19yo Petite Frame, 275cc Silicone Unders for Natural Look - Richmond, AU

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Today is officially one day before my surgery...

Today is officially one day before my surgery (ahh!!). I don't really have any idea what to feel, or if I'm even prepared enough; it's all so surreal!
I've decided on 275cc silicone unders with my surgeon, Mr. Webster (whom I couldn't recommend enough), for a natural look (full B, small C)
Right now I'm approximately 5'5 weighing 50kg (I've got a very petite frame).
All my life I've wondered when my boobs were going to come, but they just never did... Unfortunately my lack of them has really held me back, I can't buy any bras or bathers that fit me, and I have to turn out the light before I take my bra off with my pajamas when I go to bed so my boyfriend can't see. I've also noticed I've developed habits of crossing my arms in many ways so to cover them. They've really restricted me, and I CANNOT wait for the liberation my BA will (hopefully) bring!

*My surgery is with Mr. Howard Webster in Linley Clinic in Canterbury (just outside of Melbourne, Australia). I've opted for an overnight stay, I'm not really sure why, I just think I wanted the extra reassurance.

Bring on boobs!

Done and dusted!

Wow what a whirlwind! I'm so happy with how everything went. I was honestly quite scared for the surgery, but the anaesthetist was amazing and I was out within A couple of seconds! I'm so glad I ended up staying overnight, and I would definitely recommend others do it, so much easier to keep up with pain and nausea, and the bed made life so much easier as I didn't have to stress about pillow placement or anything!
Saw the girls for the first time this morning and didn't know what to think! I'm so used to seeing a 12 year old boy in the mirror, it was completely bizarre! They're sitting super high and tight, and my cleavage is a bit wider than I'd hoped! (Has anyone's cleavage gotten closer together as swelling has reduced?)
I'm so excited, and I genuinely thank you all for your support thus far!
Ps I'll post some pics later when I feel up to it xxxx

Haven't felt this bad vedore

Today has been really horrible so far, I don't think I've ever felt so sick. It's a reaction to the codene and I am vomiting up bile and vomiting so hard it's come out my nose. To be honest I just want them gone right now, I know this will pass but it really, really sucks :(

Starting to feel more like myseld

I've finally been able to take some pictures for everyone to see! I haven't been well enough to shower or brush my teeth till now, so my shower today was luscious (my mum showered me because I can't do it myself yet). I feel so much better than yesterday and highly recommend that if you're experiencing side effects from strong pain killers such as endone, to get off them ASAP if you can, nothing worse than bad nausea and vomiting!
Anyway the girls freak me out! Haha they're super high and tight especially around the upper pole, I've developed a lot of yellow bruising around my rib cage. I'm impressed with my insicions! They're quite small and are looking good :)
I'll post another update some time soon! Xx

Feeling Good

Today is the best I've felt so far! Only on nurofen every four hours and doing well, not feeling any nausea at all!
However I've had some occasional gurgling in my right breast which I've heard is pretty normally. But more commonly I've had what I can only describe as like a grumbling almost like a heavy vibration, it's super hard to explain but has anyone experienced this before?

One week!

This is my one week update, but really today is day 9 post op but I haven't gotten around to posting!
I can't believe how much better I am compared to a week ago. I feel completely myself, but still can't lift anything and struggling with anything above shoulder height. I am now able to shower myself which is so nice haha
My boobs are still sitting high, but I feel they've improved since this time last week! I'm also out of the post surgery boob tube and into little crops or sports bras (example in one of the photos).
So now begins the patient wait for them drop and fluff :)

One month post!

Wow how time has flown by! I am now driving and moving freely :) Only don't feel right when I try to lift something heavy, and some pushing/pulling motions are sometimes uncomfortable. I have experienced some drop and fluff! I am much less narrow and rectangular and am slowly looking more round. Still quite full at the top though I'm totally loving them, and feel like my confidence has blossomed substantially :) which is an amazing feeling! I hope everyone is well xx Ps the photos are a week old but nothing much has changed since then

Immediately I felt confident and safe with Mr. Webster, he took the time to run me through everything, and he thoroughly answered all of my questions. His new clinic in Richmond is beautiful, and all of his staff are amazingly supportive and kind. I could not recommend Mr. Webster enough!

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