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I was always really active. Loved the outdoors and...

I was always really active. Loved the outdoors and sports. I was also an early bloomer. I was wearing a bra at 9, not because I wanted to but because I had too and started my period 10 days before my 11th birthday. But rarely had one. That's when the trouble started. I have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. My hormones are a mess ^.^

In my teens I remained active but was tired most of the time. I just never felt the way I used too. I worked out at the gym and had to to keep my weight under control. This worked until I was 20 when my thyroid shut down and I gained 100 lbs in a single year, while still working out.

The next 9 years I would try just about everything trying to take back control of my body and find one more thing that wouldn't work. In 2009, I had a gastric bypass and got my life back! 3 years post-op, I feel better than I ever have in my whole life. I'm active like I was in my teens, I play sports and dance. I love life.

Because I was still active even when I was heavy I didn't have that much loose skin. But I still had some. My breasts had been 34 C's in my teens. When I got heavy they became 38 D's. Though to be fair, I never had perky boobs. not even in my early teens, they always hung low. But, I still had some. Mostly my lower tummy was saggy, my butt sagged a bit, and my breasts were now deflated to saggy B's. My arms and thighs have a little too but not that bad.

I knew going in I'd need plastics afterwards. How much I had no idea, but I knew the "girls" were going to need to be fixed!

So now 3 years later, I'm 2 weeks post op from an extended TT, BL, and BA. My body looks soo much better already. When I figure out how to do pictures I'll post before and afters.

I saw 3 surgeons in the past 2 years while I was saving up and doing research on it. I also wanted to be sure my weight was stabilized before having anything done.

Surgeon 1: I was not impressed with. He'd come highly recommended but he didn't seem confident. I wanted someone who was going to be as excited about remaking my breasts as I was! And that just wasn't him. He didn't want me going any bigger than a large B or small C because he said my frame was too small. Hello, I was bigger than that naturally?! So I thanked him for his time and didn't go back.

Surgeon 2: I really liked him. he was confident, he explained everything very thoroughly, and I felt really good about him. He did my friend's boob job. His pricing seemed a bit higher than everyone else's and he wouldn't do the TT and BA, BL at the same time. I agreed with his reasoning on it, but really did not want to have to be out of work twice.

Surgeon 3: I was pretty well set to go with surgeon 2 when my friend said I should go see her surgeon, he just did a mommy make over for her and I'd seen his work on her and it was great. I figured one more consultation couldn't hurt. I loved him from the first meeting. He was very confident and blunt about what to expect, what he could do, and even about what the costs of the surgery and how to negotiate a better price.

I went with surgeon 3, Dr John Walker. He's been nothing but amazing. Any questions I can call or email him. He explains everything and really has worked with me. He also did the best IV I have ever had! The nurse was having trouble getting the line started and he did it in one stick with less pain than a blood draw.

With all the work I was having done I expected to be in A LOT of pain. I'm a powder puff when it comes to pain, so I was expecting to be in misery. When I woke up I was really groggy, but wasn't really hurting, just sore, more uncomfortable than anything. I was able to walk to the car (like a 90 year old woman). My friend's car was a bit more bumpy than I would have liked. We got starbucks on the way home (herbal tea for me, dear god was I thirsty) and the starbucks cup became my adult sippy cup for the next few days. My new boobs were in the way and I couldn't drink! Thank god for straws.

The night of, I had more pain from my breasts than I did from the tummy tuck. The tummy tuck incision had more of this burning sensation in the area above my pubic bone. My breasts had more of a throbbing pain, like really bad PMS, and the first two nights I kind felt like they were suffocating me. If I took my vicodin every 6 hours I felt pretty good really. Just mild discomfort, pain at like a 2. When it wore off more like a 5-6.

Problem with the vicodin though is it made it very hard to pee. So about every 90 minutes my bladder felt like it was going to burst and then I'd sit there for 20 minutes trying to pee and getting very very nauseous. I had more issues with nausea than pain really. My dr told me it was most likely the vicodin causing the issues and to try and switch to Tylenol as soon as I could. With the Tylenol, the pain wasn't bad if I took 1000mg every 6 hours but that's max dose and I didn't want to keep doing that. I mainly just got really uncomfortable. I didn't sleep well the first few nights either. I kept having to get up to pee!

By day 4 I could get out of bed on my own and was down to 500mg of Tylenol every 5 hours. And day 7 I was off of it completely. I started taking Arnica montana and that worked wonders. Soon as I started on it I didn't need the Tylenol anymore. Drains were annoying but not bad, and even having them removed was nothing. I had a big bruise on my lower back from lipo, but that's about it. My implants are still sitting really high and I have a flattish looking spot on the right one on the bottom side. I have a couple small bruises on my breasts too, but nothing like what I've seen from other people's post ops.

All and all the surgery was not bad at all! The boredom of not being able to do anything is far worse. I could not stand up straight until day 8 when my drains came out. And I found it was more mental than anything. I still have to make a conscience effort to do it, but every day I'm a bit more mobile. Around the house I actually get around pretty well. Soon as I go outside though I get tense and have a lot more trouble walking. My stomach muscles get all tight again and its an effort to stand up straight. So now I'm going to go on a little field trip daily to get over the nerves ^.^

Other than my breasts having not D&F'd yet, things all look really good. Incisions are healing up really nice. Odd thing is I don't feel sexy. Everyone is raving about my body but I don't "feel" it. Last night I finally decided its because my body can't move the way I'm used to moving so it doesn't feel like my body right now. I need to grow into this new one it seems I know it looks soooo much better than it did with all the loose skin. I just need a chance to get to know this new me, and come to love it too. I looked good with clothes on before, so I don't really have that wow factor when looking in the mirror. I guess I just need to buy some new tummy showing shirts so I can appreciate the difference. Same with my breasts, I wore bras that made me look bigger so clothed my breasts look the same ^.^

Size wise, I went with 533 silicone, under the muscle. Currently I'm a 34D or 34DD depending on the bra. I tried a few of mine on just to see what still fits. Hoping I'll be a bouncy, perky, 34D when D&F is done.

Day 17: Today, it all feels worth it. Self...

Day 17:

Today, it all feels worth it. Self Esteem is UP! Today was my first time seeing my body as a whole since the surgery. It was the first time out of the compression garment, and my first shower in 2 weeks (ewww! thank god for baby wipes).

I stood there looking in the mirror and just started crying. I called my Surgeon and just couldn't stop thanking him..or crying. He laughed and said I was very welcome and just wait till the implants drop and fluff, that it will look even better! Even now just thinking about it I start tearing up. This coming from someone who does not cry easily.

I think eventually I want to get a thigh lift also, but everything already looks sooo much better!

Now getting back into the compression garment was another matter. I only have the one and it says to let dry on its own. So I was out of it for about 3 hours total. Getting back in was not as easy as getting out of it ^.^ And now its bugging me since I know what it feels like NOT to have it on. Although I feel lot more protected in it.

Day 18: Yesterday my Doctor gave me the green...

Day 18:

Yesterday my Doctor gave me the green light to sleep however I want! *does happy dance*.

So last night ditched the wedge and the extra pillows and settled happily into bed. I'm a side sleeper, but since I've been sleeping on my back for 2 weeks figured I could still do that. Well it felt all wrong. And it felt like my breasts were trying to suffocate me. So I grabbed a body pillow and rolled to the side. Ok, little tightness in the breasts, little pulling in the hip...but got comfy, went to sleep. Woke up a little while later with my stomach pulling on one side and one boob hurting arg!. So rolled the other way. Same thing. Ok, fine, I'll sleep on my back I think, but it feels funny still so I throw a pillow under my knees. Settle in, go back to sleep. This time I wake up with my back killing me!! I got up and walked around a little bit and grabbed another pillow. I slept the rest of the night on 2 pillows with my legs up on one and still not all that well, but better.

Tonight the wedge is coming back and I'll keep my knees up on the one pillow. I'll try again in a week to ditch the wedge lol.

Day 20: Ok this a funny mishap I thought I would...

Day 20: Ok this a funny mishap I thought I would share.

I have several friends who have had BA. Only one other actually had a BA and BL like me, but she's still less than 6 months out also. Anyways, the BA friends all said as soon as it was comfortable, to lay on the floor on my breasts for like 10 minutes everyday at least until they drop. And even then I could keep doing it to keep them soft. So I've been massaging and all, and I can lay flat on my back now without any discomfort, so I thought I'd start laying on my breasts too. They are still tender, but no pain, no gain right?

Ok, so I get down on the floor and stretch out on my back. Everything seems good. So I start to slowly roll over to lay on my stomach. There I am, half on one boob when I realize "OMG my boobs stick out, laying on my stomach won't be flat, its going to arch my back and pull on my TT". So now I'm tittering on my breast, trying to somehow roll back over to my back and basically stuck on the floor flopping around like a fish out of water!

I finally managed to get back on my back and just laid there stretching out my stomach for awhile with my breasts suffocating me ;) Until I could figure out how to get back up off the floor without hurting my TT.

Day to day I'm not seeing much progress in my healing. But about everything 3rd day if I look back I can see it. I move a little faster or get up a litter easier. I really don't notice it unless I think about it though. It still seems very slow. I don't get as tired as easily though and my blood count should be coming up as well so that must be helping too.

For now though I'm just going to keep one "massaging massaging massaging"

3 Weeks post up: Things definitely are better...

3 Weeks post up:

Things definitely are better in week three. I don't get nearly as tired and can move much more easily. I still don't see a huge difference day to day but every few days I can look back and see an improvement. The difference between 2 weeks and 3 weeks is HUGE. I would have never have thought I would feel this much better. The swelling has gone down quite a bit in the left breast and its much softer and dropping. The left one (now that I can see the difference between the two) is still swollen and higher than the left, although it has dropped some.

I didn't think I had much swelling in my abdomen, but above my bellybutton now is much softer and there skin actually has a tiny little roll when I lean over. So now I can really see a difference between not swollen and swollen. Below my belly button is definitely swollen and where I have all the tightness still. The heat makes it much worse. If I didn't have anything to compare it to though I really wouldn't see it at all. I'm massaging it about twice a day now that I know its there and putting arnika cream on it. I'm putting the arnika cream on my breasts also and massaging them throughout the day. Both with the squeezing massages my doctor showed me to do and also regular massage.

Naked I can see a huge difference in my breasts. Clothed it is very subtle. Which is nice a way, No one who knows me is going to be able to know I had a BA just by looking at me. We'll see who is observant enough and daring enough to ask.

I tried sleeping without my legs raised last night and one leg went to sleep so I put the pillow back. This morning I did end up sleeping on my side, with the pillow between my legs, still up on the wedge. Its a start!

I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday to exchange some push up bras I obviously won't be needing now ;) And had them measure me for fun. My measurements were exactly the same, 34D, but the girl said that a 34DD would be a better cup fit. She thinks in 3-4 months though after D&F that I'll be a DD or E, maybe bigger. So much is still sitting up high. I just keep watching the progression videos. They really help keep me motivated.

4 weeks Post Op: Oh boy, so much has happened...

4 weeks Post Op:

Oh boy, so much has happened this past week and I'm so exhausted right now I'll probably forget to put most of it in here.

The main thing though, everything everyone says about week 3 being the golden week is true. Just a huge improvement overall!

Friday I went and got my hair done (which makes us all feel sooo much better anyways) and I was really stiff after sitting for so long while they did it, so things seem to be about the same. That night though was the first time I really have seen anyone since the surgery other than family and the girlfriends who were staying with me. I had something I needed to drop off at my ex's parent's house. Little did I know that the WHOLE family would be there. And I mean everyone, aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, cousins, my ex, and his sisters, and of course his parents. I know all of them well so at least it wasn't as awkward as it could have been!

I would give money to be able to replay everyone's reactions. People's mouths were literally hanging open. You've seen my pre-op clothed pics and I looked good, and with the right pushup bra was about the same size as now. So physically it shouldn't have been that different, but it was. New hair doo didn't hurt either ;) It was all about new found confidence and demeanor (granted still stiff lol) though. I saw the extended family before my ex and they were all like "OMG has he seen you" or "Boy did he ever blow it!", and lots of "Girl you look gorgeous! what is your secret!?!" The ex was the person I probably got the least reaction from, but really what can he say? He did get teary eyed though.

The best part though was after I left and I went to the post office and was checking out these cute guys. They waved in my direction and I turned to see who they were waving at! I couldn't believe they were waving at me! I have never felt more beautiful. I'm not used to being the girl that guys notice. I'm more of the bookish nerd who loves science and is more of a tom boy. My body shape clothed is not that different, its knowing that I look just as good naked as I do clothed now that seems to make the difference :)

That night I slept on one pillow and have pretty much since. I noticed I was moving a lot better too. When I finally stopped thinking about moving and being tense I was able to start moving a lot better. Its gotten better every day since.

I went to a party Saturday night and wore a halter top braless (don't tell my PS!), that's the first time I have ever been able to do that. I had 4 guys flirting with me throughout the night and have dates lined up with 2 of them for later ^.^ I did pull something a bit playing beer pong (but it was my first time and I finally got a ball in!). And yes I was bad and drank alcohol. It was my friend's 30th birthday, it was for a good cause ;)

Monday I started using scarguard on all my incisions. I can see a difference already. Even without that though they just feel really nice with it on there. They make the incisions feel more secure and keep the binder from rubbing against them without using the gauze.

My PS is thrilled with my results. I still have very little swelling. The heat and sitting does make it worse though. The left boob is dropping and is much less swollen. The right is still swollen and much higher. None of the guys at the party seemed to care though so why should I at this point? lol I know they will drop and I'm still massaging away. Anyone else massage while driving? lol

My only real issue is with sleeping. I'm not sleeping very well. I have the most swelling at night and feel sore and it wakes me up. I have "morning boobs" now when i wake up in the morning and have to massage them first thing.

I started back to school on Monday and my class schedule is kicking my butt. Its not helping with my lack of sleep. Tomorrow I can sleep in so hopefully that will help. I feel a bit like a zombie right now. Last night I could barely remember by name when i got home (16 hour day). Its easier to carry my backpack today than it was Monday though. And I had to sprint across campus in 100+ heat today to make it to class on time and survived. Monday the same "walk" had me stopping halfway to recovery. Truth be told I could have used the break today but got through it.

People treat me differently now. I really don't think its how I look as much as how I feel and therefore act now. Again, in the past I've always been the kinda cute little nerd in the class who's always prepared and most likely will know the answer to any class related questions and who the professors love. This semester I'm playing dumb and cute. I giggle and flirt and don't take things so seriously. Although the more tired I get the more likely i am to start answering the questions because no one else participates and I want to go home! I think its going to be an interesting semester and a learning experience about how I am now.

Yes, ladies I'm starting to feel sexy now :) Atm, more cute than sexy, or more so an innocent kind of sexy. This is all so new to me.

5 weeks post op: Went back to the gym last week...

5 weeks post op:

Went back to the gym last week. Aerobics I have no issues with. Doing weights even for just my lower body alone wore me out. I was completely drained that day and the next day. I'm going to start working out with a personal trainer in 2 weeks just for lower body.

Every day it gets a little bit easier to move around. I can see a huge difference between this week and last week and I'm sleeping much better now too. I don't wake up with morning boobs anymore either. What I've found most comfortable for sleeping right now is with two pillows for my head and then one on each side of me so no matter which way I roll I have a pillow to hug. Makes my tummy and girls happy and I sleep the whole night! There's only a little discomfort when I roll from one side to the other now.

Driving makes my breasts hurt. It probably more than anything else bothers me right now. So I tend to drive down the road massaging them.Still can't put my arms up over my head. I can one at a time but I've been able to do that since day 1. Shaving my armpits is still hard. I think I may just get laser hair removal done on them later.
Dr John Walker

He came recommended by a friend who had used him. I'd met with several other cosmetic surgeons and really liked Dr Walker's confident manner which I found lacking in the others. He was honest and upfront and everything. I had no problem trusting my body to his capable hands.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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