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Hey girls, I am in the process of getting a BA. I...

Hey girls, I am in the process of getting a BA. I have my first consultation on August 6th with a lovely lady Dr. in NJ. I am very pleased with the work i've seen her do in pictures. She seems to be like a great Dr. Ok my concern is that i've NEVER had any surgery before I am 23 years old and afraid but do want boobies very badly! I want to look good in a bikini and get rid of my Victorias Secret bombshell bras with all that padding! Can someone reassure me that the surgery itself isnt that bad to go through? My Mother got hers done about 14 years ago and she said it wasnt that bad.. and shes fine today of course she loves them!!! I love reading about all your reviews and it makes me feel better. Make me feel even more better tell me itll be ok :) xoxoox


Thanks for the comments!

Thanks for the comments girls ! they made me feel better, And I have nothing to worry about! Maybe the surgery will be fun?? lol! Well having the new boobies will be fun I know that! I cant wait to get it over with, consult is August 6 so I have sometime to go. Have some money saved up now about $6,130.. but not sure how much its gonna be so gonna find out at the consult.. My Drs office said it can be anywhere from $6500-$8000 depending on what I want. I do want Saline implants.. so I know it may be on the cheaper side since its saline and not silicone. Cant wait to find out my price quote! xoxo

My Boobs Before (in clothes)

Ok so here are some pictures of my boobs before just wearing a light shirt no bra, Here ya goo...

My stats are
124 lbs

Boobs I like..

Here are some pictures of celebs boobs I like.... I'd have to say Lindsay Lohan, Salma Hayek, Katy Perry,

Reasons why

Here are some reasons and my story... Wheni was younger I was chubby or over weight, at the age of 15 I started losing weight I went from 189 to about 160 and I'm just 5'3 these were high school years... I then went to beauty school at 18 and stayed around the same weight ... At about the age 21 I got down to 148lbs and thought wow in the 140s let's run with it!!!!! From the ages 21-22 I lost 26 lbs in 5 months and kept it off for a year now.. I am about 124-125lbs! I am very happy with my size but my boobs are lacking in proportion with my body my chest is small and doesn't fit boobs lost fullness... I already have stretch marks, they have not much fullness and are small.. I want to feel like a women and at my age (23) I feel like I've been thru enough and should finally be happy with my body! And it's not about them being BIG I want proportion ...I want fullness.. I want to feel and look good in my clothes and bikini too..I want to look like a woman!!!!! So that is my story and I have a reason I'm not just some girl who wants big boobs.. I want to feel good and look good!!!!

My Boyfriend and I

My boyfriend and I of 3 years :) Just wanted to share a picture of me, so you know who you girls are speaking with!! :) in this picture I have on victorias secret bombshell bra lol adds 2 sizes.. So here is my bod basicaly..

Boobie Wishes!!!

Here are some boobie wishes, Boobs I like! What do you think ?

about 13 days til first consult.

Ok about to take the first steps of my journey... The consult for my Dr of choice! Its august 6th.. about 13 days away now! I have about $6,755 saved.. I wonder how much my price quote will turn out to be! Im thinking it will be in the 7's.. we'll see though. Im pretty excited! And still have my nerves about the surgery as a whole. Im glad you girls are here to make me feel better :). EVery day is different. one day im soo excited to begin this , other days i cant sleeep thinking about it. But im sure ill be fine! lol I am just a scaredy cat lol.. I hope all you lovely ladies are doing Great!! ::) XOXOXOXO love to you all

Consult 5 days away

My consult is just 5 days away! How exciting! I now have $7,000 saved up and I hope it would be enough for the surgery. I cant wait to get the price quote. Yay! Cant believe im gonna do this! hahaha. This is so awesome. I will finally have nice boobies,, lets get this thing started for real now. step one is my consult! woo :) Thanks every one for your support! xoxoxo

Consultation this Afternooon!

Hey girls, today is my consult! Im very excited and maybe a bit nervous... lol Hope I dont ask too many dumb questions or am too nervous to talk :P lol Im sure ill be fine though... So I cant wait to be going.. It's at 3:30 pm EST. have a few hours to go.. gonna get ready in a little.. hehehe :D Wish me luck!! XOXOX



Hey everyone, the consult went pretty welll! I liked the Dr very much, she recommended my implant size to be 350-400cc's which is what I wanted! Now the only thing is I have a different way of paying for this surgery, and I have to know if they will accept my way of paying. It will be paid in full before the surgery of course but its through a different company that theyve never worked for..


Hey everyone, the consult went pretty welll! I liked the Dr very much, she recommended my implant size to be 350-400cc's which is what I wanted! Now the only thing is I have a different way of paying for this surgery, and I have to know if they will accept my way of paying. It will be paid in full before the surgery of course but its through a different company that theyve never worked with..

Everythings good :)

so my Dr. will accept my form of payment, but I have to wait until it is released so loooking to get my surgery sometime in October! xoxox :) YAY !!!! preferably before halloween!! heh xoxxoxo


Here are some Before pictures :)

More before pics

More before pictures


Just different shirts for before pics

Maybe Im scared?

Hey girls, So this BA has been on my mind just about every day and every night. when i wake up I think about it and when I go to sleep I think about it. Like I cant even sleep and sometimes I wake up with my heart beating fast lol I guess since the surgery is the last thing i think of before I go to sleep I start feeling strange and wake up in the middle of the night lol. Did this happen to anyone else? I know that it will be worth it and I read all the reviews saying not to worry but I still get scared of the anesthesia and stuff like that! I know Ill be fine but im just silly sometimes, does this happen to anyone else? shoudl I just not worry about it so much, and i overreacting ? lol ah!

Scheduled Pre Op and Surgery for January!

Hey girls , how is every one? I just scheduled my Pre Op for January 9th at 11:30AM and My Surgery for January 24th at 9:30AM! OMG! I am nervous, but this is such a long journey for me, and us all I'm sure! 2 more months now :) I've waited for so long!!!! I will admit this is my first surgery and I'm super nervous but I know I will be ok :) and you girls will also get me through the days I need support :) xoxoox Im so happy!! yay LETS FINALLY DO THIS!

More Wish boobs!

Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Love Hewitt

More wishes

A model named Arianny Celeste, And a random picture I found.. and some before and afters.


A model named Arianny Celeste, And a random picture I found.. and some before and afters.
oops forgot to add in last post lol

is it truee?

Hey girls
Is it true what they say about anesthesia, you go under.. next thing you know your awake? Its all that fast for the patient? Every one says its like that to me. So what do you think? How is the operation all together?

Pre op January 9th

Hey ladies,
My pre op is on January 9th!!!! less than a month away!!! What should I expect at the pre op?
And for the surgery what should I have for my preparations ? Is there a set list I can go by on what to have for recovery?

Almost a month away

Almost a month away from my surgery! Girls I need your help! What are some Must haves for recovery? and also for work.. I own my own tanning salon with my sister. My job consists of cleaning tanning beds, taking phone calls/cashier/handling my own business.. Ive worked like 100 hours this past week since it was our grand opening but now Im planning to work 9AM-3 6 hours a day (sis taking afternoon night sift).. I wonder how long it would take for me to come back to work.. This job isnt hard and its about 15 mins away from my house. and 5 mins away from boyfriend.. I should be fine.. right?

Less than a month away!!!

Less than a month away from Surgery!!! January 24th OMG!! I cant believe it!!! ahh!!!! Im really doing this! lol Bring on the boobies!! I want a small D! I think I'd get like 350-400cc's hoping for 400 because I dont want boob greed lol

I got my blood work done for surgery clearance

Hey all! Yesterday I had my blood work done for surgery clearance! as well as an EKG and urinalysis!! So i'm steps closer to having the boobs of my dreams! haha. January 9th I have my pre op at 11:30 Am!!!! I'm so excited! heheheh . My surgery is January 24! so soon :)
Oh oh! and I've found an awesome boobspiration! Emily Ratajkowski Posting pics!

I had my pre op

Dr said that implants should High profile because of my narrow chest and she's gonna do high 300-400 cc's !! How does that sound? I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!


Ladies, a week away!!!! WILL I BE OK? LOL Im cleared for surgery everything is good! NOW the big surgery hump!!!! AHHH!!!!

3 days away

oh my god! can you believe it's just three days away!!!!!!!!! Actually LESSS lol like 2 days 23 hours lol.
ahh!!!! Psyching myself out!!!! xoxoxoxo

1 day 16 hours to go!

OMG 1 day and 16 hours to go! I cant believe it's here! Girls, will I be OK? First surgery, I am an anxious person to begin with!! Sometimes have anxiety lol but Usually I kind of a drama queen and when it comes down to the day I am fine.. lol but ahhhhh help Tell me i'll be ok :)


tomorrow is my surgery day! Less than 24 hours away! Wish me luck oxox

Love it so far

Love my boobs and the experience was so worth it! My Dr is amazing! Dr Pedy Ganchi such a talented and beautiful Dr! I feel great with no pain! Xoxo

Oh and I have

370 cc's in right 365 cc's in left high profile

Day 2

In feeling good today! The first night was hard to sleep I left 4 hours on n off! I slept soo good last night! I'm not taking any pain meds bc I don't need it. Today is good I'm moving around faster and it's only tightness! Feels really good and I can't wait for Monday to see them completely at my post op apt!


This is my before

I love them

I get to see them today at my post op!

Love heh

Day 3 loving them

Bandages off today!

Bandages off today !!!! Everything is great!!! Love them !

Before n after

I can't believe the difference so far!!! Wow 3 days post op

Love how they have changed my whole body

I feel and look skinnier!!! It's because I'm more proportioned now !

day 6 :) xoxo

Back to work today feeling great!!!!!

Day 6

Day 6 with my nip stickers lol


Love my perky boobies lol


this was about 2 days ago!

Amazing Results

I had a wonderful experience with Dr Pedy Ganchi, I was so lucky to have her as much Dr..She is amazing! The procedure went beautifully and I really had no pain, besides the expected tightness. I took no pain medication or had any bruising. I had a smooth recovery. I am 9 days post op now and feeling great! Waiting patiently to see the final results in a few months! I am so happy, and Love how I look. xoxo

10 days post op!

Hey everyone! I am 10 days post op!!!! Still some tightness and breasts are firm but I'm amazed by results and recovery has been great! It has been a wonderful decision to do this and I am soo happy! I had an appointment today with my Dr. But I re scheduled because of the yucky weather! Spring get here fast please!!!!!!! Ah so I go tomorrow at 3:30pm! Here is a progress pic for day 10!

Pic post op day 10

Here is my post op day 10 photo!



2 weeks today :)

2 weeks today I love them! The white bra is too small right? It's 34c maybe A D would be better? I kno it's too early to know but I wanted to try it on it was always a bit loose on me

Fraxel laser

I have some stretch marks on my tummy and I'm thinking of getting some fraxel laser treatments done. Does it really work with stretch marks?

Better and better

Everyday they get better and better it's true what they say! Be patient hehe :)

Squeezing boobies

Getting softer


I love this coral bikini from Victoria's Secret! I love my boobs so much!

Pic didn't work coral bikini

Pic didn't work but I love my bikini from Victoria's Secret! Love my boobs!


I looked in the mirror today for for the first time in my life I felt so good about my boobies!!! They are perfect!

Dr is so amazing.

Love my Dr :) These pictures are probably 4 months apart. I think I've lost some weight between the pictures. The boobs enhance my body and shape. More proportionate. It is crazy to see the changes day by day, they feel better and looking amazing. I love them so much! Im so lucky to have had a smooth recovery. No pain, no paid meds.. just a bit tight and sore is all. The surgery and everything went amazingly and Ilook bad on how much time I spent worrying and just have to laugh, hah everything was amazing.. :) Im so happy and glad I did this!!!!!! in 3 days it will be a month already!

So Happy!

I love my boobies! What an experience this has been and im just so happy I did it!


LOVE THEM XOXOXOX Any questions let me know :)

Pushing them together.. heh

Some pictures xoxo I was looking at my before pictures and I have to laugh.. I am soooo happy!!! I cant say it enough! What a DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First wire less bra!

I did not get sized yet but I tried this 34D I think its too big.. I think I am a 32 D...Gotta go to Victorias Secret..


Pictures xoxo Let me know if any questions xoxo

sized at 32DDD

Hi every one! Hope you are all well! I got sized at VS the other day and it was a 32DDD I was very shocked! I thought I was a D!!!! Weird! so my question is how accurate is victorias secret sizing methods?? xoxo

I really LOVE THEM

I really love them

I went to the beach yesterday!

for the first time with my new girls! What do you think??

Thinking of Mini Tummy Tuck

hey everyone! Im seriously thinking of getting a Mini tummy tuck.. I have a little loose skin on the bottom of my tummy along with stretch marks.. :( This is because when I was little I was near 200 pounds and the skin didn't go back to normal after losing all the weight... What do you all think of a mini tummy tuck? Is it worth it.... ?? Im sick of having this wrinkly tummy. im gonna be 24.. what to do..... do it now? Wait for kids???.... idk


They are looking huge today!!!!!!!

boobs in victorias secret dream angels push up

here they are a bit pushed up in a 32DDD victorias secret dream angels push up bra!


In two days I'll be 5 months post op! the time flies :P I LOVE THEM never regret my decision I am so happy!! Next is a mini tummy tuck for me!



Birthday boobies

On July 1st I turned 24!

before and after pictures

almost 6 months post op... July 24th will be 6 months!

:D Smileee You Got Boobies!



So happy


Hey all I'm so happy! Since my implants I've gotten a mini tummy tuck as well! I'm so happy! :)

Breast Implants Review

I love My Breast Implants! It has been over a year and I am so happy, confident and feel so sexy. Along with my Mini Tummy Tuck due to weight loss when I was a kid, it all has been wonderful and life changing! I was in a beauty pageant and wore a bikini and was a finalist!! :) Im so proud and happy from how far Ive come! :) I love my Dr and owe it to her, for giving me this confidence and allowing my true self to shine through! This was the best decision of my life :) something that was truly for me!
Ridgewood Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pedy Ganchi is an amazing Dr.! I am so pleased so far with my results, I would recommend her to anyone. Her work is truly wonderful and she treats her patients with great care. I am so happy and the work she did changed my life! I feel so good, confident and sexy! She is a beautiful person inside and out. I look up to her, she is a wonderful hardworking Dr., an artist!!!! Cant say enough good things about her! Dr. Ganchi and her staff are amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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