18 Years Old, Deflated Breasts After Significant Weight Loss Upon Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle - Ridgeland, MS

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I am scheduled to have a breast augmentation...

I am scheduled to have a breast augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with implants) in exactly one month.
I have never had the perkiest of breasts, but they were always on the larger side, as was the rest of my body (I was overweight). I made the decision to transition to a healthier lifestyle about three years ago. This resulted in my breast becoming smaller and smaller over time.
In the past year or so, I began becoming significantly more fitness oriented, eating clean meals, frequenting the gym and weight training quite often. This took an even greater toll on my breasts. They have lost significant volume, resulting in a very unappealing deflated and tubular appearance. They are sort of just hanging there by excess skin. I used to be a FULL C/SMALL D, and though I have continued wearing my old bras, my doctor informed me that I am now a small B or so. My current bra size is a 34B.

I am a young lady, with the breasts of an older woman. I used to be extremely insecure about my breasts. I was never comfortable taking off my bra in front of anyone. I hated them soo much. However, along with my fitness journey, I have been on a spiritual and self-love journey. I have come to love everything about myself. I am no longer extremely insecure about my breasts, however, I still wish to fix their malformation.

Due to my breasts sitting lower than they should, I often endured painful problems such as chaffing below the breast crease and blistering as a result of the breast skin sort of folding over itself in my bra. And speaking of bras, it's such a struggle to find one that fits right and holds my breasts up as they should be. I want to be able to order a pretty bikini online, without worrying about if it will fit right and hold my breasts up. I want to be able to walk the beach or wear a strapless top, with the utmost confidence.
As a young woman, I just want to be able to be confidently myself without worrying about the appearance of my breasts. I take so much pride in my body, eating right and always working out...sculpting my body to my liking through hard work. This is just something that working out cannot fix. I had a mental battle for a long long time about this and finally decided on getting it done.
I am not a suitable candidate for a breast augmentation or a breast mastopexy alone due to the extent of breast drooping and loss of breast volume respectively, so this the procedure my PS and I decided on. In addition to fixing the physical problems (malformations) with my breasts, I think that getting this done will give me some sort of peace of mind for lack of a better expression, as well as, put the cherry on top of body aesthetically.

Choice of Implant Size, Profile and Position for Bilateral Breast Augmentation Mastopexy

Coming into this experience having watched a lot of pictures, videos and reviews, I had my mind SET on an implant that was in the range of 350-450 ccs and anything but high profile with the idea that I wanted to look as natural as possible.

When it all comes down to it, after countless conversations with my PS, we made the decision based on the look I was going for and what could fit my chest wall. We decided on 330 cc high profile textured silicone implants.
In my case, getting a mastopexy in addition to an augmentation makes things a bit different in that the profile of implant does not play as significant of a role as would be seen with a straight forward breast augmentation...so I was told not to stress over implant profile too much. As for implant size, I was also told not to stress over insignificant differences in the cc count. One would be unable to tell the difference in breast size using two different sized implants unless the cc count is at least 25% bigger. For example, there would be no noticeable difference between getting a 325 cc implant and a 350 cc implant, not even if your PS himself was looking at your breasts.

The implant will be positioned under the muscle first, then the PS will mould the breast around it to suit. Therefore, the larger the implant, the less skin you need to remove and the smaller the incisions needed- resulting less scarring overall. This is the reason I opted not to have a mastopexy without implants.
Placing the implant under the muscle also makes more sense as the breast is already prone to drooping (loss of skin elasticity). We're dealing with two opposing forces: the implant acting downward and the PS surgeon trying to lift the breast upward. The muscle will aid in the support of the implant and decrease likelihood of the breasts drooping again and defeating the purpose of your surgery. Also, I do not have enough breast tissue to adequately cover the implant to avoid the implant edges showing if it were to be placed over the muscle.

In conclusion, I'll be getting 335 CC HIGH PROFILE TEXTURED SILICONE SILIMED IMPLANTS, UNDER THE MUSCLE (335 instead of 330 based upon implant availability.)

Measurements || Pre-Op Thoughts

I have found it helpful when people post their body type and measurements along with their breast augmentation specs. I find that it helps you to better visualize how a particular selection looks on a particular body type. I have only found a few posts with women having my body type, so I hope I help someone by posting mine.

WEIGHT: About 125 pounds
HEIGHT: 5ft 2.5"
BUST: 34 inches
WAIST: 26.5 inches
HIPS: 38 inches
I'm currently working hard to gain some more muscle mass and lean out as much as possible before my surgery, so my weight will probably increase and my waist size decrease. I'm being very meticulous with my workouts and eating habits because I know I won't be able to workout for a while post-op. Six weeks seems like so long to me :/ I want to make sure my body is at a certain level of fitness so I can withstand that period of not being able to workout, with a banging body...then just pick up where I left off. I'm excited, but slightly nervous as the date is getting closer.


In the past week, I have went through a series of emotions. I have never experienced so many nerves or felt this uneasy before. I am usually so relaxed and positive. I made sure that I thought this through thoroughly before I even made the decision to get it done...so I have always only experienced excitement and joy...Now, I just don't know. My emotions have ranged from just being super apprehensive about the appearance of my augmented breasts to being drenched in tears wondering if I am making the right decision. Today, I found myself being afraid that I'll wake up in loads of pain and be burdened with regret.

I guess it's because the "big day" is so close. I think it's best that I meditate and get back to being positive that everything will turn out perfectly. Feedback from anyone who has already had an augmentation mastopexy/mastopexy/augementation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Change in Surgery Date || Hospital Bullshit

Last night I re-read my review so that I could remember why I decided to do this is the first place. I found comfort and I was ready to take the bull by its horns this morning! I woke up around 4:00 am, got ready, packed my bag and was off to the hospital. I was advised to be there by no later than 6:30 am.

I arrived on time, only to be greeted with bullshit. All of a sudden, the facility fee was two and a half times the amount that was agreed upon for months. Yes, on the morning of my surgery, the hospital decided hike up the price. Needless to say, I did NOT have my surgery today. However, my PS said that he has no control over what the hospital does, but agreed that they were trying to pull a fast one. Sooo...after spending hours hyping up myself for today, I had to reschedule my surgery for tomorrow at 9:00 am at another facility.

All in all, I am happy that I have such an amazing PS that was able to think quickly on his feed and offer me another option so soon. I guess everything happens for a reason...so I'll go in tomorrow with an even more positive attitude than I did today! I'm ready :)

First Days Post Op

My procedure was done on Sunday morning. It was expect to be 3-4 hours, but ended up being 6 hours because my doctor ended up having to remove more skin than expected. The nurses and anaesthesiologist both explained before hand that my PS was a perfectionist and takes his time until he gets it right, so I was fine with him taking the extra time.

As far as the appearance of my breasts, I had my first look at them when I got my bandages off on Wednesday evening. I hadn't even taken off my surgical bra to have a peek before that. They are obviously patched up where the incisions are, but significantly lifted. They don't have the shape of natural breast/the shape I want yet, but I am not in the least disheartened. I know they will look much better once they drop, so I'll wait patiently until they do. No regrets.

Day 1 was my worst day of pain. I stayed an extra day at the hospital by choice, just to be safe. The nurses were encouraging me to sit up and do things on my own, but it was too painful. I hadn't eaten, so the pain medication made me throw up as soon as I took it. They ended up injecting me with the pain medication and antibiotics for my first two doses because of this. The medication made me feel a bit better.
Day 2 was better. Still a lot of uncomfortable pressure in my chest, but the pain was more bearable.
Day 3 was much better.
Day 4 was the best day thus far. Went to my graduation ball form 9pm-3am, then hung out a bit for a couple of hours at a friends house. I didn't drink or dance really, but I still had fun being able to get out and be around my friends.
Today is Day 5. It's all the same. Still feel pressure on my chest, which is expected(lighter pressure than before). Very light muscle pain when I sit up or move my arms beyond a particular range. Still no lifting more than 5lbs or above the head. I have to remind myself not to slouch because I'm not accustomed to the weight of boobs. I am also having some back pain, but that's as bad as it gets.

I am still bloated from all of the fluid used during surgery. Mostly in my midsection. I can't wait for the bloating to go away so I don't feel like a baby whale lol.

Opened Areola Incision

My doctor removed the steri strips from my incisions last week when he removed my bandages and replaced them with surgical tape. This was on Wednesday evening and I was told that I could swap out the surgical tape he put over my incisions with fresh surgical tape on Friday and begin taking showers instead of sponge baths. I waited a bit longer and ended up removing the tape from my right breast, taking photos of my incision for my PS and replacing it with fresh tape on Sunday. My mom actually did it for me. I began feeling light headed and didn't end up changing the tape on my left breast. Busy days followed as we are preparing to go on vacation and my mom only got around to helping me change the dressings on both breasts today. While removing the tape from around my nipples, my mom noticed a "hole". The skin is separated and there is an open wound. Where the tape was pulled away from the skin, there is what looks like either dried blood or the scab that formed. We were unsure what to do and couldn't get into contact with my PS on the phone at this hour. I emailed him about the problem and attached photos, but while awaiting a response I figured turning to RealSelf was the next best option.

I found it strange that the didn't re-cover my incisions with fresh steri strips and used surgical tape instead. I watched a lot of videos where girls stated that they had to wait for the steri strips to fall off themselves, whereas I was instructed to pull off this tape and change it every couple of days or when necessary. To me, I would just be disrupting the healing of the incision by pulling at it to remove the tape and pulling off helpful scabs...But I'm not a doctor so I can obviously be wrong. I'm unsure what to do, especially since I leave for vacation in the morning. My mother just went to the Pharmacy to buy steri strips just in case. Maybe I just left on the tape on that breast too long. Either way, I'll take this as a minor setback and work towards smooth healing. Help anyone?

Keeping You Updated as Promised :) -4 Weeks Post Op

Found a few more splits in my incisions two weeks ago, but at four weeks post op, all is well and my incisions and the splits seem to be healing pretty decently. No more open wounds.

I am becoming a bit impatient with the dropping. I read up a bit and found that textured implants tend to drop a bit more slowly, but I'm not sure. I think I just need to be patient. My left breast is dropping more slowly than my right, but they both appear a bit square and awkwardly high still. The side profile of my breast is still very awkward...the front too. You can kinda see where the implant stops and my lifted breast tissues begins. It doesn't transition smoothly if you know what I mean. Almost like a "double bubble" at the top of my breast instead of the bottom. Can't wait until the implant drops lower into my breast and fills it out properly. Just being patient.

At two weeks post op, I was attacked by a girl and basically tackled to the floor. I hadn't been having any discomfort until then. My left breast felt the impact of my fall more than the right. It was painful. I feel better now, just a bit of soreness to the touch in my crease incision of my left breast. My doctor told me I'd just have to let the affected areas heal and avoid any future trauma. I basically had to begin healing all over again after being really careful. I have my one month post appointment on Wednesday. This will be the first time seeing my doctor since the incident as he isn't always in the country. I will update you once more then once he checks everything out. I'll stay positive that all is well despite everything.

Sorry for the late Update

A lot has happened since my last update. I feel like my level of dissatisfaction is finally starting to grow after my lengthily span of "staying positive".

Firstly, I had some sort of reaction to the silicon strips used to 'help with scarring'. The PS put them on one afternoon, and by the next day, I was getting a strange smell coming from my breasts. I thought it was paranoia, but upon checking that afternoon, I realized that the strips had burned into my flesh. All of my scabbing was gone and there were oozing open sores essentially all over my nipples and scars. It was scary, but I tried to keep calm for mine and my mother's sake (she was freaking out). I told my doctor (and sent him pictures over email) and he was nonchalant about it, telling me to just remove the strips, wash and put some ointment on them. He also suggested that I keep the silicone strips so that we could "maybe try with them again" which I thought was absurd seeing what they had done to my skin. The burns have healed, but caused extra scarring in my opinion...I hate that.

Secondly, I am not content with their appearance at this point. My left breast still doesn't seem to be dropping like it should. It is still noticeably very high and less mobile. They look okay in some clothes, but the point of doing this was for them to look healthy all the time, including while naked right? I still find myself shying away from wearing certain things. I feel like I just may have made them worse at this point. My nipples are also awkwardly shaped, placed and uneven in my opinion. I was feeling like it was just me, but now, I'm not sure. I also experience some numbness on my right side and sometimes feel like my nipples were pulled to tight. My breast sort of still seem to hang off of the implant, which was the point of the lift. They don't really fall in smoothly. I don't know if this has anything to do with him using textured implants which are 'designed to stay in place'.

Idk. I feel sort of misinformed and like maybe I should have went with another PS. Any thoughts?


Goodnight guys,
I'm not sure where to begin with all of this. It's been a while (over a year to be more precise).
I have received messages over time, as well as comments (one of which has been deleted by RealSelf), from women on here. I will insert screenshots of my responses to to make this easier. I will omit their names to maintain privacy but I really feel that sharing is important. Review the photos/screenshots before I continue.

From what I said, you can see the concerns I had been having. Things have not progressed. I am more solid in my opinion of the expertise and professionalism of this surgeon...or lack thereof I should say. For some time, I really was just telling myself that I didn't want to be an asshole. "Maybe he is genuine and he did know what he was doing...And this just HAPPENS to have been my outcome.". A bunch of women cant be saying the same thing and have it be invalid.

I had to contact him for a post op appointment and voiced concerns about the outcome that he also said was acceptable, but suggested that I could have a revision where he could lift my nipple up further (because obviously a rooftop nipple is desirable) or attempt to lower my breast crease to maybe make the implant drop lower(though he said that this is not the option he would recommend as it is not a sure thing- skin may go back to its old position- may end up with double crease). He insists on trying to convince you that what you are seeing is acceptable.
I have scars on my nipples themselves as if he took no care with me at all. They are botched in the true sense of the word in my opinion. Nipples uneven and oddly placed. I will insert a picture.
And it's so interesting that it seems that my surgery was done with little care since my 2 and a half to 3 hour surgery as per schedule ended up taking about 7 hours. (This is information that I received from my worried mother who has accompanied me through this journey- and for that I am grateful.)
I don't get it, he really had me having a mental battle with myself. But I am coming to terms with the fact that this really is not acceptable work.

Jumping to now...

After taking off my bra last night, I found that my right breast was looking a bit strange and red around the right side of my areola. Upon examining it, I felt a lump- obviously alarming. Though, I just felt like it was some sort of abscess or build up of matter below the skin as it was near my areaola where there are two little holes from post op that have excreted matter much like that of a "white head" when squeezed before.

I emailed him as my mother insisted. He responded and said to send him pictures and to call a given number to make an appointment. I sent the photos but he hasn't responded to that email. My mother called and the office said I had to schedule a consultation of some sort? For the cost of 500TTD. Needless to say that I am going to visit a NEW surgeon on Thursday to see what's going on. I went to the doctor's office today and they advised that I see a PS to be safe. I definitely don't feel "safe" dealing with him.
I will keep y'all updated but I would like to hear your feedback. Thank you for ALL of the support that you have provided, including the ladies that reached out to me. I honestly feel that all of this happened for a reason (and I can handle it) so that I can bring awareness to this situation and others like it. Thank you guys

Hi Lovelies! Quick drop in.

Hi Loves! Sorry I have been a bit MIA for a while, but I have really decided to take sharing this part of my journey seriously for the purpose of helping women on different steps of this journey- and especially given that a notable enough number of women have expressed that they were considering having a procedure with this doctor, I find it necessary to give them the opportunity to make an INFORMED decision where he is concerned. I have to share my experience, and my perspective on it. I have often said and I believe that this happened to me because I could handle it...Doesn't affect me like I KNOW it would some other women. I feel that my responsibility here is to share so that I can do my part to ensure that other women (who maybe already have unresolved issues with themselves) don't have to go through such a shitfest and be filled with regret.
(I have no regrets. I know why this needed to happen. No need to worry about me and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH for all of the support and love following of my journey. Thankful for every comment, message, well-wish and positive intention sent my way <3. So much love to you guys. Again, I love you all.)

I will be back on soon, and will be sharing videos on my experience for the purpose I stated above. I will also be following my REVISION SURGERY JOURNEY with videos as well. Have not concretely decided on a doctor yet, but I will keep you all updated!

If anyone has any experience with Dr. Dana Khuthaila, M.D., FRCSC, I would love to hear. Talk soon :* <3
Dr. Arno R. Schleich, MD

Dr. Schleich is amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better PS. He has years of experience, and his expertise is clearly reflected in the advice he gives. He listens to what you want and guides you as to what is possible and safe. He makes me feel very comfortable and answers my questions to the best of his ability. He keeps in touch via emails and schedules Skype calls any time he feels that something is unclear to me so that he can explain it accurately to avoid any misconceptions. I trust him as my plastic surgeon. He operates out of Ridgeland, Mississippi as well as Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies where I currently reside.

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