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I am 5'2" and was 100lbs before my first pregnancy...

I am 5'2" and was 100lbs before my first pregnancy. I put on 50lbs with first and 30lbs with second pregnancy. With diet and exercise I float between 110 and 113lbs. I'm happy with my size. However no matter what I do I can't loose the stretched out flabby belly skin. Which looks worse when I'm at my smallest. I've thought about a tummy tuck for several years but kept talking myself out it. (I'm healthy, why would I choose to have surgery. It so expensive. Who's going to take care of the kids, husband, pets while I recover. I'm being selfish.) Well last year, I decided I'm going to do it. I met with a surgeon who was recommended by a friend. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She took her time to explain everything and answer all my questions. I'm scheduled for preop visit in s few weeks and March 10th is the day!

Mix of emotions

Feeling excited and nervous all at the same time. I know help will be needed but nervous about asking mom and/or mother in law. Worried they will judge, but know my super man husband can't do it alone, after all he will be working.

1 month to go!

I can't believe I have one more month to go! Very excited and nervous all at the same time. Meet with my doc next week for the pre oP. Picked some post op clothing during the bandages and drains in phase. If there are any supplies or items you couldn't do with out during your recovery please let me know.

Pre op visit today

Went for my pre-op appointment this morning. Met with the nurse and then the PS. They really took their time to explain medication, procedure and post op care. I was concerned about drains. My PS advised I had a choice, to have them or not and what that would mean as far as swelling. I decided not to unless at the time of surgery she needed to. Also got my binder so now just need to get the rest of my recovery supplies.

Can't wait!

Final payments made last week and spoke to anesthesia. She went over my history and told me what to avoid taking these next few weeks. She explained her role and answered my questions. I'm concerned about my size and tolerance for meds as I usually only take small doses. She assured me safety is of the utmost importance and if there is anything hinder that they will not proceed. My PS told me the same thing at pre op. bathing suits are out at Target and I couldn't help but get excited about being able to wear a bikini this summer!

Less than 1 week left

So excited that this time next week my surgery will be done! I've been eating super healthy, drinking a ton of water and doing the elliptical. Down to the smallest I've been since before kids and now ready to have a flat stomach again.

1 more day

Feeling really excited and nervous. Got groceries and house stuff done this weekend. My mom is here and will be a huge help. I have confidence in my ps and her team, just worries about the recovery. This site has been so helpful, glad for those that have posted their journey. It gives a range of what to expect and everyone is so supportive. PS office to call today to let me know what time to be there. Taking the advice of my ps and doing just light food today and lots of fluids. Posting a few more before pics.

1st night and post op day 1

Last night was a rough. My surgery wasn't until one and I hadn't eaten since 730 the night before. Anesthesia has me loopy and I don't remember anything from before getting home. Eating was rough and I was nauseated. Last night I woke to my heart racing and feeling really light headed, a little freaked out I had my husband call the doctor. She very Calu explain I was reacting to my pain meds. ( I has thrown up earlier and thought in make have popped a stitch too) she assured me that was not likely and to come see her in the morning.
Saw her today, my vitals checked any everything as it should be. Got different pain meds which I'm hoping will help. Pain is limited to incision site, feeling tight in my stomach over all. Walking slowly hunched over. Have post op check on Friday. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and well wishes. I wish you all a quickly recovery too.

Post op apt swelling, and prune juice to the rescue

Has post op appointment and PS said everything looks great. My mons area is swollen and she said that's to be expected and we'll watch it. Anyone else dealing with this? Also got the okay to shower. Walking around easier, and standing up straighter. Then... Pure misery. In the bathroom with terrible constipation. Been taking stool softener but wholly cow did not help this time. So much worse than after giving birth. Got a shower and sent hubby to the store for prunes. Finally about 9pm got some relief! Pain has been manageable, Tylenol extra strength in the am, Mobic after lunch and half a Percocet at bed time. Mostly sore back and slight tinge at incision site. Been sleeping in the recliner but feeling ready to try my bed. So greatful for having help from family and rs!

Highs and lows

Woke up yesterday with crazy swelling! Also this pulling in my groin. Felt a little of it before and thought maybe it was the steri strip pulling, but now it feels more internal. Makes it hard to straighten my legs but does get better with walking. Will have to ask about that at my next apt. So took binder off last night to take a good look. Stomach is flat for sure, the stretch marks are not really visible, but not sure how I feel about my belly button. There's still ink around it from getting marked, so not too pretty. Looks like my old belly button was cut and reattached but this is more flush with the rest of my belly. Hoping once swelling goes down it will relax and be more of an inni. Also noticed some bruising around it and have some bruising near my incision too. Thrilled the incision is low and can be easily covered.

2 weeks post op

Post op day 6&7 were when I really began to feel more like myself. I was up and walking around, but still hunched over. As advised by my ps I continued to do my wall snow angels which I think really helped. I stopped all my pain meds by day 6 (Percocet even before that) and was able to drive by day 8! Whew hop felt 16 again. :) Now at 2 weeks post op I'm sleeping in my bed propped up by just two pillows. I would say I'm 90% standing straight. Went back to work yesterday, but was a short day. Had a few things to do after work and didn't think I pushed my self too much, but by bed time I was exhausted and very swollen.
Still not sure about my belly button.... It's scabbing and has some redness around the stitches. Anyone else experiencing this? Ps advised all this is normal and assured me that I will have an inni again. Some steri strips are coming loose so I'm hoping in another week or so they'll fall off and I'll actually be able to see my incision. Don't feel like there too much change from the last pics, but will post a couple.

2 weeks post op pics

3 weeks post op

Tuesday was three weeks post op. I have been feeling pretty good, sleeping in my bed mostly on my back and trying sides for small amount of time. Steri strips are still on but some starting to loosen. Still haven't gotten a good look at my incision scar. Had post op appt with ps yesterday and she says let them fall of on their own. I'm healing well and swelling is gone down. Okay to start slowly with elliptical and ease into light workouts. Feeling pretty flat but I'm still pretty concerned about my belly button. Ps showed me and inserted a foam ear plug which will help with the shape and hopefully some scarring. I meant to ask about the darkness but got distracted by the sensation and what she was saying. Have to remember to ask at next appointment of maybe sooner.

1 month post op (belly button blues)

went out and got some compression garments cause I got the okay to not wear the post surgery girdle 24/7. Must admit it was nice to be able to wear regular clothes with out the bulky girdle. I did find that even with the compression garments I was pretty swollen by the end of the day. So I'm wearing my girdle if I know it's going to be a long day and every night. PS said 3-6 weeks will typically be the worst. I also started using the ear plug in the belly button. Not sure how I feel about this though because I'm not entirely happy with my belly button. Feels like it's too big and dark, especially around the scar. Kinda wish it would shrink to be less noticable, and if the ear plugs are preventing it from doing that. But I'm following doctors orders. Found a bathing suit while I was out, which will cover my belly button if by this summer it doesn't look any better. I know it'll take a few months before it settles, just excited about having a flat stomach ano want to be able to show it off. Right now feels like i traded one insecurity for another. :(

Belly button blues

7 weeks post op

Can't believe how flat my belly is! The swelling has gone down tremendously. Stopped wearing the girdle at about 4 weeks and using spanx type shapers under clothing. Started scar therapy last week. Using silicone scar tape purchased from Amazon for about a week now. The incision is pretty thin but I have some spots that are darker due to my skins reaction to the staples. Also started using a product to help lighten the belly button and using scar tape on that as well.

3 months post op

It's been threeinyhs post op and life has pretty much gone back to normal with major improvement in how my clothes fit. I'm so happy with my contour and flat belly! The scar is super thin and I thank the expertise of my ps and scar away. I Admit I leave it on pretty much all the time- except to shower. Now that it's getting hot I do prefer paper tape, which feels better. Still using he fade cream on my belly button- I can't tell a difference but at my post op apt, my ps said she noticed changes and to continue use. said scar will continue to heal and get lighter. Follow up is on 6 months.

6months post op

Just posting a couple of pictures to chronicle my surgery. 6 months post op I'm feeling pretty good. Starting to get feeling back around the scar at my hips, which also starting to fade and flatten. Ps said it can be up to 2 year befor all the nerves from back and sensation to return to normal! Love the definition in my abs and how my clothes fit. Not totally confident to wear a 2 piece this year- due entirely to my belly button scar. But hoping it will continue to improve and maybe next year.

1 year post op

It's been one year! Love my results and scar looks better very passing month.
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