(3 mo update) Been wanting this for 11 years... BA with lift and TT - Richmond, VA

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I cannot wait for my mommy makeover. This has been...

I cannot wait for my mommy makeover. This has been a LONG time coming. I have 3 children- ages, 11, 9, and 5. All three were c-sections. I gained 60+ pounds with each child.. weighing in at about 200lbs. when each child was born. I have worked VERY hard and have lost the baby weight. I am 5'5" and currently weigh around 130-135lbs.

I am scheduled for my breast lift with saline implants, and tummy tuck on Jan. 21. I cannot wait!! I developed breasts at a very young age and have pretty much always dealt with sagging. After 3 pregnancies, though- they are very saggy. My PS said I have a stage 3 sag. I have been debating on doing the tummy tuck as well, and after meeting with the PS for my consult yesterday, I decided to go for it!

I bought some comfy pants, new bigger bras, big granny panties, and button up shirts for my recovery. I know it will be here before I know it!!

Pre op pics

9 days to go! Went to the gym today for some cardio. Really worked the legs today since I will be needed them even more so after surgery. I have a busy week ahead with appointments and things to do every day. I'm hoping that the week will fly by. I tell ya, this anticipation makes the time drag by! Found out that I need to arrive at the surgery center at 7am on my surgery day. I'm very glad to be able to get it over with first thing in the morning, BUT I will have to drive there and go to surgery by myself. My husband will have to get the kids off to school. In a way, I'm a little excited to go by myself. It sounds strange maybe, but I think it will give me the time to reflect on myself for a moment and mentally prepare for what I'm about to do. I don't know why, but I am almost more nervous when someone is with me. Maybe I sense their nerves and it adds to mine. Who knows.

Anyway, feeling good. Not really nervous, just mostly excited. I did have the dreaded nightmare a couple of nights ago. In my dream, the dr made my boobies bigger but didn't do the lift. So, they were super big and super saggy! HA!

7 days to go!

Wow, I can't believe that one week from now, I'll be under the knife. EEEK! Surgery itself doesn't bother me. I've had 3 c-sections and have been under anesthesia several times. I'm the most nervous about the recovery. I've heard mixed opinions comparing a TT recovery to a c-section recovery. I've heard both that it wasn't as bad and I've heard that it's worse. We shall see. It's of course different for every person, I'm just not sure what to expect. My doctor said that most of his patients only need motrin after surgery. I will take the pain meds at least a few days just to be on the safe side.

I have had mixed emotions these last few days. Mostly I'm excited and the upcoming surgery is ALL I can think about. So, that is making the time DRAG on. I've started reading a new novel to help distract myself. Out of nowhere when I was working out at the gym the other day, I started crying. I guess those endorphins get things going sometimes. I just felt overwhelmed with excitement. I have NO doubt that this surgery is something that I want, I've been wanting it for SO long. So, I guess the reality hit me that it's going to happen.

I really do wish that I could make this next week fly by. In the meantime, I am mindful to enjoy that I can move around freely without pain, and scoop up my daughter for a big hug. I know in the weeks to come, I won't be able to. I feel like I should be doing more to prepare, but I'm now just playing the waiting game.

Posted some wish pics :)

Anticipation is killing me!!

I am going to breakfast with a friend and then treating myself to a pedicure after. I need a little relaxation to ease my mind. This anticipation is driving me crazy! My surgery was originally scheduled for Feb. 19, so I keep telling myself that I could have had to wait til then. 6 days to go!! (More like 5 days.. since on day 6 I'll be up at 6am and heading in for surgery).

Days to go.....

I am getting into major nervous mode! I have been spending too much time on RS.. seeing some of the women with high TT incisions and oozing breasts wounds has me worried. Will I have complications or not be happy with the results and regret my decision? I doubt it. I know it's just nerves. I researched my PS quite a bit before choosing him, so I trust that he will do a great job. Then I worry will it snow and my surgery will have to be rescheduled. Ugh.. so stupid- I know. Even if that happened it wouldn't be the end the of world. But, this build up to the day is so nerve wracking and intense that waiting even more days would suck.

I bought some magnesium citrate yesterday after reading many women say that it was the best thing they found for post op constipation. I normally use miralax every day, but have this just in case I need something more.

I am going shopping today to buy a few more button up tops. I realized that I had only bought 2, and I'm sure I'll be sick of those in no time.

Looking into the future... what I'm most excited about:
-being able to wear a nightgown w/o a bra and feel confident
-being able to wear cute little tank tops around the house w/ no bra!
-bathing suit shopping
-summer dress shopping
-doing push ups and not seeing loose skin hanging down

The house is pretty much clean, but I will clean once more really well over the weekend. I want to get all of the laundry done and grocery shopping done over the weekend, too. The kids don't have school on Monday. So, after tomorrow, they won't go back to school again until my surgery day. My MIL will be taking the kids to her house 3 days after my surgery to stay for the weekend. I am so thankful for her help. My husband is SOOOO excited to take care of me after surgery. I think he's almost as excited about that as I am to have this done. He is so very good to me.

That's all for now. The countdown continues.....

Getting SO close!

I cannot believe that I only have the weekend and monday before my surgery! I am so nervous and excited. It it crazy to think that I will have this body for only 3 more days! I read another review where a woman talked about having bittersweet feelings about getting a TT, and saying goodbye to her baby belly. I totally agree. I have seen this belly, and have loved it for giving me my children- for 11 years. I am so excited to have a new, flat tummy that will reflect how hard I've worked to lose weight after the kids were born. No matter how much weight I lose, when I completely relax my abdomen, it pokes out like I'm 4 mo. pregnant. That has been discouraging to me over the years. I know it will be painful, but I am trying to keep my eye on the prize.

Tomorrow is the big day!

My stomach is flipping and flopping. So nervous!! I started my period this morning, so that's not helping with my upset stomach. There is a forecast for snow here... So that has me freaked out. I called my PS office this morning and she said everything is still a go for tomorrow morning. When I get anxiety I really do a number on myself. My daughters have been sick with colds, so I have been trying to keep my distance when I can and use lots of hand sanitizer. I still don't think I'll believe that it's real until I get there tomorrow morning and they take me back.

Today is the day!

I am leaving in about 30 min to head to the PS office for surgery. Things on my mind right now:
1. worried about the snow forecast.. calling for snow showers all day and into evening- 3-6" (we don't get a lot of snow here, so a few inches and people freak out). I'm worried that I'll get to the PS office this morning and they'll cancel my surgery b/c of the snow. Schools are already closed today for my kids- so thankfully my mother-in-law will be here in a few min. to stay with the kids today. Which also means that my hubby can drive me to my appt and I don't have to go alone. Yay! I really hope that the roads are not bad on our way home, and that they won't be bad tomorrow when we have to go back for my first post-op appt.
2. started my period yesterday..... ugh!!! Hate wearing pads!
3. have a little cold. it's been lingering around for days- no fever.. just a dry cough here and there (kinda junky cough a little this morning- but i think that's mostly b/c i can't drink anything to clear my throat from the night).

Well, other than being crazy nervous... butterflies in my stomach... I'm ready to go. Wish me luck! Will update when I can :) Thanks for the support so far. You all have been great!!

Back home!

Phew... it's over! I'm recovering back at home. Everything went very smoothly. Went in, nurse put the IV in, doc came and marked me up and anesthesia came and talked to me. After that, I walked to the OR, laid down, and min. later I was gone. I dreamed about boobs while I was out. I don't remember ever dreaming under anesthesia. Maybe it was my imagination. Hehe.

When I woke up, my pain level was about a 7. I was shaking like crazy from the anesthesia. That same thing happened after all 3 c-sections. Nurse gave me some medicine and the shaking stopped. It seemed like in no time, they had me in the car to head home.

While I was in the recovery room, the nurse told me that I had no stomach. She said my belly wasn't bad before, but that now it's gone! hehee.. can't wait to see it!!!!!

Back at home, it's been a little chaotic. The kids didn't have school today due to the snow forecast. The bitch of it is that it's now 5pm and all we have is a small dusting that started an hour ago. Ugh. So, the kids have been home all day, and they are going stir crazy and misbehaving. My husband has been taking care of me, but he's crazy grouchy. The kids are driving him nuts.

So, I've gotten up once to use the bathroom. While up, my husband emptied my drains. Yikes, I got so lightheaded and nauseous. Thought I was gonna pass out. It ended up being ok and I didn't throw up. I put in a suppository for the nausea. So, I'm really drugged now. I've taken Motrin, Percocet, and nausea med. I haven't slept since being home, just a little doze here and there. I'm going to try the recliner tonight and see if I can rest comfortably there.

I am already standing up straight. It's not at all like the hunching over that I experienced after my c-sections. I am happy about that. My TT incision hurts on the ends, and my stomach muscles are super sore. OH.. FORGOT TO MENTION: PS told my husband that I had a 3" separation between my abdominal muscles. Yowza! I was feeling a little anxiety when I woke up from surgery b/c I couldn't take a deep breath. I talked calmly to myself and I can now take a deep breath... with pain- but still. Here are some pics I took when I got up for my potty break.

Doing well

I am feeling surprisingly well. Does not hurt as bad as my csections. I am able to get up and use the bathroom and walk a couple laps around the house. I have my post op appt today. Will update more after that. Feeling groggy now from the pain pills.

Feeling alright

Went to my first post op appt this afternoon. PS said everything looks good (as good as can be expected 1 day post op). He took my ace bandage off and had me put on a bra. The one I brought with me was way too big, so he told me to get the Fruit of the Loom #9292 in a 36C or 34D. I thought that was going to be too small b/c I seem so much bigger- but that bra is cotton stretchy material w/ no padding. So, the 36C fits very well. I'm sure when I am healed and go get properly fitted, I'll be in a bigger size. All that being said.... I LOOOOOVE my new boobs!! I have never had perky full breasts- so I'm loving it! I know they will only improve and look even better as time goes on. I cannot wait!

PS removed some dressings from my TT. He gave me a mirror to hold up so that I could see my tummy. It looks ok. I think it's hard to tell w/ the swelling. He said I can put a little vasoline on a q-tip and rub that inside of my belly button. I am very curious to see how my tummy looks once the swelling has gone down. The incision is down low (he removed my c-section scar), and he had to do a little vertical incision in the middle, b/c my skin didn't stretch all the way down. I have never worn a bikini, so it won't break my heart if I never do. I was willing to deal with a TT incision in order to get my abdominal muscles put back together.

I have been staying on top of my pain meds. I am taking percocet and motrin. The gas pains have started. UGH! The same thing happened after every c-section. I took some Gas X and a glycerin suppository. Nothing yet. I may try some of the calcium citrate tomorrow.

Other than the gas pain, I'm feeling pretty good. I can already lift my arms over my head and put a tank top on this evening. I have been able to use my arms to help me get into my recliner w/ minimal pain. I am still able to stand up pretty straight. I've been walking laps around the house to try and wake up my bowels. Sitting down on the toilet isn't bad either.

I am hoping that I can at least fart or something soon. Hate this gas pain... but the pain pills are too helpful to stop using them. I am going to take a shower tomorrow, so I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow.

Happy healing everyone!

2 goals for today

Shower and fart!!!!!!! Gas pain sucks!!!! It sounds like a circus in my belly. It's been rumbling and grumbling since yesterday evening. Wish me luck :)

Busy morning

I drank some magnesium citrate this morning. It's disgusting and bitter.... BUT I went poo and got a few good farts out. I tell ya, that is the worst pain! My stomach was so tight and bloated. I do feel a little better after going to the bathroom, but I'm still bloated and crampy. I have been walking laps to help, too. After my bathroom success, I took a shower. It was ok. I was prepared after reading other ladies' stories about their first shower. I took it slow and wasn't able to wash my hair. I just stood under the water and soaped up my arms and upper legs. My right boob was really sore. I could see why after my shower, I looked in the mirror and that side is really bruised.

Right now I'm having neck and back pain from sitting in the recliner, and my stomach hurts from gas pain. Here are a couple pics from after my shower.

Day 3

Things are continuing to go well. I took a really good shower this morning, so I feel human again. My husband was in the shower with me, so that helped a lot. I held my drains while he washed me.

I took some Milk of Magnesia (bleck.. so gross) last night. It tastes disgusting, but boy does it work! I had a BM last night and another really good one this morning. The bloating is much better now. My stomach is still swollen, but it doesn't feel like bloating gas pain now.

A friend of mine just came over to visit me. She brought me a little flower arrangement and some magazines. It will be great to read some magazines. I am beyond tired of watching tv.

I slept very well last night. I've only been taking 1 pain pill every 5 hours. I take 600mg of motrin every 6 hours. That seems to be working very well.

Before my surgery, my bladder was the worst. I went to the bathroom every hour it seemed like. It was that way since I had my last child several years ago. Well, I don't know if I'm still numb or if it's from my abdominal muscles being tightened, but I haven't been going as much. Whatever it is, I hope it stays that way.

My boobs are really swollen today. I will get a sharp pain on the sides if I move a certain way. I have a lot of bruising, esp on my right side. I've been doing the breast massages that my dr showed me. My right breast doesn't seem as tight, at it looks that that breast has already dropped some. The left breast is still up high and feels tighter.

The kids have been home ALL week due to the snow. I feel so bad for my husband. He's been taking care of the kids, and me... all with very little sleep. My mother-in-law is coming this afternoon to take my daughters for the weekend. That will help a lot. I am looking forward to spending some time with my husband this weekend, and catching up on some rest.

Happy healing ladies! Here are some pics I took this morning before my shower.

Day 4

Slept in my bed last night. My back is a little sore from laying flat all night, but I feel refreshed from getting a good night's sleep. My tummy doesn't feel as swollen this morning. I'm hoping my right breast will drop some, as the left one still looks lower. I'm sure it's going to balance out once the swelling goes down and the implants settle.

Day 5

I slept well again last night in my bed. I will be so happy to get the drains out tomorrow, so that I can attempt to sleep on my side. I am feeling pretty good. When I wake up, my breasts feel tight and sore. But, within a few min of getting up (even if it's in the middle of the night to use the bathroom), I massage them and that helps. I would compare the pain to when your milk first comes in after your baby is born. It feels very similar. My tummy is doing well. I do notice that I feel bloated for a couple of hours after I eat, and then it goes away. I coughed this morning, and yowza did that hurt. I have been spending a lot of time by myself, resting. It has been refreshing having some alone time, but I am starting to get lonely. I have had to shew my husband away many times, because he made me laugh. Not on purpose. He is the funniest person I know, it's one of the things I love most about him. He mades me laugh like no one else. But, right now, laughing HURTS.

Little by little, I am starting to get sensation back on my tummy. I can feel my ab muscles a little now. Up until this point, everything has been numb. I will get little zingers of sensation in different parts of my tummy.

Just for fun, I tried on one of my sexy nightgowns last night. As swollen as I am, and still having the drains in... I still looked HOT! haha. It was great. To be able to fill out a nightgown top, and be perky WITHOUT a bra was amazing. I cannot wait to go shopping in a few weeks when my swelling has gone down some.

Day 5

Before and after

Post op appt

I went this morning and he removed my steri strips and the drains. The drains really hurt when he pulled them out. I yelled "shit!" Thankfully he did it quickly. He said I'm healing well and things look good. He said he used high profile saline implants. 270cc on right and 330 on left. My right breast had always been a little bigger, so my left side needed a little more. He said I don't have a lot of swelling, so they will stay about the size they are now. We have a lot of errands to run today. The rest of the week I'll be able to relax while the kids are at school. I am so happy to have the drains out! Happy healing ladies :)

Doing well

I'm up and about and running errands, etc. I still take a bit of the day to sit and rest. My swelling is minimal. My breasts are getting softer and don't feel as tight. I've been sleeping on my side, and that has been great. So far so good!

Day 10

Feeling almost back to normal

I feel about 75% back to myself. I ran a bunch of errands yesterday, and was worn out when I came home. I rested for a couple of hours before going back out to dinner. I think a new wardrobe is in order. I tried on so many different outfits and dresses last night, and most of them are too tight on the boobies. I am not complaining at all, because I am so happy with them! I will happily buy some new summer dresses :)

My breasts are feeling a lot softer. I have been having some sharp pain in my right breast and nipple. It started yesterday evening, and comes and goes. The fact that I squeezed into my favorite winter jacket probably did not help. Other than that, they are feeling better every day. They are much softer now when I massage them. Even though they feel softer to the touch, in general, they still feel tight to me.

My tummy has been fine. I really cannot believe that the breasts have caused me more discomfort that my tummy. I read so many reviews before my surgery, and the overall consensus what that the breasts were a piece of cake, and the tummy was the biggest source of discomfort. We all heal differently, of course. I wear my binder all the time, and have it as tight as the binder will go. I have to loosen it after I eat, though. I go tomorrow for another follow up w/ my PS. I'm thinking he will tell me that I no longer need to wear the binder. (He told me at my last visit that I should wear it for 4-5 more days). So, we'll see. It feels so good to have the binder on. Because of the numb sensation on my tummy, when something rubs against it (a towel after my shower for instance), it feels really weird. Having the binder on prevents that during the day, which is nice. Plus, I like the feeling of the compression. It makes me feel secure, and improves my posture. I told my husband that my back was sore last night from sitting up so straight, haha! The pain is very minimal right now. I didn't take anything yesterday until before bed. I took a few motrin because I was sore from running around all day.

I am able to laugh, and cough now w/ little discomfort. Sneezing is a whole other monster. YIKES! That s*&$ hurts!!!! I do everything I can to avoid a sneeze. I am not a one sneeze at a time gal. When I start, it's at least 3-4 every time. By the time I'm done, I feel like I just did 1000 sit ups. OUCH! Thankfully, that pain goes away after a few min.

My confidence has already improved, I can tell. I was confident before with my body (clothed, that is). But, I notice that I do carry myself differently, now. I stand up straight with my shoulders back, and walk proudly. I am so excited for the warmer weather. I live in dresses in the summer. I am so excited to go shopping for dresses.

I tried on my Soma 34D strapless bra last night, and that bad boy was WAAAAY too small. I called my husband in, and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. This no sex thing has been very hard for him. It's one thing to have surgery, and know you can't have sex. But, for the surgery to leave you with big pretty boobies, and then not be able to have sex, isn't easy. I am going to ask my PS tomorrow about that. Hopefully he will say it's ok now, as long as we don't go crazy.

That's about it for now. I'll post more pics later. I look about the same day to day, so I may only post updated pics once a week from now on.

Happy healing hugs to you all!!

2 week post op photos

2 week post op update

I posted updated photos above.

2 week post op appointment update: I went yesterday to my appointment. He said I'm looking great so far, and that my breasts are looking better and less angry... haha! I had a few questions for him. Here are the Q & A's:

1. When is it OK to have sex? -He said it's fine now, as long as we are careful and use common sense about what positions would be most comfortable.
2. At this point, what can I do exercise-wise? -At 2 weeks, I can walk around the track at the gym, or outdoors. No machines at this time. At 3 weeks, I can start with the treadmill, and stationary bike. At 4 weeks, I can begin adding hand weights.
3. Should I start using vitamin E on the scars? -He said that vit E would be fine to begin using. He said though, it wouldn't provide much more than a good ole' moisturizer would at this point. (He said Vit E is also oily, so using a moisturizer/lotion, may be a better choice)
4. Nipples are super sensitive at this point: He said to use a little bit of lotion on my finger and rub my nipples to start desensitizing them.
5. He said I no longer need to wear the binder. I asked if I could wear it sometimes if I wanted to. He said that would be fine, or I could buy some Spanx. (I did buy some after my appt. I think I will prob wear binder mostly, b/c the Spanx are a pain to pull up and down when I go to the bathroom.)
6. I can now massage my breasts 2x per day instead of every 2 hours.

He removed a couple of remaining stitches from my TT incision, and trimmed a few stitches on my breasts. He wants to see me back in 6 weeks.

So, hubby and I did the deed last night. Even though he had to be careful to not lay, and put pressure on me, it was great! I am so happy with my breast size and shape. To lay on my back, and see them on top of my chest, big and pretty, and NOT see them in my armpits was SWEET! I think it even turned me on. Ha!

I am going to walk around the track at the gym for a little while today. I miss that alone time with my earbuds to relax, and focus on my body. I am nowhere near ready to go hardcore with my workouts, nor can I for the next 2 months. But, I miss being at the gym. I am looking forward to being able to start working my arms, legs, and butt again. I can tell those areas are getting floppy from not working out in a few weeks. I am being kind to my body now, and will give it the time it needs to heal. The workouts, and gym will always be there when I'm ready.

Valentine's day and my hubby's birthday are right around the corner. I am going to go shopping for a couple new nighties/ lingerie to surprise him. We are planning a weekend trip w/o the kids for his birthday. I can't wait :)

That's about all for now. I feel really good, and more like myself every day. My breasts are still painful sometimes. I get sharp zingers throughout the day. I've heard other women talk about that, so it didn't surprise me. The pain is usually either in my nipple area, or under my armpit (where my underwire ends). This sharp pain especially happens when I cross my arms over my head to put a shirt on. Ouch!

I hope you are all doing well. I really do enjoy reading so many of your stories, and following your journeys right along with mine.

Happy healing hugs ;)

3 week post op

I'm doing really well. Feeling about 80% back to normal. I went to the gym today and walked on the treadmill and rode the stationary bike. I'm still wearing my binder sometimes. My tummy is feeling better. Sneezing is bearable now. It still hurts, but not as bad as before. I went to Victoria's Secret to look for valentine's lingere, and I measured 36C there. That's about it for now. I'm looking forward to starting hand weights next week at the gym.

Updated pics

1 month post op update

I am continuing to recover really well. I am back to all of my normal activities. I don't rest much during the day anymore, so I find that I am going to bed earlier. I have been easing my way back into my workouts at the gym. I have been doing cardio on either the treadmill or stationary bike. I haven't started back with the elliptical or arc trainer yet. I have also begun adding 7lb. hand weights to work my arms. I am not back to normal push ups yet (will wait to get the OK from the dr before doing that)... in the meantime, I'm doing "girl" pushups.

My soreness is pretty minimal at this point. My period is due any day, so my breasts feel a little swollen, and sore. The nipple hypersensitivity has improved. The unpleasant desensitizing them w/ lotion is paying off. I love how they look! I am so very pleased with the results. I wear a 34C at Victoria's Secret, and a 34DD at Soma. It's so funny how every brand measures so differently. As far as my TT, I cannot believe how easy the recovery has been. I only wear the binder here and there. I primarily wore it before because my skin on my abdomen is numb- so it felt strange to have clothes brush up against it. So, for now- instead of wearing the binder under my clothes, I wear a skin tight cami top over my bra. Because it's skin tight, it keeps anything from brushing up against my skin.

I am very very pleased so far with my results. I can't wait to build more stamina in the gym, and start toning my arms, and legs back up. But, so far so good. It's great to see a flat tummy :)

6 weeks post op

I am doing great! There's nothing really new to report. My breasts still feel great. The soreness is even better now that my period has come and gone. My TT incision has been itching some, so I make sure to moisturize really well after my shower every day. I still wear the cami top every day- either by itself around the house, or under another shirt when I go out. Rarely, I will put the binder on. Mainly if I'm going to be running around the house, cleaning, etc. It feels better to have that support during those times. But, other than that, I just wear the cami. I don't know my current weight, because I find that psychologically, I feel a certain way about myself depending on what the number reads. So, I decided a while ago that I would not weigh myself anymore. I gauge my weight by the way my clothes fit. Right now, I'm wearing a size 6 pants / dress. I have one pair of size 4 pants that I tried on this morning just to see. They fit, but not comfortably. I am happy with my body the way it is, and if anything, just want to tone everything up at the gym. I haven't been to the gym much lately, but I have been doing some resistance training at home. I do my girl push ups for now (can't wait to get the OK for reg. push ups), and inverted push ups. I have been going very easy on the girl push ups, because my ab muscles are sore sometimes afterwards. I don't mind it, but want to talk to the PS just to make sure. I go for my 2 mo. post op appt in 2 weeks. All in all, I am doing great, and feel great! I'm so happy that I was able to do this for myself. It has been far better than I expected :)

8 weeks post op

I am doing well. I am feeling mostly back to normal. As a result, I think I have been pushing my body too much. I did yard work a few days ago, and then spent the next day volunteering... Which had me bending over a lot. I barreled through the soreness, and got a little work out in yesterday. I am only lifting weights for my upper body. I want to get the ok from the PS before I do the lower body. I tried to do a regular push up last week, and almost immediately had to stop. My abs were burning. So, I've been taking it easy, and mostly doing a little cardio (30min), and some upper body work. All in all, I feel good. I am still very happy with my results. I see my PS this Thursday for my 2 month follow up.


I am still doing well. I had my 2 month follow up w/ the PS about 2 weeks ago. He said I am healing well, but he's not thrilled about my breasts. Apparently, I am one of those lucky (sarcasm) people whose skin likes to sag. My breasts in the last several weeks have started to sag a good deal. He told me preop that I would be prone to sagging, but I figured he meant years from now. So, he wants to see me in 2 more months to see if they are staying about the same, or sagging more. At that time, we will discuss a revision. He said he could maybe make the breasts a little bigger, and lift again, to keep them up since my tissues like to sag. I am willing to go through it again, b/c I really liked how my breasts looked before the sag set in. Now that they are bigger, and heavier, the sag is really noticeable to me, as in I feel the skin hanging, and am constantly re-adjusting them in my bra. I really do NOT want to pay for the whole breast surgery over again, so we'll see how much the revision will run, and take it from there. The TT has healed beautifully, and I'm super happy with the results.

3 mo update

I'm doing very well. Swelling is gone, and I'm just now starting to sculpt my body again. I've been working on building up my push up count. Pre surgery, I could do about 4 sets of 10. This week, I can now do one set of ten, maybe twice a day. It's crazy how fast your muscles regress without exercise. I've started working my abs recently, too. I see my PS next month to discuss a revision for the sag. They're not too bad, and they look smokin' in a bra I must say, haha!!!!!

3 mo update

I'm doing very well. Swelling is gone, and I'm just now starting to sculpt my body again. I've been working on building up my push up count. Pre surgery, I could do about 4 sets of 10. This week, I can now do one set of ten, maybe twice a day. It's crazy how fast your muscles regress without exercise. I've started working my abs recently, too. I see my PS next month to discuss a revision for the sag. They're not too bad, and they look smokin' in a bra I must say, haha!!!!!

I've only had the consultation so far, but I was impressed. Dr. Dewire and his staff were all very professional and personable. I felt welcomed and at ease when I was there. I researched PS for a while before choosing him. After meeting him, I was sold. He showed me what he thought he could realistically make my belly look like. As far as the breasts, he discussed in detail how the procedure is done. As far as size, his approach is to make the breasts as big as he can without compromising a beautiful shape. I told him I'd like to be a DD, but I have full confidence that he'll make them look great for my body. **After surgery: I have been very happy with Dr. Dewire and his staff. The procedure went very smoothly, and I am very happy so far with my results. He is funny, and has a great bedside manner. I will say that he has the "rip the band-aide off quickly" approach. He pulled the steri strips off quickly, and when he pulled both drains out quickly at the same time, I thought I was going to come off the table. But, all that being said, I like that approach. I'd rather be in pain for a couple of seconds, and get it over with. I see now why women have given him such great reviews. I am satisfied, and would definitely see him again in the future if I wanted further procedures.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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