37 Year Old Mother of 4 Children, Getting Breast Augmentation and Lipo - Riverside, CA

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Decided after years of wanting fuller breast and a...

Decided after years of wanting fuller breast and a smaller waist to save up and get a little something for me. I have 4 children and having breast fed them all, my breast have lost some volume and slightly sag a bit. My tummy area isn't too bad but I want to fix what dieting and exercising couldn't.

Any advice for breast augmentation and liposuction

I really need advice for my 2 procedures I'll be getting in about two months. Breast Aug and Lipo of the abdomen, flanks. What are the best things to buy to prepare, and how is the pain?

Before pics

Here are the best before pics that I can get while I still currently deployed. There is nothing but small square mirrors in the makeshift bathrooms they have for us and I can only see my head. So it was really hard to get a good angle of my body and boobs. I am currently 5'2 and 160 lbs, I wear a 36C or 34D at VS. I really don't have any bras from elsewhere. I would like to be a full C or small D. And I wouldn't love for Dr. Hardesty to bring my waist and hips in. I like my booty( sorry I couldn't get a back shot) and any fat I want off of it I will do with more dieting and exercising.

Side view of my abdomen area.

Another before pic of my tummy area. I really want the lipo in the upper abdomen to flatten in out a lot. A tummy tuckI know I should get but I don't want the scar, so I want to try lipo first. I am not concerned so much with taking away stretch marks but to look better in my clothes. And Please excuse these before pics and the background. It's hard to live in a small space with 7 other women in bunk beds, yes deploymenta suck.

Before pic -Side view

I had trouble loading the pic for the above up description. And what I'm wanting

Best Compression Garment (need tips and advice)

Ok my liposuction dolls/vets! I need to know the best advice on compression garments and which is the best to get. Should I get one before surgery, wait till after surgery etc. I will be home from my deployment in about two weeks and I'll be quite busy trying to spend as much time with my family, plus a short surprise weekend getaway with my wonderful husband since he is back at home taking care of the kids. Soooooo I am trying to prepare and buy all that I will need before I get back. I've purchased, lipo foam, arnica gel and pills, scar sheets for the BA and scar gel. This website has been super helpful reading all the post about what other women have already purchased. But I'm so confused on about what garment will be best So any advice or tips I will definitely welcome it. 5'2 153 lbs

1 month till my surgery (need a good post-op diet)

I getting exited and scared at the same time, I've never had any elective surgery before and I'm just praying that doing something like this goes well. I'm doing this for Me because I want to feel better about me and how I look. I love my body and proud of what I got, but want to improve what age and kids has done and what the gym hasn't be able to. So my question to any prior surgery vets that have done lipo, how did you keep it off? I don't want to waste my hard earned money after I get the lipo of my waist, flanks and now bra roll (I'm going to ask if the dr. can hit that for me lol). I need a reasonable diet plan that is workable for a busy working Mother/Wife of four kids. I always wondered does juicing help? I've tried Herbalife but I didn't quite stick with it, it was ok.....never done any protein shakes, etc. My workout is pretty good due to my job and my great workout partners at work, we go an hour during work 3 times a week. I can also step that up and go more often after the surgery when the dr. gives me the green light. Just trying to get some advice if anyone has any on good diet tips.

Recent before pics and wish pics

Less than one week to go til surgery!

So I had my pre-op appt on Wednesday and it went pretty good. Got to meet Dr. Hardesty's PA Chelsea and she was really nice and informative, got my finger pricked and vitals checked and finally before pictures taken. Then I played around with the implant inserts and decided on 350cc's because it looked really good in the bra and t-shirt. Dr Hardesty came in after and looked over my paperwork and looked at my breast and body and decided on 385cc's for me since my implants will be under the muscle. He said my breast looked great and I wouldn't need a lift. So I'm pretty much set! Oh yeah my surgery has been moved up to Tuesday the 28th instead of the 29th due to the anesthesiologist going out of town. But that's ok, I'm ready. And took some before photos since I didn't get the ones from
my pre-op appt.

Surgery day!

Ok on my way for surgery in about 15 mins. I'm kinda nervous so I'm going to take the Valium Dr. H prescribed. Wish me luck dolls. If possible I post a pic afterwards if I'm not in too much pain.

2 days Post-Op!

Ok I've made it two days past my BA and lipo to the abs and flanks. When I was in recovery oh I felt it! And Lawd did it hurt! My chest was burning and heavy. But yesterday was much better, walked around the house some, ate had my postop appt and took my meds. I did my first set of breast massages and the left is high and the incision hurts a bit. But at my appt. tomorrow I'm going to address that with the PA. Also had my lymphatic massage today at home and although it was a tad painful it seemed to feel good afterwards and I wasn't so stiff.

3 days post-op and second dr. appt.

Had my second post-op dr. appt and things are going well the PA says. I told her that the left boob is a bit more sore at the incision site and more red than the right. She said all is well keep up with the breast massage and she likes that my breast are softening up really nice. No more lipo foam, yay! And I get to shower. So finished the shower and now in the faja I bought because the first garment the dr. gave me is just to loose. I'm extremely swollen so I'm hoping the compression from the garment I have on now will help and not be too tight. It was a beast to get into and my daughter had to help me. I'm still taking my bromelin and arnica pills, also rubbed Arnica gel I bought in my tummy area which is kinda bruised. Loving my breast so far.

1week and the swelling!

1 week post-op and also had my week 1 appt. yesterday. Things seem to be healing nicely as far as the boobies, I really like them! Got my lipo stitches out and checked my implant incisions which are healing nice too (didn't get a pic of those yet). Still keeping up with my massages 5 times a day for 5 minutes and now starting to massage my tummy area to help with swelling and a hard small lump I felt on the flank area. I'm still pretty sore and this swelling is the worst! I swear it's the devil and so is the faja I purchased! I know I need the compression and the first garment from Dr. H is too big, but the faja I got myself is just too tight it creases and digs into my body at the natural curve in my back above my booty which makes it crease and hurt at my waist. Ugh I feel defeated by this swelling because it's a tad painful, and I'm watching my salt intake like a hawk. So I'm going to get the first CG taken in and wear my tummy control panty when it's washing. I know it's only been 8 days but when will the swelling subside more. I really wish Dr. H used drains or left the lipo incisions open so the fluid could be pushed out.

Boob photos

The left one is still a little high. Gotta massage it more. Please forgive my messy mirror.

8 weeks and loving it so far

Hey there dolls and any Dr. Hardesty dolls! It's been so long since I updated my review, but I'm just past 8 weeks now. So here is the skinny on what's been going on. I was dying at the end of the 2 week and took the advice from my Hardesty girls and by the 3rd week I was feeling normal, I went back to work on July 15th and it was a tad bit rough but I made it and I'm back in the groove of things. My 6 week follow up appt went well and my BA scars are healing great as well as my lipo incisions. I do have an internal stitch that is close to the surface skin area that hasn't dissolved and it is a slight bumb at the incision line. It itches some burns just a bit when I'm lying on my side. But other than that I'm in love with my boobies and waist contour! I have a little more of a pronounced pooch because Dr. H took a lot of fat out of my upper abdomen it seems like and not much from the lower area. But hey I'm happy anyway! I do have some wrinkly skin which I was expecting but I'm ok with that too. Since I'm back at work I get to work out for an hour during work (perks of being in the Air Force) and just started yesterday with 30 mins on the elipptical and today again. Not too shabby, but with taking 2 months off from working out I need to get back at it. But over all I'm happy, I have some sore areas in the tummy area from the Lipo but I keep up with the messages and they start to feel better. Dr. Hardesty'a office gave me 3 sessions of velashape for free so I get that done on the 29th, I hoping it will help with the loose skin in the tummy area and the pooch. We shall see. Thanks to all my dolls for any advice or tips with my journey so far.

Incision scars at 4 weeks

Just a few photos I forgot of my incision scars. I wear my silicone scar sheets daily and they truly do help a lot. This photos were a month ago and the scars under both breast look even better today. I will take some update my photos of them tonight.
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

My consult with Dr. Hardesty was absolutly awesome. I went to see him last September 2015 for my first consult, my surgery is scheduled for late June 2016. He is very patient and detalied, he answers any questions you have and spends time teaching you about how he does the procedure you are asking for and what may be best for you. My visit was about and hour and a half. His staff is great and and follows up with you immediately. Loved his attitude and can't wait for my surgery.

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