and waited until this morning and called the office. I was told I was likely have an allergy towards the strips and to carefully peel them off and lightly clean the area and let them be. I was a little nervous to peel them off but I took a long shower and let them get plenty wet before I tried and just took my time. Ahhh, felt so much better.

My appetite has been a little funky. I haven't felt my normal hunger pangs and the day will be half over before I realize I haven't eaten. Not a terrible thing but I also don't expect it to last.

Morning boob:
Ahh, I get the term now. Every morning I've woken up to stiff chest muscles and it feels like I'm being weighted down. I think it would be impossible to fall back asleep after waking up with this. Best thing to do is to just get up and move around so everything relaxes. Today, it didn't take long for the tightness to move along.

Time off:
I could have went to work today but happy I took the extra couple days.

Surgery was Wednesday morning and I took a short drive Friday afternoon (I had transitioned to Tylenol) and then drive about 30 min Friday night. Saturday early morning I drove a 4 hour trip and did that same trip Sunday. No issues whatsoever. My left pec muscle was a little tight but nothing that impacted my driving.

Really I would say I haven't had any. I've had those fleeting thoughts like "what if these implants never move? What if I'm the 1% that has issues?" I know these are normal so I just move on. And I'm
A big believer that a positive attitude equals positive results so I have no time for that negativity. I have a girlfriend that had a gastric sleeve surgery the same day as my BA. Obviously, that recovery is more difficult than mine but it's been nice to check in with a friend back and forth each day that understands and give each other support.

Can't have too many. I have plenty of pillows plus I bought a body and a wedge pillow. Super happy I did. You need to get a little creative when trying to get comfy the first couple days and at night. Pillows might be at the top of my "must-have" list for a BA.

-Silicone nipple covers = awesome! I'll be buying at least one other pair.
-Water- stay extra hydrated. It made me feel so much better and it's better for recovery.

Well there's a bunch of randomness for you! :). Hope this finds everyone well!

Another allergic reaction? What the...?!

Today is day 7 post-op. I went back to work today and noticed I started breaking out in a rash. Almost a circle around my left boob and now later tonight I'm breaking out near the bottom of my right and on my side. Anyone ever experience this? I've never really had an allergy to anything so this seems so odd.

10 day post-op

So my rash/breakout on my last post was a delayed (one week), minor reaction to the Novocain pricks. It was itchy but nothing out of control. I had also had an allergic reaction to the steri-strips and since the skin around the incisions were still healing due to that, my stitches could not come out at my one week follow-up so I'm headed back after an additional week to get them out. And to top all of that off, I ended up with a yeast infection w/ the antibiotics I was taking. It's the first time I've had one and man, I wish I would've known to take a probiotic or at least add yogurt to my daily meals. But while all those things are not pleasant, I think they are minor inconveniences overall. I'm really not sure why my body became so sensitive all of a sudden but again, it's all manageable.

My boobs have slowly moves down some and sleeping positions are only getting easier. I can almost sleep fully on my side (YES!!). I've been taking melatonin each night and that helps. They're also getting a tad softer each day and so far I'm super happy with them. :)

I definitely have the itch to run but I have about 2 more weeks before I can do that. I did go for a two mile walk yesterday which was nice. Planning to start some lower body exercises today or tomorrow.

My doctor has some patients that must wear a bra for the first 3 weeks and some have to go without for the first 3 weeks. I'm not sure what the deciding factor is but I'm the latter. I've been using silicone nipple covers outside of the house. They were working great at first but now they don't want to stay on. I'm not sure if it's because of the number of uses or that my implants have moved down some and it kind of made my boobs a little more pointy (so not as rounded for them to easily stay on??). Anyway, almost lost one of them at work and my shirt was untucked. "Hey, what just fell on the floor?" "Oh that's just my nipple cover." Lol. Thankfully, I noticed before that had to happen. ;)

I'm not a fan of hoe my seatbelt feels.
I'm semi afraid to mow my lawn (riding lawn mower, huge lawn).
Anyone have any favorite nipple covers?

Not the best pics but some to show my progress. Hope you ladies are having a great day!!

Yay boobs!

I keep meaning to update but then get sidetracked and forget. Anyway, things are going well.

My left boob is/was troublesome and always had some pain (normal) depending on what I was doing. The past few days, I really haven't had any so I'm stoked about that. My left has also been riding higher than my right but they are starting to even out. My left was always bigger and I think will remain that way. It looks huge in the pic with the pink bra but I think that was just the angle.

I'm very happy so far even with some twinges of "oh I wish they were a little bigger" but I'm happy I can keep them semi conservative if/when I want. I have a ways to go for softer boobs but it's amazing how much they change in a short time so I have no worries that'll come with a little more time. They've already made progress in that department.

My incisions are healing well and I have not started scar treatment but probably will after I see my doctor for a follow-up this week.

I picked up some bras finally and I'm pretty excited with the Incredible sports bra from VS. It feels good on and felt very supportive for running. I haven't done any long runs yet but I think it'll be great just based on my shorter runs. The pink bra in my pics is also VS and kind of a nice transition bra since it has no underwire but definitely not good right after surgery since it's a little difficult to get on (you have to pull it over your head) but it's super comfy.

Right now I would say I'm a large C, small D. Funny how 500cc's can be so different on different bodies.

The pics aren't the best, just snapped a few just now. I'll upload a few more over the next week.

Hope all of you ladies are doing well!!
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