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This will be my first time getting any fillers....

This will be my first time getting any fillers. I'm 29 years old and unhappy with my upper lip, it's been thin my whole life. Hollowness under my eyes and in my cheeks are starting as well so I'm doing fillers and some in my upper lip. I'm scared of looking like a duck or a weird clown, I have no before and after photos online of his clients except for rhinoplasty. I sorta felt rushed in his office, I am thinking of not doing it now.

Lip augmentation, facial fillers and Botox

Its been 12 hours since everything and my top lip is very swelled and uneven. I'm freaking out about and icing my entire face. I had very minimal done to my lips because I did not want to look goofy but right now I look goofy.
As far as everything else, my face was fractured a few years ago and healed wrong so in my awful before photos u can see how one side is flat. They entirely fixed that and I also got fillers under my eyes to help with hollowness. Botox was given on my forehead. It all looks good, minimal bruising appearing under my eyes and only slight bruising on inside of right upper lip, that's also the side that is bigger. I'm hoping the swelling goes down tomorrow, I am very scared of looking goofy.

9 days after, face looks great.

My lips are somewhat uneven but it's not that noticeable. The left side of my face that was fractured and once uneven it normal looking again. I'm very happy with the results. It took a few days for my swelling to go down and my face hurt when u slept but about 6 days after it wasn't so bad.

Fillers faded after 7 months. Looking drab

So my fillers are faded. I'm going to brighten up my face Friday, May 27th. They sorta screwed me because they have two locations and although I have filler available at the Rochester location they cannot transport it to Dearborn which seems to be the only place zulliani is at mostly and wag out of my way. Anyway here are new before photos. I want to soften my nasal lines and fill my chin so it's not so round. Hoping to get a mini face life as well as my nose done by next year.
Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon

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