35 Yr Old, 5'4, 128 Lbs, 2 Kids (9,6) Minor TT, Lipo, BA 450 Ccs (Also Getting Fat Transfer in Cheeks) - Riverside, CA

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I'm hoping to regain my self esteem, I haven't...

I'm hoping to regain my self esteem, I haven't worn a bathing suit since my first son was born. My breasts are deflated from weight gain during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm not worried about the scars because anything will be an improvement, plus my dr came recommended from 2 friends who had minimal scarring. I'm a little nervous that I picked a size too large, but my dr was confident that it will work with my proportions.

Worried about fat injections

I smoked for 18 years and when I quit 10 months ago, I noticed deep lines in my nasolabial folds. My PS suggested a minor fat injection in the nasolabial folds as well as my cheeks. Now that I'm 9 days from my surgery, I'm worried I made a bad decision on this.

Preop photos

Hoping my hubby can take better pics tomorrow...I'm rarely naked, so this was hard! I was hoping to be in better shape prior to the surgery, but I got lazy this last month...too much stress!!

Day 2 post mommy makeover

Surprisingly my stomach and breasts don't hurt as much as I thought it would, the pain pump was a blessing! Most of the pain is from the lipo. Very happy with the results so far! Love my dr and his whole staff.

Fat injections healing well after day 3

After 3 days the swelling and bruising has gone down. I'm excited about the future results.

Bra practice day 3

I had to see what the girls looked like in my cutest bra! Hubby loves it ????

First day out besides dr appts

After 6 days my cabin has kicked it big time! I was feeling well enough to take my boys to our community pool. Even though it was triple digits, it felt great in the shade. Overall I'm getting better and better every day.

Day 6 bathing suit fun

Day 6 and I'm feeling really good today, the biggest challenge for me today is not scratching...my skin feels like I have ants crawling all over.

Day 11 post op

Today was a great day, I got one of my drains out and the other one will probably go out Monday! I also had a lot of my stitches out...the abdominal one didn't hurt at all, but my nipples were painful!
Best news of all is I've been given the go to sleep in my own bed because I can stand mostly straight...this lazy boy is so comfy, but it's just not like a bed!!
I'm amazed at how great I feel, before the surgery I was so nervous about the pain I lost sleep, but it has been nothing like I anticipated.
Well off to bed, literally ????!

14 days post op...dress up time!

Exactly 2 weeks ago I had my surgery and I'm feeling great except for a rash from my tape. I was prepared for this since I'm allergic to bandaid adhesive, the added 100 degree weather has made it yucky lol. So to make me feel better, I dressed up in some of my favorite dresses...definitely helped ????????????...please ignore my messy bathroom lol!
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy with my dr so far, he has made me feel comfortable and his whole staff is very sweet.

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