Silicone Breast implant with lift & BBL! 28 Yo 5'5" 130lbs No Kids Saggy Breasts/No Booty - Riverside, CA

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*Treatment results may vary

Scheduled Breast augmentation/lift with Dr. Robert...

Scheduled Breast augmentation/lift with Dr. Robert Hardesty at Imagine Plastic Surgery in Riverside. Had a good feeling as soon as I walked in, staff was incredible. I have tuberous breasts so this won't be easy but after seeing the facility and meeting the Doctor, I'm so ready! Never thought I could do something like this for myself. ..but I'm worth it. I will keep yall updated, this site helped me so much. Pay it forward right?
Ultimate wish boob post.

More wish pics

Just more things to consider aesthetically

Before pics

Behold, my situation. They look great in a bra but otherwise I'm fried eggs hanging on a nail. I don't even have any kids to blame! The lord saw fit to malform me a little but he could have chosen my brain instead of my breasts so I'm humble! Lol. Still torn between saline and silicone. Don't want ripples and I love the gummy bear but I'm also trying to take into consideration the wisdom of my PS 30yr expertise. Dr Hardesty says saline, I am almost convinced it will be safer but will I be satisfied? Had heart set on siIicon but I want to be safe (capsular issues, rupture, age, future kids etc)....any thoughts?

Thoughts on Capsular contracture

I know what CC looks like and how the scars form, but I'm more interested in early detection. What should I watch out for? What do the early stages feel like? Maybe someone who has had the experience can share? I want to be on the look out

Decided! Silicone 325-355cc area. Read my size adventure

Reflections of a rice sizer...t-minus 6 MO
    Dr. Hardesty being the professional perfectionist that he is, gave me homework for my BA. 2 questions: saline or silicone? & what size? Two simple questions that take tons of research to answer.
    After taking EVERYTHING into consideration I have decided on a Silicone, round, smooth, gummy (HSC) implant. (Profile to be chosen by dr. H) To elaborate, Dr. H recommended saline and while I adore and trust my PS, I realized I would kick myself if I didn't get those gummys that I'm completely OBSESSED with. Also, based on hours of research, I have decided that if I'm going to risk major surgery, there can be no regret....I know I would regret saline. I also know that dr. H is highly skilled and will have success regardless, just like he told me.
    His thing about the saline was he could achieve PERFECT symmetry and still have an easy revision option in the event of changes- children, hormones etc. (He kinda played the "if you were my daughter" card to be safer, And I appreciate it.) I'm aware there is an inevitable revision in my future, I'm young, but my partner and I don't plan on children so I'm getting what I want now. I'm clearly assymetrical, but I think I might be 'perfectly assymetric' for the gummies to work. I'll explain in one second, bringing us to my rice sizer saga....
    Its important to try the sizers in different bras. I used 3 bras for sizing: 1 t-shirt bra (molded wired C cup no padding Walmart), 1 sports bra (M no mold, wire or padding), and 1 Victoria Secret wired "demi" (34C which is what I wear but don't fill up top, virtually no padding)...I also tried a v-cut cloth no wire bra but the results were inconclusive and inaccurate, so I discounted that data. Had my gay bestie on the clipboard taking notes for an outside opinion.
     Dr H expressed to me that my assymetry will make sizing difficult because the prefilled silicone size differences come in approx 25 or 50cc increments. If I'm not assymetrical on those terms, even size will be hard. Initially I went with the measuring cup to measure out the rice (ml=cc) but I realized the method wasn't accurate enough. After stuffing myself with rice nylons, adding and subtracting rice little by little, I found what I though I liked in the mirror. According to the formula,
1oz=30cc so I busted out the kitchen scale. Lefty, for example weighed 283g SO:
283g/1oz (28g)=10.1oz*30cc=303cc+10%(30.3cc)=333cc L implant. (Add 10% volume to account for deminished size when in the body) The same formula on the R revealed 306cc..27cc difference.
 Sientra brand comes in 20 or 30cc variations while Natrelle and Mentor have only a 25 and 50cc variable. The minute irony! By those numbers I could choose any brand and be uneven by 2-3cc either way.
However, I dont trust myself to do an even stuffing....what if I am off? What if its the bra? My existing tissue? Etc..I wished I could  just "try on" the existing sizes instead of making up my own. Then it dawned on me.. .Using Dr. H's rice formula I realized there is a better way. If I do the formula in reverse based off the existing sizes in the brand menu, I could recreate them and try em out!
    Since I've been obsessed with sientra from the get go, I started there. I wanted to try a 325cc Sientra in rice SO I made it...
325cc -10% (32.5)=292.5cc/30cc=9.75oz*28g=
273g of rice=325cc Sientra
 I made several pairs of sizers (20 & 30cc variations) based on the menus and tried them on. The results puzzle me. According to my initial estimations a 30cc difference between the gals should even them up nicely. Upon trying on the sizers, a 30cc difference is much too apparent and the 20cc difference LOOKS nearly perfect.
  Though I do love Sientra, if Dr.H thinks he can get more even size results from another brand, I will concede. Based on my experiments, I can at least say with confidence I'm working with either a 20 or 25 cc difference between breasts. In any event im looking for something in the 325-355 cc area. Sorry for the novel lol hope it helps someone else.

Better menu photos

Just realized you can't read the menus on the photogrid....these are better. Note size differences in increasing increments between brands.

Un-Wish Pics

So.....everyone posts Wish Pics I decided to post what I DON'T want. Mostly to remind myself to tell my PS what I'm going for....and while I'm at it, I'll tell yall.
These photos are of women with my similar 'before' situation who underwent my intended procedure: 325-350cc smooth silicone unders with a circumareolar incision to combine with a benelli/donut lift. (See my before pics)
I'm hoping my PS will be able to accomplish the procedure and avoid the following.......huge sternum gap is not ok! I need my girls to be riding up front and center! I understand the nipples may not "look up" exactly how I wanted (I don't want a lollipop lift so...) but I can't have them looking off to the side....that's it really. I'm getting smaller nips from the lift so that's really my main concerns....ride em up front, looking forward (and hopefully a little up?)

More wish pics

Just some more wishes.... :)

Wish Booty

Ok guys.....I'm going for it. I'm going to ask Dr. HARDESTY about a mini Brazilian Butt Lift on Tuesday. I know....a bit crazy but I realized I've always wanted to squeeze my back fat into my booty (you know when u stand in front of the mirror and pull and squeeze stuff around to where u want it?) So here's my goal....
No Kardashian booty! I don't need an extra shelf ok? Lol I'm athletic so I'm looking for a more pear-shaped booty as opposed to a round apple like KimmyK. I want my booty to fit in at the gym! My biggest thing is ditching my love handles so I can have a smooth "snatched " waist from behind. Truthfully my front side is killer (abs and all) it's just that back fat.....I could be skinny 120lbs (I'm 5'5" very fit) and STILL have those dirty love handles.....damn DNA
I can have my breast lift/aug done at the same time too. So I can save money by doing a two procedure in one and go full caterpillar.

Booty requirements/wishes

It seems my preferences focus more on shape. I'm looking to contour my waist more than anything.....since I'll have implants too, I know my PS will have to figure out proportions, and I trust him. I am worried about adding "enough." Im not going for Kardashian but I do want the results to be worth it. Any comments on cc volume experiences? How much got reabsorbed? I don't want to have to go for round 2.

Booty Obsessed

Decided to add better booty photos of my current situation....I'm honestly more concerned with the waist contouring. I'm hoping I can get some more jiggle and pop (especially cuz my BF is a booty man) but if the fat reabsorbs a bit in the bum I'm not trippin as long as that waist is SNATCHED baby! I'm going to waist train after my BBL like a dirty Kardashian!

Suspense is Killer

oy....I hate this waiting. My surgery is scheduled for June but I'm just sooooo excited. This is something that I really want to do for myself and I have a really good feeling about it, Im just so antsy.

My timeline is very specific to juggle my work schedule. I work in the school system so I have to wait till school is out for summer so I can heal and not lose out on money. But I'm so ready.

However, some good has come from the delay......I've really had ample time to decide and understand my aesthetic choices. Meaning: my idea of booty shape and breast size has evolved over the course of my research. I now have specific qualifications I can show the doctor, confidently. I know EXACTLY what I'm going for now.
I've found my perfect wish pics for breast booty and waist. I'm confident my expectations are realistic enough based on my research into similar cases. Plus, my doctor is a Top Doctor on RealSelf, and everywhere else, so I'm not worried at all!

I've really narrowed it down. I have the perfect wish pics and my qualifications are reasonable.
1) BBL: I need that heart shaped booty with some more hip. Not huge tho.. (800-900cc maybe)
2)LIPO: Braline, abdomen, flanks. Gimme that Jessica Rabbit waist, with slight definition of the abs and a thin snatched back
3)BA/BL: let the nipples shrink, look up, full, perky, and riding up front. Not too big. (325-350cc)

please, let it all turn out well! I promise I'll follow every instruction to the letter! I've already taken 2 full months off, saved the money to miss work, contracted a massage therapist for drainage, enlisted a small army of friends to help me recover, and I can't seem to stop buying random supplies. I just want to do this right!

Brown skin Scars

So I'm torn.....just saw, in person, some benelli lifted boobies. They were...... disappointing. The lady had boobies almost identical to mine in her before photos: saggy, assymetrical, and herniated areolas. The benelli just didn't cut it. Im worried about a flat mound and some uneven east west looking sisters!
My surgeon says I could fly with a benelli but now I realize I may have been a little insistent about my opinions. I told him I hated that vertical scar from the lollipop (I really do) and he did explain to me the difference. In hindsight, I feel as though I would be happier in the long run if I did the lollipop and just attacked them scars it was my job. I don't have a tendency to keloid or anything but I'm brown, and I feel like lighter skinned gals have an easier scar situation......any words of wisdom from my latina lollipop rockers? Scars were ok? Did they fade well?

Lollipop Me! No more benelli.

So! I've had a change of mind. Saw some donut lifted boobies the other day that got me thinking. I also dug deep into my RealSelf profile and took a look at some old posts. I had asked RS docs about a benelli (donut lift) before from scar fear.......but now after seeing those taataaas and re reading some old RS dr. answers.......I've decided to go Lollipop! I just know my Dr. will have more control over my outcome and he will be better able to give me my wish pic. I need to just let the man work. Dr. H take the wheel, so to speak....I submit.

Getting real

Scheduled Pre Op for June 6th with Dr. H.....getting real up in here. I realized today I've been creeping Real Self for a year, and now we are t-minus 2.5 months. Some final answers....
For my BA/Lift:
•I would rather look smaller and athletic than bigger and heavy. No boob greed allowed. (325-375cc)
•I'm surrendered to the lift my dr. wants to use! I'm not going to trip on scars anymore. It's the correct shape that's important. I just need smaller areolas and some ladies looking up.
For my BBL:
•NOT trying to go big booty!
•need to FILL HIP DENTS and maybe just a little more projection
•main concern is the WAIST...waist AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE.
Questions for Vets:
•Will IEHP cover my meds?
•what did it feel like to FINALLY sit on dat new booty?
•is massaging the implants painful? how hard do I need to squeeze?
•how long till all the lipo lumps go away?
•is my stage 2 compression garment supposed to be tighter than the 1st?
•how to ease my swollen "vajin" after lipo?
And now, Regis, my final wish pics for the DOC....unless I find betters lol

Extra Faja?

Hey all! So, I bought this extra compression garment just to have it. It seems pretty legit but what do I know. It's a good price and I just know it could do in a pinch. For example:while washing original it on Amazon make sure you order up 2-3 sizes they're sorta small.

The Pre-Op

Hello All! Had my Pre-op on Monday with Dr. Hardesty. I also scheduled my complimentary facial (which is a perk you get for your birthday) with the skincare ladies in the office. So, I was taken back to the room, took my vital signs (blood pressure temperature etcetera) she took my weight and my measurements (35 bust, 29 waist, 37 booty... 130lb) and then my before pictures (eek)....yea, Shit got real. When the doctor came in I signed a gazillion papers and then he started talking about recovery. I let him get all the way through the part where he said I would be walking like a hunchback with a catheter and drains..... remember I'm getting lipo BBL breast lift augmentation....then I asked him what the heck he was talking about. He looked down at his notes and said, "oh you're not getting a tummy tuck"...... my eyes got bigger than a surprised anime hero! He then proceeded to tell me that catheter and drains were probably not necessary and not to worry...... he would NOT be giving me a tummy tuck, Whew lol. I'm not worried or anything I know that surgical procedures the day of would never allow that to happen and I know dr. Hardesty is very professional, serious, and thorough. I also got, Arnica and Bromelin (provided by dr. H) and I picked up all of my prescriptions with no fees. (IEHP got my back) Also, I had an epiphany. So my breasts look very uneven, if you check out my before pictures that I have posted you will see that they clearly look too different sizes. In the doctor's office he sized me again, I thought for sure I would need two different sized implants. Turns out I will be getting the same size in both breasts. Why? When they look so clearly different. Because the amount of breast tissue I have is even, however the Skin bra of my breasts is saggy and more laxed than the other. If you can imagine two different sized socks with the same amount of rice in each, one will look larger and hang lower. Right? Because I'm getting a lift and the amount of breast tissue I have is equal on both sides, dr. H will simply remove more skin from one side to "tighten up the sock" and make both "socks" equal. So it's to be 300cc for both with whatever lift he needs to do. Mind blown. We also discussed liposuction and butt lift in the sense of what shape I wanted and from where he will extract fat. Mostly I will have LiPo on my back and flanks, and he said he would try to get whatever else he could reach because I'm small. Then he will transfer and sculpt the fat in my buttock and Voila! I begin my 6-week journey through hell and hopefully emerge in supermodel Heaven on the other side :) I have stockpiled all my supplies including a massage therapist for post op drainage and a small army of friends and family to help me. Soooooo....countdown 13days....

Supplies: T-Minus ONE WEEK

Hey dolls! 1 week till surgery....getting a bit nervous.....the "before photos" at the pre-op made it real for sure. Just wanted to post supplies and some before pictures. Supplies: RX including anti-fungal, extra faja, bbl pillow, half foam roller, foams, abf board, back triangle/foam, P-E-Z, waist trainer, hibiclens, iodine swab, scar treatments, zip-up onesie, massager w/heat, neosporin, Arnica & bromelin.......hopefully Im ready.......

Telling my DAD 0_0

Hey I wanted to post this story because it's just too good to not to.
    I was really on the fence about telling my dad that I was getting plastic surgery. My dad is in the Emergency field of Public Services and unnecessary surgery is just that....not-necessary. Not to mention, he can be.....difficult....when he starts to worry.
     So naturally I considered my options: #1- Don't tell him and attempt to avoid him for a while after SX.(for 2 months? Yeah right)....#2- Lie (horrible idea)....or #3- Put my big girl panties on, and just tell him, he will get over it. None of these options seemed appealing to me so naturally I called in the Big Guns.....MOM. Good thing my mom decided to support me, she has the same body and breasts as I do....same shaped boobies, and an overall square body she can sympathize.
     After talking to my mom a bit we decided that avoiding dad would be nearly impossible  (I'm a daddy's girl) and lying or omitting info would be a disaster when he finds out (cuz he WILL find out). Luckily mom offered a brilliant solution, "I could break it to him.... very gently?", mom said. I was relieved and decided to take her up on her offer. "Just try not to freak him out ok, mom?"
       Fast forward...."Mom, what did Dad say?" I asked her trembling. She began to explain to me that he was nervous but supportive! YAAAAY! He even insisted that he wait for me after my procedure to take me and my mom back to my house.
      "Wow, Mom, I'm so relieved, Thank you. How did u tell him anyway?" I said.
Oy SMH.....Apparently my mom had screenshotted some of my "before" photos I posted here. Since the photos don't show my face, Mom pulled up the most pathetic one and said to my dad....."Do you think this woman needs a boob job?" And proceeded to SHOW MY DAD my current boobie situation!! Oh lord, Embarrassment City, Population: Me!
  So after looking at 'this womans' headless photos Dad says, "Woah.....Yeah, totally."
Mom goes, "Good, cause that's your daughter, and she has surgery next week."
Smooth mom, really smooth lol Gotta give her points for creativity. Dad can't take back what he said (I already know they're ugly, dad thanks lol) and I think she blind sided him just enough to stave off the grumbling. Though unorthodox, I call it a win. Lol Gotta love the parents, I'm just happy they BOTH got my back.
Surgery in 2 days....Eeeeek. I had an army of friends n family over yesterday to help me sanitize my house....I have a tiny apartment so it took an army like 5mins to get it "hospital clean" in here. Shout out giant THANKS to all the homies, and all you ladies who have supported me. Wish me luck! SX on Tuesday!

Had Surgery this morning

Hi all, I made it! Surgery went great no problems. My mom, my man and my best friend are here taking care of me. Haven't seen anything yet ????I'm stuck in this faja for a few days. Still super woozy. So I will post another review tomorrow. I got 325cc silicone with donut lift....then lipo and fat transfer to the booty....ill post again tomorrow with photos

Faja prison

I swear I'm institutionalized by this faja...I hate it but I DREAD taking it off. Had my follow up yesterday with Dr H physicians assistant....she said everything looks amazing.....she had to take the faja off to look and I couldn't get it on fast enough. I took these pics yesterday but I feel like it does no justice. Having my first massage today but I'm happy to say I haven't at all. Swollen as all hell but not juicing. Oy. BM is a whole other story....I'm determined to poo today, I'm just soooooo dry and constipated and thirsty ans miserable! Anyway I'll post when I can ladies meanwhile I've got this to share.

Massage and post op #2

Hi gals! Had my first massage yesterday.....relief like no other! It's so worth it. She is coming again on, I DID NOT all. BUT I pee like crazy. I'm talking solid stream for 3 mins straight. After the massage my bowels are working so much better but I am not juicy enough to ooze. Massages are a must though, juicy or not ....I have 3 more scheduled. Replaced the foams in my faja today with my fancy back pad. Considering putting in the ab board maybe tomorrow. Obsessively massaging my boobs and taking vitamin E to soften any scar tissue. Just gotta keep working them....ok ready...first pics!

Quick Tips

NO SALT...just don't
Drink more water.....more.
Walk around drink coffee...gotta move
Ice ALWAYS HELPS (especially "down there")
Massages are a must! Seriously do it.

Stay on a schedule! Set alarms, wake up to take rx through the night, don't miss it.
Oatmeal is just enough for taking rx and settling tummy.
Take arnica & bromelin
Take stool softener (senna lax)
Take vitamin E (no scar tissue)
Take digestive enzymes (eat pineapple too)

First shower:
Don't be scared, just don't face the water. Use the hibiclens. Dry steri strips with hair dryer. Use neosporin on wounds. SHOWER FEELS GREAT

Take your rx! Don't try to be a hero, u need sleep.
Remember I'm doing double recovery, got new boobs and new do I lay down without ruining my results?....well, I'm using a truck tire inner tube and sleeping on my back with my booty through the middle. Pool inner tube hole is too small you really need a tire. Then I just stack pillows all around under my head back and knees. The tire contacts your lower back and thighs relieving pressure from the booty.
The shaped back board I have is brilliant. (See supplies) stay compressed. Massage your boobs! Have someone squeeze your feet to keep the circulation strong.

Still looking the same as the last picture update so no photos today. Just know that I'm swollen beyond all belief from my top to my bottom. Boobies are soft but sore
....all i see is bloody tape. .Ew. don't worry I will report when there is something to report..... 1 week follow up on Tuesday hoping to remove stitches then

Day 9 Post Op

Hey all,
      Where do I start? Got all lipo stitches out yesterday at my appointment with the PA, haven't seen dr H yet. PA says I look fantastic, no complications Yada yada....but what of the surgery report?
        I have yet to discover the dirty details of my surgery, how many ccs aspirated and transferred? Was I a dick under anesthesia? Lol why did my best friend pass the F out? (Ol girl saw me in recovery and hit the floor lol) it was pandemonium but she's fine it's funny now. Apparently the surgery report takes some time to generate anyway.
        Waking up: is hard to do. .....literally. morning boob sucks, they just feel stiff and sore. The lipo incisions are itchy in the AM. Coffee, however, is your best friend. If you werent a coffee drinker before, start after surgery. It helps you poop, it helps get the blood flowing , itll even settle your stomach some. Just get u some coffee and go for a walk.
         Shower: a gift from God. Feels so good. Don't face the water at first, just let it trickle over your shoulders, use the hibiclens lightly. If you have to wash your hair do that first, and then put your hair up and wash your body. If you had lipo, end the shower with cold water. It's not particularly pleasant but you feel great after because the swelling subsides. When you get out , towel-dry gently with a clean towel every time.... then put your hair dryer on low and cool and dry your incisions, tape and Lady bits like that. After ur dry apply polysporin .....You really want to have everything dry before you put anything back on though. Also before you get in the shower , take all of your foams and spray them with Lysol.....air dry. Don't want any bacteria riding in on your compression stuffing..... wash the faja when you can and use that time to just dry out and walk around naked , feels really good.
      Food: PROTEIN! Hard boiled eggs are the bomb. It's just enough protein and food to take your medicine and feel better and you only have to take about three bites to finish it. Trust me I love food but it's kind of hard to force it down after surgery. Make sure you have the protein guys..... I went to my follow-up and the PA said that my blood pressure was low and I wasn't getting enough protein , my skin coloring was off.... for me that's crazy. I always have high blood pressure, don't know why I just do. It was really weird to hear her tell me that my blood pressure was low and that I needed more salt. I've been avoiding salt like the devil , swelling scares me....but it's actually pretty ok.
Swelling: They told me I could take the compression socks off about 2 days after. I took them off, and my legs swelled a little bit. Nothing serious, but it was really uncomfortable so I just put the compression socks back on , problem solved.
 So the first day after surgery, the PA took all the foams out of my Faja. Also they were glued to me like stickers. PA said I didn't need them anymore and the faja was doing its job. After trolling real self for a year, I convinced myself that she had no idea what she was talking about and I replaced the foams as soon as I got home..... keep in mind I have not been juicy at leakage. I stuffed myself with my backboard and foams 360......oy big mistake. You know those little toys that you squeeze and their eyes pop out? That was me. I suffered for about a day when I realized I was taking it too far. Yes compression is super important, but there is such a thing as too much, be careful. I took out the foams and now I'm wearing only the faja and the backboard. I will start the ab board when the swelling is almost gone. Feeling much better.

Sensation: left nipple is feeling everything, right nipple not so much. I get little twinges every now and then throughout my breast which is good, it's the nerves trying to talk to each other again. Being sweaty sucks.... the faja material is super gangster but hot out here in 116 degrees Southern California. Showers are key and don't forget to wash your bed sheets.

Massage: start on your breast right away. Want to keep them soft, it's the best way to avoid CC. I'm deathly afraid of CC. If you had lipo hire a massage therapist to help with lymphatic drainage, swelling and stress. My massage therapist is a true healer, if you need her contact info just direct message me. If not, have your boyfriend , or your girlfriend, or your friend, or mom or whatever help you out with massage. Especially with the breasts , it will be good for you to have someone else know exactly what your breast feel like, in case there's any change. That way if one day something feels different (capsule contracture) * makes the sign of the cross turns around and spits and knock on wood* you can catch it as early as possible.

Sleeping: ok girls, I'm a tummy sleeper, my life sucks right now. I have brand new bolt ons in the front, and this foreign mass of transferred booty in the back. I'm not supposed to sleep on either so what the hell do I do? I'll tell you, sleep with your ass in a tire. I shit u not, get an inner tube from Walmart blow it up how you like it, put it on the bed under a sheet. Put a super soft blanket in the middle of the donut, pillows above and pillows below. Put your butt in the donut hole , and prop up your head and feet until you're comfy. The inner tube will touch you on the back of your thighs and the small of your back relieving all the pressure from your bum. It's actually kind of cool because you get that lower back compression also. It's not 5 Star comfort but I can sleep all the way through the night.

Lastly drink water until it's a chore. You need it. WHEW. Long post to make up for the few days that I didn't post. I'm really really happy with my results. My dr is an artist he left minimal bruising and his staff is trained up right. So what, I paid to be barbie, I regret NOTHING. Message me with any questions, I'm a teacher so I'll tell you anything you want to know

3 weeks post Op

Hey all! I haven't updated because honestly I'm still looking the same. Swollen but the bruising is gone. I have a few pics but the swelling don't do them justice. I feel like barbie but I think I have another week before you all will see it.
BUT.....last week i was cleared to sit! No more BBL pillow to sit or tire to sleep! I was beside myself when the PA said I'm good to sit on my new booty. Almost didn't believe her but I've been sitting all week and I still have my booty! Granted, I didn't get a huge addition. Also I have been freed of my Faja! YAY that horrible prison. But it doesn't matter because I am still using compression with a different garment. Went to JC PENNY hot me some spanx! Works great. So now I'm rocking Spanx with back board and ab foam.....during the day I add a lil extra compression with the waist clincher over top. Not comfy but does the job.....sweaty as the Devils armpit but what can you do? Lol
On that same day she removed all stitches from my breasts and cleared me for scar treatment on lipo incisions. Honestly those silicone strips are bomb, one of my lipo scars is damn near impossible to find and I just rocked that strip for about 6 days.
Really swollen today, it comes and goes, breasts are soft, I massage CONSTANTLY way more than 5X5X5, my man helps lol. Morning boob sucks, stiff and kinda sore but all better after morning massage. Measurements are unchanged yet, still swollen. But I will update again next week.....until then....

Nightmares & update

Whew, the struggle is real! Had a horrible boobie nightmare last night. Dreamed that my implant slipped out from under my muscle (damn near impossible) and turned my breast hard and pointy like a Madonna costume! Lord help me I woke up sweaty and massaging my breasts lol.
So I feel great! The swelling comes and goes (they aren't joking swelling has a mind of its own) but I'm happy to say it's less "coming" more "going" at this point. I love my shape, it's athletic slim and shapely. Remember dolls, I wasn't on a quest for that badonkadonk, I just had back fats that made me look square.
So! No more faja, Ive been sitting for over a week, and I'm almost ready to start scar treatment on the breasts. I'm wearing spanx with ab foam and back board. And using scar treatments on all lipo scars (band aid). Feeling good still swollen grrrrrrrr. Booty looks perfect, i know its not huge but i didnt want huge....even still it needs to drop n fluff, you can see the addition plainly when I flex. Breasts are soft and perfect sized, I think they dropped already? Who cares I love them! Measurements: 36 bust (same as before), 26 (was 29), 36 (was 35)! Hoping to lose one more inch off waist, I think I will cuz I'm still swollen. Loving my new body and it will only get better! Love my dolls thanks for the support xxxx

8 weeks!

Hi all! I waited to post until 8 weeks because I felt like I was still struggling get at week 6. I feel great! First I have to shout out to my doctor! Dr. Hardesty is the bomb! He gave me EXACTLY what I asked for!
So details: dr H gave me the surgery report, aspirated around 1600ccs abdominal put 1200cc back (in the trunk lol). I'm still wearing compression because honestly, it just feels better. Swelling is real and it sticks around. Scar sheets are working slowly (I'll post pics of that later) my booty is booty full (boyfriend loves it). I didn't lose any and it's already nice n jiggly.
Went to Victoria's Secret....34DD. Niiiiiice. (Boyfriend loves them) I wear the scar sheets as much as possible....the permenant purse string suture in my areolas is currently rubbing on a nerve but I know the scar tissue will mature soon. I massage still like crazy and I've started to stretch my pectoral muscles which helps a ton. Overall I'm extatic with my results and I recommend my doctor. I would love all your questions....xxxxx

Before and Afters!

Wanted to post some side by sides. The after pics are at post op 8 weeks. So please keep in mind that I'm still swelling. I'm between 26-27" waist. 37" hips, 36" bust...but I feel like it's pointless to measure until final results around 3 months. Anyway, love to my Hardesty dolls and everyone else who has supported me. I will post another review at 3months.
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hardesty passed my tests. The man knows what hes talking about after 30 yrs. Also, after seeing his work with cases similar to mine, I was convinced he has the skill to take on my tricky tataas. I had slightly tuberous breasts. Also got a BBL simultaneously. I think Dr Hardesty is the man! He is skilled enough to handle it.....he understands subtlety, proportion, aesthetics, and he is a visionary....he knew exactly what I wanted and delivered...this type of double procedure is no small task. I'm very happy with my results. He literally did everything I wanted. I feel so lucky.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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