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I'm a soon to be 25 year old who is looking into...

I'm a soon to be 25 year old who is looking into getting a tummy tuck done. I live in Europe and the price for a tummy tuck where I live is about 12 000 USD. If I'm gonna do it here, I want the best doctor there is, but when the price is so steep, I might as well consider going to the DR where I've seen lots of amazing before and after photos and it's a lot cheaper also, plus I get a vacation!

I've previously had lipo of my tummy, sides, inner tights and upper arms (click here to read my review). However, I've lost a lot of weight since then I want a flat tummy, period! I haven't had any kids yet and not planning on having any in the near future either. I just want to be confident in a bikini for once in my life! I had the lipo abroad here in Europe, but I if I'm having a tt I want it properly done, and I don't think I will get that where I had my lipo done (Lithuania). I'm having a second consultation with the doc here in my native country who previously gave me a quote of 12 000 USD to try to renegotiate to price, but I don't have high hopes as he is considered the best in my country and probably has enough patients to pay his bills as it is, lol.

Anyway, I've contacted Dr. Cardenas in Tijuana twice as she's considered the "queen of tummy tucks" without getting any response. I've also sent her a message on Facebook, still no reply. On Friday I sent an e-mail including pics to Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran, Dr. Robles and Dr. Baez. On Saturday I got a response from Robles' assistant saying that she would get back me once the dr had reviewed my pics. Later on I got an e-mail from Baez, which seemed to be a very standard reply. I specifically wrote in my initial e-mail that I had previously had lipo and didn't want a BBL (simply because I know I don't have enough fat for this). The price she gave me was 3500 USD for tummy tuck including lipo and BBL! I contacted her again saying I only wanted a tt, and she then gave me a quote of 2800 USD. However, after having read several reviews and seen more photos of her work, I don't think she's the one I'm looking for. As Yily and Duran are both hard to get a hold of, I'm leaning towards Dr. Robles who has some amazing before and after photos, in addition to good reviews. Hoping to hear from her soon as I want to get this done ASAP! I'm wondering if anyone knows how her "waiting times" are before I can get my surgery done?

Btw, I'm 125 lbs (just lost 17, yey!) and 5'5.


Ok, so I've sent some e-mails back and forth with Robles assistant, but she doesn't exactly have the fastest response time (unlike what I've read here?). Got a quote from Yily also. 4000 USD for tummy tuck, lipo of tummy, sides, armpits and back. However, as I've said several times: I'VE ALREADY had lipo of these areas!! :/ Wrote back to her explaining this. Hopefully she'll get back to me soon.

got a response

So I got an e-mail back from Yily after I tried to explain that I've already had liposuction. All she wrote back was a list of available surgery dates. I get that she's super busy and all, but I really didn't like that she didn't answer any of my concerns. As of now, I'm thinking of either Duran or Robles. Hopefully one of them will get back to me soon!

what to do

Ok, so yet another update regarding the docs and their replies (or rather lack of, lol). Tried contacting dr. Almonte also, but haven't heard back from her yet. Also, I got a message on here from Dr. Cardenas secretary who apologized for not getting back to me as my e-mails had got stuck in some filter or something. Awaiting a quote from her. I also got a new mail from Robles, saying that I could stay at a hotel if I wanted to and that she had two available dates in March. Feeling a little bit insecure if I decide to go ahead and if a complication arises and I won't be able to get a hold of her. Hmm. Hopefully I'll have the guts do travel to the DR to have this done, but I'm very nervous. I'm especially nervous about waking up during surgery and being in pain. Ugh! Also, I've decided that I'm definitely not going alone, as I have a 20 hours something flight journey from where I live to the DR and after having previously had surgery abroad traveling alone, I won't go through that again. I have a Spanish speaking friend whom I'm trying to get to know better and hopefully he'll come with me, lol. My BFF however, is not too keen on my having this surgery and she threatened to tell my ex boyfriend about this Spanish speaking guy possibly coming with me if I decide to through with it (my ex is very jealous and it would just become a hot mess!). Argh.. :/

I'm addicted

I practically live on this site, I'm officially addicted! lol. I read some horror stories last night about plastic surgery in DR and women being burnt and some even dying after having had surgery at CIPLA. Luckily not with the doc I'm considering, but still. I'm also a bit concerned with the fact that I have 12 hour something flight back from DR, which is not ideal after shortly after having had a tummy tuck. Furthermore, I don't wanna travel with my drains still in. I have a consultation on Monday with one of the top docs in my country (the one who quoted me 12 000 USD for a tummy tuck) and hopefully he'll reduce the price, even though I doubt it.
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