Considering Fraxel For My Acne Scars - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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I've been having acne for +10 years and...

I've been having acne for +10 years and refused "Roaccutane" treatment (because of its possible side effects)and I don't remember taking any kind of treatment(except for promising facial cleansers) and found Neutrogena (old product) to be the best but maybe not a complete solution. I'm now 28 years old and Thanks to Allah that I rarely get acne for the last 12 - 18 months. I'm left now with many acne scars on my face which I'm considering treating them with Fraxel Laser. I took an appointment with very famous Dr. Hiba Injibar to find out what could be done to my acne scars.

31/1/2012 I described my situation to Dr....


I described my situation to Dr. Injibar and she was very honest and professional. Here are some of the outcomes:

- 100% treatment of my acne scars is not possible

- Acne scars can be improved by 50%, 60%, 30%... it depends

- In my situation, acne scars are not deep in general so results can be better

- Deep acne scars can be first raised toward the surface using some simple procedure before starting Fraxel treatment so they can be better improved

- Possibly there will be four (4) Fraxel Treatment Sessions

5/2/2012 I had a simple operation which...


I had a simple operation which should be performed before starting the Fraxel laser treatment. The purpose of the operation is to elevate deep acne scars so that they match roughly the surrounding skin, in order for those scars to be better improved using Fraxel laser. Some information about the operation:

- My cheeks were anesthetized first using a needle

- Operation was performed using a special needle used to cut tissues underneath deep acne scar

- Operation took maybe less than 20 minutes (I didn't have many deep acne scars)

- Operation wasn't very painful

After operation:

- There was little temporary bleeding

- Almost no pain in my cheeks

- Little swelling on my cheeks and blue spots should be expected

12/2/2012 I had my FIRST TREATMENT SESSION....


I had my FIRST TREATMENT SESSION. Here are some information about it:

- I had numbing cream on my cheeks for like 1 hour before starting laser treatment


- I believe I had 3 passes on each side

- It wasn't very painful

- Total time was like 10 minutes

After operation:

- I feel burn in my cheeks but not very painful

- I have noticed that pores on my cheeks got little bit enlarged

- I have to put sunscreen on my cheeks every like 5 hours

- I have also to put moisturizing cream (Castalia) on my cheeks 3 times a day

- Swelling, red color, and skin peeling should be expected in the coming days

- I don't want to sound over-excited but I think I have already noticed some improvement in my cheeks :)

4/3/2012 I had my SECOND TREATMENT SESSION....


I had my SECOND TREATMENT SESSION. Details are similar to the First Treatment Session, except for the following:

- I had many more passes on each side

- It was more painful

Dr. Hiba Injibar

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