38 Mini Facelift for Acne Scars and sagging skin - Roanoke, VA

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Today is 2nd after surgery. I would say the pain...

Today is 2nd after surgery. I would say the pain get's to a 6 at times but with pain meds its like a 2. I can't see my results yet. My face/neck area is wrapped tightly. I have 2 drains on each side. They will come out today. I had this surgery to improve serious acne scars On my cheeks that had gotten so much worse after the birth of my daughter. Pain medIcation given to was Lortab 5/325 & Phenergan for nausea. The pain is behind my ears.

3rd day mini facelift

I'm still swollen. I did shower today. My ears hurt more than anything. I will be so glad when the swelling subdides. Also, near my earlobes is kinda hard to touch and numb. Hopefully this will go away. I can't say result wise yet because of the swelling. Still taking pain meds around the clock. swelling my cheeks up to bottom of my eyelids. I almost think the compression garment is causing some of this.

Day 4

The Swelling seems a little better today. My incision line in front of my ears is hard and numb. I haven't experienced any bruising yet. I'm not sure if that's bad or good. I continue to take pain meds around the clock 5/325 lortab which does control my pain. I am also on an antibiotic bactrim that I take twice a day. I have iced my face a couple of times. I'm pretty anxious about infection and necrosis. Praying I don't have any complications. I've been resting in bed watching movies for the past 4 days. I still can't chew very well because it hurts to do that. I've been eating jello and soup. My ps also gave me a supplement SinEcch. This is supposed to help with bruising and swelling. I also am sleeping with my head up at night and when the pain meds knock me out. I'm still wearing the compression garment. I feel better with it on.

Day 5

Slightly less swollen today. I did sleep all night and went 7 hours with out pain meds. When I woke us the pain was around a 3 so still very tolerable. I honestly think I could taper down my pain meds but pain makes me anxious and I would rather be relaxed. I have to wear the compression garment 24/7 and I think he said for a week then just at night. I actually feel more secure with it on even though it's not comfortable. The swelling is mostly on my cheeks, which makes it hard to see results. Right now I am almost scar free but I am definitely swollen so I know these are my actual results. My biggest fear right now is hematoma but was told by PS that usually occurs the 1st 24-48 postoperative. I'm still watching for it. I was able to remove my compression garment yesterday and launder it. I am just resting at this stage. I don't want to compromise results. I have also been experiencing dizziness, I think the swelling around my ears is throwing off my equal Librium or could still be anesthesia. I may eventually post results when I have healed. I have a follow up appt. tomorrow.

Day 6

Swelling has decreased some. I visited my PS today and he said he was very pleased with everything. He says that this about what I will look like after the swelling goes down around my ears. I was shocked, I told him I didn't want to get my hopes that my scars we're going to look this good. He thinks they are, I'm still trying not to get my hopes to high. When I had laser surgery it looked like this too until the swelling went down. I'm being pessimistic until I'm sure
????. He says that I will have no bruising if I was going to it would have already happened. I think I look pretty normal besides the ear line. I pray this is my final results (besides the swelling and numbness). He also said the "heated" sensation is normal. One more week of the compression garment and I can remove he said to go out and walk around for an hour or so daily. I'm trying to post my complete experience so anyone who reads this will find it helpful if they have anxiety about how they are healing and I'm also posting it for anyone who suffers from acne scars (serious acne scars). If this is my end result I'm ecstatic! (Ok, let me not get my hopes up)
I'm still taking my pain medication, honestly I can tolerate the discomfort. I would say my pain is around a 3 at a 4 more like pressure or pinching pain, With pain meds around 0-1. I will eventually post pics but I would rather wait until the swelling goes down.

Late night worries

The swelling is going down pretty fast now. My fear was realized as my scars are showing back up. I still have more swelling to go down. I'm actually thinking I may not see any difference......heart broke????

Day 7, not happy

this morning a lot of the swelling has went down. I have more and more scars showing back up. I also don't think enough skin was removed as I had slight jowls and they are back this morning. I know that these aren't my final results but so far I'm not happy. I feel like I did all this and I am going to come out of it looking the exact same. There is still swelling along my ears and I know that has got to be pulling my cheeks up and my jowls. So, when all the swelling is gone I fear that my face will look about the same. Pain wise last night was about a 4 but I was so bummed about my results I didn't even want to take a pain pill. I had some signs of aging that I hoped would be corrected but I think I was wrong about that as well.

Day 8

My swelling continues to decrease daily. I can definitely go out in public. I haven't returned to work really because I don't want anyone to know I had a mini facelift, I fear someone will see all the sutures (a lot of sutures). I still feel I don't look much different. My Mom think I do. My PS did tell me I would have to see before and after pic to really tell the difference. He told me this before going in. He also was very clear this would not get rid of my acne scars but would improve them some. I feel more skin could have been pulled back but again I'm no PS maybe it wasn't possible? I have lines around my mouth that are reappearing. I would say if you are think of a mini facelift for serious aging I would recommend this surgery, the recovery is not bad at all so far. However, if you don't I would not recommend simply because of cost, pain, incisions and time off work. If you asked me today if I would do it again my answer would be no. Maybe that will change but I think as more swelling goes down the more my skin is going to go back to the way it was. 1 pain pill yesterday is all I needed. Still sleeping with head elevated. Today I'm going a few hours without my garment. According to discharge instructions I only have to wear 24h/day for 1st 7 days and then just at night.

day 9

I feel better about my results today. I think just about all of the swelling has gone. I'm still not sure I'd I would say it was worth it yet. I had just 1 pain pill yesterday. I left my compression garment off the majority of the day yesterday and slept in it last night. I'm still numb at my incisions and in front of them (weird feeling) I hope with time I get sensation back. My Mom and husband keep telling me that they can see an improvement. I believe my Mom she's a straight shooter no matter what. This has been an emotional process. I hope to return to work next week!

2 weeks post op

I have zero pain at this point. Sleeping with compression garment at night only, sutures are out as of today. PS says I have healed very quickly. Still have numb type feeling to a small section of my face near the incision lines. No nerve damage or anything. He said completely normal and should resolve over time. I do see a difference in my scars. I have to have side by side to see it. Posting pics only to try and help others. Please be kind. It's not easy for me to post something I usually hide.

2 weeks post op before and after

pics of incisions

Week 2

other ear

Week 2

week 5

Just a few things. Still have decreased sensation around the incisions and a little on my jaw line near my ear lobes. Feels very weird when I put my makeup on. I have a little pain/discomfort at times in around the incisions and the area that has decreased sensation. I hope this is a sign that I will regain full sensation soon. I hope to start scar tx soon. The scars are not visible with my hair down but are visible with it up. Some areas are raised, I hope that goes away. I will try and post pics soon.

General update

I'm doing well. Still numbness around my incision line. I do think this is getting better. It does itch for some reason around the incision where I'm numb. Anyone else experience this? Also, one of my desolvable sutures kinda made its way out of my incision and had to be removed. I think I have another on the other side doing the same. No biggie according to PS. The removal was not painful. My incisions are healing and fading. Definitely visible but hoping to start scar tx very soon. I also plan on getting some fillers but PS is not comfortable with that just yet. Pain every once in a while, nothing that requires pain meds. I'm sure I'm still healing underneath my cheeks. Some of the pain is the nerve endings reconnecting according to PS. The pain is sharp lasts a second. Will keep.everyone updated!


I feel like all of my results that I posted after my face lift have vanished. I as almost feel like it looks exactly the same even the lines around my mouth that should have been corrected. The price and the scars made this not worth it for me because improvement lasted a few months. My surgeon did say he could correct the areas around my mouth. I'm totally bummed. He thinks there is still an improvement but I don't see it anymore.

Before, 2 months after and now

I'm loading these pictures to show the lack of improvement after 7 months my skin looks the same if not slightly worse. The 1st pic was 2 months post op, the middle is now (7 months post up) and the last pic was my before picture.

More money!

Spoke with my plastic surgeon who agrees that I have drooping. He tried to get me to use a topical cream (which I'm sure is expensive) I explained I don't have much faith in anything topical for this type of skin problem. He agreed to do a revision. Focusing on my jawls. When I believe all of it needs to be corrected. I was calm and listened. Today I spoke with his office and a revision will cost me $3500.00. So, in the end I would be paying a total of $8550.00 for a mid face lift. He blamed the drooping on my skin and acne scars. I'm so done! I think this office is about $$$ instead of results and helping patients. The sad part is I would probably pay it if I thought he could really help me.
Dr. Kurtis Moyer

I had a mini face lift and I'm not pleased with the results. He is very kind and responds to phone calls very quickly. I needed a revision and was quoted $3500 and that was with 40% off. I would ask about revision prices and I would not recommend him for face lift procedures.

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