Breast Reduction at 50 - Riverside, CA

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So far met the doctor and scheduled surgery....

So far met the doctor and scheduled surgery. Currently 38DDD, 180 pounds and 5'7". Shoulders are dented and hurt daily. Weight of my breasts make me slouch. Been large all my life, but I have grown in the last several years. I exercise regularly, but lately, breasts hurt too much and I am having trouble being as consistent with exercise. I bought heavy duty sports bra and it seems to help but still hurts my shoulders. 

So far all the staff in the office are very nice.

Can't wait, 2 weeks to go!

Two more weeks before surgery! Nervous a little, but optimistic. So tired of the weight on my shoulders and on my chest when I lay down. I think about it every day. Bras are so uncomfortable. I plan on taking 3 weeks off for surgery. Doctor said 2 to 4 weeks. I decided not to push myself and go back to work too soon. I'll see how I feel and can always go back early if I feel great.

Went in for pre-op consultation

Saw the doctor for my pre-op consultation. Went very well. Dr. Hardesty is very nice and takes the time to answer your questions. Staff has always been very nice. They took pictures and went over my medical history. I can't wait to get this done!!!! I am very optimistic. SOOO tired of this extra weight and discomfort. Back is hurting a lot today. Hoping I won't need drains :)

Countdown! Six days to go

Six days to go. Going shopping for clear fluids, pudding, ice cream, and soups for the first couple days after surgery. It's all I can think about all day long. Had a super headache yesterday but could not take anything. Doctor said no aspirin, motrin until after surgery because it could cause blood thinning and complications with excessive bleeding. Today I feel pretty good. Husband is going to be home with me for a couple weeks to help out.

One day to go???

Been sick all weekend. Waiting until tomorrow afternoon to see if this cold clears up or I will have to postpone surgery. I hope not.

Cold seems to be breaking up.

My cold seems to be breaking up. Been sleeping a lot and drinking hot tea with honey. A few more hours and I will find out if they are going to do my surgery. I hope so. I really really don't want to put it off. So far it doesn't seem to be in my lungs. The anesthesiologist will have to evaluate me.

Surgery cancelled, waiting to see if I can do tomorrow.

Surgery cancelled, waiting to see if I can do tomorrow, otherwise, will have to wait until next week. I'll have to go back to work this week then. That will suck. I hate this waiting.

Got a new date

Now I am having my reduction on January 19. I get to go back to work for two weeks. Blah. I am glad they are concerned with my health and healing. Still can't wait to do this.

Count down 2 days

Scheduled for Tuesday at 2:00. Can't eat or drink after5:00 in the morning. Going to be rough. Rather go early so I don't have to stress all morning. Getting valium the night before. I hope it helps. Never had it before. Dr gave me a motion sickness patch for the day of to help the nausea. Can't wait. Just got home from work and am exhausted. I am going to do nothing the next two days so I will be rested for surgery.

One day to go!

Surgery is tomorrow! Can't wait. Neck has been real sore and my shoulders hurt. Bras are getting their last digs in before they go.. Going to eat light today hopefully to prevent constipation. Had that after a previous surgery (hysterectomy) and was horrific. Up all night pacing due to the pain. Never been in so much pain for not being able to go. Took a few days to get back to going. Will be showering with antibiotic soap tonight and tomorrow before surgery as directed. Cant use lotions though. Skin will be itchy tonight. Taken all jewelry off and make up. Excited, and a little nervous so far today. It's early though.

Time is going so slow

I can't wait. Going to have dinner, a valium to easy the nerves. Then a nice shower with antibiotic soap. No lotion. Will try to stay up a little so I don't have to wait so long for surgery. I will go in at 1:00 pm to sign paperwork and prep for surgery. Dr gave me pain killers and antibiotics for tomorrow after surgery. So tired if the weight on my chest. Went and bought two light weight tops that button up to put on easily. No lifting arms up. Thank you to all who are wishing it go well. Love your support. Will also be wishing all goes well for all of you.

Made it

Had reduction yesterday. Threw up 3 times, all after getting up and taking medication. Today I feel mucch better, no nausea. Get dizzy when i up. Got up last nighr every 3 hours to keep up with the pain meds. Got a check up an they said it looks good. So glad to be on the recovering side. If I stay still seated and propped up, I don't hurt much. Under my arms hurt when i get up or bend forward. Nurses were great and Dr Hardesty came in to mark on me and said a little prayer before going back. Been eating jello and pudding. Today I ate ice cream. Got lucky and didn't need drains, yay. Have a pain pump to help with the incisions. Definately smaller. They look pretty good so far. I didn't take a good look yet.little nervous. Maybe add photos soon. Not up to it yet. Thank you for all your support.

Feeling more myself

Only been 2 days. Feeling more myself today. Under arms still real sore, so no reaching. Husband has been great, getting up every 3 hour to make sure I get my medication. The hardest is when I get up or lay down. Have to use my legs. Ate chicken last night. Won't eat anything else heavy until I have a bowel movement. Don't want to stop myself up. That is not fun.

Same today

Took a sponge bath. Husband helped. Actually felt real good on my back. Doctor said I could shower, but dont get tape wet, as soon as I quit being dizzy. Just standing to sponge bathe was real hard.. Right breast at stitch line hurts when I get up from a laying position. It is better today. Can lean forward a little without so much pain. Got to see them yesterday and they seem small. I have to get used to them. They look good so far. Glad I paid extra for pain pump. It is a tube that runs along the stitch line and continually dispenses numbing stuff.

Swollen and sore 6 days after

Last night was very uncomfortable. Felt extra swollen. Woke today feeling real swollen. Took medication but still very uncomfortable. Going in to check up this morning. Tried frozen peas last night but it really did not help once I took them off.

Updated pictures

I guess they will go through many changes, swelling and such. Doctor says they are doing great!. No problems so far. He'll start taking some stitches out on Thursday.

Tape removal and problem

Got the tape removed and cleaned up. Felt better without all the bloody stiff tape. Was hoping all is good, but no. Left nipple/areola is black. Doctor put cream on it and I go back tomorrow to see how it's going. He said he feels it's superficial. God, i hope it does not die. Read up on it, necrosis, here. Says it's rare. Lack of blood flow probably due to the swelling cutting off the blood flow. Getting rest and praying for the best. What ever happens can be fixed but really don't want to go through this. Kind of depressed tonight. Whatever happens, i have no regrets getting the breast reduction.

things looking better today

Dr said nipple looks better. He cleaned it up and it hurt, which is good. Lost superficial skin. Feeling better now. Have a slight fever so I am sleeping most of the day.

Freaking out a little

The last two days, I have noticed sloshing sounds when I walk around. Thought it was my stomach. But it is my breasts. Each one sloshes when shaken. Looked up and says fluid and air retained. Body should absorbe. Any idea how long it takes and if there is anything I can do to help?? Wierd sensation.

Getting better, nipple will live.

Seeing the docter every two days. Wednesday he took out over 75cc of fluid from my left breast. Today he took out another 50+cc of fluid. Feeling stronger, but in a little pain. I have to bind my breasts to prevent filling with fluid again. Left nipple has good color, but I am going to lose parts of the aerola. Monday I'll see doctor again and he might remove dead skin if necessary. Will need minor revision surgery to improve the look.

Feeling like cleaning

Feeling noticeably better every day. Have to make myself not do anything. I keep trying to clean, water plants and stuff. Get tired if I do too much. Don't want to delay the healing. I have a spot at the t intersection that is possibly infected. Dr gave me an antibiotic ointment. Hope it helps. Aerola is still healing. Has large black scab still. Dr. said leave until next week then maybe he'll remove. Trying to massage my breasts regularly. Still sore at 3 1/2 weeks. Sides are feeling less swollen. Lovin the size. My old shirts still fit. But they look better than they did. My breasts aren't squeezed in. Here's some photos for today...

Going to work tomorrow

I am about 6 weeks now. Doing pretty good. Spitting a lot of stitches this week. Pulling out almost daily. Can't wait until it is over. My left t incision opened up, although it is smaller. Next to it, I spit a stitch and now I have a little pain. The right t incision spit a stitch today too. I think I got 4 out today. The doctor pulled off the scab from my left areola to aid healing. It looks better without the scab. Actually it feels a little better although i am still draining serum.
First day of work tomorrow. Kind of nervous. Taking supplies in case I leak and need to clean it up. I work 12hours a day and am not looking forward to it. Although, maybe if I am not dwelling on my breasts all day, they will seem to heal quicker.

Seven weeks

Seven weeks and all my t sections are finally dried up and almost healed. When I reach, I can feel them pulling. Still have dead skin on my left areola, though it does look better. The right breast where I spit a stitch and have an open wound is starting to close up. It is half way closed and not as sore as it was. I have an appointment on next Tuesday. Hopefully this wound on the right will be all closed up. I can tell it will still be a while for the left to heal. Still see dead skin/fat. Left breast is still very hard. I keep massaging both and they are softening up. Both breasts are numb along the scar going down. I have feeling across the bottom, ribs. Right nipple has feeling, but left doesn't. UGh.

Nipple repair

Dr. Hardesty told me he would tattoo my nipple to look like the other one. It would be better for me than to try and stretch what aerola was left. I asked him how much would the tattoo cost. He told me there would be no cost since there is no surgery. When I called to schedule the procedure, his office told me it would be $250.00. Very disappointed. I knew there was a cost for a room for reconstructive surgery, but I'm not having any surgery. The tattoo would only take a few minutes. Very disappointed in them now. I will have to find someone to tattoo me.
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hardesty and all the staff I worked with were very nice. Not rushed. Sometimes I think What did I do, but I have no regrets. Can't wait to wear normal clothing. The staff made sure my pain wasn't too much. Would definitely look to Dr Hardesty if I ever consider anything else. Never waited long. Post op visit, they took me back immediately so I didn't have to wait outside the office. Very happy so far and would do again, no hesitation. Follow up: Dr. Hardesty told me he would tattoo my nipple to look like the other one. I asked him how much would that cost. He told me there would be no cost. When I called to schedule the procedure, his office told me it would be $250.00. Very disappointed. I knew there was a cost for reconstructive surgery, but I'm not having any surgery. :(

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