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I am 20 years old, and am currently a size 36I,...

I am 20 years old, and am currently a size 36I, and my doctor is going to reduce my breasts to 36C. My breasts are very saggy and my aerolas have slipped down and have stretched out to a huge size, not to mention I have had severe back problems for several years now, therefore a breast reduction is the next logical step. I am tired of having to keep excess weight on my body, so I can carry my horrible breasts around. I used to be active and fit, but now all my life is serving to my boobs, so I realise that for me it isn't as much a choice as a necessity. I am however, beyond scared as my surgery is in just a few days and I've never had a surgery before, but I am really looking forward to all the great things that the surgery will bring me. I will keep you all updated as I go through with this on Tuesday, the 7th.

Preparing for the surgery!

So tomorrow is surgery day, so I'm attaching some pictures to this review, so all of you can see how big my boobs really are. I think by now I have seen every possible story of breast reduction available online and seen every youtube video on it.... so I guess you could say that I'm pretty nervous. I am more excited than anything though. I have been waiting for this for so long, I can't wait to not have the backpain and not have to squeeze myself in bras that don't fit and not to have all the other problems too. I am slightly worried that my doctor hasn't given me much instructions, but he is supposed to be one of the best ones in the country, so I guess I will have to trust his expertise. I haven't been told to wash myself with anti-bacterial soap or to do any other preparation, really. I am, however, trying to still do all I can to ensure a speedy recovery. Luckily, my best friend and my boyfriend both will be there with me for the surgery, and my best friend's mum being a doctor herself, I am a little bit more at ease, because I know that I will get the help I need if anything goes wrong. I have had quite the weekend, as my tooth started to suddenly act up and I had to get my root canals cleaned and the whole tooth area is still quite sensitive, but I am trying to not let anything put me down. Also, just my luck, period is due to begin... yes, you guessed it - right before my surgery. Fun times, huh? Anyhow, I am nervous about the pain, but as my anesthesiologist told me to try to remain calm to not cause an asthma attack, I am trying to focus on what's at hand now and keeping myself busy. Will let you all know how the surgery went, when I feel well enough to go online and type all the experiences. :) Good luck to me, and good luck to all those who are getting their surgeries done this week too! p.s. Really can't wait to see those C-cups, it's been a while (last time I was a C-cup, I was 13) .

On the way to the hospital

Sitting in the car, driving to the hospital at the moment, thought I might as well update the few pre-op pictures some of you asked for. Here we go.

Nervous, but excited.

Already Home.

So it's been a day since my surgery, and I was let home this morning. Yesterday didn't go as smoothly as I had expected, as I found it difficult to recover from the general anesthesia. I did throw up twice after pain relievers and got hot flashes, where all my face and hair was covered in sweat in a few minutes. Not nice. Even right now, I still feel dizzy to walk and get up, so I just stay down.

The pain is always there, but mostly it's bearable. Oddly enough, my left breast hurts much more than the right one, but doc said that's normal.

I had a little sneak and peak when they were changing the bandaids this morning, but I somehow forgot to look for nipples. I was a bit drugged up, needless to say, but overall they looked a good shape and size... will be even better when the swelling goes down and they become even smaller.

My next check up is on the 14th, which is 6 days from now, so I hope I won't experience any problems til then.

Get ready for a rant post tomorrow, the doctor and the nurses warned me that day 3 will be the worst.. something to look forward to then... haha

Anyways, haven't regretted it yet, just waiting for the painful recovery to be over. I attached some pics, can't get any better than this until next check-up, as I am not allowed to touch the bandaids.

Almost forgot!

i had 1.050 and 1.030 kg removed from each breast. is it odd that I don't feel back pain relief yet? pain is pretty bad today.

Day 3 post-op

The pain got worse yesterday, but after taking some neurofen plus it was tolerable, today I awoke to crazy itchiness and backpain, as my body is just not used to sleeping on back for all these hours, I'm more of a sleep on my side and stomach person. I have to stay in this bandage until the 14th, which seems like forever away, and I don't get to see them until them either, not to mention how annoying this strong pressure is. Also, haven't had a BM since the day before the surgery, which is starting to get to me. All in all, I am a little grumpy today - with the pain, with impatience and with everything else going on. The night, however, was fine - didn't feel any pain in my breasts, only back from the uncomfortable position. I feel like I'll need a lot of massages after this.... I was doing this to get rid of the back pain, but ended up with more of it.... oh well, I guess things do get worse before they get better. My poor boyfriend has been doing everything he can to help me, and I've tried to stay positive for him, but today I can't help but to be a little grumpy. Hopefully he understands.

Can't wait for my post-op consultation on the 14th, when I can get into a surgical bra, instead of this horrible, tight bandage.

Cold flashes?

Been having these really strong cold flashes, where I am freezing to the point I feel like I am sitting in a fridge. Anyone else had anything like it? Not a very nice feeling. :(

1 week of happiness!

Just came back from my visit to the doctor's. Got my bandages removed, and he said everything is healing as quickly as it possibly could and that they're taking the stitches out next Monday and I can return to my normal routine then. Yay!

Haven't been able to take a picture of the breasts, where you can see the scars, as I still have some plasters over the breasts until at least Monday, but here are some pictures in the bra the doctor told me I have to wear for the next 3 weeks or so. Sorry for my weird shape, I have been super bloated last couple of days and feel like a balloon.

Although it's only been a week, I am already over the moon about the results. I feel normal. I have people notice my face before they look at my boobs, which has never happened before. All my clothes are way too baggy and I feel a lot more feminine, as my frame seems more proportional. I honestly cannot wait until I can hit the gym and get in shape again, because I finally can now! I feel like I have reclaimed my life by undergoing this surgery, and I am no longer emotionally, mentally and physically a slave to what life's given me. I feel empowered and I feel alive... for the first time in a very long time. Words can't describe all the good this surgery has done for me already... My vocal chords are opening up again, because my diaphragm is not being squished constantly, I can actually sing in tune again, which I've missed so much. I am wearing a bra, and I don't feel the straps digging into my shoulders or my boobs dragging my neck down.

Also, it's quite an amazing feeling to go into an underwear store and see bras that are WAAY too big for me. Usually I had the choice between two to three ugly grandma style bras that they had, but which were also not quite my size, only the closest I can get. No more of that!

The sports bra I am wearing now is a D-cup, but when the swelling goes down I'll be a full C-cup, which is exactly what I asked for. Happy.

To make my week even better, my lovely boyfriend proposed. Although not quite sure how I feel about it, we both know it's going to be a long engagement, as I feel way too young to get married, but it's still an amazing feeling, as he is the most amazing man I have ever met, always there for me too.

So here's to a new life, one where I am my own boss! Yay!

Hope all of you are doing well on your preparations and recoveries, and for anyone who is unsure -- If you think you probably want to do the surgery, do it! The pain is so minimal, and the benefits are so amazing!



Has anyone had this feeling that the stitches are pulling under the plasters? I can't even move, all the area around my new nipple is impossible to touch, because it feels like a stabbing, sharp pain. It doesn't feel right. It's the worst pain I've ever felt in my life and it only appeared yesterday after I went in to get my breasts cleaned and re-bandaged. Any opinions???

thanks in advance, I'm freaking out! xx

Infection, Open Wounds and the second surgery.

I know I suddenly disappeared of the face of the Earth, but ever since stuff started going wrong for me, it's been difficult opening this site and seeing other people having it easy and being happy with their surgeries. Everything started going very wrong 9 days after my breast reduction surgery, where my breasts suddenly felt really sore and the pain was unbearable. The doctor told me it was just a nerve end that had been touched during the surgery, which is when I posted on here - both to you, ladies and surgeons and got no replies at all. Last Monday, I went in to get my stitches removed and the stitches around my right nipple had popped open and had a very ugly appearance. Of course, my surgeon tried to mask his mistake by not making much of it and putting me through inhumane amounts of pain, squeezing the breast to get all of the pus out. Long story short, his raw, painful methods weren't working, so I was set to have another surgery 2 days ago, on Thursday, and I did. As of now I have 3 drain tubes hanging from my right breast and I am in constant pain. I have an infected, inflamed breast, that may need another surgery and I am on a constant emotional rollercoaster. Now, with his usual "care", it's the weekend and they're closed for some weekend fun and I am left hoping that maybe it's healing and maybe the infection is not as bad as it was. It's taken a toll on my mood, it's taken a toll on my relationship. I am not ready to say yet that I wish I never got it done, but I can't tell you enough - how scary it is - not knowing if and when I will be OK again. Sincerely, broken after my surgery.
Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis

He's been very professional and seems like he definitely knows what he's doing, has given me a peace of heart.

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