33 Years Old Married 2 Kids, 155 Lbs, 5'7".. 600ccs Coming in Less Than a Week! Riverside, CA

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Hi Ladies! I thought that I would share my story!...

Hi Ladies! I thought that I would share my story! Just like all of you I have wanted implants since the beginning of time! After both kids sucked me dry I knew that it would be time ! I did not have any rec commendation for my doctor but fell in love with his stats and his staff. When I tried on the sizers I was set at 550 ccs saline high profile under the muscle. Then when I got home I did my rice sizers and forms that 600ccs were more me. So at my pre op my doctor said that I would need to go out to 660ccs if I wanted to 600 look. I signed off on 660. When I went home I began to get super scared about the # of cc.. That just sounds huge. I needed up calling back and going down to 600. Oh by the way I am currently a deflated 34 C/B I have a curved figure too! I'm so incredibly nervous all of a sudden. The fact of being put under for something that is voluntary is starting to worry me. I just want 5/19 to hurry up and get here already! Just hoping that I'm making the right decision.

It's go time

Currently in route! I'll post an update when I'm all done! 600 ccs here I come!

Day 3 update

Well I made it and so far super happy with the results. I'm having a hard time massaging but I guess it will get better over time. My left boob is also much higher than my right. How is everyone else doing?

Day 4 pics!

Leftie is still riding high! But I'm so in love!

Day 5 a little obsessed!

Leftie still high ! Dr appt tomorrow am so I will see what they say . I love them :)

9 days post op!

I seriously have a swimsuit fetish! I can't stop buying new ones andddd Victoria secret has 40percent off swim! The struggle!

As far as my pain goes.. It's still there. They feel really tight most of the day unless I massage them. My doctor wants me to do 5 different exercises for five minutes each .. 5 times a day! Who has time for that.. I sure don't! But I massage a little most of the day! I am happy with the size but honestly thought I would be somewhat bigger.. But I'm happy and hubby is happy so that's all that matters.

Day 13

Hi ladies! Well I think I have fallen into the boob greed trap! My doctor told me to go with 660cc but I felt that the number was too large so I went with 600cc. Now I feel like they look small. I wanted a large D to DD . I think that I will end up there but now wishing for bigger! Oh well ???? I guess I will enjoy these for at least 10 years.
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