Starting New Treatment with PCA Skin Pigment Gel HQ Free - Ridgewood, NJ

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After doing a lots of reading on this site and...

After doing a lots of reading on this site and using natural products, I took my melsama issues to my dermatologist during my annual body check. I was very clear that I did not want a HQ product so she recommended PCA Skin Pigament Gel (HQ free). She said no Retinol because I still struggle with adult acne. I plan on still using my natural products from Odacite (highly recommend) & Bearberry Extract because I like how my skin responds to them. And of course SPF 50 daily & continously. I'm just looking to amplify their efforts with the PCA gel. So today is day One, pictures included to chart my process -hopefully!

I've become a CAUTIONARY TALE - learn from my mistake!

My Melsama is a stubborn, pain in the A**! There may be some small changes but nothing significant yet. However, I have become a cautionary tale for others. In my overeagerness to get rid of this awful thing , I overdid it with the products. I started using Medicell Labs
Brightening AHA Facial Pads and the PCA gel. I'm still using the Odacite products & the Bearberry extract. The combo of the light peel & the PCA gel caused the BIGGEST, ANGRIEST cold sore, about an inch long up from my upper lip. At first I thought it was a burn because it hurt so much. Had to go to the Derm to find out and get help. She said pick one product or the other or at least alternate days. Should have figured that out on my own. So right now I'm only using the natural products around the "wound" until it's all healed up. Don't go overboard with the products. Your face will exact it's revenge!!
Ramsey Dermatologist

If it works I'll review.

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