33 Yrs Old, No Kids - Stubborn Fat Abdomen, Hips, Thighs - Ridgefield, CT

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I have been thinking about having this procedure...

I have been thinking about having this procedure for years. I lost 40-45lbs after starting college, but I always had a little pooch. Long story short over the last 4-5 years I gained the weight back and inches, too! I looked up Dr. Goldman (he had done a different procedure on me in 1999) and today I got 3 areas of liposuction done - abdomen, hips, and thighs. I already look flatter even with the garment and surgical pads stuffed in. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

Day four

Day four. Yesterday I had a little pain to the left of my belly button when I was getting up from reclining. I don't have that problem today, maybe I was getting up and down too much. Today I took another shower, swelling is going down a little. Huge black and blue on both thighs and lower back above my behind. Sleeping is getting easier as is walking for longer and sitting. Not too hungry, but I've been making sure I eat so I don't feel nauseated with the pain med. My abdomen definitely looks smaller. I'm feeling excited and can't wait to see how the final result looks.

1 week

Ok it's been one week! So far I'm down 4lbs (I know it's not about weight). So I'm 144.4. Also I lost 1/2 inch on my waist, 2 inches on my abdomen (across belly button) and 1/2 inch on hips and each thigh.

Today I had my 1 week post op and had my stitches out (12 of them). So far everything looks good. I go back in 2 weeks.

Bruising is getting better believe it or not. I'm less sore and a little more itchy, but Benadryl is helping. I'm weaning off the pain med to extra strength Tylenol. I also got the ok from the nurse to use arnica gel on the bruised/swollen areas.

2 Weeks

It's been 2 weeks since my lipo, I've been using the arnica gel everyday 2x per/day. It is helping my bruising a lot. I lost 7lbs; 1/2" on one thigh and 3/4" on the other, 3/4" on my waist, 2 3/4" on my abdomen, and 1 1/2" on my hips so far. I still have tingling/numbness in a lot of areas and below my belly button is very hard. My legs feel tight after sitting for a while like they're being pinched. I'm still pretty bruised and swollen, but this week was full of good changes. I'm still wearing my compression garment and I see the doctor next week.

3 Week Post op

I went to see my PS for a 3 week follow up. He says everything is looking great and I can start cardio (besides walking) - bike, elliptical, stepper. I still have firmness around my hips and lower abdomen. It feels like I'm wearing a fanny pack or a heavy sweatshirt tied around my waist. I have a little pain sitting in certain positions for a long while in the back of my legs and lower back, and around my belly button when I twist to fast/far. I love my new shape so far and I'm excited that it'll keep getting better!! I lost 9lbs (139 now) and 1 1/2" on my waist, 3 1/2" on my abdomen, 2 1/4" on my hips, and 3/4" on one thigh and 1" on the other!!


2650cc removed - hard to believe each container is as big as a 2 liter Coca Cola bottle!!

1 month!

It's been 4 weeks, I'm waiting for some hardness to go away. My bruises are all gone. I feel pins and needles/numbness mostly in my love handles and thighs so I guess that's good, I'm healing up. Im done wearing my compression garment full time and I'm able to do some stretching and crunches besides the cardio.

8 Months

I am very happy, everything looks great (I will post new photos and measurements soon). Every once in a while I feel a little sore here and there, but I have gone back to lifting weights 1-2 days per week in addition to the elliptical, walking, and stepper. l now weigh 133lbs, which might not seem a significant loss to some people, but I COULD NOT break that plateau. Scars are barely noticeable. I can fit into clothes I haven't been able to in over a year! Plus, I feel way more confident and I love my shape.
Westport Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic doctor! He explained everything, came into recovery to talk to me and phoned my cell in the evening. If I have anything else done cosmetically it will be with Dr. Goldman.

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