30 & Preparing to Be Flirty - Rivonia, South Africa

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Well, let's split it up this way: About me: I'm...

Well, let's split it up this way:
About me: I'm 30 year old female, a mother of 1 never-quiet daughter who I had when I was 21. I'm sure, like most, pregnancy outside of a marriage is taboo and I started putting on a lot of weight immediately after baby was born from about a size 34, 36 to a size 46. After having a baby girl at 21 shot my confidence levels out of the sky and now I'm 30 and want to do something for myself; I've put myself on my To-Do list, I don't want to be the type of mom who puts themselves last in their own lives.
About the intended procedure: I went for a consult some many weeks ago, during which I offloaded on the Dr all my problem areas and she came up with 3 procedures which would total approx R140k excl all the extras (garments, consumables, meds, etc).

So she suggested she starts with the lower half of me; I didn't want to look like a muffin top but I knew why she wanted to start there...I got monster thighs. I'm about 100.8 kg and she can only safely remove about 5 liters at one go. That is very little in my non-medical opinion, but I don't want to look like a model, I'm a Central African and South African 30 year old who looks a lot younger than I actually am (ALL the females in my family(extended family included) have 10years of extra youth and hassle-free facial skin).

Anyway, my vaser doctor is a patient of the same procedure she will be performing on me. I won't lie; I'm as scared as kitty cat on a 40 story building. My procedure has been postponed 2 times already and on both accounts I was READY!! But this time round I'm not feeling the go-go-go'ness .... I'm restless, not eating awesomely, but I realised I was doing myself an injustice by not prepping myself for my first self-inflicted surgery.

It's 00:36, I don't have pictures yet, I'll ask the doc to take some pics.

Til next time
Peace love n happiness
Here's to the FLIRTY 30eeezzzz ????

Today is the day

Just woke up but last night I cleaned my place like SuperMom so I'm rather tired actually and I've woken up 4hours earlier so I'm at the clinic early enough to have bypassed traffic.
Lol yesterday whilst cleaning I kept catching myself trying to put something in my mouth to eat after 10pm (against the pre-op rules) and I was told to have clear fluids (I was craving South Africa's most trusted cool drink that gets even children to drink a lot of water; OROS; but I couldn't have that either so I resorted to hot water with lemon slices)
My home is clean; smells awesome; I'm going to take a shower and get out of here Cz traffic gets unbelievable.

Wish me luck, family

Talk to you on the otherside????


Post Op- Day 1

I don't think I should be writing anything here - I'm under a lot of medication - the one you take after meals....so imma stop talking but I'm alright family
Check you later when I'm not so high
Dr H. Singh

I've been reading about Dr Singh for a number of years now an I'm glad she has had some time to better her craft over the years before getting to me

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