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After attempting to write a review at least 20...

After attempting to write a review at least 20 times.. Here it is. I've been researching a BBL procedure for about a year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 2 years ago and I wanted to do something for myself. I think after having a bi-lateral mastectomy the perception of my body changed. I said to myself, "I need to enhance my bottom!" Lol.. I have read tons of reviews from other women so I decided to write mine. If at least one person reads it, I will be happy. Real Self gives is a great reesource to connect with others and express all aspects of plastic surgery.

Ready, Set, Go!

My surgery is today! Yay!! I can't sleep.. A little nervous. I'm the first one and have to be there at 6:30. Prayers going up.. I know I'm in good hands. Sending well wishes to those who have surgery today as well...

Made it!

My surgery was 6:30 this morning. I was extremely nervous but my Mom told me this would be a walk in the park compared to having bilateral mastectomy. I walked in the facility and the nurse Sandra, asked me basic general questions. I changed after signing the rest of the paperwork. Sandra tucked me in the bed and I waited for Dr. Koenig to mark me up. He came in and did all the necessary markings. He is a very nice Doctor and I felt extremely comfortable with him handling my dream surgery. He left and in came the nurse anesthetist to begin the IV and medicine to knock me out. She had a little hard time finding a vein. The last thing I remember is a white room.
I woke up on my side and the nurses asked me about my pain. I didn't have any. I told them I had to use the bathroom but nothing came out. My Mom came back to the recovery room and they explained to her I couldn't take a shower until Saturday. I was given 2 garments, one was already on. Dr. Koenig came in and told me I did a wonderful job and he was able to inject 1600 cc's, 800 per cheek. He stated it was more than expected so I am a happy camper!
No pain, just sore. I feel bad that I can't pick up my 2 year old daughter but other than that I am ok.


I forgot to mention my measurements pre-op. I am 5'5 and weigh 155 pounds.

First Post Op Appoitment

I went to see Dr. Koenig this morning. He said everything looks good. He said I need to keep drinking plenty of fluids because my body will continue to swell. He asked if I was urinating and I said "Yes! Too much!" He laughed and said he will see me in two days. The news came in and took some pics. She helped me place my garment back on and centered the foam triangle in the back. Overall I'm very satisfied. Here are before and after pics...

Post op- Day 2

Today is a difficult day. I am unable to get comfortable while sleeping and woke up with a stomach ache. I personally think it's that ocycodone so I'm not taking it anymore. My mom said it's probably gas... Who knows? I will mention at my appointment tomorrow morning.
I did have a bowel movement make that two of them. Lol. I bought Milk of Magnesia so I'm sure that sped up the process- so glad. I also took some stool softeners.
I have not been too focused on my butt. I know it's bigger but I also know it's swelling. I don't want to fall madly in love too early. I like my overall shape. I am not in pain, just sore especially my thighs which were lipo'd. I understand why this procedure is a process because I really do miss sitting on my bottom. But.. #no pain no gain.

Post Op Day 7

I'm still tired. I have a few more antibiotics to take and then I'm done. I believe they bother my stomach. I'm over sleeping on my stomach. It's not comfortable at all. I get my stitches taken out tomorrow. I still have swelling on my back. Hoping it will go down. I don't want to be too hard on myself.

Day 15

Healing well...

Day 23 Post Op

I had my post op appointment yesterday. Dr. Koenig said everything looked excellent and that I am healing very well. He informed me that I can begin sitting slowly but not too long. He also advised that I should be careful sleeping on my back. I am sleeping on my belly and sides for now. My bottom is a little sore and is becoming softer. As I have read sometimes my bottom looks smaller at times, but I am pleased with the result. I am still wearing my garment 24/7. I have gotten used to it. Have a great day ladies!

Seven weeks Post-Op

I saw Dr. Koenig this morning and he said everything looks great. He said I can resume all normal activities. I am pleased with my results.

Post Op Sitting

I forgot to add that I have been sitting since Day 23. I started off slowly and gradually phased out using the bbl pillows as much (I have both types). I still wear my garment but today I am washing it. I do not feel I've lost too much volume if any. I do not get massages nor waist train. Please feel free to ask any questions. Have an awesome day ladies!
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