Love My New Lips!

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So, my lips weren't excessively thin to begin...

So, my lips weren't excessively thin to begin with, but I have been unhappy with them for quite some time due to a few factors, such as me picking at the skin on my top lip for several years and the fact my top front teeth are prominent (overbite) and my jaw is slightly crooked so makes my lips look crooked.

So I finally bit the bullet and booked an appointment at Australian Skin Clinics at Robina on the Gold Coast, as they had a promotion for lip fillers. I enquired via email first about which filler it was and was advised it was restylane, which I was fine with, as I've had it before a few times and was very pleased with the results.

I was expecting there to be quite a bit of pain involved due to the lips being more sensitive than say, the nose or cheek area. But I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that the numbing gel the nurse (who was LOVELY by the way. I HIGHLY recommend Nurse Sue to anyone going to Australian Skin Clinics at Robina!) applied actually WORKED. I did not want a dental block as I figured having a local anaesthetic injected into your gums would hurt more than the lip injections themselves.

We discussed briefly what my expectations and hopes were, and then I lay down, got the numbing gel, and then Nurse Sue began the injections. The first one I barely even felt. The second one was a bit ouchy, but really not bad. There were a LOT of injection sites throughout the procedure but it was not at all traumatic.

Nurse Sue gave me a hand mirror so I could check the progress of my lips as we went and provide feedback. We used the whole syringe of restylane (1ml), mostly on my top lip but also some on the bottom to even them out. I did NOT want to have a trout pout of a top lip substantially bigger than the bottom lip!

Afterwards, my lips were BRIGHT red and pretty swollen, and I was quite self conscious as I walked to the bus stop to head home, but nobody noticed so I don't think they looked THAT bad.

Later that night they were quite tender and tight. I was very much aware that something was odd in the lip area and I could not lick my upper front teeth / pushing the top lip out in that way. Drinking was difficult. I found using a straw easier than drinking normally from a glass. By the next morning however I was able to drink fine either way and could almost lick my top front teeth again. I also forgot I'd had anything done as my lips felt normal. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I half loved how I looked and half was shocked to see I resembled a magazine article entitled "When lips go wrong!"

The only bruising I experienced is a small blueish area in the left corner of my bottom lip. For that, I am quite relieved as I've seen others whose lips went ALL blue or purple. Nurse Sue said I could have Panadol if needed, but I didn't end up needing it at all. Simply no pain as such. Just slight tenderness on that first night.

Now it has been two full days and the ridiculous swelling I expected has simply not been that bad at all. I have seen various Youtube videos and read blogs and experiences about how insane the swelling is the next day and such, but although yes, admittedly my lips right now are probably a BIT too big for my ideal comfort level, I still LOVE them! Even now while they're swollen! I'm actually a bit concerned that in a week or so, when experts say you will finally look GOOD after lip injections, I may NOT look as good as I might consider my lips are too thin again once the swelling is gone.

In any case, I have already decided I can never go back to my old lips. I loooove my new lips!

Still love my lips, but...

I miss the more swollen look! Lol. The swelling went down dramatically in about 3-4 days and although I am still very happy with how they look, I very much miss certain aspects of how they looked earlier on following the procedure.

5 weeks later

Still happy with my lips, but they've definitely gone down quite a lot. I will be going back for more in another month or two.

I'm getting a top-up to my lips in two days, woo hoo!

I'll post back after.

A lip top-up

So I got my first ever lip fillers done at the end of May this year and LOVED them so wanted to plump them up a bit more, since it had been five months and they'd long since mostly deflated.

I got my tear troughs done at the same time (which I love!) and right now my lips are quite swollen. I had perlane injected this time instead of restylane, because I'd paid for a package that included perlane (3ml in total), and so far I'm not QUITE as happy with the early results of the lips, as they look a little uneven. I still love them though.
Nurse Sue

Nurse Sue was excellent and made me feel completely at ease. She was very gentle, personable, compassionate and calm. She made sure I was happy with what was happening at all times and I will always go back to her in the future.

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