500cc Breast Implants, Eye Lids and Brow Lift - Riverside, CA

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I wasn't going to write a review and share my...

I wasn't going to write a review and share my experiences, but during my research, I keep coming back to this site. It only seems fair to share and post my before and after.
I often have thought about plastic surgery, but never though I would actually have the nerve or money to do it. I'm now 45 and wished I would of thought about this more seriously ten years ago, but here I am, YOLO! For about a year now, I have been super dedicated to going to the gym and eating right, which resulted in two sizes smaller and ten pounds off the scale. I know by the way my clothes fit that the weight has come off all over, but I swear it came off of only my boobs..LOL. I was a B, but now for sure an A. Therefore I started seriously thinking of breast implants. I did a TON of research on the web and asking those I know who had done it. After consulting with three different surgeons, I picked the first one I consulted with, Dr. Hardesty, at www.imagineplasticsurgery.com. I liked him from the start, but I needed two more opinions to feel like I really did my homework. With that being said, I have decided to go with silicone gel, high profile implants under the muscle, going through the nipple. Probably 450's, I want to be a small D. My last pre surgery appointment is on 11/6, I'll make the finale decision then. After I had made up my mind on the implants, I started thinking of my eyes, the whole "while I'm at it, I might as well" attitude started settling in. My eye lids have always been droopy due to a family trait, and with the brow lift I will get the maximum results. I talked it over with my husband and he kept saying, if you don't do it now you probably won't, so again, YOLO.

Pre Op

My appointment went very well. The implant sizers I like best were the 450, and since it's going under the muscle you are to add 10%. With my height I can go a little larger, so it's going to be 500 moderate profile, which should give me the most cleavage and full breast. BTW, I'm 5'7" and weigh 130. I'm getting excited, just two weeks away. Got all the perceptions filled, PS gave me Arnica and Bromelain, which was nice, Oh and I will be getting the pain pump for free, most charge $300-500 extra. The other two PS I spoke to didn't want to use it. The more I read about it the more I wanted it. It will numb the pocket the first two days which will really help with the pain. Reports say pain level for most without between 1-10 average is 7, with it average is 4. I'll take it thank you very much!

500 cc too big?

Freaking out, 500 cc is gonna look too fake and big on me. Made an appointment for another consultation. I'm thinking 425cc moderate profile. Made new rice sizers, which are 400 cc, still a little big. They say add 10% because your muscles flattens them out, 425's should work. Will update after I talk with my PS.

Sticking with the 500's

After a little freak out, I saw the my PS again tonight and decided my first decision was the right one. I'm sticking with the 500's silicone moderate profile. Size is such a hard thing to figure out. The sizer they have in the office are so much better than rice or anything else. I'm now ready to take the plunge....10 days and counting!

24 hours and counting

I can't believe my surgery is in 24 hours. A journey started long ago is about to hit it's climax. Very excited, and a little scared of the recovery time and process. Everyone heals differently, and with three different surgeries at once, I know I'm in for a world of hurt. I also know I'm in good hands, Dr Hardesty is one of the best there is.

I want to thank everyone who has posted their journey. This site has helped me in more ways than I can express. The good and bad stories all help, there is something to learn from them all.

Next post....the after pics...WooooooHooo!!!!

So far so good

Procedure went well, boobie are just what I expected but for head hurts more than evoeted, but even after one day Ivan tell in was worth it,,, very happy so far,

LOL that post was on the phone, sorry for the typos

My eyes look scary, but besides the little strings they attach, they feel good, forehead hurts the most. It's day two and it hurts less, and from others pictures I've seen my bruising isn't bad. Can't wait to heal and see the true results!

Feel Great!!

If I got just my boobs done, I could of gone back to work on Monday, my surgery was on Friday morning 7am. Been busy, my mom and dad came in on tuesday to help with Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm having Thanksgiving at my house, so haven't up dated my profile much, but here is the run down so far.

Night one was on pain meds and all the other meds, but only broth so by midnight I was sick to my stomach, and thank you hubby for putting the pan by my side, beause I needed it. Felt fine after I got that out of my system. Day two had oatmeal before meds, and felt fine all day, but took my pain killers every 6 hours. Oh and ice, ice, ice. Every couple of hours I iced my face and boobs day 1 and 2. Got bottom stitches out of my eyes day 2, thank God, very annoying. Day 3, figured out the pain killers where giving me a worst headache than the stitches in my head, so switched to Tylenol, so much better, still ice on the face every couple of hours for as long as I can stand it. Day 4 stiches out of the inner corner eyes, another big relife, they were starting to itch, happy happy day, feel great, Tylenol once in the am and before bed for slight headace, no other pain, just tightness in my chest, feels good to massage, been doing that almost as much as ice. I can see the results in my eyes and can't wait to get the rest of the stitches out and bruising gone. Very Happy with the whole ordeal so far and I know it will only get better from here.

Brow Lift Story

I should start another profile for just my eye lids and brow lift because that was a way bigger deal than my boobs. Things to think about before a Brow Lift rule #1 Get a hair cut with bangs before surgery. I had long side bangs and PS said two small incisions on each side, well I don't call 2 inches small and with only side bangs on one side with hair parted on the side, that wasn't going to hide the scars until completely healed not to mention the stitches...which come out on day 10. So today I go to a haircutting place, and asked the girl if she was freaked out easily, she said no, so showed her my head stitches and told I had my horns removed and needed bangs. She was freaked out... LOL. I was with my mom and daughter (16), we all got hair cuts, and thank goodness the only customers in the shop. By the end I had the all the girls around me looking at my before and afters and told my whole story. It was fun to share, but the poor hairdresser was so afraid of hurting me.

Also beware that the top of your head will be numb for awhile, feels weird to brush or shampoo your hair. I have read some stories still numb after 6 months, but I already feel a little more than I did a couple of days ago, so I feel positive it will come back soon, will remember to ask PS at next appointment what the average is. Keep you posted!!

Day 4 Pictures

Day 4 Brow Lift Stitches

Day 5 new Hair Cut

Still no makeup, only a little bit under eyes

Day 5

1 week More stitches out

I got the stitches out of the corner of my eyes today!! Just have the big nasty ones on my hair line left to come out and those will be removed on Monday, can't wait. My right eye came out perfect, but my left eye still droops a bit. PS said give it 3 months and if it still doesn't match the right eye he can fix it in the office, no extra cost, was very glad to hear that!! LOVE my PS. I go back to work on Monday, and my bruising isn't completely gone, still trying to figure out the best makeup techniques :)

The girls are doing great, only one week so still have a long way to go, but incisions look great so far and they don't hurt as long as I keep massaging them. Mornings are the worst, I massage before bed, middle of the night if I go pee and first thing in the morning. Also through out the day, my family teases me I'm going to forget and start grabbing myself at work LOL. Can't wait for them to drop n fluff!!

Day 8 Before and After

Just like my original boobies, my left is lower than my right. hopefully when they finish dropping I will be a lil more even.

Day 10 Eyes

First day back to work. I feel great. I must be lucky because I haven't had to take Advil or anything for the last couple of days and my bathroom activity has been normal since day 3. So many stories I have read where they had issues with that. Got my ugly forehead stitches out this morning, woo hoo. Now time the just sit back and wait for everything to heal, drop and fluff!. Adjusted my band to just my right side to help that one settle like my left. Top of head still numb, but that takes awhile to come back, oh a still a little numb where my lashes meet my lids, feels funny to put on makeup, doc says that is all normal and should feel normal with in another month or so.

Day 14

Feeling great, just waiting for the girls to drop in a bit more and fluff out. Very happy with size and the way boobies and eyes are healing.

One month and very happy so far

eyes 4 weeks

Dr. Hardesty is wonderful. I had two consultations and two Pre Op appointments with him and he is very detailed oriented, he will spend as much time as you need explaining the details. He is the former Chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) and affiliated hospitals. He has trained over 30 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons located all over southern California. (Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Orange County and throughout the United States) He is the founder of the first nationally accredited and integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Training Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) and affiliated hospitals. He holds an academic rank of clinical professor at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and is double board certified in both Plastic and General Surgery. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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