Body Lift in Stages - Rochester, NY

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I am currently 6 days out from having the first...

I am currently 6 days out from having the first part of my body lift. In January, I had an arm lift, in April, I had a long Thigh Lift.

The background: I'm in my mid 50's, currently weigh 138 pounds (5'6"). My high weight was about 325. I lost the weight thru diet and exercise and have maintained this weight for a while. About 8 years ago, I had a standard Tummy Tuck with muscle repair. That surgery was done when I weighed 170-175.

I now have the time to complete the body work I feel I need. My PS does not combine procedures or flip patients during surgery, so we decided to remove my excess abdominal skin now and have planned to lift the sides and back portion in December.

My surgery, last week went well. I did not hesitate to agree to a vertical incision, for me, it's more about how a look in clothes and my old TT scar faded without issue.

I'm thrilled with what I'm seeing, now that I can see my torso. I will post a few post op photos soon, but I wanted to get the review started as it is hard to find many reviews with vertical skin removal.

First look, after drain removal and switch to Stage 2 CG

I'm thrilled with the new contours of my torso!

One week out and jeans fit

My little sister is taking me out for lunch today. I thought I would throw a loose dress on but decided to try jeans and they zipped without problems.

I'm wearing a compression tank under my tank top and will throw either a T or a jacket on when we leave. I'm swollen, but I love the curviness that is emerging.

I also noticed that the upper section of my incision is right on the mark up lines but the section below the BB is beyond them, my PS did pull that tighter than we thought he could.

Ten days out and measurements are back to pre op

My waist is back to 27", hips back to 37".

I love the newfound curviness that this surgery gave me. The incisions are healing well, most of the glue has come off and the marks from the surgical bandages have stopped itching and started to hade.

My energy level is up, I've been walking a lot but don't feel ready to take the dogs. I'm sleeping through the night without a problem.

In my photos, you can barely make out my original TT scars. The flesh above them is a little more padded than below, but once I have the second stage of this lift, they should smooth out a lot. Also, I'm surely swollen more now above that scar.

Looking and feeling better each day

Two weeks PO today. No pain, some swelling and able to function with very few limits. The incision looks good and it only aches when I cough or sneeze, but if know that will continue for a few more weeks.

My BB is a little oozy but I'm cleaning it a few times a day.

My waist is still 27, but my hips are now 36" and my size 4 jeans are falling off. I'm sleeping in a Marena CG that comes up to the ribs but wearing Maidenform shapers (the kind that allow you to wear your own bra and hook at the crotch) during the day and I think this is helping with the swelling.

I'm vowing not to buy anymore clothing until the backside of me is lifted in December because I think I will need new jeans then.

3 weeks, itchy but happy

The swelling comes and goes, but that is to be expected. My incisions look good, but the skin around them is very itchy. I will step up the moisturizing.

I have been a little more active this week, but not overdoing it. Sleep has become easier and getting in and out of bed is about the only time I feel the MR.

It's nice to see my BB healing.

Very pleased

I'm very pleased with my continued healing. The swelling is improving and my energy level is near normal.

I will be having the further lift of the hips and backside sometime in November or December, so I'm going to use the next few months to settle into a renewed exercise routine as I let everything heal.

I am really pleased with my new BB because I was warned that it may not heal well since it was redone poorly in my previous TT. So far, the incision around it has closed and it's starting to contract nicely. The mole that is next to it used to be 5" away, it's amazing that my PS was able to remove so much skin.

The vertical incision continues to smooth itself out and is no longer visible thru clothing.
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