31 Years Old, 1 Seven Year Old Daughter, Height 5'2, Weight 108 Lbs - Ridgeland, MS

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I heard about Liposonix through a co-worker, she...

I heard about Liposonix through a co-worker, she didn't actually have the procedure done but she was thinking about it. When she told me it was like Liposuction but without surgery, it caught my attention so I immediately started researching what is Liposonix, reviews, before & after pictures & any possible complications. There are not very many before & after pictures of Liposonix on the internet, but the few that I saw and all the reviews I read gave me a pretty clear picture of what to expect.
Liposonix is not for overweight people (with a BMI higher than 30), it is more for people who are close to their ideal weight (people with less than 30 BMI). The bad reviews I read about Liposonix with pictures were coming from people who look to me like they were over 30 BMI, therefore I can see why going through this was not worth it for them. My BMI is 19.75 so they said I was a perfect candidate for Liposonix.
The initial consultation was free and I had the Liposonix procedure done on Sep. 8th, 2014. I was prescribed 2 Percocets & 1 Xanax for the procedure. I’m not gonna lie, it did hurt a little every once in a while, but it was not that bad, let’s just say the tattoo in my stomach hurt way worse! The pain from Liposonix is very similar to getting a tattoo done. I had 6 squares done in my stomach, 2 squares on each side, and 2 squares on my outer thighs.
It’s been 4 days since I got Liposonix done and I can already tell a difference on my love handles. My stomach is still swollen so I haven’t seen any improvement yet. Everything is still a little swollen, bruised, numb and itchy! I will keep posting pictures weekly! So far I am happy & optimistic! ?

31 Years Old, 1 Seven Year Old Daughter, Height 5'2, Weight 108 Lbs

1 week after picture

4 Weeks after Liposonix

I can see a slight difference, not much, but let's see what happens in the next 4 weeks.

End Result Summary

I noticed a slight difference a month after in October. But in November & December I feel like I went back to normal. So I guess even though I was very optimistic & enthusiastic. I hate to admit I wasted $1700 I could have used for something else. And I am disappointed because I still have the same little pudge as always and the same love handles. So in conclusion, the only remedy is probably working out. I wasn't even going to post an update, but I figured it would help other people not waste their money as well. =\

It's been over a year

It's been over a year, and looking back now, I guess I can't complain, I do still see a change, I don't have that little bump in my belly like I had before, and I have actually gained about 10 pounds since then. The good news is that the clinic is going to let me 're-touch' any area for $100 a square. So I may give it a second shot. Still thinking about it!!
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