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I am scheduled for my mommy makeover on sept 27th...

I am scheduled for my mommy makeover on sept 27th with Dr. Hardesty in Riverside. I never thought I would ever have plastic surgery but after gaining 100 lbs during my twin pregnancy my body is stretched and saggy. I worked extremely hard to lose all the weight and I think I deserve to look good! I am very scared about the surgery but this site is a big help. I can't wait to look normal again. I am 5'3" 130lbs. When I was pregnant I hit 238lbs. It took me 6 long years to get it all off. I work out 5 days a week and eat very healthy. I am hoping to lose 10 more before the surgery. I am having a full TT with lipo, breast aug and possible lift with 450 cc silicone implants. I am currently an a cup. I am hoping 450cc isn't too big. My pre-op is on sept 12. I will keep you posted. :)

More before pictures

Pre-op went well

Everything went well at my pre-op appt. and I am all ready for surgery on Friday. I am so excited and nervous. I decided to go with 495cc gummy bear implants, extended tummy tuck and a little bit of lipo on the back of my thighs. I will keep you all posted.

I survived!

Yesterday was the big day and I am happy to say that everything went well. I'm just really sore. I was a little nauseous from time to time and would start to get hot and sweaty. I'd say the biggest hassle is the three drains that I have. It makes walking around very difficult. I am peeing on my own but it just trickles out :( . Because I had lipo on my thighs I am wearing compression shorts and I really can't pull them down to use the restroom. There is a hole in the crotch but I'm still peeing all over it.. Yuck. When the doctor calls this morning I am going to ask him if there's anyway I can pull down this garment. So that is my biggest complaint so far. I have a pain pump on my breasts. And the doctor was able to give me a lift without doing the lollipop vertical scar. That made me really happy. I haven't seen my body yet but Tuesday is my 1st appt and then I'll get a peek. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Thanks for all the support :)

Day after surgery

Day 3

Heres a pic from day 3. I feel like I'm looking better. My back and hips are very swollen.


Had a hematoma the size of a baseball on the side of my hip. Doctor had me come in so that he could drain it. Everything went well and he sent me home with one more drain. Now I have 4. I feel good otherwise. Once I have all of these drains removed I know I we'll be much happier.

Feeling blah

I guess today would be day 4 post op. I'm getting around ok. I just feel very blah. I am so swollen that I look like I've gained 30 lbs. my biggest battle right now Is having a normal bowel movement. I had one last night but it was extremely difficult. I can't wait to be back to normal. I have an appt today and hopefully I'll get to see my scars. I'll keep you posted.

Day 5

Saw the doctor yesterday. Everything looked good but I didn't get to see my scars yet. I had a pain in my leg so my ps said I should go to urgent care to make sure it wasn't a clot. I spent several frustrating hours at kaiser and had no clot. Thank god. I just want to be better already. When will I start feeling halfway normal again???

Day 10

I'm feeling good and less swollen. I feel good enough to do most of my normal daily routine, the only thing holding me back are the 3 drains that I still have. I stopped the pain meds after 7 days, now I just take Motrin. I'm attaching a picture I still have stitches in my belly button.

Day 12 feeling fantastic

Went to my post op appt today and got one drain removed, two more to go, I can't wait. I feel great today probably because I got out of the house for a while. This whole experience has not been as bad as I thought it would be. My doctor and his staff have been awesome! Can anyone out there tell me if they have used silicone scar sheets and if so, what's the best brand?

3 weeks post op pics

It's been 3 weeks and I feel better everyday. I have no more drains...yay! I'm still swollen but loving my new body. I have been doing light cardio usually about 20 minutes a day. I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal gym routine in another 3 weeks.

It's been a year!

It has been a year since my surgery. I am still very happy with my results. After the 495 implants I turned out to be a 34 DD. I had always had small breasts and was afraid of not liking having larger ones but I absolutely love it!!! My tummy tuck turned out ok considering how much extra skin and stretch marks I had. It's hard to see in the photos because I have really white skin but my stomach is still covered in hundreds of small stretch marks with seems to attribute to some of the indentations you see on the lower left side. BUT there are a few deep indentations that were there right after surgery that the doctor first said were sutures that would dissolve. At my 6 month appointment he said it was scar tissue. He said he might inject them with fat to fix the problem. We'll see what he says when I go back on Oct 8th. I would be much happier with my results if the indentations were gone. But overall I am happy. I will post another update after I find out what the doctor says on the 8th.
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