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I am a 43 year old with a daughter who is a senior...

I am a 43 year old with a daughter who is a senior in college. In about two weeks I will be going to Dr. Ravi for a tummy tuck, liposuction and BBL. Initially, I was only going to get liposuction on my belly. No matter how much I work out, my midsection remains bulgy. The doctor said that the bottom part of my belly was "all baby" from when I had the c-section. He advised me to get a TT. Then he said he could transfer some of the fat to part of my bottom. Sounds good to me. I believe in recycling. LOL!

I am both excited and very nervous. In terms of the surgery, he said he was not going to use general anesthesia which terrifies me. I do not want to feel anything during the surgery. I am also worried about the recovery process. I wonder how it will be compared to the c-section recovery period. I have to admit the thought of not being able to sit down for weeks, put me on the fence about getting the fat transfer. I bought a zero gravity chair and plan to cut a hole through it so I can lay on it. I will have to return to work 20 days post op. I hope that gives the BBL enough time to heal so I can sit during my meetings.

I went for my lab work today. I gave a down payment and got my prescriptions. I ordered a Boppy pillow, Arnica, and an abdominal binder from Amazon. There's no turning back now.

Before pics

10 days and counting. This is how I look at my worst. With the right clothes on, I can disguise a lot and actually get compliments on the way I look. Believe it or not, I do work out, but I can't seem to lose weight. Since I won't be able to sit down to enjoy a meal after my BBL, I am hoping it forces me to eat smaller portions and drink protein shakes for the first 3 weeks. I will be returning to work 3 weeks post op. I hope that will be enough time for the fat transfer to settle b/c I will be sitting for hours at a time. Any suggestions about how to make the transition back to work smoother would be greatly appreciated.

BBL and the ride home

I was wondering if any BBL dolls can give me some advise on how to position myself during the car ride home. It is a short 15 minute ride.

On vacation-before pic

I am on vacation but going back home soon to have my procedures. I am looking forward to getting rid of my one piece swimwear afterwards. It's exciting to know that the next time I go on a beach vacation, I will be rocking the new bikinis I bought.

Pre Surgery Jitters

My surgery is in a few hours and I am very nervous about the pain factor involved. I am doubting my decision to go through with it. And the roller coaster begins...

Day 1

Ouch!!! I was in s much pain that I asked the doctor to stop in the middle of the bbl. Do not get it done without general anesthesia. That was one if not THE biggest mistake of my life. Afterwards, I felt faint and they kept me longer than usual. I am home now. I can't find a comfortable position to lay in. I pray I feel better soon.

Day 2-Achy Sides

My sides hurt from laying on them. I usually sleep on my belly but I know I have to wait 2 weeks for that. I am not sure if I am properly sitting on my boppy pillow. I only sit to eat. Otherwise, I am laying on my side. I was having trouble using the bathroom with the funnel. I was making a mess. Now I pee into a red "Solo" cup. It's more comfortable and less messy. I also use the cup to empty out my drain.

I need to buy another garment for when o wash and dry the one I am wearing. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks!

Day 3 First Shower

I removed my garment to use the bathroom and I couldn't believe how loose my binder was. I am waiting for my mother to come help me secure my incision so i can take my first post op shower.
It will be the first time I take a peek at my new belly. I know that I am still very swollen, so I don't expect to see fabulous results just yet.

I ordered a new garment because the one the doctor put me in has 2 holes in the butt area and I can feel they are causing indentations in my skin. Hopefully they go away. The garment is almost as annoying as the pain in my a$$ from the bbl. When people ask me how I am doing, I answer, "I am good from the boobs up". I am fortunate that I am not experiencing some of the symptoms I read others experience such as constipation, itchiness and walking hunched over. I still spend most of the time laying down on the couch. It hurts to get up. Even though they say its the journey not the destination that counts, I wish I could fast forward time so I can not only feel better but see the results.

First peek after bandages were removed

VERY swollen!

Swell Hell

I am so swollen that it doesn't look as if I gotten any work done. My drain is scheduled to come out today. Hopefully that makes me feel a little better. I am taking the new garment I ordered from Amazon to see if it's a good alternative to the one the doctor gave me which is the "butt out" kind. I feel my butt doesn't fit on the holes and it's leaving marks on my skin.

One Week Postop

This is not an easy journey. I am still very swollen to the point where I look swollen. I tried on my new compression garment today but it was so tight that I could barely breathe so I took it off. I managed to do one load of laundry. I am doing well going up and down the stairs. I was asked to go back to work in 10 days. That might be a problem unless I get better real soon. Tomorrow I go see the ps for my post op. I am hoping that I see a positive change in my body soon so I can feel like I ultimately did the right decision.

My bbl looks great but one of the stitches hurt me. I put an antibiotic ointment on it and took a pain reliever.

Has anyone experienced a stinging pain in the stitch area?

Binders and Garments

It's been 10 days since my procedures. I can't seem to get used to wearing compression garments day and night. I sleep with a binder and Spanx. It's not exactly comfortable. I noticed the swelling is finally going down after I followed my doctor's tip. He told me to fold a kitchen (or hand) towel and place it inside my garment in the areas where I am most swollen. I am also moving around more around the house and that helps.

Finally seeing results at 11 days

2 weeks post op

I just got the abdominal board that I ordered on Amazon. At first I thought it was too stiff but after wearing it for a few hours around the house, I realized that it starts molding with my body shape. I wouldn't wear it out in public because I feel it is rather noticeable. I don't think sleeping with it on is comfortable. Has anyone used it before? Do you have any tips?
Tomorrow I have a business meeting. I am hoping that I do not have to sit for too long. I do not want to lose volume on my bbl.
The downside to recovering from cosmetic surgery is that you have to take extra time to take care of your body to the point that it consumes your thoughts. There are so many things that you must do and things that you can't do which revolve around your body. I am not used to making so many decisions based on the way I want my body to look and feel. For example, I choose to stand on the bus since I am not going to carry around my boppy pillow everywhere I go. I also have to evaluate my body and see how much swelling I have before picking out which garment to wear. I have one compression garment that is so tight, I take it off at dinner time so I can eat comfortably. The one thing I tend to be an underachiever in is drinking enough water. I thought of actually setting alarms on my phone as reminders so I can drink more water throughout the day.
Dr. Ravi

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