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Hey everyone! Like everyone else, Im here to shed...

Hey everyone! Like everyone else, Im here to shed some insight to others about my breast reduction surgery exprience. Right now, I have 4 weeks until my scheduled surgery date and I dont mean to wish life away but I am so excited! I am a 23 year old stay at home wife, 5'11, 250lbs, and currently in a 38/40G (which I believe is a little small cup wise, if I bend over, I spill out). All my life I have been that girl with huge boobs, who also played sports that required atleast two bras. Ive wanted a reduction for so long now but kept postponing because I wanted children first. After recently being diagnosed with PCOS and my husband with low count/motility, I decided to seek out a consult with a PS that I was referred to from a friend. The consult had to be one of the most laid back, easy going appointments Ive ever been to! He took pictures, measurements, weight, and did some different drawings and markings. I was also very briefly told about how the surgery and recovery process works, as he said there will be lots more information to follow once an insurance claim is filed. I did openly tell him all of the discomfort I was experiencing (migraines, rashes, shoulder and neck pain, grooving) and he documented these things along with pictures in a letter that was sent to my insurance company (BCBS of Alabama PPO). It took 4 weeks to hear anything back and I was APPROVED! Simply the best phone call I have ever received! I am hoping to be a C/D cup. I think I am leaning towards a D. I mean, I just want to buy cute Victorias Secret stuff!
My pre surgical physical, blood work, and markings are scheduled for November 7 and the big day is November 11. While I didnt need a referral for a consult, my PCP was made aware that I need additional documentation. Better safe than sorry! I also wasnt asked to lose any weight but I did take it upon myself to lose 8-10 lbs before surgery (3lb loss thus far!).
So any wonderful words of encouragment or tips of things to have on hand to make things easier/comfortable would be greatly appreciated!

Ps, Im not sure what my cost is yet, but my OOP Max is $1500 so it gives some of you a ball park idea. And I dont have any boob pics yet, but will post some other photos.

Less than two weeks!!!

I havent been on here in awhile, keeping busy with things around the house that I know cant be done for awhile post op. I actually have my first preop tomorrow! Urine sample for a pregnancy test. Meh. Im not good at peeing on demand. Then next Thursday, I go for blood work! Its so close that Im getting anxious but far enough away that it hasnt set in yet.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and had her adjust my neck and shoulders.... so wonderful. I have one more appointment next week, then afterwards she is going to work with me getting proper posture back. Yay!

I havent bought much in terms of post op goodies, I guess I should get on that. Next week, we are also having an estimate done on our exterior renovation.. Im hoping being busy will pass the time quickly!

Anyways... Ill be back after my preop to give detsils.
Goodnight ladies!

So close!!

Its Saturday night at midnight... my countdown app on my iphone says I have 1 day and 9 hours! Its getting so surreal! My preop appointment was wonderful! Dr. Thomas did my measurements and did markings. He was very thorough and excited for me as well. I had my antibiotics filled at Kroger, did most of my pre and post op shopping after I had bloodwork done. I have finished a majority of household chores, now to make it through tomorrow! Oh... can I say that I am just 100% nervous about being put under?! Eeeeee!

Anyways, 1 day!! Goodnight ladies :-)
See yall on the small side!

No more big boob probz!

Yay! I have made it to the small side! Yesterday (Monday) was a total blur for me. It was my first time being put under so I was exceptionally nervous. I will give you guys a run through of my surgery day!

Arrive at hospital at 930am accompanied by my husband and mother in law. Checked in, got my wrist band, and was given a tracking number for my family to stay up to date during the surgery. Around 10 I was taken back to preop where I was given a pregnancy test, and to brush my teeth, then rinse with this nasty stuff. My heart rate and BP was a teeny bit above normal, your typical jitters. My PS came in to talk and meet my family, he was so polite. I was in surgery from 11-230. In recovery from 230-530. I had trouble fully coming to, so I was given oxygen to help. Afterwards, I was rolled to my room and greeted by my handsome husband :-) The anesthesia kicked my tail 10x to Sunday. I was groggy all evening, and very nauseous, and ended up getting sick once. I slept until about 1am, then woke up feeling much better. I slept off and on until we were discharged, around 9am this morning (Tuesday). The pain isnt so terrible, just more soreness and discomfort.

I am home now, and have been snoozing off and on all day as well. I did have a peek at the girls when my drains were taken out.. theyre so perky! He said I will be about a D cup.. exciting!!

Right now I'm trying to drink as much fluids as possible and rest when my body tells me.

Cant wait to read all the updates tomorrow!!

Rainy Saturday

Hey girls! It's raining here in Virginia and my husband and I just finished munching on some Chinese takeout. I'm starting to really fall in love with my new girls. They're so small and perky, but yet plenty enough to fill out a good C/D cup. I have had very little swelling or bruising. I am bruising a little around my nipples. I am still sleeping on my wedge and staying propped on pillows. Last night was the first night where I slept ALL night, and it was wonderful!! I haven't needed my pain meds much, I am taking Tylenol during the day, and my pain med at bedtime to help me sleep. I finish my last antibiotics today! My stitches come out on Tuesday and I'm so nervous about that!! Lol, everyone says it doesn't hurt but I'm still stressing it. I've been very grateful to have my husband shower with me and aid in helping me get dressed and just take care of the house. It's been such a blessing. Tomorrow we are going to go to Sams and get a few things.... I just want out of the house! Lol, I'm sure y'all can relate.
Otherwise, I have been taking it very easy and slow. I rest when I feel tired and I'm drinking lots of water and juice.
Now I think I'll get back to doing a little bit of Christmas shopping ;)

Oh! I am going to post two pictures that I have on my phone. We have others on my husbands, lol

Day of surgery run down!

I thought it would be a little helpful to some of you women that have scheduled upcoming surgeries, or women who are interested in a BR, but scared of what it entails. I have survived my first week! I am 6 days post op today. Here is a run down of what happened to me on day of surgery.
Surgery was scheduled for 11AM. Got to the hospital at 9:15 accompanied by my husband and mother in law (retired RN who was determined to make sure I received utmost care). We parked in the outpatient lot, which led directly to the surgery check in desk inside. I had to verify my insurance information, spouse, address, DOB, height, weight, ect. Then I was given my hospital bracelet, and a patient tracking number for my family to keep track of my location. We sat in the waiting area for about 10 minutes before I was called back to pre-op. In pre-op, I was weighed, given a cup to pee in (for pregnancy test), a tooth brush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. I had to undress completely and put on a gown. They took my BP, pulse, and o2 levels. Another nurse came and inserted my IV. My PS came to talk to me, look at the markings I had done at my pre-op appointment, and essentially, to comfort me. A few minutes later, the anesthesiologist came to introduce herself and tell me what to expect. Super nice woman. My PS told my husband and MIL that I would be in surgery for around 4 hours, and recovery for 1.5, that they should go home instead of waiting at the hospital. He took my husbands cell phone number so that he could call when I was rolled to recovery. At 10:45, I was rolled to the OR. I kind of imagined it to be a lot like what I see on Greys Anatomy, lol. It was a room of fair size, with the wash sinks outside of the room. The OR bed was about the size of a stretcher, kinda small. My PS greeted me in the room, and went back to helping another man count instruments on a table. I had to shimmy from the pre-op bed to the OR bed. My PS secured my arms out and made sure I was comfortable. The anesthesiologist was petting the top of my hair and telling me to relax. PS asked me if I was going to go anywhere special to show off my new breasts, and I told him that my husband and I were going to the Caribbean in April for our anniversary. He asked what part, and before I could respond I was out like a light. In my opinion, I appreciate that he took the additional two minutes to comfort me before just knocking me out. I "came to" in recovery around 2:30. I won't say that I was fully awake because I was so out of it. I could hear the nurses talking, but when I tried to open my eyes or lift my head, it was like I was unable to. I remember telling them that I was in pain. I do not remember getting wheeled to my room at all. Honestly, everything was such a blur. I remember very little about post op in the hospital because I slept constantly. I did throw up once, and it was horrendous. I woke up around 1am and felt refreshed. I dozed off and on all night. My PS came around 8AM to remove my drains, give me a brief look at my new girls (my exact words were "omg, I have boobies"), and drop off dressing supplies. He put in my discharge orders, and I was discharged around 10AM. So I was at the hospital for about 24 total hours.
All in all, I highly recommend this to ANYONE. My MIL asked when I would be able to see my chiropractor, and PS said that I may never need to go back. What a relief!

First post-op appointment!

I had my first post op appointment today to remove my stitches and my foam nipple covers. I was *so* nervous about having the stitches removed... it just looks and seems SO painful! I hadn't been released to drive yet, so my MIL took me to and from the appointment. The nurse removed the stitches and foam covers in just a few minutes.. and it was so painless! I feel like it hurt more with the stitches in! No crazy horror story here!
PS came in to do a good check and feel, he said that I am healing 100% perfectly, and my incisions look great. He gave me a run down of scar massage and what to do at home. He said that I am minimally swollen, a little at the top of the breast. And yall, I have been drinking fluids.. lots of them. Stay hydrated! I also have little bruising! SO happy! He is confident that the breast size I have now is the breast size I will be with when recovery is finished.. he doesn't think I will fluctuate any after the swelling goes down. SCORE! I was told that I could "graduate" into the sports bras.. I had brought one with me to get his approval. I will post a pic of the bra I got from Target. I actually purchased a few of them. So incredibly comfortable and soft and I'm just in love with my new breasts that I love bra shopping. PS said to hold off until my next appointment (Dec 19) to get the go-ahead to be fitted and measured for an actual bra, and even then, to go with wireless for awhile. FINE WITH ME! lol! He also said that he removed 2.5lbs, 1100g. WOW. That's a lot of boob!!

Anyways, I have some pictures on my phone that I am going to post, so give me a minute and I will post them here! (I'm on my laptop because I knew I would be writing a lot, lol).

Just a few progress pics!

I will also get some pictures in the morning after I shower of the new (kind of hideous) nipples and no stitch boobs!

What a rough day!

Today was so rough. And by saying that, I will first disclose that I have an extremely weak stomach. Before I got in the shower, I took the gauze off my nipples, and my left nipple was all... oozy and gross and I could see the fresh nipple tissue under the layer of oozy that was coming off on the gauze. I got incredibly light headed, super pale, so I sat down on the toilet to see if I could calm down, it didn't work, so I jetted to the bedroom to briefly sit. It was probably the closest to passing out that I have ever experienced. YUCK. Needless to say, my husband helped me with a SUPERRRR quick shower, gauzed my boobs, and I put my lazy clothes on and have been snuggled on the couch ever since. Not much pain today, lots of soreness on the top of my breast. Have intermittent itching on my incision lines. So not too bad other than soreness. Can I mention that I am super terrified of my nipples healing properly? MAN :/

In other news, I showed my Dads lady friend today and she was tickled to death over them, and still told me that I had big boobs. LOL. Girlfriend.. what I had before was big!

Hope you all are doing well!

Not boob related at all.

So, my husband and I just finished reserving our 2 time postponed honeymoon/anniversary trip. We were originally set to wed in August of 2013 and honeymoon with Sandals in the Caribbean. My dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in October 2012, so we cashed in all of our wedding/honeymoon deposits to help care for my Dad. As time went on and his condition worsened, we got married at Virginia Beach in April 2013, planning to maybe take a 5 day trip to the Caribbean, but as the days crept closer and closer to the wedding, the worse off my Dad got and the more we knew that we just couldn't travel at that time. So we got married with just family present at the beach (which was beautiful), and stayed a little over a week down there. My Dad passed in June of this year, and now that things have settled down financially, my husband and I are 100x ready to plan our trip! I'm a first time flyer... so incredibly nervous about flying! My husband has flown a lot as a child (his fathers family is from CA and we live in VA), and my father in law as a pilot, so naturally my husband grew up in the cock pit. We just finished putting down a deposit on our vacation rental and purchasing our airline tickets with Delta. Our trip is in May.. 6 months! Can't wait to show off my new boobs in swimsuits that will FIT. HOLY CRAP YALL!
Anyways, I'm just here to nervous ramble about flying. I tend to just want to talk.. a lot... when I'm nervous.

On a positive note, my nipples seem to be progressing as they should. Still oozing and way gross looking, but I can see tiny parts of the nipple tissue under the pieces that are oozy and peeling off. Thats a good sign, right? LOL. My incisions are feeling and looking great. I am having a lot of soreness on the tops of my breast (swollen), and the most soreness at the incision site on the side of my left breast.. like where it ends. It hurts like a bruise when you touch it. ouch.

Hope you ladies are doing and healing well! Enjoy your weekend!

Almost Thanksgiving!

Hi ladies!
It's almost Thanksgiving! Woo! I am a big holiday person. Something about the togetherness that I feel warms my heart.

Anyways, today, I am 14 days post op. I've made it TWO WEEKS! I feel GREAT. The past two days, I have not needed to take any tylenol because my pain is now minimal. I will probably take some on Thursday because we have a 1.5hour commute to Thanksgiving dinner. I had a FNG performed, and at first I was *very* nervous because I've seen and read horror stories. Took off my gauze in the shower today, and they are looking better everyday! Lets oozy and more actual nipple! BUT, my husband (who has been showering with me and washing my boobs.. I have a crazy weak stomach) noticed that the vertical incision going from my nipple to my fold looked a little bruised. I couldnt really feel any pain behind it. Continued on with my shower, and then I had to sneeze when a little drip of blood came out of my incision! Of course I freaked out, got extremely light headed, finished my shower, and got out. Hubby was gauzing my nipples, and he said that the "bruise" was now gone and the incision wasn't "puffy" anymore. I immediately called my mother in law and explained to her what happened. She said it was probably a blood blister from swelling, then having the swelling subside. Hubby placed a bandaid with bacitracin over the spot it bled from.. he said it was a teeny tiny little pin size hole. I checked on the spot earlier and it looks good. Just a reminder to myself that even though I feel great, my body is far from healed. I'm icing now as we speak :)

Speaking of over-doing it,
we put up our Christmas tree over the weekend and I wrapped a handful of presents. I am t-totally ready for some SNOW! Back in May we bought a new Honda CRV, so as our first winter owning a 4wd, we are looking forward to not being stranded or without transportation! My poor little Honda Civic did so good in the snow last year, though.

hope all of you ladies have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones! and try not to over-do it like some of us ;)

Adding more pictures.

Adding a few pictures from my phone!

Almost 3 Weeks Post Op!

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post! Oh my, how time seem to be flying by! I am doing and feeling very well. I still have that "troublesome" spot on my left breast, vertical incision. Blood is sitting on the inside of the incision. It doesn't hurt, but it's ugly to look at. I had called PS last week and he said that as long as no apparent signs of infection, to just keep gauzing and bacitracin over it until it's healed. The picture I posted is 4 days old, but is looking a little better today. It doesn't bleed a lot. Maybe a drop a day. Nipples are healing great! At first I was almost discouraged at how hideous they looked, with the ooze and black scabs and everything, but my husband has reassured me daily that they look great and I am doing great. The last large scab is starting to peel off the left nipple. YAY! I have been doing my scar massage every other day this week versus every day because I am still finding myself a little sore/tender. This week I will try to do every day based on comfort. I am still limiting myself to heavy lifting/pulling/bending because some things still hurt (like reaching in the cabinets), and I am terrified of that blood spot on the left breast.

My husband and I did venture out for Black Friday. Normally I go out with my girlfriends, but he insisted on going this year because he knew I would need someone to carry my things. I just *HAD* to buy a bra from Victoria's Secret with their sale. I bought a black lace full coverage (I'm not sure of the actual style), and a nude demi bra with glitter lace, both in 38D. I was sure to ask the manager if I needed to exchange, if I could without issue. My husband helped me into the black lace to try it on (in the picture above), and I was just too excited to be able to fit into a CUTE bra! I'm not spilling out! Is this real life?! It almost seems to good to be true. I have put them away in the closet in the bag with receipt until at least end of December. *sigh*.

My boobs are getting more soft and squishy! Most of my swelling is still at the top of the breast, very firm there. Not taking Tylenol regularly anymore, just as needed, if traveling in the car. What a relief! I am still icing at night... I can definitely feel it if I need to do it.

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great Thanksgiving! I will try to remember to get pics today or tomorrow.

3 weeks post op pictures.

Here are some pictures from earlier today after showering. Three weeks postop! My left breast is looking better each day, still very swollen and firm on the top. The left breast is starting to take shape. So perky! My drain sites have been itching like crazy today. Healing! I was so terrified of the free nipple graft at first because it looked plain out gross, but I am so happy to see their progress each day.

A little over 4 weeks post op!

So I am a little over 4 weeks post op... well, actually, I will be 5 weeks on Monday. I am doing very well. I have resumed most daily activities (with limitations of course). I am still wearing my sports bras, for the occasion that I do wear a wireless bra out, but change once I get home. I have started moisturizing with lotion and vitamin E oil more frequently, as I am getting less and less sore each day. My trouble spot is getting better... I think. It quit bleeding, the bottom half of the incision looks great, and then last night I noticed a suture poking out where it had been bleeding. I guess it was trying to push it's way out this whole time. Tonight, as I went to clean it with peroxide, then re-gauze with bacitracin, it fell out.. just a tiny little piece. Strange. I see my PS on Thursday for my monthly check-up thankfully. Doesnt look infected to me or my husband, so I am going to continue to bacitracin and gauze until the little hole is healed up. I had put a bandaid over the spot last night.. took it off this morning to shower, and when I took off the bandaid, it really irritated my skin :/ I will post some pics from my phone now!
Hope everyone is asking for lots of cute and fun bras for Christmas!! I bought a t-shirt bra from Target for $15! I have 3 total real bras.. keeping all tags and receipts on until I'm approved from my PS to move on.

4 week post pictures!

5.5 week check up with my PS!

Yesterday (the 19th), I had a follow up appointment with my PS. Everything went wonderfully! I am just too excited to type everything that I don't know where to start. I have ZERO restrictions! He said that I can go back to biking, jogging, swimming, whatever I do, just careful to listen to my body. My swelling is GONE. I have soft, squishy boobs that actually have a natural bounce. AND he measued me saying that I am free to wear whatever bra makes me comfortable. My FNG is healing perfect, my scars are looking great and flattening (thanks to scar massage). Now for the bad news. He said that I need to increase the pressue of my scar massage on the inside of my incisions (like at the cleavage part of the fold) because they are not flattening like the rest. Theyve been sore, so I havent been doing it as firm as the others.. and he said that if I don't, they will stay big and form ugly scar tissue, and his words "who wants ugly scars on perfectly sculpted breasts?" Sigh..... so of course, my husband said "amen," and reminded me 100 times to massage last night. MEN.

Afterwards, my husband took me on a lunch date (he works 60-70 hours a week, boo), then to Victoria's Secret to be measured. UHM.. TWO different women measured me at a 38DD, or even a 40D. W.T.F. DD? She said the D cup in a 38 would be shallow... but the 40D has a little bit of gap on the side. Sure enough, tried on a 38DD and it fits great. I also tried on a 40D from Macy's and it fits great, the 38 was SO SNUG. So little bit of trial and error to see what I will wear at different stores. Needless to say, I bought a super cute lace push up bra. Who is excited for Christmas pictures and button down pajamas this year? THIS GIRL. ;)

Also, PS said that when I massage my scars firmly, they should pop. He told me that 1 week out to be expecting them to pop. I thought he was crazy, my MIL thought he was crazy. He reminded me again to look out for the popping since it hasn't occured yet. Last night, I was rolling over in bed, and when I roll over, I find it more comforting to cup the side of breast as I turn. My right incision on the side of my breast "popped," and it was the craziest feeling ever! It was like I smushed a bubble with my finger! So weird. He told me to massage every day for another month, while they are still pink and in the early stages of healing to make the best result. WEIRD.

As excited as I am to be "released," I am still very mindful of my body. We are still healing, so when I'm tired, I'm still sure to rest.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Santa has been very good to use this year ;)
Roanoke Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thomas is fantastic. He was very professional, yet laid back during my initial consult. His nurse, Dottie, is a big asset to the practice as well. I cannot say enough about how comforting he was about my pre-surg jitters as I was waiting in pre-op. His bedside manner is awesome.. he talked with me and my family like he had known us for years. Last but not least, my surgery was wonderful. His office staff called to check in on me, and my follow up appointments have been spot on and I am receiving the utmost care that I should be.

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