33 Years Old, Runner, Twin Mom - Rochester, NY. 397R/ 371L silicone under muscle, round smooth.

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Tomorrow I have my consultation. I was a small 34C...

Tomorrow I have my consultation. I was a small 34C before kids and after I breast fed my twins I fill 1/2 of a 34A. I am 5'7 and currently 116lbs. I am an avid long distance runner so I am concerned about how the implants will affect my running, although my knees are telling me to slow down anyhow. I am currently training for the Marine Corp Marathon but may defer my entry to next year if the PS thinks it isn't a good idea to have the surgery a week or two after the marathon. I am only considering saline for safety reasons and am excited to hear what the PS recommends for me tomorrow! I'm looking to be a full C.

Had consult today- feeling depressed

I had my consult today and I am feeling like the doctor didn't take much time other than to tell me that he'd recommend silicone even though I am very uncomfortable with silicone. He also didn't ask to see any of the pictures I spent hours selecting to decide what kind of result I was looking for. I truly want saline because I am scared of silicone but am concerned about the chances of rippling. He didn't offer any suggestions on how to minimize the rippling and I got the feeling he does very few saline augmentations. Maybe I should find a doctor that does more saline implants? On the flip side I think the doctor is the one of the best in the area, has a below average complication rate and received all excellent reviews on this site.

I'm also struggling with the feeling that I am selfishly putting myself before my family and could be putting us in financial jeopardy should complications arise. I have the cost of my first augmentation set aside but if I get capsular contraction or an infection I don't know how much that will cost to fix? Ugh, this is putting great strain on my marriage, of which we are not used to. We are a strong and happy couple but if I don't do this I will be miserable and my husband will have to listen to me complain about my unhappiness with the way clothes don't fit and I feel like a boy on top. I am usually a very happy, positive and active person, so it bothers me that this is such an issue for me. I wish this could be an easier choice.


I was thinking 330- 360 ccs and the doctor felt that would be okay. I'm surprised he didn't say they would be too big given the lack of breast tissue I have and especially since I want saline.

Surgery scheduled!

Surgery is scheduled for 9/8 and I am SO excited. Still very nervous about all of the possible complications, especial after receiving the "informed consent" packet (aka book!). I have a sizing consult August 5th to select a size and type- saline or silicone. Still very undecided. Posted a question on the Q&A section and the majority of the doctors recommended silicone due to the minimal breast tissue I have. My husband has come around and is being supportive because he knows how important this is to me, but he too is very nervous of a worst case scenario from the surgery.

Ups and Downs

It had been a week of ups and downs, including feeling very down on my birthday when I normally am very happy. I've always been a strong person and in control of my feelings. For the first time this week I was so stressed and anxious it make me sick. I was so disappointed in myself for getting to this point. However, after wearing my bikini today whole playing with my boys at the water park everything came full circle when I remembered clearly why I am doing this and how the feeling of excitement came over me again when I felt comfort in knowing this would be my last summer I feel like a boy in my bikini, the last few weeks I will hate putting on a bra and not filling out my tops. So for now, I'm hanging onto that feeling and am from here on out committed to thinking positively about this. Yes I will have nerves, I'm a mother, but I can do this and I am strong. Just like the other beautifully ladies who've shared their stories on this site. I'm so thankful for this site. 8/5 I have a sizing appt and then vacation with my extended family- I'll be telling my older sister about this then. Looking forward to the distraction of vacation!

Chose a size!!!

Today I had my appt to choose what implant size i am going with, and also to confirm that I've chosen the right doctor. Luckily things went better and he was much more interested than the first visit in giving me feedback and making me feel comfortable. His staff remains awesome- I met with a different nurse and she was as good if not better than the last one I met with. We decided on silicone, round, smooth, under muscle, inframmory incision. He will do 397cc in my right and 371 in my left to balance out the fact that my right side is slightly smaller and droops more. He said 397 is the biggest I can go due to the little breast tissue I have. My BDW is 13.5. If I wanted to go bigger I would have to so HP but I don't care for HP. I'm pretty comfortable with the size and glad I am going with the biggest possible option given my tissue situation (who knew I had one until now lol!). Even if I have boob greed afterwards I will know that I couldn't have gone bigger. He did say in a few years the implants may have stretches my tissue enough to go up 100cc but I don't think I will want that big being as active as I am.

One thing he did say, when I asked him if he wanted to look at pics of what I'm hoping my outcome will be, is that for there most part the result I will get is what I will get. The only variables that could change the result are the type, size and shape of the implants which we've already chosen the best options for me. I said mostly likely they will sit pretty round on me due to the lack of breast tissue. I don't care for the perfect circle boobs but he said with time the skin may loosen up and allow more shaping. I'm okay with this because the biggest concern if mine is feeling better in my clothes so it will be hard to see the roundness in clothes.

I hope this helps anyone who is trying to decide what size to get! So for now it is a LONG wait until 9/8!

Sizer pictures

These were the sizes from today. However you can see the volume difference in my left, which is bigger than the right. So he will do 397 in the right and 371 in the left. Hopefully that will help!


Just got back from a family camping trip and I told my older sister and her partner about my upcoming BA. They were both very supportive and my sister-in-law connected me with a friend of hers whom she helped when she had a BA. A huge relief for me to know I have their support. Heading to the gyno tomorrow for an appointment to get answers about some unexpected bleeding. I'm hoping all is okay so I can move forward with my surgery on 9/8. Starting to think the stomach pain I had a couple of weeks ago might've been something else. Will find out soon.

4 more days!!!

I've been nesting like a pregnant woman for a couple weeks now. The kids are back at school and I'm trying to wrap things up at work. My surgery is 9/8 (Monday) and I took off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I plan/ hope to work from home doing desk/ phone work Thursday and Friday, I just hope I will be able to. My 7 year old twins will be staying overnight at my parent's house Monday night and my husband will be taking care of me. I hope I'll be okay Tuesday afternoon for my kids to see me after school.....being 7 they are pretty independant plus my husband will be here. My PS didn't recommend Arnica or any other supplements/ creams but for the massage oil he gave me, antibiotic and Percocet. I have my memory foam wedge pillow, neck pillow, pill case, ice packs, sports bras, zip up clothing, wipes, laxative and camel back. This weekend I will get jello, soup and high fiber foods (any suggestion?). Am I missing anything else?

I posted a question to the doctors in this community about my implant size as I'm concerned they won't get me the small D look I'm hoping for. My PS said I can't go bigger than 397, but I hear of so many women who are shorter and thinner than me getting larger implants that I am second guessing his advice. I'm not sure what to do about this. Thanks for listening ladies!

TOMORROW is the day!

oday's my last day of freedom. I'm staying pretty calm for the most part by not thinking about tomorrow's surgery and knowing that I got a lot of stuff around the house cleaned and organized before surgery. I told my 7 yr old boys that I was having surgery and wouldn't be able to play (other than reading) or do anything around the house. I asked for their help if I need it and they said yes and didn't ask any other questions. I suspect they will ask more questions once they see me after surgery. Right now most of my anxiety is about the thought of not waking up after surgery and not knowing how the pain will be and what I won't be able to do (brush teeth? Put up hair? Wipe after going to the bathroom?). Otherwise, I'm ready to get this done and begin my recovery!! Bring it on! Have to be there at 6:30 for surgery at 7:30. I'm so glad I am early.


Doing surprisingly well! I think I'm just so happy to be alive- I know, so crazy of me. Immediately following surgery was pretty painful so they have me liquid Percocet. I laid right down when I got home and dozed in and out of sleep. Got out of bed at 1pm to eat and watching TV now. Will be takings next Percocet soon. Post recovery I was shaking mostly because of the reaction to the anasthesia (same thing happened to me after I delivered my kids). I'm bracing for tomorrow which I'm told is the hardest day. Boobs look good so far, but for the misshape at the top but I assume that will go away after they drop and fluff. Thanks ladies for your caring and support!

Day 2

Today I felt about the same as day 1, not worse so I made be choice to transition from Percocet to Tylenol. I def have more pain without the Percocet. So long as day 3 isn't worse than today I can manage the pain. I start back to work from home in Thursday, so I'm hoping to get a little relief by then. My back is starting to hurt because my shoulders and chest are so tight I think that tension is pulling on my back. I took a laxative this morning and it worked by 3pm. Here are some more pics!

Day 3 (aka shower day!)

Yesterday I took a bath to shake my legs and washed my hair in the kitchens sink which felt like heaven at the time, but a full shower today was bliss! I also changed from Tylenol to Advil and it seems to be working better. I am having sharp pain on the outter part of each incision when I take a deep breath, I will be calling my PS about that tomorrow. I've been doing most everything I want to- walks, dishes, cooking, laundry and doing my hair with only mild pain. The only complaint I have is how swollen my stomach has gotten today. It is so swollen it's hard to take a deep breath. I hope that gets better soon.

Best wedge pillow!

Here's a pic of the wedge pillow I bought that has made sleeping a breeze, in conjunction with a memory foam neck pillow and some other pillows on top of the wedge.

Swollen/ Bloated- STILL?!

I feel great and can do anything I want but upper exercises. Had my one week post op app today and everything looks great. My only complaint is the swelling/ bloating in my belly. Look at these before and after pics. Yuck! I've been very careful to eat healthy to avoid gaining weight, which I haven't but this belly issue is frustrating. I started daily walks (sometimes twice/ day) on day 4 and the nurse today told me that could increase the swelling! I also noticed when I'm in bed my lower abdomen gurgles and bubbles a lot. I've had regular bowel movements since day 2 and I drink at least 96oz o water a day. Suggestions or do I just need to wait this out. I'm okay with that as long as I know it will eventually go away.

Another before pic- flat stomach

2 Weeks!

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't written on a while. I got my stitches out at 1 week. I was nervous because I read some women who said it was painful but it wasn't at all- very quick and painless. My steri strips are still on so I haven't looked at my incisions. The doctor doesn't recommend using any type of scar cream or oil- he says I am going to heal the way I am going to heal regardless if I use a cream or oil to massage them. I trust him- he's got a great reputation and the photos I've seen of his work are fabulous.

I feel about 85% normal, not cleared for upper body workouts yet and I understand why. If I pull too far or stretch a certain way I feel pressure at the incision sites, sort of like it is pulling the skin apart. My only limitations at this point are no running (which is becoming really hard to love without!), no push ups and I can't pick up my boys.....their 7 but still like me to carry them to bed after storytime sometimes :)

Here's a recap of when I was able to do various activities post-op (doesn't include day of the surgery):

Washed my own hair in sink- day 2
Walks- day 2, faster walks by day 5
Light cleaning- day 3 (dishes, picking up things, laundry on day 5)
Heavy cleaning- day 10
Bicycle ride- day 10
Elbow planks- day 11

So far I love my new additions! I had some fun trying on some dresses in my closet for my husband the other night and he commented on the fact that he hadn't seen me smile like that in clothes in a long time. Yeah, I'm pretty happy :)

My nipples are still super sensitive but I've been wearing a fitted cami with bikini top liners to protect my nipples- they work great. Last week, until day 8, I was getting a lot of pressure in my boobs by the end of the day. I'm glad that is gone and I stopped taking Advil on day 13. Boobs are softer but still fairly hard and have some more dropping to do, I think. PS said the upper fullness is due to swelling so that should go down. Oh and thankfully my swollen stomach went away at about day 11. Hope everyone else is doing great. I've seen a lot of updates and photos from my fellow August/ September friends and you all look amazing!

Yearning to Run

I'm 2 weeks now and my PS says I can run at 3 weeks, and since I'm itching to run I've been thinking about it a lot. I've been speed walking and taking 10 mile bike rides already. When did you start back at running? I've read a lot of girls didn't start until 6 weeks but I don't think I can wait that long especially since my PS is giving me the green light at 3 weeks. Has anyone started back at 3 weeks? Do you wish you had waited an extra week or two? I was doing 10-11 milers before my BA so I figured I'd start with a 3 miler and ease my way back into it.

Almost 5 weeks

Hi ladies! Sorry it's been so long. I've been enjoying getting back to a normal life. I am still feeling great- incisions are healing nicely and the swelling is mostly gone. I started running at exactly 3 weeks after approval from my PS. I did 4.4 miles the first time out. Boobs felt fine but arms were a bit sore. I wore two sports bras- one that I had before my BA (target C9 brand) and a high support zip up bra. They don't move a bit, in fact, they are probably too squished because after a longer run (8+ miles) they are so from being squished. A little morning boob still but not painful at all. Here's a fun swim suit pic :)
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