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I had my consultation last week and it went well!...

I had my consultation last week and it went well! I did a lot of research beforehand so i didn't have very many questions. My doctor seems like a very busy man but I still felt like he was there for me, my questions and to explain everything. He took measurements and suggested sizes. He explained that to the human eye, 25 cc can't really be seen to make a difference but i still feel i want 325. Not 300 or 350. I plan to get smooth, round, saline, 300 overfilled to 325, inframammary incision and placed under the muscle. For my height and size this should give me a C-cup. I am not looking to be huge or look unnatural. I am excited for my pre-op appointment coming up next week and my surgery is scheduled for less than a month away! I've thought about this on and off for years and I am SO ready!

The waiting game

Currently my surgery is scheduled for 10 short days from now. On my new patient paperwork I had mentioned having heart palpitations (in the past, about 3 weeks ago) and so they required me to get clearance from my physician. I have an appointment for him to listen to my heart with an EKG in 3 days. I believe my palpitations were a side effect of my iron deficiency and nothing serious but it still stresses me out because I am so ready. I also had to give blood and a urine sample. Hoping for the best! I have been avoiding all these sick ppl around me at all costs! With the season change, everyone is sick :(
I don't have wish boob pix, sorry! I haven't seen any looks that I want! Just want my own to be bigger.

Pre-op physical and EKG

So I had my pre-op physical exam and EKG from my family physician yesterday and I was cleared for surgery!!!!! I also found out that I am no longer anemic. I am so excited! I can finally expect this to happen! I've been taking the best care of myself and my house that I can while working lots of hours. My main priority is to not get sick so anytime I feel exhausted, I REST! Now just hoping 325cc will be what I want. Oh, I also picked up my meds and they were only $23! Everything has been so perfect so far.

5 days post op!!!

I skipped a few days bc I've been sore and tired but I finally have an update! I am very pleased with Dr. Vega's work, his staff, the facility and the facilitiy's staff!! Everyone was very nice, helpful and informative. I felt very comfortable from beginning to end of the surgery day. I've been taking hydrocodone-acetaminaphine, clindamycin and cyclobenzaprine and I feel so fortunate that I have not suffered any side effects except for drowsiness. I already had my first post op appointment and she told me that soon id have to start moving the implants, ouch ;( but I actually feel positive about it bc with each day they feel less and less uncomfortable. The only real pain I've experienced is the burning sensation on the side of my boob that had a little more saline put into the implant. I feel so happy! Of course they are sitting high but I am pleased already!

5 days post- so symmetrical and round!

Couldn't be happier so far.

24, No Children, Saline, Under the Muscle

I pondered the idea of breast augmentation on and off for several years and finally decided it was something I really did want to do. I am so happy I did. I am in love with my result and I'm only 13 days post. I had no bruising, the medications controlled the pain well and I greatly appreciate the numbing medication that was used inside the pocket that last for 2-3 days. My breasts are very even and I love their size and shape. I couldn't ask for more. Also, recovery was truly not that bad. One full week off from work is what worked best for me.

I am so grateful & pleased!

I have had a great experience and I am truly thankful. I made sure to do my part and avoid all off limits items before surgery for longer than the recommended time and with careful post care, everything is amazing. The pain was never terrible. I stayed ahead of the medicine as post op patients recommended (meaning not to go too long without the meds even if you feel fine). The only medicine side effects I experienced were drowsiness and bloating. I was given flexoral, clindamycin and hydrocodone/acetaminophen. I also kept in mind that the nurse told me that the meds would not take everything away. I appreciated the realistic perspective. I ate plenty. My mother was amazing about warming up my pre-made meals and cooking me breakfast! I decided to make it easy on myself and I did not shower for the first 4/5 days. I did not touch the steri strip until about the 13th day. After 7 days, moving the implant without pain was actually possible! I was scared at my first post op appointment which was 3 days post bc the nurse moved the implants and I nearly ran away! I thought I'd never be able to move them! They are a nice modest size. So much of the swelling has gone down and sports bras are actually starting to fit (cup & band)! I am sooo grateful for my amazing surgeon! I would recommend him to anyone.

27 days post. doing well!

Just a quick update. Everything is going well! Still no pain, still never had any bruising. Occasionally i'll sleep on my side just to get better sleep because i used to be a stomach sleeper :( I'm sure i could lay on my stomach without pain but i read somewhere on here that overtime it would force a larger space inbetween my breasts. I'm going to ask my PS about that on Wednesday when i have another post op appointment. I can't wait to see what he and the nurse think of my progress! I thought i'd be stuck with super high, fake looking boobs all summer but i think they will look natural before it's end! I cant wait to be able to wear a swimsuit!! I'll try to remember to take new pictures when i get dressed tomorrow. I'll post again soon, if not on wed. My mom is supposed to be going to my post opp with so i'll try to remember to have her take pix!

43 days post

3 months post

Follow up appointment. 3 months post with no questions or worries.
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