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5'4" tall 123lbs now - I have lost 40 pounds!...

5'4" tall 123lbs now - I have lost 40 pounds! Unfortunately, my breast have been very sad for me. I'm ptosis class 1-2, but have extra skin and crazy streach marks.
I guess I'm just like everyone else and would perfer not have a breast lift .... Really not crazy about ugly scaring.

I met with the- Quatela Center For Plastic Surgery: William J Koenig MD
And Stephen Evangelisti M MD. Both doctors felt I did not need a lift. I am 35 and am not looking for the high nipple look. I just want to fill out what I have.

Surgery in 3 days!

I have settled on 425 on left and 400 on right HP(different sizes you can see ) under muscle silicon smooth round breast diameter 12. Dr K thinks that would work the best . I've been so scared but I guess he know his stuff. I have emailed Michele Dr. K's coordinator like a million times with silly questions. Michele has answered everything and this is one of the many reasons I have chosen Dr.K.
Questions: why do some Dr want you to take Vit E and some say no vitamin E? Dr. K feels it promotes bleeding .
Why do some doctors want you to massage and some don't?
Dr. K wants me to wait about week then after start to massage.
Is 425 going to make me look too rounds (like I have a plate under my skin not my thing). Because of the size. I would like about 371 and my breast diameter being 12 I need to do hp 400/425 ugh. Because we are going under the muscle and I have enough tissue I will look wonderful. Crossing my fingers....

More before pictures

I took more before picture

More wish picture

Not sure if I could ever get this, but pray I do.

Bras,Meds and Creams ooo my

Ok so got everthing I need checked and ready

Night before :I

So nervous can't stand it...... I need a drink, but unfortunately can't do that uggg. I'm so nervous that both Drs were trying to make me happy and I truly need a lift... My husband says Dr K knows what he's doing and that's why i chose him....Ok ko ok ok so
surgery 6:30am holy cow early. I will post pictures asap

All done!!!!

4hr out!
I had to sign paper work when we got there. My husband dropped me off stayed to make sure all was ok then went home to make sure everything was ok with our son who was with a family friend.

I was given a small locker for my cloths asked to pee in a cup to make sure I was not pregnant.
They had me sit on this gurney blood pressure was taken and iv started.
I met with all staff individually and everyone who met with me confirmed what procedure I was having (which I thought was great).dr. K came in wrote everything on my breast amount of cc's, location of implant and incision location. The whole thing was great except for IV I felt the nurse's lack a good amount of experience in this department. The first attempt killed and she kept saying my vain rolled? I have had a rhinoplasty, ablation and appendix removed and have never have any problems. At last I requested she stop and have the Dr do it. I was worried was mad, but she said no problem :) the anostiologies placed the IV which was pain less ! Everyone was very kind and did not seem upset due to my concern. After the Meds kicked in I felt light headed and went right to sleep. I guess Dr. K has all of his patience placed under with a breathing tube which scared me and when I was speaking to the anostiologies I requested the tube be removed before I wake which she said would be no problem.
Ok so woke up with 000000 pain woooohooo! I was waiting for it to hit me, but it never did. Slight pressure, but no pain. They had me up and around ASAP and I was somewhat dizzy but not terribly . I went home right away with no issues and came home to chicken noodle soup and water. I took pain Meds to be on the safe side, but only feel tiered.
Ok so to the good stuff .... They look amazing to me I started to cry when I got home and opened my bra because they look amazing. I do have this platic on them which will come off next Monday, but still crazy happy! Have you seen my before pics I can't believe its me!

Day 2 wooohoo

Day two - slept well last night on the coach inclined position.
Slight discomfort only on sternum. I did take off the medical socks could not sleep with them on and did another bad thigh..... I took my bra off to sleep. I know I should not do that, but I could not breath. I did put it back on this morning;)
I can raise my arms and move around no problem. I exercised today (slightly) up /down a flight of stairs 55 times not the best, but at least it was something.

Day 3 peeling plastic

Ok, so went to the mall yesterday and shopped! I feel great just a little sore. It feels like I did chest press excerises. I slept kinda rough, but only because I'm a tummy sleeper and I have had to sleep on my back. I'm off pain Meds now and only take Tylenol.
The plastic on my breast has started to peel and I noticed a blister which the Dr did say could happen. I also noticed a new streach mark (I think) ugh so I'm lotioning everything that is exposed.

More pictures

425cc in left 400cc right

1 week PO

Everything going well!

Before & After 5 days


Ok all going great! sleeping on my side. My weight is back down to normal with the addition of 2 lbs due to my 400/425 cc implants. I'm feeling normal. The only complaint is my breast are still high and hard but patiance will win out! I'm doing light cardio no jumping but up/down a flight of stairs 100 times. I have started doing the breast massages I found online.... I removed the plastic because it was driving me crazy and the tape over the stitches !!! All I need now are the stiches out. I bought an ace bandage and wrapped the top part of my breast to help things along. Now I wait for the D&F (please come soon boobie fairy)

One week

Stitches just came out today they basically lay you back and slowly snip and pull the stitches out little by little. no issues no changes.... I'm just waiting for D&F !!! Dr. Said very normal to be high, tight and hard. I am starting massages and stretching.

Week 6

All great still uncomfortable to sleep, butt getting better.

I chose Dr. Koenig Because of his rating on this site and also this article found online: Dr. William Koenig performs over 400 breast augmentations without any complications Rochester, NY July 11, 2014 ... over 400 successful procedures without the occurrence of a capsular contraction. So for me that is all I needed! He offers a free consultation if you mention RealSelf. So I went in August loved everyone. So now that everything is done I have to say amazing! You will not be disappointed! Worth every penny and time searching. I could not find many before and after pictures online, but don't worry when you go and meet with his team they will show you tons of them:)

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