18 Year Old Student, 128 Pounds, 5'4, 32E to Possible 32B (?) Rochester, MN

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For years my back and neck has killed me. Body...

For years my back and neck has killed me. Body issues and self confidence have been a problem along with people believing that I am a slu*. Psychologically it's been difficult on me. So hopefully, with this surgery those problems will be resolved! I wanted to go down to a 32C, but insurance has to get at least 500 g removed from each breast. My surgeon told me I will end up being a 32B most likely. This will be a strange and difficult journey, but will be well worth it in the end!

Day 19 of Post-op Recovery

I had my first post-op appointment today and my surgeon said everything looks great! He did say that he told his residents that he would've liked to only take 400g from each breast instead of 500g. But he says they look better than he thought they would! The glue has been sticking to my bra and peeling so he told me I could finally start taking it off and apply tape. I'm very happy with my results! I just wish I could sleep on my tummy :( how did you all cope with laying on your backs?

One day from 6 weeks po!!

Sorry it's been so long! My semester just started and I've been fairly busy. So far I am very happy with my results! I do have shooting pain sometimes, but not often. I am so pleased that the scars aren't very wide and look so great! I am having some itchiness under my breasts and small amount of drainage from my nipples. I'm pretty sure this is normal so I'm not worried :)

Forgot to show you what they looked like before!

Gah! I hate looking at this picture. I am SO happy about the way I look now!

Almost 11 weeks post op!!

Sorry it's been so long you guys! School started up and studying has taken over my life it seems. Today I just had my second po appointment and was told everything looks great! My breasts finally dropped and my nipples aren't inverted like before. However, in the pictures they are. I assure you they aren't all the time! I do have a large tender mass of scar tissue on my left side of my chest (not on my breast or incision) so I will have to just let it go down. I hope you all are doing well with your recoveries :)

One of you requested a while ago to see what I look like now with a shirt on. So, here you go!

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