I am working to remove Burn, Incision, and Trauma Scars through Fraxel Re-Store. - Richmond, VA

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I have 4 scars I would like to get rid of. There...

I have 4 scars I would like to get rid of. There is one on my nose from an a surgical incision to remove a sebaceous cyst, one under my right nipple from Gynocomnastia surgery, one on my arm from a brand when I was younger, and a keloid on my left elbow from a bicycling incident. Besides the keloid scar on my right elbow, the other three scars are generally flat, not completely, and very red. I would like to have them both normalize in color and texture.

Fraxel Re-Store 1

I just completed a fraxel Re-Store session at Richmond Dermatology and Laser under Laura. We frazzled My nose scar incision, under my right areola where an incision scar was, and my right arm hypertrophic scar from a burn. I did not treat the keloid on my elbow because I was told to get an injection from one of the dermatologists as the aestetic center only dealt with lasers here. I will keep posting pictures everyday to show how it heals up. I am hoping to have my scars removed in 3-4 more sessions of fraxel. I am not confident that my arm scar will go away but I will continue to try. Wish me luck. Any words of encouragement will be very much appreciated!

Fraxel Re-Store Day 2

This is a photo I took at 10:00am from my Fraxel treatment the day before at 4:00pm.
I am worried about my nose as I don't think she covered it well enough with the fraxel to make any difference. Everything is getting much more red. My arm is starting to blister because the fraxel was quite intense on that spot.

Fraxel Re-Store Day 2 (Evening)

My arm scar has blistered up almost everywhere. Im curious to why the rest of my forearm that was fraxled has not been affected and only the scar. It has blistered identically to the exact curvature of the previous scar. I am actually quite curious to see what will happen. My hopes are that with the blistering of the scar tissue, I don't pop the blister and let it repair itself throughout the next 2-3 weeks, when the scab forms and naturally falls off the previous scar will be diminished in appearance. Of course this is my own hopes but I will continue to take pictures to document everyday! Even though it is quite hard to see in the pictures posted, my nose scar is basically a triangular red scar from a sebaceous cyst removal. There are very specific lines which are uneven to the rest of my nose which has been a major reason to why the scar stands out even apart from the deeper redness than the rest of my nose. I previously stated that I was disappointed in the fraxel as it looks to not have done anything in that area but as the fraxel marks have darkened I can clearly see that the exact lines of the incision scars have been dotted red from the laser so I know at least some effect is taking place. I am now more hopeful for the results as my skin peels off. My hopes are that as the scar incision lines disappear only redness will remain which can be eliminated through IPL, V-Beam, or Pulse Dye Lasers.

Fraxel Re-Store Day 3

The scar on my arm has relatively been the same since yesterday. I did accidentally pop the blister while I was playing guitar and was worried but after a few hours the blister began to fill back up and is about the same as it was before. There hasn't been a moment where there hasn't been vaseline on the wound so it seems that where it should be scabbing up right now a white residue has taken place instead. I really need to be careful with the arm scar and my nose as I feel like I scrape it even lightly then the wounded skin could easily rip off and hurt the healing process underneath.

My scar underneath my right areola has done relatively nothing. It is just the same typical redness and pinkness that you expect from fraxel. Will keep posting pictures.

My nose seems to be improving greatly. Beforehand there was always the dark spot on my nose from where the incision scar but It has greatly disappeared. Even though I am happy about it at the moment I am worried that the great appearance is just from the dead skin which is floating above the scar and covering up the red/purpleness of it. Again like my arm scar there is a lot of dead skin which should be a scab but because of the vaseline has formed more of a cloudy substance on the wound site. Will post pictures and will post again later tonight or tomorrow!

Fraxel Re-Store Day 4

Everything is generally the same...Hopefully red marks will start to peel tomorrow or Monday. My nose is starting to get a few whiteheads but its expected. The vaseline started to wear off when I was asleep and a lot of the cloudiness described before went away. This started to reveal my original scar on my nose and I was a little saddened. It was still definitely there but seems to be blended in. I really won't be able to tell until everything heals but I am praying. I expected to still be red so I'm not shocked but I do hope the texture is even with the surrounding skin now to help with the appearance. After the texture is recovered I can start the much easier period of IPLs or V-beams. With the other scars, Arm blister is still leaking a little fluid but barely any. I believe it will start to scab in two-three days. Redness under my right areola has not changed.

Fraxel Re-Store Day 5

Basically no changes from yesterday.

- I think it's looking better and better. The redness seems to be going away a little more but barely any. I still have a lot of white heads from the laser and vaseline which is clogging up my pores.

- I woke this morning with the vaseline pretty much wiped off. Because it was sitting without it for a few hours, the floppy excess skin from the previous blister was becoming darker looking like it was about to form a scab. The blister is basically empty of fluid now and is just extra dead skin. Because of the amount of vaseline I'm keeping on it, it is not scabbing up. I heard that it's good to prevent a scab but I'm also not exactly sure how its going to get removed unless it scabs up and falls off. Regardless, I will continue to put vaseline on it until at least the red dots are flaked off completely.

Right Areola
- No changes...Nothing exciting

Fraxel Re-Store Day 6

Hey everyone,

Not feeling too good about anything today. I accidently peeled off a little skin on my nose because it was so soft trying to pop the whitehead that formed on the right side of my nose. It's pretty red. I think it will be okay though. My nose is already really red from fraxel repair in the past which (3 years ago) to get rid of the same scar. I don't know how people do fraxel on their whole face. Fraxel is so terrfying in how it can absolutely ruin your skin. I'm doing it because I am desperate to get rid of my scar so am only doing it on a small portion but I would never let anyone do it to my whole face without scars I'm trying to fix.

My arm is still so red. The blister is completely drained so it is just dead skin lying around. I am going to stop putting vaseline on my arm and just let it scab over so I can remove the dead skin. I think the vaseline has served its purpose their and that dead skin could just stay on my arm for a while if I maintained it.

Scar under right areola is just the same still.

It will be a full week on wednesday and I really hope that everything has peeled off at that point. I am getting very sick of this recovery process...

Fraxel Re-Store Day 6 Photos

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