I did it!!! Subglandular 375-400cc's - Rochester, MI

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I am going in for my consultation tomorrow, I've...

I am going in for my consultation tomorrow, I've met with this PS once before about a mini-tuck and BA but at the time I was still breastfeeding so he told me to come back 6 weeks after he weaned. Well here I am 6 weeks after he's weaned and over a year later lol. I plan to ask the doctor these questions as well but I wanted to hear from you ladies. I have 3 children and my main concern is of my 7 almost 8 year old daughter. I wish there was some way that I could hide my procedure from her until she is older but it's impossible, so what have you all explained to your children in regards to your surgery? I think I'm more concerned about my daughter not loving her body as it is because Mommy didn't love her own. Maybe I am making this out to be more than what it is but I know that I will explain that breastfeeding the 3 of them has made them "empty" and that Mommy isn't happy with how they look anymore but I still don't know what to expect when it comes to how she may react once she see's Mommy's new boobs. Also I do not plan to tell many about the procedure, my hubby, a couple friends, and my mom but that's it. Did anyone else hide it? I am already trying to think of another surgery I can say I am having in order to miss work but I just can't come up with anything good. lol Thanks for reading!!!

Met with my PS yesterday and he really made me...

Met with my PS yesterday and he really made me feel at ease. He told me that I do not need a lift but to my surprise suggested an over the muscle smooth silicone implant. I was thinking for sure an under as it seems that's what most do but he said that I have enough tissue to do this a get the natural appearance I want. He also told me it would only take an hour and that I would only probably need Tylenol to recover. I will be able to go back to my job (fitness instructor) after a week or two. It all just sounds so good to be true lol. Now all I need to do is figure out a date and set it. I'm thinking beginning of May! I am so excited!

Sooo excited yet soooo nervous, my pre-op is this...

Sooo excited yet soooo nervous, my pre-op is this Wednesday and my surgery is the 24th. I have been trying to look for before and after pics of subglandular BO's but I have not found a good site that narrows it down to subglandular. As far as the pre-op goes what should I expect and is there anything you wish you would have said or done differently at your pre-op? Thanks Ladies

pre-op appt!!!!

Everytime I go in thinking I know what I want I leave and have completely changed my mind lol. I am going with 375cc's on will a little different because one breast is smaller than the other. I took pics with the sizers on and will post then when I get a moment to jump on my laptop. I'm so excited though, 8 more days!

1 more day!!!!

So close and getting nervous! I keep wondering "Did I pick the right size?" "I hate IV's" "is the anesthesia gonna make me feel like crap?" "Will the pain be worse than I expect?" All you submuscular ladies get to do all this fun prepping, however there is nothing for me to prep since my recovery is supposed to be waay different. lol This week has gone by so slow for me, just wish it was tomorrow so I can move on with my life. haha Anyways thanks for reading!!!

14 more hours!!!!!

My stomach is in KNOTS, I have to be to the surgery center at 7:30am. Not thrilled it's so early because now we have to lug three crabby kids to my mother in laws house at 6:30am. However I won't have to starve for too long. lol I am so incredibly nervous and I have to go teach a class tonight and I am not sure how well I am gonna be able to perform with so much on my mind. lol I just want to get it done and over with! Cannot believe I will be joining you all tomorrow, it's crazy to believe this is reality and happening since I've wanted it for so long. Wish me luck!

on my way in...

In the car on my way to get new boobies! I am a little less nervous now thankfully because my tummy was a mess yesterday. I hope I don't have too much pain and they turn out amazing! See you all on the other side!

I've crossed over!! I can't believe it.

So I have slept alll day, that anesthesia kicked my ass. OMG the pain from the pressure and swelling is so much worse than I thought :(. Can't wait to get my wrap off tomorrow! I will post pics as soon ad I am up to it. Thanks for the support ladies.

new pics!

Left 400cc Right 375cc can't wait to get my bandage off and check them out tom!

1 day PO

Had my wrap taken off today and OMG instant relief! I still have pain bit it's not near as bad now. I'm wearing a post op surgical sports bra now which puts more pressure on my incision so I get more discomfort there now. I have no bruising and very little swelling too.

3 days PO!

Every day it gets easier. Feeling much better than day 1 that's for sure. Nervous that hubby goes back to work tomorrow but I will manage just have to remind myself not to pick up my two year old lol. My boobs are looking pretty good but need to drop more so they look more natural. I took a pic and had hubby cover my nipples. Lol. I am happy so far just worried they are bigger than I was planning but nothing I can do about that now. Lol.

Found an extremely comfortable bra today, highly recommend!!!

Just wanted to let you ladies know I found a great post surgical bra that is supportive, doesn't put pressure on incisions and clips in the back. I feel so comfortable in this bra I cannot stop smiling about it. It's not the sexiest but neither are the other post surgical bras lol. I bought it at Target.


2.5 weeks post op

Anyone gone through nerve regeneration pains? I am so sick of this, it hurts but it's more annoying than anything. My husband always wants to touch my boobs but it hurts too bad, almost like the bottom half as well as my nipples are on fire. How long did yours last? I am very happy with my results thus far I'm fitting in some 34 D's and 34 DD's. Just wish this nerve issue would subside. :/
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