37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'5", 145 Pounds - Colton, CA

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I hit 37 and my body decided it wanted to gain...

I hit 37 and my body decided it wanted to gain back weight I lost 10 years ago, despite no change to diet and still being active. I decided that liposuction was for me because losing weight doesn't get rid of fat cells, it only shrinks them and I wanted the fat I'd gained gone. I originally sought liposuction for my abs, inner thighs and arms, but Dr. Childers advised against the arms because it might create lose skin. I'm bummed to not have gotten the arms done because they are an eyesore to me, but I also trust the Doctor's advice. It also gave me reassurance that he wasn't trying to upsell me. The consultation and pre-op went smoothly, just a long wait time. Office staff was extremely helpful and responded to emails almost instantly. Surgery went smoothly. Again, long wait time, but no big deal. Pain has been ok, just a lot of pressure from the swelling and compression garments. (Keep in mind, I have a high pain tolerance...had both of my kids naturally.) Can't tell what the results are, but will keep updating. If it works the way I hope, this is definitely a good doctor and really well priced (other doctors quoted $5000-$7000 for the same procedures. Plus, my cost included compression garments.) I go in for my post-op tomorrow morning and will get my first look at everything then.

1 day post op

I saw the doctor today (and myself) and liked the results. My stomach is a lot flatter already and I can see some contour in my thighs. I still have a lot of swelling, so time will tell the final results. l have a lot of bruising (but I bruise easily) and the pain is about the same. I took the pain meds in the am and was nauseous all morning/ afternoon long. Needless to say, I didn't take another dose. I much prefer the pain to the nausea. Definitely pleased with what I see so far.

1 day post op continued

I forgot to mention that I was able to take a shower today and it didn't hurt...a little tender at the procedure sites, but not bad. Also got a new compression garment from the doctor today...much better...it fits from under my breasts to mid-calf and is a lot more comfortable.

2 days post op

Pain is a little less. I've been able to get by without any pain medication at all. Visually, it's about the same. I was able to go for a walk while pushing my 2 year old in a stroller. Energy level is normal. I'm posting my first after photos. Ignore the markings. Despite 2 showers, the Doctor's marker lines are still there. The areas are too sensitive to really scrub at. Sorry for no before photos. I didn't decide to post until after my surgery. However I can tell you that I had 3 rolls of fat on my stomach and my thighs touched even with my legs slightly apart.

1 week post op

I'm down about 5 pounds but my thighs look pretty similar to presurgery (minus the crazy bruising.) I was able to work out for the first time, but had to be a little less intense about it than normal. I wore a waist trimmer because I couldn't handle any stomach giggling, but couldn't exercise in my compression garment. My thighs and stomach are still painful if I rub them or stretch them, but I'm wondering if I should be stretching them out to help prevent lumpiness. My stomach has definite lumpiness (possible pockets of fat that weren't removed?) I'm back on the fence about how worth it this all is. Definitely not smart to have done this at the beginning of summer. Killer to wear a compression garment from bra line to mid calf in the heat. Can't wear shorts either because of crazy bruising. I'm hoping my results continue to improve as my body heals. I've read full results can take up to 6 months to see, so I haven't lost hope.
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

Very straight forward and honest about what would work best for your body. You can tell he has years of experience behind him. I felt very safe and confident in his abilities.

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