29 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'3, 140lbs, Much Needed BA and TT! - Woodbury, MN

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Hello! I've been following this site for a few...

Hello! I've been following this site for a few months now so I'm happy to contribute! After breastfeeding three babies (the younger two I breastfed for a cumulative 3 years!) my body looked like it had been through a war. I've always had a petite build with a nice round booty and good curves, but after having children, I packed on some extra weight for a few years. The highest I weighed was 163 (and I felt terrible and bloated most of the time). Last year, I began dieting and exercising (yoga and weights mostly) and I brought my weight down and felt really good about myself for the first time in many years. However, no amount of crunches or non-invasive treatements could improve my saggy belly. I tried lipolaser (inexpensive option due to groupon), body wraps, etc and they would tone and improve my skin on other areas of my body but never on my belly. Also, after the weight loss, my boobs deflated! They looked terrible. I became so self-conscious about them because not only were they teeny tiny after years of being swollen from milk flow and pregnancy hormones, but they were floppy and gross.

Initially, I wanted a tummy tuck but after talking to Dr. Rocheford, I decided that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to makeover my body and I would regret having saggy boobs with a flat stomach. So I decided to do both. I didn't want huge, porn-star boobs (haha)...just something that would closely resemble the girls I had before and maaaaybe a little tiny bit bigger (because what girl doesn't want slightly bigger boobs right?!?!). Also, I'm a high school English teacher so it's not the best idea to get massive implants over the summer :) I tried on one sizer and I liked the volume of the implant and how comfortable it felt. I ended up going with 275cc saline implants (I think one boob was slightly larger than the other so I think the other implant is maybe 280cc...not sure).

So my surgery was a week ago today and so far so good! My doctor is EXCELLENT. Could not recommend a surgeon higher. She is a perfectionist and her office provided us with gauze pads, Hibiclens (the antiseptic wash used before surgery), Aquaphor (to be applied to my belly button with q-tips), and other essential supplies. Plus, she gave us a chart for the pain meds and for the drain output that really helped us feel calm and prepared ahead of time. My little post-surgical station was good to go a few days in advance.

Post-op recovery has been going well. I only had one drain because I'm petite and I had that sucker taken out yesterday (thank goodness!!). Didn't miss it. I took my first shower today and I've been walking around a little more (I am a little hunched still). Most of my discomfort comes from back pain from being hunched over, and the drain site is a little tender. But I'm mostly weaned of the pain pills during the day and just take them at night.

So far so good!!

10 days post tummy tuck and breast aug

Still hunched over a little bit but it's hardly noticeable. Went to my sons little league game and felt comfortable walking... slowly!! I started my scar pads today so I feel a bit better knowing my scar is covered up and can't chafe against my panties. I've had three showers now and can wash my hair with no pain in my new boobs. They don't hurt at all just feel full like I need to nurse a baby or something haha but not nearly as painful as when my milk came in during breast feeding. Tried on a bikini and even with the swelling (and yes, even my legs feel puffer than normal) I was so happy for this result after 10 days!!!!! Yay!

2 weeks! So happy!

Could not be more happy with my results at two weeks. Dr. R cleared me of wearing the breast strap (whoo hoo!) so I took the kids to the pool and got a sun burn :( Oh well. I stayed covered up with my attractive binder the whole time anyway ;) Also, she took the remaining stitches out of my belly button and it looks a lot better!!

At two weeks, I'm barely hunched over...I'm off pain meds (except for the occasional cramping at night at which time, I pop a Percocet). I'm able to do some meal prep and take the kids out on excursions for summer vacation as long as I'm staying hydrating and taking frequent breaks.

I LOVE my results! So happy! I'll try to get better pictures in the future but I always have the binder and silicone scar pads on so it's difficult to catch my belly hanging free these days.

Almost 4-weeks post-op...

So for the most part, I'm feeling great. I got the drain out at week one and every week saw an improvement in my posture. I've been weaned off the pain pills for a week (and I was using them only sporadically before that) but sometimes I take a muscle relaxer at the end of a long day.

So good things: I love the way I look. I could NOT BE MORE HAPPY with my results! This was WORTH IT. Totally. I feel so confidant and can't wait to exercise again and get the rest of my body looking healthy and fit again.

Tough things: it is hard to be patient and wait to feel "whole" again. Sometimes I just get frustrated that I can't hold my screaming 3-year-old, I can't lift anything (like even water my flowers!) and it gets hard ordering my husband and son around all the time. Also, I feel like work is just piling up and I'm constantly apologizing to people about walking slow or not chasing after my son at the park ("Sorry...I just had surgery...yes, I'm fine....no I don't want to share details with you :)". But that's really my only complaint.

Things that help: long soaks in the bath. My mom has a handicap accessible bath and boy is that sucker awesome! I can shave my legs without missing a giant swath of hair! My doctor has me soaking with Epsom salt to reduce swelling (I'm still quite swollen) and it helps my posture too. I'm almost completely upright...just slouching a little bit. Also, I sleep with two pillows under my legs at night and when I sleep on my side (yes, I've been able to do that again!!), I hug another pillow for extra support.

Hope everybody is healing and/or getting answers for your upcoming journey.

3 months later!!!!

Yesterday marked my 3-month anniversary since the TT and BA. Cannot emphasize the importance of patience throughout this whole process because mark my words...you will feel awesome...just give it time.
I've been working out since my clearance at 6-weeks (yoga and lower body). I am now clear to begin doing crunches and pushups although I'm planning on taking it real easy for the first year. My rationale is that I'd rather be safe than sorry and I don't want to push myself too hard too fast and end up back in the OR.
However, it is INSANE how defined my abs are! You can't really see in the pictures but sometimes when I lean over you can see the sides of the abdominal walls and they look so awesome!! It's good to be whole again.
Boobs are doing good. My nipples are still numb-ish but 90% of my breast tissue is back to normal (feeling sensation, etc). My tummy is still numb below the belly button. I still use the silicone scar pads (I wear them all night/all day, rinse and dry them in the evening, reapply). My scar is looking less "angry" these days but it is still reddish in color so I will continue to apply the scar pads until it turns white. For the most part, the scar is pretty smooth...not as raised as it used to be. I think my abdominal swelling is 90% gone at this point (I never see indentations from my clothes anymore).
I still wear my compression garment at night...sometimes. If I get crampy, it just seems to help and I think it's a mental coping mechanism (I just feel nice and safe with my belly protected).

So at three months: energy 100%, exercise 95% (just taking it slow with the abdominal exercises), posture 100%, sexual activity (110%), and absolutely so happy that I chose Dr. Rocheford and so, so happy with my results. Take a look at the pics if you want to see the progress. I probably won't update this review until quite a ways out...as much as I love to brag and flaunt my happiness and sheer joy, my purpose in posting a review is to help others visualize progress at different points in the recovery timeline.

LAST POINT I WANT TO MAKE AND THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: one thing that I think helped SO MUCH with the ease and speed of my recovery, and lack of infection was nutrition. Before having surgery, I researched the best foods to eat post-surgery and filled my post-surgery belly with the following: fish, beans, fruit, high-vitamin foods like bell peppers, vitamin shakes (such as Naked juice/smoothies, C-Boost, protein shakes). I don't think I touched a high-fat meal (pizza, burgers, etc) for at least two weeks post-surgery. I think this really helped with healing, normal bladder movements, and just overall energy.

Thanks for all your nice comments! Good luck!

3 months PICS

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rocheford is a true professional. She has a wonderful bubbly personality but don't let that fool you! In the OR, she is a perfectionist and is very serious about the health and satisfaction of her clients. Her office is super accessible, she gives out her cell phone number for emergency calls, and every need is addressed! Highly HIGHLY recommend!

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