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Hi my name is jay im 29 years old and have 4...

Hi my name is jay im 29 years old and have 4 beautiful children but carrying big babies has left my body looking shabby at best my boobs have gone from a full c to a deflated b and my tummy looks like a deflated clown balloon lol!!! But on a serious note it gets me down alot so after 2 years of thinking about it i have finally booked and payed for my procedure!! only 5 weeks to go but i feel under prepared im not sure what to expect in the way of pain and healing and end results but i feel i need to reclaim this wreck of mine and begin to feel like a sexy woman and not have to always cover up. Scared and super excited xx

4 weeks and 4 days to go!

Well its going so quick got my post op health check on thursday to make sure i am fit enough! i should be fine i dont smoke anymore i eat well and i work out everyday and have no health probs that i know of. Keep feeling scared then excited then scared its driving me mad i know the risks are low but its gotta happen to someone rite?!?! Trying to keep positive and think about the end result and that bikini i can wear for the first time in 15 years lol. AND HAVING BOOBS WILL BE LIKE THE ICING ON MY CAKE LOL. Getting my bag packed already got all my baggy comfy clothes,pjs underwear ect any ideas of what else i will need????? x

feeling guilty

Today i have woken up with an overwhelming feeling of guilt! Its because i am spending so much money on myself. I told my step mum and my dad and they were supportive and totally understand why i need to do it! but i am scared to death of telling my inlaws i know this will annoy them to no end and they will think i am selfish to spend so much on me so i have decided i wont tell them till its done that way they cant talk me out of it!!!! But i still feel a bit bad am i out of order and selfish for doing this? do i really need it? :( idk

The awful truth


pre op health check

Well i feel that went pretty well i had bloods taken and had swabs for mrsa wont know my results for a few days! but the nurse said i have to inform my doctor im having this procedure why is that??? she didnt say why! had my photos taken for the before and after to see the results. Now thats it just gotta wait now for my big day in 4 weeks time!! :) x

3 weeks 3 days till my new body!!!!!!

Hi ladys me again still counting down but meanwhile its my 3 year wedding anniversary today and i booked a weekend away for me and my hubby and my mother in law is having kids (she still dont know about my op) i am so excited about a weekend at the seaside in a 4 star with my man and no children gonna be luxury! get to be a big kid and play the slots walk down the beach eat ice cream! Dont get me wrong my kids are my life but everyone needs to be free once in a while to let there hair down plus the kids cant wait to be spoiled by nanny and grandad so we are all winners lol x

2 weeks to go!

Ok so im on the last stretch the nerves have definately set in now scared is an understatement i am petrified mainly of being put to sleep!!!! Im not scared of the pain or of the healing time or result just of the anesthetic i dont know why i think its a lack of control and knowing! But anyway i am still excited aswell this is a rollercoster of emotions up down up down its making me a lil on edge and i just really want it to be done already! i am just wishing these two weeks move blo*dy fast so it will be done and dusted anyway enough of that. Off on a much needed girls night out tommorrow hooking up with some fab girls for an evening of fun and games deep convo and some grubby talk lol girls will be girls!?!? ;) Hope everyone elses jorney is a safe and smooth one be back for an update soon peace out! xx

1 week to go are you serious!!!!

So i am rapidly getting to my op date god i am so scared rite now it is literally on my mind 24/7 getting slight anxiety attacks worrying about this! But i am trying to think positive thoughts and seeing this womanly outcome in my mind and it is keeping me going i know anxiety is normal at this point and that all people going through similar journeys have prob felt the same! My hospital bag is now stocked with everthing i need (i think) got arnica and bromlain for after also vit c and gatorade am also a lil worried about blood clots so i plan on moving as soon as i physically can after surgery my doctor said he will give me shots of heperin to keep blood thin to help prevent and also pressure stockings he will supply also i know im in safe hands but i think its human nature to worry for our lives for our childrens sake! will post a bit more over this last week as i am sure my emotions will be doing over time! x

Have i forgot something???

Ok so i have packed my bag and i keep thinking i have forgotten something!?!? its annoying i have my pjs,underwear,sports bra,comfy joggers and vest tops, senna for constipation,renie for reflux/indegestion,arnica for swelling and bruising,bromlain also for swelling and aid healing,dry shower in a can,dry shampoo,gatorade for hydration, book,not sure what else i will need any ideas???? I am actually feeling much more chilled about this today thanks god had an extreamly anxious weekend worrying then today i managed to flip the coin and concentrate on the good stuff instead of dwelling on the bad! Gonna try and keep busy only a few days left now getting excited :) x

keeping busy!!!

Hi me again i am nearly their and it has been extremely stressful and exciting and scary and thrilling the list goes on lol. But i am now so close and i am trying to get my shizzle organised and sorted to save any stress later on! i have de cluttered and cleaned from top to bottom and the house is looking lovely been doing plenty of fun stuff with kids and school runs and my husband has been excellent and so caring giving me a massage when im feeling anxious he is a great man that is for sure so supportive i am blessed to have him.And although im still a lil scared i am defi more excited now thank god this time last week i was suffering panic attacks like no ones biz but i kicked my own arse and now i am feeling chilled and good long may it last love to all x

2 more sleeps

not much to say apart from two sleeps yay!!!!! x

Last day of normality for a while!!!

Hi all so today is the day before and i cant quiet belive how quick it has come around feeling pretty good apart from i think i may have a touch of cold coming on great stuff!!!!! so prob be on hot lemon today to try and keep it at bay.Am trying to keep myself as busy as possible. Seeing my best friend in a bit for a coffee and chat shes a great lady she it also very supportive.well all that is left to say is that i hope to arrive safe and well on the flat side pray for me please :) keep smiling all you beautiful peeps xxx

All ready!!!

Ok so I'm there and just waiting for my surgeon to come and draw on me then I will be ready to go in cant wait to get it over and done with back later xx

All done

Hi so I'm out and feeling good not in any real pain at all I my belly looks amazing and I have big beautiful boobies yay!!!! Was so nervous going in but the staff were amazing and made me feel at ease a couple of pics not particularly good ones but will post more when I'm up snd about a bit more xx

I have boobies

The day after!

I didn't sleep great last night my breasts were killing me so I had to have ice packs to take down the swelling my left was nearly two times the size of my right agony!!!! But my tummy is pain free and I am moving around really well weird because everyone say breast don't hurt anywhere near as much proof everyone is absolutely different will post some pics later standing up befor my binder goes on :) xx

Another boogie pic x

Compression garment!

So this morning I have taken off my garment as it keeps rolling up and cutting me in half I'm not sure what my surgeon will say but it is causing me so much pain I just can't wear it at all is makes my chest hurt my stomach hurt it never stays down and keeps rolling up its agonising it would prob be fine without the drains so as soon as the tummy drain comes out I will put it back on untill then I'm going it alone I'm not sure what effect this will have but ill take my chances lol x

Still swollen

Drains out today!!

So I am off to docs in a bit to have my last drain removed then it will be shower time god I can not wait for that lol quick note do not cough or sneeze it hurts like nothing else you can feel every internal stich wow that hurts burning burning! I feel pretty good I have started cutting down on pain meds too as pain is a whole lot more bareable and I actually slept well last night on my recliner with like 6 pillows lol but if it works it works rite?!?! Hope you are all healing well xx

hello again!

hi so today im up and about alot more my drain is now gone but i was then told i am still not allowed to shower for another week and a half grrrrrrrr but will do as im told been havin warm water and soap washes and using festival dry shower it is an antibacterial liquid that drys instantly smells like coconuts and keeps ya body clean and hygenic also been using dry shampoo its not so bad smells nice! pain is minimal all over now still cant straighten but not really even taking meds anymore only when i feel i need them am happy with results so far x


well 1 week out and my house is a s*it hole no one can clean like me and i know i shouldnt let it bother me but it does alot and its stressing me out but im the only one that seems to care its driving me insane! grrrrrrrr! on the plus side im healing really well nearly uprite now and im no longer on pain meds still taking my arnica and bromlain and my swelling really is minimal feeling really good but i do still tire easily but thats a small price to pay feeling incredibly lucky that my recovery has been this good so far hope you are all healing as well as me and for those of you waiting good luck it is well worth it xxx

Oh no!!!!

So today I went to my appointment it turns out my belly button is dying on one side it smells horrible and I'm back on antibiotics for a week to stop infection but other then that my incision is healing brill and also my boobs are healing well too! I'm back to the doctors every 2 days for a clean up and check keep you all updated here's a pic from today looks good although I am still swollen x

Another pic

hello me again x

hi so my belly button is hanging in there at the moment it looks ok i am having it bathed and redressed every 2 days weirdly they are using 100% manuka honey on my bb apparently it is super at healing wounds! also i am on a really strong course of antibiotics to stop infection and i am pleased to say it no smell anymore thank god! Still swollen but i am now doing the school runs and most of the house work and i am feeling really good in myself and my confidence is now so amazing i am one happy girl :) x

a couple things i forgot!

i can now sleep in bed normally and on my side its bliss zzzzzzzz lol and i have also had my first and second shower was also amazing and relaxing :) x

My tummy now

Its a miracle!!!!

So i went to see my nurse today shes been changing my belly button dressing and by some miracle my belly button has achieved a blood supply against all the odds and is pink now and not grey!!!! needless to say she was shocked and utterly amazed as was i! Dont wanna get my hopes rite up yet but WOW that is a drastic improvement on the last appointment where we were sure it would just die and fall off! My body surprises me daily with its healing powers lol hope you are all as lucky as me feeling good boobs still a lil sore weird but its only been 2 weeks and 3 days so i shouldnt be to hasty i am happy as larry x :) x

very little swelling!

So today im 2 weeks and5 days post op and tbh my swelling is minimal and i am feeling fantastic loads of energy doing everything myself sleeping well no pain killers required i am so lucky to have had such a fantastic recovery so far! i am itching to wear a proper bra now been messured i have gone from a 36b to a 36dd/e very happy indeed glad i didnt go bigger love how my clothes fit now feel sexy for the first time in what feels like forever it was money well spent i would do it again in a heart beat the nurse said my healing is amazing and i am tough lol obviously i knew that being women arnt we all lol! belly button still looks good and incision is good somtimes feels a lil sore were th cg rubs but other then that its all looking good go and have my bb dressing changed again tomorrow! will try get a picture see what you all think! xx

Healing well

Still no belly button pics I keep forgetting but I will get round to it eventually lol xx


Ok so it's not beautiful at all but it's healing really well x

hi again!

so i dont have to wear my cg anymore so spanx it is! and as of sat im in normal underwire bras as my scars under my breast have healed and are soft already awesome!!! be glad to ditch the sports bra till im working out! The nurse said in 2 weeks time if my belly buton keeps going the way is is i can go without a dressing so cool WOW my body is a healing machine am so chuffed it has been such a smooth and really easy transition :) :) :) i honestly didnt think i would be feeling compleatly back to normal this soon my nurse thinks im super human lol (im not!!!!) lol just lucky and im guessing healthy x

hi again x

So i thought i would write a lil more for you all. Lucky nothing really to report! Going to see my surgeon tomorrow for a post op review first time he has see me since i left the clinic dont really know what to expect?!?! My incision scar is completely closed up and is looking still purple but no pulling and is slightly ichy healing lol! Belly button looks better everyday should be free of my dressing soon fingers crossed and as for how im feeling well AMAZING! feel completely normal like i never had anything done at all :) i will be back tomorrow with more pics and to let you know what my doctor says happy healing to all and good luck to those on the waiting list xx


4 and a half weeks after my op I am signed off I don't have to keep a dressing on my belly button now as its healing really well am so happy still can't believe how easy it has actually been I expected to feel the effects for months I really have breezed this and my nurse said I don't need to see her anymore. I have to say ill miss her she was lovely :( . All I have to do now is go back in dec for a review but that's it I am officially out of the woods and with nothing to report all you ladies go for it!!!! It's so worth it!!!! P.s I don't promise it will be this easy for all but you won't know till ya do! I was scared worried anxious you name it but I am out the other side and feeling great x

My pics from rite now x

8 weeks tomorrow!

Hi thought I'd come update well as you might have bussed everything is still healing really well but my scaring is very dark and my incision scar has keloided :( but I suppose this is quiet common for most I have started to use dermatix silicon gel and bio oil to try help a little I know it's early days but the scar round my belly button is so dark it makes my belly button look like a cats butt lol but I am not complaining as I feel good in myself inside and out now hope you are all well xx

Just love my new boobs lol x

My final post

Thanks to all the ladies that supported me through my transformation it was so appreciated! I am doing great all healed and happy hope you are all doing well too thought I'd drop in to say goodbye to everyone as I prob won't be on here again my life is so crazy hardly get a min to breath let alone post so to all patients past present future I wish you all the luck in the world merry Christmas happy new year and happy fulfilled lives much love x

A year in and still so happy would do it over again!

Hi all thought I'd do a yearly update as I have not been on here at all for ages but he are are some new pics of scars and what my outcome is now and I have to say I am still so happy I did it feel sexier can wear the clothes I want and look good ;) and my hubby agrees lol hope you are all well and if you are reading this and are considering tt and ba then do it! Happy happy me live to all xxx
transform Dr melegros

My doctor is understanding and informative!

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