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I've always liked working out and keeping my body...

I've always liked working out and keeping my body fit. Got used to wearing whatever i wanted, and being happy with myself in a bikini.
After i had my baby girl, who born very big, i noticed my belly wasn't getting back in shape as in other friends or acquaintances. It had a bit of extra skin, but that never bored me much. The biggest problem was that it wasn't flat anymore, it was like i was still 4 months pregnant and i wasn't feeling nice in my clothes anymore, even after time passed by.
I came back to the gym 6 months after she was born, got everything toned again but my
Then i started reading about it and found out i had a diastasis recti (why no one ever told me about it before lol?!) and with some exams i found the umbilical hernia too. I realized i needed a surgery to fix it, and no working out would bring my belly back.

Then i went to the doc who made my breast implants, cause i trust him. But it got me sooo frustrated. I was full of hopes since i was thin, and had just this little problem. But it didnt work this way, there i listened that i would need a full TT, to fix the skin above my belly button too and repair my muscles, a mini wouldn't be enough. And since i was thin, i wouldn't have enough skin to do it, so i would get a little vertical scar too, plus the belly button one. What? I thought "Wow, i don't know if i'll get more bored by the scars or the belly lol". Cause i know my skin is dark and scars usually don't get so invisible. I decided to think about it and spent another big time still feeling bad about myself and not excited about summer anymore till my hb supported me and insisted i should hear a second opinion. I wasn't much excited in the beginning since i really readed about that method and i knew my doc was very reasonable. But i went on another, just for an opinion.
Wow, it was the best thing i made! I didn't even tell about my first opinion in the beginning, and he gave me ther perfect solution, and said it was an easy thing!
He suggested me a mini TT, said he could fix the muscle yes, the hernia too, and without leaving any scars on my belly button, cause he would detach it from the muscle and fixate again just a bit lower, not needing to release it from skin. And my belly scar would be inside my tanline, perfect!

Well, i started running to get all the pre- operatory exams and booking it.
And today was the day!!!
Wanted to share it since i readed many stories in here and saw many pics too, and it helped me much. And to show that it's always good to hear as many opinions as you need, it's your body!
Not to mention about the ppl that sometimes says it's such a small problem to worry about, since you're not that overweight. If it bothers you, you have the right to change, and feel happy with yourself! :)


I'll show some pics of how i was before pregnant (in a carnival outfit) and how i was looking right before my surgery. There's a pregnancy and almost 2 years of eating totally wrong in between lol. I hope after time i can get back to how it was...

Photos didn't go

First Days

The first moment after surgery at the hospital was a piece of cake, i was worried about how i would feel but i felt really fine, considering all that was messed up. The first night though was helllll...Not for the belly itself, but for the back. I just had no position! Maybe the bed was too soft, i don't know, and also the compressive thing around me was so so tight, i was just praying for the morning to come soon, so i could meet my doctor again and come home with my back pain.

First day at home was better in this aspect, i could put myself the way i wanted in my bed without the urine drain, medication connections and those inflating boots for the blood circulation pissing me off. The back pain is still here, but i'm more free to try searching a position at least. And gas, soooo much gas. I feel like i'm a baloon lol.

Umbilical Floating

Since we get lots of free time to read and research about surgeries here after we do our ones lol, i've found the right name for my procedure: A tummy tuck with UMBILICAL FLOATING. I've never heard of this method before my doc proposed me that, but i saw there are other ones here! Now i wonder about the problems, if my belly button isn't too low, or if it will look natural, or if i will still have too much skin and look like i've done nothing. Thinking, thinking.....

Drains out!

Yesterday i went to my doc and he took my drains off. Wow, it's so much better to walk around without having to worry about it! One step forward lol!
When he pulled it out i felt like it was glued to me lol, it was impossible not releasing an "ouch!". He also explained me to be quiet for now, otherwise i would produce much seroma, wich is caused by your skin rubbing on your belly muscles before they get connected again.
Otherwise i would have to go there again to take it out by punction, and i reeeeeally don't feel like it lol.

Pos Photos

Here it is some pics of the after. I went for my shower today and took them. I took some the day before but my belly was still so full of marks, and my belly button looking so strange, i prefered to go to my doc appointment to see if everything was alright before posting it.
I can say i'm already happy with it. my belly button is not too low, and although it still looks weird to me, my doc explained it's still too compressed, and also i'm still in the swelling moment.
Can't wait for time to pass byyyy....

No news...

Well, there are no news in the last days, just the same routine of being laid all day long, having to control myself to not play with my little girl too much or do many things at home the way i was used to lol. Never thought i would miss that!
The back pain was my worst enemy, and it still bothers me, but i confess it got better in these days. The belly looks the same, i think i'm in the "stuck" moment people get anxious wanting to see changes. I have an appointment with the doc on june 4 to take out the stitches and see how things are going on. I hope he liberates me to do other things like walking more or going out a bit lol, i'm so bored and afraid of creating seroma at the same time....

Things are not that well...

Today when i took the binder off for a shower i noticed my belly kinda poochy under my belly button, right above the scar. I bounced it a bit with my figertips and it looked like a waterbed lol, kinda shaking. I knew it was seroma, and i will have to do a punction (me cries). At least it's really at the bottom, where i still can't feel much anything.
I don't know if that's the reason but my whole belly hurts a bit, like when you hit something and it gets purple. I head that when it gets drained the pain go away. But it's not thaaat bad, i can survive lol.
The scar also went to another level of cicatrization i think, now it started to create scabs, and it hurts sometimes when i move and itches too. But i think it's a good sign :)

I posted some pics of the scar, it looks worst in the pics then live. Live everything seens dry, although i pulled some scabs acidentally while cleaning.

It's not so small considering it was a mini. But since it was a mini with muscle repair since right under my breasts, i imagined he needed a larger incision to acess the area and close the muscles. But i'm happy it's pretty low and exactly inside my tanline :)

I'm also worried with my bb, it seens so wrinkled to me... But like he said, i'm still too compressed by the binder, making if look like a vertical hole when i take it off.

Can't wait for the appointment and see the news...


I just saw i didn't tell about my last appointment. He took my stitches after 12 days (it wasn't 15 yet but they looked pretty good already) and had to drain some liquid from the bottom of my belly. It wasn't much, but it really made a difference! And it didn't hurt at all, since my belly isn't much sensitive yet. Anyway i didn't look at the seringe lol :D
The stitches hurted more, my doc is not much delicate lol, and it felt like they were glued inside me when he pulled it out, ouch!
He also liberated me from the micropore tapes, since they were irritating my skin already. Just putting some gauzes on it to protect for now. He said that in 15 days (next appointment) i would start using the silicon tape.
About me: For now i'm bothered by the liquid that seens to acumulate under my belly button. I don't know if i'll need to drain it again or if the body will take care of it alone. I also started having draining massage sessions with a professional i knew already, it helps the lymphatic system to work better and surely will help with the liquid.
I also have some hard and sensible spots around my belly button that seen to be fibrosis. Maybe due to the internal stitches. The massage can help with that too.
Besides the liquid that makes my belly not that flat and the painful hard spots i feel fine about it. Having to control myself not to do home work or help with things when i see they are becoming chaos lol. The ones with young kids will understand what i mean lol.

Belly Button Tip

Ah! The girl that comes helping me with the draining massage sessions is used to do it on ppl who made abdominal surgeries, so she gave me a nice tip to prevent my belly button to look "sad" or too vertical: To take a piece of gauze, make a knot and twist the tips a bit, like making a little ball to put inside your belly button, so it doesn't get smashed by the binder when you have it closed. :)

Update with pics and scar

It's been a while i don't post pics so i decided to show how things are going on. Most of scabs have felt already, and i'm happy with what i see about the scar till now. It doesn't seen with any keloid, something i was really worried with. I have a new doc appointment this week, let's see what he says.
I have some purple bruises on my skin but it's not about the surgery, lol. It's just my huge clumsy dog who decided to play hard lol.
Dr. Júlio César Moschini

Very kind, gives you so much attention and is very conscient about your real problem. I would surely search him again if needed.

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