43yrs Old Looking Forward to Not Looking Deflated and Crinkled!:-) - London, GB

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I've breastfed 2 children, and put on 4 stone with...

I've breastfed 2 children, and put on 4 stone with the pregnancies. I have since lost the 4 stone, and have been left with deflated boobs and a prune for a stomach. I went for a consultation on the 12th September, about breast implants, i(i wasn't planning on a tummy tuck) with Mr Meleagros at Transform, where he explained what was covered in the insurance and what size i could go up to which was 800cc. I'm going for 700cc, although i panic that they might be too big for my workouts.

After the consult, we (hubby, and i) realised he did tummy tucks as well so i now have an appointment booked on the 22nd to see if i can have both operations on the same day. I had an umbilical hernia, and had it removed when i was 3, so hoping it wont stop me having a TT and looking forward to having a belly button:-)

Will do photos later, after reading your reviews it has been so informative, that i thought I'd do one and hope it helps someone else.

700cc sizers

Too big or look ok? Any exercisers out there with 700cc ?

Here goes!

It has helped me seeing your pictures on here so thought i would post my before pictures to help anyone with the same kinda body.

TT Consultation = no new belly button!!!!

The consultation went well, although to my disappointment he wont be able to make me a belly button. Naively thought he would be able to, although he did make me laugh saying they are not like kidneys, there isnt a spare!!, but i havent had one now for 40years so i suppose i can go a bit longer without one. Also with my scar i could end up with dead skin between the belly button scar and the TT scar so im gonna try and lose another stone to help get some extra loose skin, then hopefully he can pull it down far enough to not have them both!

Thought id be stressing about it all last night, but im actually quite excited about it all now and cant wait for it to be done.


What is it with family??????? so my sister asks me what i am doing for christmas, so I tell her im having surgery and she gives the whole soppy voice that she doesnt want me to go under the knife and being all dramatic, soooooooooo annoying!

If its not enough that i feel guilty about spending this amount of money and that i'm gonna die, id actually got over the 'i'm gonna die' phase and was in a great place, now i've been researching how many people die during mummy makeovers aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh so annoying!

Pre Op Appointment

I've been reading so many reviews on here, mainly TT and 700cc BA's and mainly checking up on those of you who have used or are using my surgeon, and now my pre op appointment is coming up this saturday!!! It seems ages ago i decided to go through with this and now it's only 4 weeks away.

Ive started doing HiitMafia to help get rid of some extra weight so hopefully he will be able to get rid of the old belly button scar. I lost 4lbs last week so im chuffed with that, im also hoping the weight i lose i will be able to keep off after the surgery, not sure how without being able to exercise for 6 weeks!!! Ive never had more than a couple of days from exercising since having the babies!

Man!!! this is alot of money to be spending on myself!

Pre Op Appointment

Then she went over what I need to do prior to surgery, I took all my supplements to find out which ones were ok, but she advised me not to take any two weeks before the surgery, I’ll stop next week giving me 3 weeks, I’m a cautious person and don’t want to take any risks! Then she said no hair extensions which put me into mild panic, she really doesn’t know how I look without them, well Michael Jackson from the 70’s will be having a MM then! I have booked my hairdresser for the 19th to put my hair in some sort of manageable condition then for the 23rd to put back the braids hoping I’m up for the 2 hr ordeal of her doing my hair.
Then you’re not allowed to tan your boobies for a year or the TT scar, and I am going away so I’m wondering what to wear, don’t get me wrong I’m obviously not one to go out of my way to sit/lie in the sun to top up my tan, but I do like to walk around in it and I tan very easily hmmmmmmmm.
Then there you are not allowed to fly long haul for 12 weeks after surgery, which gave me a mild heart attack, thankfully it’ll be about 14 weeks after the surgery!!
Then the big shocker was when she asked what size implant I was having then said I would be a 36g/gg/or h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ive spent the last few days wondering what to do, whether to go for a smaller implant or stuff it im 44yrs old why not have big boobies for once!???? Will I still be able to do my Hiit workouts, how am I gonna look doing the “mummys race”, can I still wear what I want and not look like a boob machine???? Obviously my husband is very happy with the size, but I need your help RS ladies with lovely big boobies, how do you get on with them???

Low white blood cells!!!!

The nurse from Transform called me last Friday to tell me that my white blood cells were low, and needed to confirm with my Dr if this was normal, which meant nothing to me till I googled it! She said she will fax the Dr’s my information. I called my Dr and there were no appointments till the following Friday, so I did the phone in on Monday morning and they said they hadn’t received nothing from Transform, and to call back next Monday, which annoyed me, after reading that low white blood cells are usually caused by Cancer (my eldest sister had died from cancer), so I called back Transform and told them the Dr’s hadn’t received anything and could they fax the information again, and call me back to let me know they had done it.
Kelly at Transform called me back to say she had done it, I called the surgery again to ask if they had it, they confirmed that they did.
Later in the evening the Dr’s called and asked if I could come in straight away, so this gave me a heart attack thinking the worse, he basically said I don’t have cancer but I don’t have any defence for any illness, he tested my urine which was fine, checked my glands, then said I had to go for another blood test at the hospital and should get my results the next day.
I called back yesterday and thankfully they have come back normal, so goodness knows what happened there, I am never ill so it was very strange.
I called back Kelly and told her my results, she called the Dr’s and got the confirmation, so I had to pay my bill eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!! In two weeks and 3 days I will be getting new boobies and hopefully a less saggy stomach yippppeeeeeeeeee!!!


Well now that I have paid, thought i'd get my shopping done:
2 Macom Bras
just need to purchase some Lactulose, and I'm ready, 2 weeks on Sunday!!

My Macom bra's have arrived1

Was really pleased to see I didn't have to have black, white or beige colours. I do love red!

This time next week!!!!

Ooooooohhhhh this time next week I should have some reinflated boobs, and a less crinkly tummy!


The nurse called from Transform saying they may need a swab for MRSA, I thought that was a bit short notice!, luckily no seeing as I haven't been in a hospital for over 6 months.

Had my waxing done yesterday TMI LOL and new sofa with recliners arrived this morning, I hate all this preparation for something that may not happen for fear of a cold, or something going wrong.

Hair and nails Saturday then off to be done on Sunday!!

Rough Night of nerves

Kept waking up last night with palpitations, I'm so paranoid they are going to cancel the op, and I wont be able to get it done till after my holiday in April, I think I have everything wrong with me throat and nose wise, man! its so annoying.

I did my last workout this morning for 6 weeks which seems really odd, so will be paranoid about putting loads of weight on.

I feel absolutely fine now but I know tonight I'll be panicking again, I'm not sur whats gonna be worse panicking or pain!! lol

Cleaned the bathroom, getting last bits of washing done, getting hair sorted later, then packing for my day tomorrow, quite excited now :-)

washing bras

why am I washing all my bras, hopefully they wont fit after tomorrow!!!


It's the morning of the operation, I'm all packed, not really nervous and had a fairly good nights sleep, better than I thought I would.
Just waiting for hubby to get ready need to leave in 10 mins for our 23rd journey.

I've arrived

Well I'm here waiting to go to my room. Seems nice enough. Need it done and over with now!

In my room

Got called to my room no6, then my nurse Bernadette gave me my gown, paper knickers, hat, and measured me for socks. Then took my blood pressure and temperature, weighed me and filled out a questionnaire.

I've done my menu now just waiting for PS and anethetist

All done, and Alive!!! Yipeeeeeee!!!

PS went over risks and double checked my size I'd chose, the risks are scary , then drew on my boobies, then said he'd come back later to do my tummy. Anethetist came and went over allergies and questionnaire that was all fine, then after 15 mins PS came back and drew on my tummy, checking how low I wanted my scar, it felt like he was drawing a smiley face!!! Then I had to lie on the bed, he said I may need a couple of stitches to repair muscle separation , which would be good, cause it does hang out quite a bit.

10 mins later the nurse came down to take me up to theatre, she asked and double checked on allergies etc, which I appreciate the thoroughness (if that's a word) then I waited in a room next to the theater where they put on some calf massagers to help prevent clotting, he also double checked or triple checked my name dob etc.

Went into theater climbed onto the bed, the anesthetist did his thing put a mask over my face, said to take deep breaths, I felt a bit dizzy then woke up in recovery in crazy pain!!!

They kept trying to hold me still and went and got me more drugs, gave me the maximum I could have, and have felt fine since just very sleepy. They wheeled me back to my room where hubby was waiting, was brill to see his smiley face, they moved me onto my bed, then the rest of the night was checking up on me. My BP had gone really high after theatre so they were worried, but I'm not surprised the pain was horrible, it was up to 170, it's now back to its normal self xx

some photos


Seen my PS and he has marked me up, had a mom

photos not uploading

Going home

I must admit, despite them disturbing you to do their obs, I have had a lovely relaxing time at Riverside, the food has been great, could've done with Sky TV, but then I've not stayed awake long enough to watch anything!!

Hubby is due to pick me up at 9am, I will miss the comfort blanket of nurses.

Will I be ging home with my stomach drains??? I've hardly leaked at all, although the not sure how much you're supposed to leak!

I'm seriously full of wind at the mo yes I know TMI, but it's hard to get rid of! Lol other than that I feel great


Slightly bent over me, will try take some better photos when I get home x


The drive home was better than I thought it would be, not painful at all. I came home with my tummy drains and have to keep them in for the next 3 days which will mean 4 seeing as the 3rd day is Christmas.

I don't mind it it doesn't bother me. The only thing bothering me is my lower back and the mess in my house, seriously messing with my feng shui! Lol

I have Co-dydramol and Meptid for pain killers and as I've felt no pain I reckon they're good.

I have to keep my garments on for the whole 6 weeks and socks for 2 weeks.

Just waiting for my hairdresser to arrive now make me look more normal x

Feeling good

I'm feeling really good today, haven't taken any pain meds since yesterday afternoon, and no longer have the merry go round ride feeling anymore.

I'm tired though , but i think that's to do with not sleeping very well on the recliner. Hopefully as I get more used to it I'll sleep better.

The sides of my bum/hips feel REALLY padded, I'm hoping it's swelling and not fat accumulating from sitting on my button for the last 5 days, reminds me of Wonder Woman from the 70's and her hips. I've never had hips before so I'm finding it an odd experience lol xx

Annoying bits

Coughing is a killer, trying to cough gently just doesn't happen
Burning under my boobies not sure if it's the compression garment or my stitches
After I move I get the feeling when I was breastfeed , the tingling that you need to feed your baby, very odd
Burning where the drains are coming from my stomach, and now and again accidently pulling on the drains really feels horrible
Lower back ache from sitting in the recliner and walking with a hunch
Compression socks rolling down and strangling my knee!
My favourite thing was my hubby saying you look like a superhero now all balanced out yayyyyyyyy!
Must admit love my boobies, still haven't really seen stomach so hoping it looks good and all this moving hasn't messed with the stitches another annoyance, the odd burning pain on the stomach stitches, oh and itchy gauze lol I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end
I'm pleased I can still get around on my own, it's more a case of stopping myself of doing too much.

Love being fit!

Merry Christmas

Not how I expected to spend my Christmas, icing my boobies! Lol

Merry Christmas RS friends xxx


Boobies feel softer today, I still haven't removed my bra so not sure what they look like without it, but I think they look fabulous with my bra.

Tummy is doing OK, wasn't a fan of eating last night I felt awful after, but feel fine this morning.

My butt is an odd share with the swelling which is not making me happy, need to get on with some exercise, ONLY 5 WEEKS to go!!!!! Lol

little peek

Took off my CG to put a top on underneath so had a quick peek, can't really see anything different, it feels odd to the touch, and my skin wasn't as tight as I expected it to be, just felt spongy but I suppose that's the swelling.

My left upper thigh is bigger than the right with swelling, but apparently takes up to 6 months to go away, so gonna have to be very patient.

Boobies feel softer I've not looked at them yet, I have my appointment weds so guess I'll see them then, can't wait. They are quite big and I love them xx

All feels good just sore on the odd occasion if CG rubs or I pull on my drains.

Been going for walks and I swell up literally after starting, quite an odd sensation, and boobies feel like they are moving x

post op appointment

My nurse was very happy with how well I'm healing, and said I heal very quickly, knew I was a super hero, just needed the boobs to fit my costume!!!

Can't wait to see it all in 6 months.

I'm not in any pain at all, just odd sensation if I reach too far or try to run. I sneezed this morning which felt like my stomach was gonna rip apart, that wasn't great, and I fell up the stairs although amusing, made my stomach feels odd.

I really fancied a workout this morning, which tells me I'm feeling fine, 4 weeks and 3 days till some burpees!!!

Happy New Year ladies xxxx


Gonna try have a "normal" sleep tonight, so looking forward to not being propped up!


Had a much better sleep on my side last night, did have a freaky dream about ruining my boobs from sleeping on my side! And I kept waking up needing to swap sides, and CG felt tight, I think I kept swelling up!


Just thought I'd share how the boobies are getting on, I've just really left everything alone to heal but had a look yesterday. They are squidgy now and have a little bounce when I move.
I love them!

2nd post op appointment

The nurse was pleased with how everything has healed and didn't put anything back on, which surprised me so much I forgot to ask if I can shower and put anything on thee scars to help with the healing, so will have to call Monday.
I did ask about exercise, and definitely nothing till after the 6 weeks except my treadmill walks.
Love my new belly button and how everything looks. Cheers Mr Meleagros!

Week 4

I feel brilliant, up to walking 4mph on the treadmill, and will probably stay at that speed for the next 3 weeks, till I can start really exercising.

I was thinking how I felt I was catching a cold just before the op, and now thinking back it was nothing, funny how stressing plays tricks on you

I still haven't had a shower yet and missing them! will be phoning today to see if I can.

I have no pains anywhere, all just feels normal, except when my CG catches my stitches!!

4th week done!

I'm still walking at 4mph 2% incline on the treadmill which feels really good.
My boobies have started giving me shooting aches, I won't say pain cause it's not really painful just odd. They bounce a little and are squishy. The nurse said the size wouldn't change much now, but one looks bigger than the other oh well! I love them.
My stomach is good no aches or pains, at night it feels like I'm gonna pop out of my CG, but that's it, I'm assuming I swell up in my sleep I don't feel a lot of swelling in the day. I do have to turn a lot in the night but because I'm still getting used to my boobs and nearly squish them going too far on my front lol.
2 weeks to go then freedom!

Week 5

This week has been brill I'm up to 4.3mph on the treadmill it's hard to know how gentle to go, but I feel I'm ready to exercise, but when I take off the CG it feels like I lose my comfort blanket!

I'll probably workout with it on for a while till it all feels more normal without it.

I'm loving my results except for the ledge where the stitches are. I think it's swelling so I'm hoping it'll go away and I'll have a flat tummy.

Boobs feel great and I love them in my vest top without a bra, wonder how long they will stay looking good? ! Lol

6 Weeks!!

Week 6 and I'm ready to exercise at last! My stomach is still very numb and feels odd, and my CG has become my security blanket but other than that I feel great.

I did my bra shopping Friday at VS where they sized me at 34DDD and they are very comfy, I'm pleased because I thought I might not get anything from there to fit.

My boobies feel great they aren't a fan of being laid on, but I can sleep on my side no problem.

I don't have my 6 week appt till 13th Feb so will stay I bra and CG till then, I'm scared of breaking everything! Lol

Burning pain!

I have 2 pointy bits along my scar that when the CG presses on it causes me a horrible burning pain, im wondering if its my stitches trying to escape!! will find out on the 13th at my appt.



Thought I'd go without my CG and this happened!!! Lol I can feel the swelling when I'm wearing the CG but didn't realise it was this bad. I went 2 days without it and my tummy started hurting so I'm back in it and sleep without it.

9 weeks

Hi ladies, just to mm keep you updated I have had no issues with my boobies at all since my last review,(oh i do have some rippling on the sides but disappears in my bras) they feel great when I work out bearing in mind I wear 2 sports bras. Anything where I lay in my front feels odd but not painful. They truly feel like they belong to me and not weird in anyway. I still sleep in my macom bra at night but normal bras in the day.
My TT is healing fine, again no pain or anything since my last update, my stomach us definitely not a fan of processed foods, it makes the swelling intense, I still can feel the 2 stitches under my skin but they are no longer painful. I took off my CG yesterday, and so far all is good so I think I will put it away for now, it does feel good to be free if it, and my clothes feel better too.
I'm still putting bio oil on my scars, never know how much it really helps, I'll do it for3 months.
My belly button is just a mark/scar but I don't mind at least he tried.
I love how I look in my under wear and I've bought a load of bikinis which I'm really looking forward to wearing.
This surgery was worth every penny.
Just a reminder 700cc Inspira TSX over the muscle.

Last appointment

I had my last appointment with Mr Meleagros today, and he was happy with the results, he asked if I was happy, which I am :-), and then he said if you need anything after please call the office and that was the end of my 5 min appointment! Lol. Love him!!


I've just finished working out so tum is a bit swollen and the ledge is still there but patiently waiting for that 6 month mark see if it goes or here to stay. But all in all its a million times better than before:-)


How nice to wear a bikini for the first time and feel confident.

Update 18 weeks

18 weeks continued

I'm really happy with the way it's all healed up. I can still feel stretching in my stomach during exercises or just general stretching, and my stomach still isn't a fan of processed foods, but other than that all us good.

6 Months

Just to show how things have progressed. I'm very happy with my TT, my boobies look the same, and I love them. My tummy is still numb, but geta itchy sometimes, but feels very odd to scratch, also my tum can feel odd if the children lean on it.

Happy Birthday boobs and tum!

I am.very happy with my results, and looking back on pictures it is an amazing improvement. I can now sleep comfortably without my Macom bra, still not on my front but I'm now used to it. My stomach is still numb under my belly button and feels odd to touch, but I'm still pleased I had it done. the scar doesn't bother me at all and I can hardly feel it when I touch it. I think it's healed nicely.
Mr Meleagros

He is an excellent, and very professional surgeon, who doesn't beat around the bush, and aims to give you what you want .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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